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          Out of nowhere Demenshia handed Tempest a vial.  It had within it a single drop of blood suspended in air.  She knew what it was and smiled.

“I was wondering when you would give this to me,” said Tempest.

“It’s one drop Tempest, use it wisely.  If you are able to destroy his body that will even help you find his essence.  Remember use it wisely.”

“Thank you, I will, are you ready?”

She nodded.  “Exodus and Verdina are here.  Nila and Void managed to cast the spell, we all are ready.”

Tempest felt exhausted.  “I had a dream last night.  It was raining and it was th same street my mother was running on when she died.  I was running and then I suddenly stopped and I was crying looking around wildly.  I kept saying ‘please god don’t let it be so’.  Then I heard his voice.”  She shook her head.  “I don’t think that I will be able to defeat him Demenshia.”

“Breath Tempest, just breath, one should never give up.”

Tempest smiled weakly.  Demenshia was right.  One should never give up but Tempest was growing weary.  She got up and walked down stairs.  Everyone was waiting for her.  Nila stood along with Void, Exodus, and Serena.  Chad, Stella, Chris, Alex, Edana and Verdina stood along with everyone.  She hadn’t been able to persuade them that this was her fight.  But not, Gorx’s death had fuelled their anger.  She was about t open her mouth when the dormitory opened.  Master Vlad and Mistress Bianca walking in.

“I’m going and nothing you say or do will change my mind,” said Tempest quickly.

“Oh we know, we gave up on trying to control you,” said Bianca.  “It’s a waste of breath to be honest.”

“I actually find it quite enjoyable,” snickered.  “But as vines are starting to claw up the side of the school, this must end.  We are here to help, Zephyr, do accept it.”

Tempest smiled.  “Of course I do.  Shall we go now.”


“Incendio!”  The vines that covered the doorway were demolished.  Only a little flame existed at the edges, but it was quickly blown out by the strong winds.

Tempest pulled out Excaliber and cast Lumos to illuminate the darkening land.  The winds blocked out the radiating light of the moon and the cold seemed to make even Tempest shiver.

“Are you all ready?”

“Yes,” they all said different intervals, sounding an echo.

“Okay.  Laila, call off your winds.”  The winds stopped disappearing as though they were never there.  She saw him immediately.  He was leaning against a tree and the vines began to move ti him.  She looked at Nila who was furious.

“Earth is in agony Zephyr.”

“Then we should save it.”  Tempest walked ahead but stopped suddenly at the sound of a distant growling.  Oh god, she thought.

“What’s wrong?” asked Chad.

“His creatures,” said Void, Nila and Tempest in unison.

“From all around them came his creatures.  Tempest wanted them dead.  Nila, Void, Stella, Exodus and Demenshia surrounded Laila and Tempest.

“Nila can you do anything?”

“Very little Zeph.  He has the power of Earth itself.  It takes a toll.”

“Void, can you do any damage?”

“About as much as Nila, unfortunately.  I assume I can stun them but they heat and fire it will make will fuel it’s fire.”

“Exodus you will work with Void.  Demenshia work with Nila.  The rest of you have your wands ready okay.  Laila and I will deal with him.  Stella keep everyone safe.”

Tempest pulled out her sword and wand.  She was ready.  She quickly looked at Laila out of the corner of her eyes.  She looked angry, like Cecile, but she also looked like Veronica and Abigail.  A little fright was there as well but it couldn’t be helped.  She was not used to battle, Tempest knew.

She tied her hair back and looked straight ahead at Merwick.  He had his wand ready for her.  She took a step and earthquake started.  Crap, she thought.  A strong wind followed and everyone was thrown to the ground.  Tempest looked up at Laila and looked around.  Everyone was still on the ground while Merwick and his pets were in the air spinning.

“My god,” muttered Tempest.  The earthquakes ceased as his focus was shifted to trying to get down.  Tempest got up and stared in awe.  Out of nowhere Aidan landed behind her.


“Something’s wrong Aidan.  He can easily get out of there, I know he could but something is wrong.  He’s up to something.”

“What do you think he’s up too?”

