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Hey everyone! I am sooo sorry for the wait! but good news...I have a lot of chapters written for this. I have a lot to post so keep reading as without you there would be no point.

Chapter 4 ~ Free Fallin'


I whimpered slightly as Draco carried me inside the castle. He held me close to his chest; not talking, whispering or laughing. He was just breathing. I wanted to die. My parents had given up their lives for me and this is how I repay them? I mean, I was strutting around this castle like I owned the place, pretending nothing was wrong, and forgetting everything and anything that had happened. I was ashamed of myself and who I had become. I tried desperately to control my breathing but as we reached the seventh floor I gave up. Sighing and sputtering I managed only to wipe more tears onto Draco’s soaked shirt. I coughed and gasped as I clung to his warm body. He had always seemed like the type of person who would naturally have a cold body temperature. I was once again proven wrong. I grasped his shirt and felt his chest tighten underneath.

He adjusted me in his arms as he paced in front of a wall three times. I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my tear-stained face in his drenched chest. He walked calmly through the door. Without asking me any questions he walked straight to the couch and was about to put me down. I whimpered and grabbed the back of his shirt not wanting to let go. I heard him sigh and nod his head; I was thankful that he was here, with me. He sat down on the plush couch; a couch so different from the ones in the Slytherin dormitories.

A million questions ran through my head as I sat on Draco’s lap and cried my broken and bleeding heart out. Why was he doing this? Was he using me? Was he planning on using me? Was it for sex later on? Am I doing the right thing? Should I stop who I am? What should I do?

I decided to sit there with Draco until my tears were cried away. He rubbed my back in slow, small circles while he quietly sang a muggle song I knew by heart.

“She’s a good girl, loves her mama, loves Jesus...”

My sobs quieted as he continued to quietly sing,

“for breakin her heart
And I'm free, free fallin'...”

By the time he finished the song I was breathing heavily and half asleep. He shushed me while rocking me back and forth after he finished singing. The last thing I heard was “You don’t even know” before drifting into unconsciousness.



Draco’s POV

“You don’t even know” I whispered as Cassie finally drifted off into a sleep. I watched Cassie’s chest slowly rise and fall with each breath she inhaled. Even when she was sleeping she was still as beautiful as ever. I thought to myself as I conjured a blanket to cover Cassie’s shivering body.

I studied Cassie’s face while she slept peacefully. Her eyes were puffy from crying but I looked past the mascara stains running down her rosy checks and saw that she was beautiful even without the all the make up. I noticed a piece Cassie’s wet, blonde, tangled hair fall into her pale, angelic face. I shifted in my seat as I reached over to tuck the stray piece of hair behind her ear. I shuddered at the memory of seeing her standing on the edge of the cliff; I was so scared; so scared that I would lose her.

I have seen her before, but where?
I was puzzled as I recognized this girl but couldn’t place where I saw her. I shrugged the thought off as I tried to slide off the couch and leave the peaceful girl sleeping behind me. As I reached for the door handle on his my out I heard a whimper followed by a pleading voice. I stopped dead in my tracks. She was dreaming, she was having a bad dream no doubt. Hesitantly changing my mind I turned around to walk swiftly back to the sleeping girl.

As I watched her sleep I noticed her twitch every now and then. I pulled the lounge sitting across the couch closer to her before sitting down and watching her sleep unsure of whether or not to wake her from her dream...or nightmare. Deciding against it I watched her struggle in her sleep.

“No! Not Draco! Please! Stop it!” Cassie begged in her sleep as she shifted uncomfortably on the couch. I was taken back, she was dreaming about me. I shook my head and tried to prevent the thoughts that were entering my overcrowded mind. I had never felt this way before and my heart wasn’t agreeing with my head. I felt as though I was either losing myself, or giving myself away. My head pounded every time Cassie laughed or spoke to my; even if it was a comment directed to hurt me.

I, Draco Malfoy knew that without a doubt I was falling in love, and way too fast for my liking.


I sighed as I decided to move the uncomfortable, sleeping Cassie. When we had entered the room I hadn’t even thought of a bed and now I didn’t want to pick her up, take her out and then bring her back in. Instead, I gently picked her up my arms behind her head and under her legs and carried her out the door and down to the dungeons.

