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          Tempest broke through the spell.  She got up and summoned Excaliber and her wand.  She didn’t care anymore.  Her mission had come to past but if she was to die, she would not die without a fight.

“I’m too powerful Young Tempest.”

“Damn you.”

“You can’t kill me.”

“I can try.”

“You will fail.”

“We’ll see about that.”  She dropped her sword and wand and he stared at her dumbfounded.  “I don’t need a wand to kill you Merwick.”  She flew and grabbed his throat, sinking her nails in.  “O don’t even need my sword, all I need our my bare hands.  Impedimenta!”  He flew back but she caught him in a head lock.

“You’re just like me Zephyr,” he coughed.

“Wrong, I’m worse.”  She bit into his neck.  He couldn’t possess her because he was alive, he would suffer through all the pain.

Tempest would have sucked him dry, if something hadn’t hit her hard on the back, knocking the air out of her.  She rolled to a poise and looked up as she licked  her lips.  It was Aidan.  He was growling at her and protecting Merwick.

“No Mister, I will not let you destroy yourself.”

“Let me kill him.”

“If you kill him you kill them and the human part of yourself.”

Tempest fell back on her butt and stared up into the sky.  She wasn’t human anymore, but Aidan was right, a piece of her was, and if she killed him now like that, she would kill them.  She would kill Cecile, Veronica, Abigail and Laila.  But her hunger kept blocking her vision.

“Zephyr——” Nila said as she grabbed her arm but Tempest wouldn’t let her.  She pushed her away knocking her to the ground a good distance away.  No one could talk to her, there was no one that could bring her back.

“Zephyr——” Voids voice rang out to her but it was quickly quieted by her hunger.  No one could help her, but the only voice that could penetrate her lustfulness was Zoltron, but only he could help her from jumping at Merwick and the rest of them.  She heard the whisper and the teachers left.

She was not aware of the time, nor did she care for it.  She was immortal, she had all the in the world.  All she cared about was him, staring back at her through heated eyes.  She could smell his blood but only Zoltron was able to retrain her.



The pair of voices rang out at her.  She looked up and standing together were Maddox and Draco.  Tempest shook her head and pulled at her hair.  An arm stopped her.

“Temp.  Tempest look at me?”

Tempest looked up into her cousins eyes.

“Maddox!”  She wrapped herself around his neck and sobbed.  “I can’t . . . I can’t fight it any longer!”

“Shh, it’s going to be all right.”

“He’s right Tempest,” said Draco.  She felt Draco wrap his arms around her waist and suddenly her hunger vanished.  Replaced by sobs she cried unendingly.

“Weak and pathetic,” cried a voice.  Tempest looked up at Merwick.  “All of you.”  Tempest wasn’t hungry anymore, but she was still angry.

“You’re wrong Merwick,” she said shaking her head.  Maddox and Draco let her go as she stood up.  “You are the weak and pathetic one.”  Tempest flew to his side and healed the wound she created.


“No, not pathetic, merciful.  I’m saving your life to save their.  They are not dead, you and I both know that but they are trapped.”  She gripped the collar of his shirt.  “Now, how do I save them Merwick.

“I will not tell you Young Tempest.”

“Fine, I guess I’ll have to do this without your help.”  She summoned Excaliber to her hand and pointed North, just above his head.  “Terra.”  The symbol of Earth appeared and glowed green as it embedded itself into the ground.  She pointed East and said, “aqua” and the symbol of Water glowed blue and embedded itself into the ground.  She pointed South and said, “inferno” and the symbol of fire glowed red and embedded itself into the ground.  Finally she pointed West and said “aero” and the symbol of Air glowed white and embedded itself into the ground.  She stared at the four different symbols that gave them their immortality.

“Nila!  Serena!  Exodus!  Demenshia can you all please stand behind your respected symbols.”  They did.

“This is very old magic you are about to perform, Tempest, are you sure you can do this?” asked Demenshia.

Tempest nodded.  “I’m sure.  Can you please place a you all place your items on the symbols please.  Thank you.  Okay lets see it I can do this,” she muttered under her breath.

Tempest stood over Merwick and bent down to Merwick’s ear.

“One last chance Merwick, how do I set them free or I’ll destroy this nice new little body of yours and we both know that you don’t want that.”

“You can’t kill me.”

“Well I’m going to try not to.”

“In the old days, spells like this were chants, not simple words,” said Demenshia.

“From Earth to Sea, from Fire to Air.  Four children were born from magic both pure and dark.  But ass their bodies lie in dust and there shells are destroyed, their powers must reign free to control what they were created to do.  Unseal the mind, un trap their power.  Power of Excaliber release the four Mystics of the elements and place them safely where they belong.”  She knelt down and lifted Merwick up by the collar of his neck again and smiled at him.  “I hope you feel this Merwick, but trust me, I’m not going to be done with you yet.”  She dropped him bak to the ground and stabbed him with Excaliber straight through to the ground and pulled it back out quickly scattering his blood off her sword and over the symbols.  She listened and watched as he screamed and thrashed but she held him down with her foot to his throat, her favourite way.  A green glow flew from him and into Nila’s ring.  A red glow flew into Serena’s band.  A blue glow followed and flew to Exodus’ band and finally a white glow followed and flew to Demenshia’s choker.

Tempest watched as Merwick rolled from under her foot and stood up, clutching his wand and wounded stomach and glared at her.  His blood dripped to the ground and she knew he would pass out soon.

“You will pay for this Young Tempest.  Your weakness lives close to your heart.  One day I will kill you.”

“I highly doubt it . . . you old fart.”  She laughed and heard Nila start to laugh likewise.  He disappeared and Tempest just let him leave.  As long as he was in his own body, he wouldn’t be able to possess Astrea and kill Draco.  Draco was here, she finally remembered.  Tempest turned around and ran into his arms.


“Shh, like I’ve said before, I love you.  Always have, always will and I know you, you can fight this.”

“Thank you for coming.”

“What I don’t get a thank you?”  She quickly let go of Draco and embraced her cousin.

“Maddox, there aren’t enough words to express how I feel.”

He hugged her back.  “I know you Temp, you’re not a murderer. You let him go rather than hod him down and let him bleed to death.  You aren’t like him.”

“I know, thank you for coming, I can always count on you.”

“You bet your bloody ass you can.”

“I owe you my life.’

“Stop being so overly dramatic . . . I’ll accept a life of servitude.”  Tempest smacked him lightly on the shoulder then remembered Laila.

She turned around and stared at Laila.  Her body laid on the ground.  Suddenly her anger cam rushing back.

“We need to burry her,” said Nila.

“Yeah.  I’ve got her you just get ready.”  Nila nodded and Tempest walked over to her and grabbed the body.  She carried Laila over to the grave of Veronica and laid her down next to it.  Vines overlaid here body and pulled her under.


Tempest spent her last day of school on top of the tallest tower.  She stood staring out with her dragon.  She let him get away, wounded and near death.  She knew he would come back as a vampire, but right now, she closed her eyes and listened to his far cried of pain and smiled.  She pet Aidan who was smiling with her.

“Well get him Mistress.”

“I know.”  She looked up into the setting sun.  Come back Merwick, we have unfinished business to attend to.

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