“I got it! I got it!” Lily Evans ran down the stairs, her fiery red hair flying all around her face, green eyes sparkling with happiness. She gasped as she bumped into her sister upon entering the living room.

“Oh, sorry, Tuney,” Lily said, panting. “But guess what? I’ve been made Head Girl!”

Petunia sneered. “At that freak school of yours? So you’re the Head of the Freaks now.” She walked off, her blonde ponytail swinging as she walked.

Lily felt tears in her eyes as she stared after Petunia. She wished she could go back to the time when she and Petunia played in the park, back when Petunia didn’t think she was a freak. Lily didn’t even know why she had bothered sharing her happy news with Petunia.

It must have been all the excitement, thought Lily to herself. Well, it’s all gone now, thanks to Petunia. She was so caught up with wallowing in self-pity that she didn’t notice her mother walk in the living room, wiping her hands on a dish towel.

“What did you get, sweetheart?” Ann Evans smiled at her daughter. Lily looked up, surprised.

“I’ve been named Head Girl, Mum!” Lily announced excitedly, all thoughts of Petunia out of her head.

Mrs. Evans wrapped her arms around her seventeen-year-old daughter. “That’s wonderful, Lily! You wanted the position for a while, haven’t you?”

Lily laughed as she stepped away from her mother. “Since first year.”

Mrs. Evans laughed along. “And who’s Head Boy? I hope he’s someone tolerable. I don’t want any more letters from Professor Dumbledore saying that the famous Evans temper has blown up again, Lily. Although, now that I think about it, the only time I’ve ever gotten those letters from Professor Dumbledore, it always mentioned something about a Mr. Potter.”

“Actually,” Lily said as she opened the envelope she was holding, “I never read the letter. I was just so excited when the badge fell out of the envelope! And besides, Mum, I was starting to tolerate Potter at the end of last year. When your best mates start dating each other, you’re forced to be civil to each other.”

“But you’re not on first name terms yet, sweetie?”

Lily snorted as she started reading the letter. “Really, Mum, no need to get attached. Knowing Sirius Black, he’ll break Mary’s heart soon enough. Then I’ll have to hate the whole lot of them, being her best mate.”

“Good to know you have such a high opinion of the opposite sex, my dear,” said Mrs. Evans, displaying her dry wit and sarcasm which matched Lily’s own. “Now, who will you have to work with the whole school year without going into a tantrum that scares even Professor Dumbledore?”

The scream that came from Lily’s mouth made everyone on the street where the Evans’ lived jump.


“Eat up, boys,” Judy Potter bustled around the kitchen. “Really, Sirius, I don’t understand why you bothered getting a flat. You could’ve stayed with us. No need to waste your money, like that, dear, and it’s so dangerous living alone, especially now. And we have much better food here; how can you fend for yourself?”

James Potter grinned cheekily at his mother. “Really, Mum, you know Sirius can’t eat too much of our delicious food. He’d grow fat. How’s he supposed to get all those girls, then?”

James ducked as Sirius threw a roll at him.

“Oh! I’ve been meaning to ask you two about who you’ve been seeing. Sirius, how is that lovely girl you brought home for Christmas last year?”

Sirius chuckled. “Who, Lauren? I broke up with her before New Year’s, Mrs. Potter. I’m single at the moment.”

James rolled his eyes and muttered, “Keywords, at the moment.

Before Sirius could throw something else at him, Mrs. Potter spoke.

“How about you, Jamesie? Any special ladies your father and I should know about?”

As James shook his head, Sirius smirked. “Now, now, Mrs. Potter. We’re just waiting for the lovely Miss Evans to come to her senses and realize that ickle Jamesie here is hopelessly in love with her!”

James sent a death glare at Sirius as Mrs. Potter squealed. “Oh, yes, I remember now! You’re courting her, this Lily Evans, right, James?”

Sirius started snorting with laughter. James shot him another death glare, and Sirius hastily hid his laughter with a passable cough. Mrs. Potter looked at Sirius with raised eyebrows.

Before Sirius could explain that courtship wasn’t exactly the best way to describe the relationship between James and Lily, two school owls flew through the open window and landed on the breakfast table. Sirius and James glanced at each other before reaching for the owl with the envelope with their name on it. James untied the envelope from his owl’s leg, noting that it seemed a bit heavier than usual. He shrugged, and passed it off as the weight of the Quidditch Captain badge, which he had received ever since fifth year.

He opened the envelope, and shook the letter out. A badge with the Hogwarts crest on it and the letters HB fell out, along with the expected Quidditch Captain badge. He picked up the badge and stared at it in shock.

Sirius read the list of requirements for their seventh year, oblivious to his best mate’s shock. He grumbled as he saw some of the items. “Bloody hell, dress robes? And Merlin, just look at the number of books we have this year! The NEWTS promise to live up to their name, don’t they, Prongs?”

He glanced over at his best friend, and noticed for the first time his wide eyes and open mouth. “Oi, Prongs, I know it’s ridiculous that we need dress robes this year, but you look ridiculous!”

Then Sirius noticed the badge in James’ hand. He immediately had an expression identical to his best mate’s. Then, after a full minute of this, he started laughing hysterically. Mrs. Potter, who had been frying eggs on the stove and had not seen the badge, whipped around. James seemed to recover from his shock and glared at Sirius.

“What’s so funny, Sirius?” Mrs. Potter asked, completely confused as to why the young man she considered her second son was rolling on the floor with laughter.

“Prongs – Head Boy – “Sirius choked out, hysterical with laughter.

Before Sirius could get anything else out, Mrs. Potter shrieked and ran to James, who was now reading the letter that came with the badge intently, as if trying to find some sentence saying that it was a joke; that Remus was the Head Boy; not him, certainly, why would anyone in their right mind make James Potter Head Boy?

Sirius exploded into another fit of laughter at seeing Mrs. Potter squeal and smother James in kisses, saying that she and his father were so proud of him, and oh, she’d better go and Floo Mr. Potter with the good news, and saying that she would buy him a new broom as a reward...

James glowered at Sirius, who had now been laughing for three minutes straight now, as Mrs. Potter went to the fireplace in the living room.

“Padfoot, what in the name of Merlin’s most smelly socks is so funny?”

“Nice one, mate – you had me for a minute there – actually thought it was true – that badge looks so real, I thought – how’d you make it, by the way – oh, bloody hell – Remus was in on it, too – he sent you his badge – hilarious – best prank of the year, mate –"

Sirius rambled on and on in between his fits of laughter, and James was confused. What was all that crap about Remus and best prank of the year and...

James exploded into laughter as it clicked in his head. Sirius thought that James and Remus were pulling a prank on him. James’ eyes twinkled with mirth as he thought about the look on Sirius’ face when he realized that the Head Boy badge actually belonged to James.

“Padfoot!” James said as he pulled Sirius off the floor, when he finished laughing. “It’s real; I’m really the Head Boy this year, mate.”

Sirius chuckled, shaking his head. “No way in hell am I falling for that again. But Merlin, you really had me there for a minute.”

Smirking, James passed him the letter. Sirius read it.

The long, colorful string of profanities that came from Sirius’ mouth made Mrs. Potter come back into the kitchen and glare disapprovingly at him.

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