As I walked quietly and swiftly through the halls I would occasionally glance down at the sleeping beauty in my arms. Thinking about what I had gotten myself into, I mumbled the password to the portrait. I hoped that everyone was sound asleep because if they weren’t there would definitely be rumours soaring tomorrow and Cassie would probably Avada Kedavra me on the spot after she...I gulped...I didn’t even want to think about what she would do to me. I peeked my head around the corner ready to hex anyone who was still awake.

Luckily for Cassie and I, everyone was sound asleep and in their own beds. I tip-toed towards the girls dormitories, but stopped when I reached their portrait because I realized that I wasn’t able to go in there without setting off at least a dozen alarms. Cursing under my breath I looked around for another option. I adjusted the sleeping body in my arms before moving towards the boy’s dormitories knowing that there were no alarms, having brought numerous girls up to his dorm before.

Climbing the steep, concrete stairs with ease I reached the ‘Seventh Year Boys’ door and opened it with my back but not before placing my ear against the door to make sure that everyone was sleeping. I crept towards my bed and placed the sleeping Cassie underneath the green and silver covers.

I drew the curtains shut in case anyone woke up while I was changing and stripped down to my boxers and looked around in the dark for a t-shirt I could wear to bed. Finding one strewn across a nearby chair I opened the curtains around my bed and climbed in; above the sheets and below the quilt. I didn’t want to ruin our relationship by screwing things up because I had done something stupid, so I adjusted my body next to the already sleeping one. Our bodies were separated by a thin sheet; closing my eyes for a second I turned towards Cassie and gently leaned over and kissed her lightly on the forehead before turning back and quickly falling into a deep sleep.




I opened my crusted eyes to feel a warm breath against my skin and an arm wrapped around my waist protectively; liking the feeling I closed my eyes once again not wanting the feeling to stop. I waited for the sounds of my roommates hustling around the room, getting ready for the upcoming day. Not hearing the usual morning sounds and hearing a bunch of whoops and grunts I snapped my eyes open and lay there darting my wide eyes around the room.

I looked to the body that belonged to the arm and the warm, comforting breathing was the one person who, for the past six years I had hated with a homicidal passion. I jerked away from him, surprised and took in my surroundings. I gasped as I realized I was in his bed, lying next to him, and sleeping next to him!

I could feel my breathing increase as I tried to remember how I got here; no memory came. Thinking the worst I began to hyperventilate, I hesitantly glanced down at my body dreading what I would see. I released a sigh of relief that I didn’t know I was holding in as I realized that I was still fully clothed. Okay, so maybe I was in yesterday’s clothes, but they were clothes none the less.

I glanced over to sleeping figure lying peacefully next to me; completely unaware that I was awake. Lying there next to him got me thinking; was this good for the assignment?  Was this good for me? I actually like waking up next to Draco after I got over the shock; did I want to wake up next to him again?

I reached my arm over and poked him lightly in the shoulder; scared that if he woke up abruptly that he would become either angry or have a panic attack. Draco grumbled in response nodding his blonde head a few times before drifting back to sleep. I poked him again; this time, harder. He grumbled again, but this time he opened his beautiful blue eyes. I melted and lightly smiled as he realized I was awake. He rubbed his eyes and removed his arm from around me.

“So...” I whispered,

“So...” He whispered back looking me directly in the eyes.

“Does anyone know I’m here?” I asked, looking away and fiddling with my folded hands in front of me. He shook his head causing several blonde pieces to tumble over into his pale face. I nodded before continuing, “How did I get here? I can’t remember anything.” I finished the last part of the sentence quietly ashamed that I had no clue how I arrived here in his bed.

“I brought you,” He started; I raised my head and furrowed my perfectly groomed eyebrows clearly confused. “I found you outside...” He stumbled for words, “by a cliff...crying...I was were going to...” His voice dried up before he could finish the sentence. I widened my eyes as I realized that he thought that I was going to jump. Of course the thought had run through my confused mind last night but I wouldn’t actually...jump. I lowered my head and smoothed the blanket I was under.

“I didn’t want to...” His voice faded, “lose you.” I rose my head surprised that Draco Malfoy,  the Slytherin Prince was showing feelings. My throat was dry and clammy; I didn’t want to respond for fear of my voice betraying me and cracking. Instead I reached out for his hands; they were surprisingly warm. I kept my eyes diverted from his as he brought his hands around mine.

