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Fatal Mistakes
Chapter One – One Last Time

By real_life_sucks
Beta’d by the amazing dramione12. <3

Response to a challenge issued by me on The Dark Mark forums.

Author’s Note: I know, woe to me for starting yet another story. But the idea for this one was just screaming to be written, so I couldn’t deny my mind its pleasure in writing this. I really have a plan for this one, and I’m going to enjoy taking this on =) The challenge was issued by me and is called the ‘Cliché Love Story’ which means I have to take a situation that is overly clichéd and attempt to write it into a believable form of story that people actually enjoy. I hope I manage to captivate your attention with this story and please leave a review!!

Disclaimer: I own nothing….except…the words. I actually don’t really own the plot; it’s been done so many times. But I’m taking that plot and making it better =) So…chapter and story title are mine!

Brushing the hair behind her ear, the young brown haired girl quickly placed a few more books in the large trunk placed in the middle of her bedroom. She had spent the previous day cleaning all of her clothing items to take with her and the other part of the day was spent attempting to arrange everything so that it would fit in the lone trunk. In the end, she had to take a few books out of the drunk, but had them with her parents to be owled to her later on when she sent her parents a letter.

Sitting on her bed, the seventeen year old girl looked around her room for one last time. This was it – after this school year, her life would start on her own. No more being babied by the adults and her parents. She would be an official adult with the training and knowledge of everything. The idea thrilled the girl to no end; finally able to control her own life and make her own decisions, but at the same time, she was scared to death. The world she knew was already in turmoil because of an evil one, and to live in that alone? The times were so uncertain, so there was always that chance she wouldn’t even make it to the end of her year.

And that scared her to death.

Shaking her head to rid such dark and depressing thoughts, she stood up from her bed before smoothing out her comforter, old habits dying hard. Taking a few steps into her attached bathroom, she worked on gathering all her bathroom supplies to take with her to school, glad she had bought all the extra items to take with her. Looking at the watch on her wrist, she smiled as she saw it was already ten in the morning; only a few more minutes before she would be on her way to board the Hogwarts Express for the last time.

Taking her bathroom items back into her bedroom, she went to her trunk and stared down into it for a long period of time, trying to figure out a good place to shove the bag, without worrying about her few make up items being smashed. Finally unpacking the top layer of items, she kneeled down on her knees and placed the bag in the bottom before placing the other items on top. Closing the trunk lid, she snapped the lock on and sat back on her heels before walking over to her dresser.

Taking a seat on the stool that sat there, she quietly studied her reflection in the mirror. Though she still wasn’t beautiful compared to any standards, she liked to think her looks had improved a little since her first year at Hogwarts. The large, beaver teeth no longer existing, thanks to an accidental spell in her early years, and the once bushy growth no longer seemed to do just that, but had settled into smoother locks that framed her face. Having spent a lot of time outside that summer, volunteering at the local public pool to help teach younger kids how to swim, an effective way to take her mind off the troubles of the wizarding world, the girl’s hair no longer was just a dull brown, highlighted with blond streaks. Her features, though tanned compared to her normal skin tone, was still pale compared to a normal standard and her auburn eyes stared at her curiously from the mirror.

For several long moments, the girl sat and stared at her reflection, picking out every single little freckle that dotted her nose and cheeks. Staring at the slight scar on her neck, she grimaced at the memory of when it had happened. It had been one of the stupidest moments of her life, it wasn’t even related to the danger she was constantly surrounded by. No, she had obtained that scar when she tripped over her a potted plant and landed on the little fence that surrounded her parent’s miniature garden. It had been one of the stupidest events of her life, but it had also been one of the most painful.

And now her neck carried the long scar as a reminder of that moment. If her parents had allowed her to go to the wizarding hospital, she wouldn’t have had to bother with the scar, but they had insisted taking her to a muggle hospital, because it made them feel more comfortable. Hearing a noise from downstairs, the girl smiled eagerly at her reflection before grabbing the journal that sat on her dresser and shoved it in her school bag. Reaching in that same bag to find her wand, she shouldered her bag and used it to levitate her trunk. Reaching the doorway, she quickly dropped the trunk before jumping over it.

Reaching her bed, she grabbed a bracelet that was sitting on her bedside table. Also grabbing the badge that sat beside it, the girl smiled with pride as she pinned it to the inside of her bag. The day she had received her letter and badge had been a proud moment. She’d always aimed to be Head Girl, and she had finally gotten in. Though she still did not know who the Head Boy was, she had decided not to think about it too much, deciding to let herself be surprised instead of snooping. She never knew when her life would be over and she didn’t want to miss all the surprises life could through at her. Fastening the bracelet she still held to her wrist, she heard a voice yelling at her from downstairs. “What?” She hollered, stepping back over her trunk into the hallway, where she levitated it once again.

“Hermione! We have to go if you’re going to make the train on time!” Her father’s voice echoed up to her and Hermione smiled. The last time she would get in trouble for running late before she had to catch that train. Eagerly hopping down the stairs, she ducked as her drunk flew over her head, gaining too much momentum on the flight of stairs. Seeing her father’s surprised expression as he also ducked, Hermione giggled quietly before heading out into the garage where she placed the trunk in the rear of the car.

