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    -Richard’s P.O.V-
    Hi, I’m Richard Weasley, Ron and Ginny’s cousin. I’m the same age as Ron and has black hair (not Weasley red, can you imagine that), blue eyes, not so long nose like Ron and other looks that example me like a boy. I’m a Beauxbaton student transferred to Hogwarts for my 6th year. That’s about my personal information to you people, the rest… well you need to read this story. You ask why I am doing this. Well there were three things to be told here. First thing, a great adventure was about to begun once I entered Uncle Arthur’s car. Two, a great mishap will happened to the lives of mine, Ron and Gin. And lastly, a huge row, fight, quarrel or whatever you wanted to say between Ron’s friend, Harry and Hermione. This was their story. ************************************************************************ “Where are we going, Uncle Art?” I asked my uncle who I’m quite afraid of ever since hearing from my cousins about him being purposely trying to ruin every muggle things. Good thing I’m halfblood or else I have a bad time of inability to explain how all muggle things works. “We’re going to pick up one of Ron’s best friends,” he answered. “Who again?” I asked. I have never seen any of Ron or Ginny’s friends because they were such a big family that all of them were considered friends to themselves. “Hermione,” Unc Art answered, oh yeah I forgot… beautiful name, so this is the one that Ron had a crush on her once, now he was scared of her… I don’t know why but I will know soon. Ron warned me of something; hmm… let me remember… Ah ha, she talked lots of Harry Potter. Harry Potter, a boy of wonders and bravery, how admiring. Ginny has a crush on him once, I thought. How tragedy struck him over and over. Orphan at one, living with relatives that hated him, learned that he was the hero of the Wizarding World, a bad guy who wanted him dead, saw a boy killed in front of him (Ron told me about it, poor guy) and lost an uncle due to trickery of the bad guys. What a tragedy. “Here we are,” said Unc, we reached a huge house, wow… what a rich girl Ron has, too bad he didn’t like her anymore. “Wait here Rich, while I go and greet Hermione and her parents,” Unc got out of the car and went to the front door. I got out of the car because I have a butt cram. A little stretching would do the trick. I heard a loud rambling sound from the house. Gosh, how many things did she have to bring. I remembered Ron told me that she was a bookworm… Oooooooo. And out came a bushy haired girl with cinnamon eyes and kind of cute too. She shook Unc’s hands and he has a little and long chat with her parents. She walks towards me and introduced herself. “Hi, I’m Hermione,” she offered a hand shake, so I shook it. “Richard Weasley the name,” I introduced myself and her eyes went wide, she was puzzled, try to guess why. “Are you sure, you’re a Weasley, you don’t have a red hair,” bingo, she said it correctly. “Well, I’m kind of a halfblood, me dad is a Weasley and me mother is a muggle,” I sheepishly answered. She just said ‘Oh’ and we went into awkward silence mode. I offered to put her things in the car and she kindly obliged, I put her things and I started thinking of something to start a conversation. “So where’s your owl, mine’s at Ron’s place because I sent a letter to Ronnie yesterday,” that went quite well. She giggled a bit, maybe because I call Ron ‘Ronnie’. “I don’t have one but I can afford one, it’s just that my parents are neat freaks so getting an owl would be a problem in the house, besides I have a cat. Oh, I forgot…. Crookshanks!” she called out someone. A ginger coloured cat came, rushing to her and leapt to her. Hermione grabbed the cat, good reflexes. “This is Crookshanks, say hello to Richard,” the cat purred softly to me, kind of ugly but cute. “Just call me Rich,” I said. “Oh, I suppose none of the Weasleys gave you an annoying name,” where the in the bloody hell did she come up with that kind of question. Let me see, Sir Richard of Dungbombs, Rich the snitch, Blackie Rich, Rich Fitch and other that I won’t even tell you people. “You’ll see what they call me,” I said and she just nodded. “Ron told me you’re from Beauxbaton, is it any better than Hogwarts?” the tide has turned, the girl asked about your life. “Well I don’t know, it’s quite hard to learn French itself, I suppose Hogwarts ought to be better than Beauxbaton,” I said. She just gave me a soft smile. “Well I can show you the whole castle if you want; I’m a prefect who sometimes breaks rule with my two bestfriends. Harry and Ron are kind of troublesome to me but I keep on saying to them to study and study and now look what they got, Ron got 10 and Harry….” She stopped talking after mentioning Harry’s name. “Anything wrong about Boy Who Lived?” I asked, being curious. “Don’t call that stupid nickname,” she suddenly scowled… what a temper. Unc and her parents looked at us troublingly. I said ‘nothing’ to them and they went back to chatting. