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Chapter 6: Attacks on the Heads.

She hadn’t known what had happened until she had seen him hit the ground. Her heart had stopped beating at once and it only started again as Alice nudged her shoulder. She was holding onto Paprika while staring down at the seemingly lifeless form of James Potter lying on the Quidditch pitch.

Slowly everyone started moving again. She heard people gasp and whisper about what had exactly happened. No one seemed to know what had happened. He just fell down. There was no bludger or anything else involved. 

“Lily,” she heard Alice say. Her friend was sending her a concerned look. “Lily are you okay? You look really pale.” She did not respond, because she could not. It was as though she had lost the ability to speak. “Lily, you’re scaring me.”

When her friend spoke those words Lily seemed to wake up from her shock. She turned her head towards her friend, who stared at her with wide eyes that had lost their sparkle. “I’m going to see if he’s all right,” she said and was about to run away with Paprika in her arms when her friend grabbed her arm.

“Lily,” she said looking incredibly worried, “do you really think it’s wise to go see him now? He’s in good hands. The professors will transport him to the Hospital wing and…”

“I know,” she said while interrupting her friend. “But I just have to go and see him.”

Lily ran down the stairs, her heart was racing and she had trouble breathing, but she did not stop. After having fought for at least a month they had finally managed to call it a truce, at least that’s how she saw it. She just couldn’t let him get away that easily.

She was about to walk onto the pitch when she heard uncontrollable laughter from behind her. She turned around and saw four boys from Slytherin, one of them was Severus Snape and she felt herself tense up immediately.

The Slytherins hadn’t noticed her and one of the boys slapped Severus on the shoulder. “Brilliant,” he said. “You were absolutely brilliant. Did you see his face when he realised he was knocked off his broom?”

Severus was smiling his mysterious smile and Lily knew enough. She narrowed her eyes and walked towards them, sticking out her chest so the first thing they would see was the Head Girl-badge pinned on it.

“If you would please follow me,” she said while having trouble controlling her anger, “the professors will be very interested in hearing why James Potter fell off his broom.”

Severus’ eyes had gone wide while the other Slytherins only raised their eyebrows. “How dare you talk to us, mudblood?” asked one of the boys she recognised as Bellatrix Black’s boyfriend.

“I am Head Girl and I…”

But she wasn’t able to finish her sentence. One of the boys kicked her in the stomach and she fell to the floor. Paprika fell out off her arms in the process and seemed startled to have lost the warmth and comfort from Lily’s arms.

Lily was clutching her stomach and she heard the Slytherins laugh loudly and she received yet another kick, this time at her back. “Don’t mess with us, you filthy mudblood,” whispered one of the Slytherins and they walked away.

Lily felt tears run down her cheeks, but she stood up as quickly as she could. She felt as though she was about to faint, but she wouldn’t let the boys have their fun. She was surely getting back at them. But… not now.

“Lily?” she heard an uncertain voice say and she turned around to look into the face of Remus Lupin. He was as pale as ever and sent a concerned look in her direction. “Are you okay?”

She nodded and mumbled a faint ‘yes’. Remus Lupin frowned and walked towards her, but when she shook her head he decided to pick up her cat.

“Let’s get you back to the castle then,” he said, sounding concerned and Lily tried to smile at him. But her stomach hurt so much that she could not do so and then before she even knew what was happening everything turned black.


“This is absolutely outrageous,” she heard a voice say and she slowly opened her eyes to find herself staring up at a beautiful ceiling that she knew not to be hers. “Both of our Heads attacked, Albus! We have to take immediate action!” Lily tried to sit up, but she groaned in pain and fell back instantly.

“Miss Evans,” she heard a woman’s concerned cry. “Please lie still. You are in no condition to move at the moment.” A familiar face, Professor McGonagall’s, came in sight and she realised she was in the Hospital Wing. She sighed heavily and frowned. 

“Miss Evans,” professor McGonagall said. “Do you remember what happened and most importantly who were involved?”

Lily bit her lip. Of course, she remembered what had happened and most importantly who had been involved. She was however not sure whether she should report the Slytherins for she felt it would only cause more trouble if she did so.

“I don’t remember,” she said and looked away from Professor McGonagall, but she could still see the frown on the professor’s face as she had said those words. “I truly don’t remember.”

“Very well,” said Professor McGonagall, but by the tone she used Lily knew nothing was ‘very well’. She could not tell the truth though for she had the feeling it would cause everyone harm and as Head Girl she was responsible for every student in the school.

“Professor,” she said as she suddenly remembered something. “Do you happen to know where my cat is?” She felt her cheeks warm up at the strange look McGonagall sent her, but she had to know whether her cat was safe. It might sound strange, but Paprika was very dear to her. She could not imagine life without the lazy little thing.

“I believe Mister Lupin is taking care of your… cat,” said McGonagall and then she smiled kindly at Lily. Something she hadn’t been expecting. “I’ll get Madame Pompfrey to check on you.”

And as McGonagall had left to get Madame Pompfrey she closed her eyes. She felt so tired even though she knew she must have slept for hours seeing the sun was already setting and the game had taken place around noon.

She sighed heavily and opened her eyes again and gazed at the beautiful ceiling. She did not want to be here. She wished she was lying in her own bed and gazing up at the familiar ceiling in her own dorm. She wished none of the events that took place today had happened and she wished that she could sit up to see if James was all right.

After all, that was her number one worry.

Author's Note: I'm not sure about this chapter, but I need it for the rest of the story. So, it's mostly to fill up the space and so you know what happened. I think. I promise you it does get better after this one. Please leave a review and tell me what you think!

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