Climbing into the back seat, she waited as her parents also made their way into the car. Looking at her watch as her father began to back out of the drive way, she smiled when she saw it was 10:31. Every year they had left at the same time, always saying they were running late, but they were always on time. Looking back at her house as the car drove down the road, Hermione was overtaken by depressing thoughts as she realized it could quite possibly be her last time to see her house ever again. With those thoughts, the house disappeared from view as Hermione had her face pressed against the glass.

Sitting at the long and deserted table, the boy ate his breakfast silently, used to the absence of his parents. Most meals were much the same; the only difference being which elf would bring his food or what he would be eating. None were ever broken up by interesting activity unless he was required to attend a dinner when guests were over. Often when guests were over, his parents would have his dinner sent up to his room. The few times dinner was eaten as a collective family, the boy had often wished for his solitary meals once again. They gave him a chance to dwell on thoughts, instead of forcing polite conversation that required his full attention unless he were to miss something.

Having finished his light breakfast of toast and cereal, the platinum haired boy dabbed at his lips before pushing back his chair. Lazily snapping his fingers twice, he watched with his nose twisted up in the air as two elves appeared and begin to take away his plates, including the tray of toast. Losing interest, the boy stalked out of the dining room, covering the distance of the long room in a few strides, his long legs carrying him far. Exiting that particular room, he silently walked up the stairs to the upper floors, the mansion being so silent he could have heard a pin drop from the other end of the museum like building.

After an eternity of stairs and portraits staring down at him, watching for any stray hair to be out of place or for him to step wrong, the boy finally reached the top floor of the house. Opening the door that led into his wing, he entered what was considered his section of the house, which was more like a penthouse. He walked into the sitting area, where his trunk currently sat open. Pulling his wand from a sleeve under his shirt sleeve, the boy pointed his wand at objects in the room and shrank them before levitating them into the trunk. With a flick of his wrist, the trunk snapped close and locked.

Entering a side room, the boy quickly showered and did other required items, taking all the time in the world as he prepared for the train journey where he would be forced to ride with the baboons all the way to the place they called Hogwarts. Exiting the shower and dressing quickly, the house was chilly enough to keep meat out; the boy looked at himself in the mirror briefly. His platinum hair fell across his eyes, which he casually swept back and left down. In his younger years, he had bothered to gel it back, but as he got older, other things became more important so he abandoned that morning chore. His face was as pale as ever, though there were a faint dabble of freckles on his cheeks from his adventures outside with a particular…group. His eyes were still as stormy grey as ever, and at that moment in time they were rock hard.

Smiling slightly at his reflection, the boy exited the bathroom and made his way into the bedroom part of his suite. Standing next to the window, he stared out across the great distance of land, the mountains in the distance appearing hazy even though it was a clear day. Eventually looking down at the watch on his wrist, he turned around a gathered a few books that he placed in the bag he used for school. Slinging that over his shoulder, he went into the sitting room to place it on top of his trunk.

Standing in thought for a few moments as he went through a mental check list, he quickly ambled back into his bedroom and grabbed the envelope that had been sitting beside his bed. Reaching under the mattress at the same time, he grabbed a ring that he hastily shoved on his finger before he tore open the letter, walking as he did so. Knowing the contents of the letter itself, the boy threw it aside after finding the time for the meeting that would take place on the train. Looking at the shiny badge that was then in his hand, he dropped it into his bag before he slug the bag back over his shoulder. About to snap his fingers, the boy started slightly as the house elf appeared before him.

“Master Draco, your mother left a package for you.” The elf handed over the package quickly, wanting to leave the room of his harsh master as quickly as possible. Draco then took the package and waved the creature off. Shoving the package into his bag with everything else, he used his wand to levitate his trunk. Traversing the stairs downward, the boy let his mind sit blank, not bothering to look at any of the portraits on the wall. If he had his say, he would never be coming back to the mansion when he completed school, but his father wasn’t one to argue with, and he was insisting that Draco come back. He had his duties to the Lord, even if the Lord had become completely crazy, and he was expected to uphold those duties along with his father.

Scoffing, at the foot of the stairs, Draco closed the distance between him and the door in record amount of time. Slamming the door behind him, he looked out in front of him and took a deep breath. Beginning his journey to the apparation point, the boy thought of the year to come. He had made Head Boy, as was expected by his father, and could almost guarantee who the Head Girl would be. The coming school year promised to be interesting, and the thought alone of all the havoc he could create left the boy with a wolfish smile as he exited the protected zone around his house.

Looking back on the mansion that had been a pretense for a home his whole life, he sighed dejectedly. Another year would go by just for him to end up back here, a place he had always dreamed of inheriting as a young boy, but now just a place he wished to escape. For several moments, he stood with a stare at the mansion, remembering all the good moments, which he could count on both of his hands. Seventeen years old and less than ten moments in his life he truly categorized as a good memory.

Tiring of those thoughts, Draco looked at his watch and saw that it was 10:31. Same time every year, it had become a sort of tradition that he leave at that exact moment. Looking back at the house one last time, he scowled angrily as he wished with all his heart that he would never have to return to the place he was forced to come home. And with a pop, he disappeared from view of the house.

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