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to shout,” she apologised, this Harry sure has an affect on her a lot. “It just that Harry had a hard time, his godfather died two months ago, he still feeling sombre about the whole thing, he’s so secretive now… and now he got eight O.W.Ls and I feel bad about him because I felt it was my fault he got eight.” “This Harry guy is not in the mood to talk,” I said something thoughtful and she agreed. “His future must be bleak now that N.E.W.Ts is coming and he’s not going to be in most of our class, I mean me and Ron… honestly, jealousy is going to get him,” she said, here’s come the Harry this and that. Luckily, Unc came back. “Come on you two, let’s get Harry,” yes finally, relief…relief, all three of us got into the car after Hermione say her goodbye to her parents. We drove away and to Little Whinging. ************************************************************************ To my dismay, our ride wasn’t a pleasant one, Hermione and Unc chatted about muggle inventions and somehow turned into Harry this and that again. If you people want to know what she talked about, be my guest. “Harry always wrote, I’m fine and my relatives are idiots and I can get through Sirius’s death and…” and she went on and on and on. Ron, you were right, if I bet you ten galleons, you got all ten of them. “Hermione, I’m sure whatever Harry’s needs, we must give him, if he needs some time alone, we give it to him, of he need some motherly love, well Molly could give it to her, I’m very sure of it, we will help him when he needs it or ask for it, not force it,” yeah Unc to the rescue. “But Mr. Weasley, Harry doesn’t talk openly, that’s the problem, he’s so secretive, I’m not sure if he was the same Harry I know after we got back from the Ministry place,” she was good, really good. Unc surrendered, how lame was the Weasley male. Looks liked it was up to me then. “Hermione, Uncle Art is right… everyone has a secret to keep, maybe this one could make you embarrassed and you don’t want to be friends with him again. Harry want to keep this to himself and when the times come, he will express it to all of us,” wow, I never thought I could talk like a psychiatrist. But Hermione hasn’t giving up yet. “But what if he doesn’t want to tell us and regrets telling us after finishing Hogwarts, and don’t tell me that I worry too much,” she said aggressively, Unc submitted after hearing this. “You have to let him do what he wants, Hermione, he has his need and wants and we have no right to interfere,” I said. “You don’t get it do you, he always made us worried about him, everything he did made us wonder what was he doing, he disappeared right before my eyes during the Triwizard Tournament, he wanted to see Sirius when he thought he was in danger but was part of a trickery of Voldermont (I flinched) and do some stupid stuff last week,” she said, I beginning to pondered myself if she was right… and she was right. “He did what last week?” Unc asked and he seemed interested again in the conversation. Hermione was really angry at this point, she shot glares all over the car. “He went out of the house without permission from the Order, good thing Ron told me about it, I’m going to talk to him about it,” her face was flushing red, anger was evident. “Where did he go?” I asked. “He went to the park for some thinking and fresh air… thinking, honestly, always needed to think, and then some moping, and grieving and crying by his own and not expressing it to others,” she said mockingly, she needed to calm down, this Harry guy sure has a lot of affect on her. “Hermione, he is the one and only one who could defeat You-Know-Who, he has a big responsibility on his back, he just lost his godfather and give him a break” Unc to the rescue. “And please stop badgering him,” yeah Unc, way to go. I’m glad the whole trip to this Harry guy was quiet. But I could still hear from the front seat that Hermione kept muttering some words like, ‘Thick-headed bloke’ or ‘Self-centred prat’. I hope she didn’t mean me or Ron or Unc. ************************************************************************ The trip went well for the next thirty minutes and we reached Privet Drive without a fuss. Unc parked the car at the sidewalk. The funny thing was after the talk about Harry, Unc never mention anything about muggle things. I looked at house number 4, and I was stunned to see the house. I could tell the difference between the other houses and this house where Harry lived. This house seemed… a bit creepy to me. “Here we are then, I’ll go and talk to Harry’s relatives and sort out some things, you two go up and help Harry with his stuffs,” said Unc, we got out of the car and approached the door. During this time, Hermione notified me that Harry lived with his relatives after his parent’s death. This people treated the boy badly. Someone needed to teach these guys a