“I don’t know.”

“Zephyr——” The voice was low.  It was real and not in her head, very much alive, but distant.

“Zephyr . . . Tempete . . .”  She shook her head.  Only four people called her Tempete, two of whom happened to be dead and the other two were in a different part of England.  Whoever was calling her was not real.

“Merwick, what are you doing to me?”

“What do you think.”   She turned around.  Behind her wasn’t Aidan, but Merwick.  He stood smugly behind her and knocked her against a tree with a spell.  An illusion, nothing more.

“Where’s my dragon?!”

“Oh don’t worry, he’s alive and well, but I made sure to immobilize him though.”  He laughed.  “I guess my magic is greater than that of my dragons.  Purely brilliant really.”

“By the way, say goodbye to Laila’s immortality.”  Merwick had only revealed himself to her, she could warn Laila, if only she could move.  Tempest was immobilized like Aidan.  She couldn’t scream, she couldn’t move, all she could do was sit there as she watched Merwick pull out a knife and inch his way to Laila’s leg.

Laila scream shook the air.  The creatures fell back to Earth and Tempest was still paralysed.  She watched as Laila, leg bleeding, stumbled backward.

“You know I wish I were a vampire right now, I would so like to suck you dry.  Also it would be much easier to kill Young Tempest.”

“Mother!”  Tempest was as Demenshia came running but was tackled to the ground by a pet.

“Demenshia!”  She hard Zoltron scream.  Zoltron ran to her and got the creature off her.

“Petrificus Totalus!” he screamed at the creature.  It froze in it’s tracks.  “Aqua Eructo!”  It’s flames blew out but it grew into the ground.  “Avada Kedavra.”  The creature died instantly and Tempest smiled inside.

She looked over at Void and Exodus.  She watched at the Earth burned away.  Suddenly Exodus poured water over it.  Nothing but ask remained.

Her eyes wandered to Nila who was standing with Serena.  They were separating their elements away from each other.  From there she saw Chad, Divina and Hydra destroy the new creature.

Tempest heard a roar and looked up.  It was Aidan.  He got free, she thought happily.  He ate two creatures whole and looked around.  Next came Nila’s Sevratis.  It wasn’t her familiar, but Nila was it’s mother and it knew that.  Finally, Lestat and Artemis came running and flying.  Tempest needed to break free, but she couldn’t, she was paralysing.  As the battle raged on, everyone was protecting Laila.  She looked up at Nila and Void who were running towards her.

“Zephyr!  Void hurry up, use that big brain of yours!”

“It’s kind of difficult.  I don’t know which spell he used!”

“Well think dammit!  We don’t have time for this!”  Her ears twitched and Nila spun around.  “Lashempus!”

“Quick aren’t you,” commented Void.

“Just hurry up.”

“Let me think first Nila.  Zephyr, was it nonverbal?  Move your eyes for either eyes or no?”

Tempest indicated a yes and he swore.

“What’s the problem . . . Incendio! . . . Void?”

“Do you know how many nonverbal spells there are?  Nevermind, obviously you don’t.  Look if I use the wrong counter spell I could possibly kill her, vampire or not.”

“We don’t have time for this Void.  Look, are there any potions you can make quickly, or already have ready?  Please say yes.”

He shook his head.  “Unfortunately no.  Look have to just give it a try, if she dies you are more than welcomed to kill me.”

“I’m sure Draco will take of that for me.  I have no intention of killing you, and I don’t intend to let her die Void, I trust you and I’m more sure Temp . . . Zephyr, does as well.”  She smiled at him warmly and he returned the gesture.  Tempest wanted to smiled as well because this was all very sweet but frankly, she really wanted to move.

All of a sudden a wave of magic knocked Nila and Void down.  Tempest watched as Laila was pinned against a tree.  Merwick was keeping everyone down, and fighting off the pets.  But he was too strong.  He disabled them with an element or two and moved to Laila slowly.  No, no, no screamed Tempest in her head.  She watched Merwick stroke her defeated face them stab her.  Tempest was angry and distraught and enough was enough.

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