lesson. “So is this where Boy-Who-Lived stayed?” I asked her. “This place seems lifeless.” Hermione giggled, covering her mouth with her hand. “Yeah I thought so too, someone could be dead by now living here but not Harry, he’s strong and brave,” complimenting him, the last half an hour ago, she was scrutinizing this Harry guy and the next thing you knew, she was praising him. How a girl changed in a short time. The door opened after Unc knocked it several times, what in the bloody hell was taking a person to answer the door. I grew impatient and Hermione noticed my discomfort, so she suggested Unc to perform the Locking Charm. Unc looked around for any passer bys and did the spell. Entering the house, the place was quiet. I was astonished of how old looking this house was. This family was not into modernizing. “Hullo, anybody here… Heellloooo,” Unc shouted, Hermione began to worry. “Harry,” she called the guy. “Up here,” a voice called from upstairs, Hermione felt relief. Is he alone in this creepy old house? Where were the other occupants? Hermione too wondered the same questions like me. “Mr. Weasley, you can wait at the car while Rich and I go and help Harry, the neighbour might be suspicious of us and call the muggle police for breaking into the house without permission,” she said, thinking a step ahead. “Not to worry Hermione, I can have a little chat Ms. Figg about something… go on and help Harry, he would be eager to see you,” said Unc, she smiled sheepishly. I beginning to suspect something was going on between these two teenagers. Unc went off to Ms. Figg’s house and Hermione and I went upstairs. I could felt the eeriness of this place. We walked along the hallway and Harry was there by his room. Crookshanks who I did not notice was dashing towards Harry and leapt onto him. Harry scooped him up and carried him in his arm. He was a scrawny guy, messy black hair with round glasses and an awful looking tattoo on his forehead… oh wait that’s his lightning shaped scar. “Hi,” he greeted and Hermione gladly replied back, “Hi.” “So, um… who is this guy,” he asked in a rather mad tone, no jealous tone. I have to clear his doubt about me fast. Ron told me not to mess with this guy or the Wizarding World would kill you. I offered him a handshake, “Richard Wealsey, Ron’s cousin.” He shook my hand and his doubt were cleared but were replaced by a puzzled look. He let go of the cat. “Are you sure you’re a Weasley?” he asked, how life kept asking you the same question. “Yes I am,” I answered simply, not caring about the detailed information of why my hair wasn’t red. This guy just shrugged and introduced himself. “Harry Potter’s the name,” he said, and we let go of our hands. I could have sworn that my hand was hurting… must be my imagination. “Let us help you with your things, Harry,” Hermione offered, and we all went into his room. His room was so sad, so dark, and creepier than the hallway. Hermione gasped because she was shocked to see his room. “I haven’t finish packing, if you don’t want to help… I don’t care,” he said calmly. Hermione stopped gasping and turned to him. “Of course we’ll help, right, Rich,” she said and I just nodded. Harry just shrugged and pointed out some things that needed to be packed. Harry grabbed his pet snow old, Hedwig and put her into the birdcage. He said ‘sorry’ to the bird. Hermione was stacking up some books that needed to be brought which Harry said needless to be bring because they haven’t receive their Hogwarts letters yet. I have but who cared. I opened the cupboard and saw huge clothes that weren’t his fit; it looked like all of the clothes that belong to a gorilla. Harry notified me all of the clothes belong to his cousin. I felt pity for him really. Hermione too felt terrible just by seeing his clothing. After almost finishing packing, Hermione brought up the talk or should I say the words of forgiveness. “Um… Harry,” she said. “Yes,’ he replied. “I know you still feel a bit gloomy about Sirius…” she was cut off. “Please don’t start,” he said, raising his hand to her face, reluctantly to bring up the subject about his godfather. “I’m fine,” he said. “Nooooooo,” she sounded, pushing the hand, oh boy here we go. Harry and I were shock to hear her. “You’re not fine, I’ve been getting short letter replies from you and always saying you’re fine but I know you’re not,” she said, the voice of utter concern. “That’s because you always send me letters saying ‘How are you? I’m so worried about you?’ ” he said with a good impression of her. She was stunned by his mocking tone, I chuckled a bit and she gave me a death glare. I fidgeted and went quite. Now I know how you felt Ron. She changed her glaring back to anxiousness. “I’m just worried for you, Harry, you never tell me anything,” she said. “Then you should wrote something more than just how am I, don’t you have anything else to say about… like your life,” said Harry directly, that hurts. Hermione mouth opened widely, she was caught stunned by surprise. Here comes the real anger. She turned angry; she could not believe her best friend just said. “In case you don’t know, I…. I …. I …. ,” she stammered. “That’s it, you don’t have one,” he said frustratingly. He’s angry; I thought she was the one who was supposed to be angry. “I do have one!” she snapped, you could hear a twig snapped too if you were this close to them like me. “I studied for the N.E.W.Ts unlike you and Ron,” she said convincingly, so that’s her life…. boring. “That’s life!” he yelled, I wondered if Unc could hear us. “What kind of life just studying? For god sake… we just finished our O.W.Ls, give it a rest will you,” he said with a mix of utter concern and vague reply. “Well that’s mine, unlike yours, all about Quidditch,” she said deliberately, “Quidditch, Quidditch, Quidditch, always Quidditch,” she said sarcastically, in an angry tone. “What kind of life is that?” “A better one than yours,” he replied with a very sarcastic remark. She gasped of how easy for him to reply back, she went near him and the next thing you knew…. ‘SMACK’ A slap across his face, he jumped a bit from the shock of the slap. Harry touched his right cheek where she slapped him and rubbed the sore spot. A hand marked was evidently clear for others to see. He looked back at her, totally confused of what just happened. Miraculously, his glasses were intact. She looked tense, brows narrowed at him, lips pursed; clearly she was disappointed, mad and annoyed. She let out a big sigh, trying to release the tense and looked back at him with utter concern and forgiveness. She was about to talked when he cut in. “Is that the best you can do?” WOOOO! How cold is he? Hermione was stunned again; she clapped her mouth with her hand hiding the wide open mouth. “That didn’t hurt,” he said, rolling his eyes at her and the two locked in an intense glare. I have to do something to stop this. “I’ll take Hedwig to the car, if you don’t mind, Harry,” I said, looking worried that one of them might do something unnecessary. “Fine,” said Harry angrily, rose up from the bed where he sat and picked up the trunk. “I’m leaving this place to go somewhere with this nosy girl,” he said intentionally to make her angrier. “Well in case you don’t know, Harry,” she snapped again. I picked Hedwig with thee birdcage, it seemed Hedwig too wanted to get out of the house. “You’re an unappreciative prat,” she spat, I walked normally trying not to look awkward, Harry on the other hand, just picked up his trunk and walked out of the room, following me from behind. Hermione carried his other trunk while spitting more words behind Harry’s back. Here were some of the words that she said while we were making our way towards the car….. “For the last five years, you never said thanks to me,” she said with asperity, this was where we went down the stairs. “You never give a damn of how others sacrifice for you,” she said, Harry just seemed not listening to her. We were at the door, just stepping out of the threshold. “I came to your Quidditch game and you never ever thanked me, you ingrate,” now we were getting attention from the rest of the neighbourhood and Unc. “Never for once you tried to give a bloody damn about how I felt for you,” both of them put his things at the back. The funny thing was both of them seemed doing this together while arguing. Unc came back from where ever he came from. “Hullo everyone, what’s going on?” he shouted, the three of us faced Unc. “Hullo Mr. Weasley,” greeted Harry, trying to act normal, his expression changed like nothing happen between him and Hermione. She was infuriated by his act. “Hello Harry, it’s been nearly a month that we haven’t seen each other,” said Unc, he was buying Harry’s act, how lame was he. Hermione tried to break his of normalcy. “Mr. Weasley… please, don’t buy his innocent act, he’s not fine, he is still gloomy on Sirius death,” she notified Unc, he felt a little disappointed and sour about the whole thing. “Will you knock it off already, Hermione,” Harry scowled, to my dismay, I agreed with him. “You just don’t get it do you, we are here for you, to join your grief, your not alone for the past five years, don’t throw us out of your misery and…” “JUST SHUT UP,” he yelled, and entered the car and sat on the front seat. That’s my seat. His screamed made the whole Little Whinging ran for cover. Hermione and Unc were shocked by Harry’s outburst. We got into the car, Hermione sat beside me at the backseat with Hedwig in the cage, scared. Both Harry and Hermione were pretty quiet the whole trip to the Burrow. Harry never looked at Hermione even a single turn whilst Hermione sometimes stole a glance at Harry and had a guilty expression on her face. I and Unc just stayed quiet, if we brought a topic it might lead to more bickering. Well it’s boring for the next hour, I’ll leave you all to my cousin Ron. Take it away Ronnie.

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