“Never” I breathed finally looking up at him. He had brought me here from the rain. He had seen me cry, he had comforted me in my time of need. Five words were stuck in my head;

and I'm free, free fallin’.

I felt him shift closer to me and whisper in my ear “I have never felt this way before; I, the Slytherin Prince, am falling in love with a girl named Cassiopeia Genevieve Achird. I stiffened as he spoke. Did I feel the same way? Did I want to feel the same way? Could I? I looked up into his deep blue eyes and nearly melted again.

“I need to go.” I whispered turning my head away from his. Disappointment could clearly be seen etched across Draco’s pale face when I glanced up one last time. He regained his ‘attitude’ and nodded throwing the quilt off him and opening the curtains to glance around the now empty Seventh Year Boy’s dormitories. He nodded once again and opened them further. I sat there stunned; he was slept on top of the sheet? Leaving a thin sheet between our sleeping bodies? This was not the Draco I had known for the last six years.

He continued his way to the door and peeked outside before closing and locking it. “Now we have to get you out of here.” He stated, plastering a fake smile across his ashen face. Draco was extremely good at hiding his emotions; but I could read his eyes. Disappointment. Regret. Sadness. I was immensely guilty that I hadn’t told him how I felt; but I couldn’t, not if I wanted to complete the task successfully.

I stood, flattening some of the wrinkles on my robes. I walked towards the door keeping my eyes locked on my feet. “Wait” He whispered as I approached the door. Draco walked towards his dresser. He opened the third drawer down and pulled out a familiar silvery cloak. I gasped. How did he get one?

“Wow” I whispered as he advanced towards me. “Where did you get this?” I asked pretending like I had never seen one before.

He smiled, weakly proud that he had impressed me, “My father gave 
this to me when I was sixteen years old. My sixteenth birthday was an extremely important one for the family.” He whispered almost regretting his words.

I knew what he was saying, that was the day he became my enemy for life. I had been sworn into the order when I turned sixteen and I was supposed to turn in or kill any death eater that I came across. Draco was no exception. “That was when...” My voice faded, I didn’t want to finish the sentence. Saying it out loud made it seem unbelievably true. “That was when you became...” my voice cracked as he nodded, I reached for his left arm. I pulled the arm in front of me and turned it face up; his long sleeve was still covering his forearm.

I looked up into his eyes, waiting for his permission. He nodded slightly; barely, but it was enough. I took a deep breath and slowly lifted his sleeve feeling electricity pass between us Just as I was about to see his mark I stopped. I looked up at his face to see confusion plastered across it.

Letting out a few breaths I controlled my quivering body. “I just want you to know,” I started motioning to his arm, “this will change nothing, even if we are separated.” He looked surprised; like no one had ever told him this before. I glanced back down at his arm and moved both my hands to the edge of his rolled up sleeve; less than a centimetre away from his mark. I lightly traced my fingers along the edge of his sleeve, contemplating whether or not I wanted to see his mark. If I did I would have to turn him in, or could I possibly see it and not turn him in?

I didn’t want to lose him, but if I didn’t look I may not get another chance. If I did see his mark then I could always block everything from my mind; like I had to do with Draco currently. “Why are you hesitating?” Draco questioned me clearly confused at my indecision.

I weakly smiled back at him, “I want to be prepared for what I already know.”

He furrowed his eyebrows at me even more confused now than before. 

“How did you know? When did you know?”

I glanced back down at his sleeve before looking back up at him and weakly smiling again, “I knew from the moment I laid my eyes on you.” Draco remained speechless; not flinching of moving his arm away from me.

I took a deep breath and siding with my conscience over what makes sense, for once I let go of his arm and watched as it fell to his side, loosely dangling beside his toned body.


“Because I know, and you know and no one else needs to know.” I paused to move my delicate hands up to his gorgeous face. I took a step closer to his body feeling the tension between us, “The time is not right for revealing secrets.” I looked right into his deep blue eyes and felt myself go weak in the knees, he filled the gap between us, and moving one of his hands to the back of my neck he gently pulled me closer to him; we were now millimetres apart. It was extremely dangerous for the both of us to be doing this right now, but I didn’t care.

I closed the gap by pressing my own plump lips against his warm ones. I felt Draco reach around my waist to pull our bodies closer than humanly possible. I pulled back slightly to open my mouth faintly and I felt his lips against mine once again as the gap was closed almost instantly. I felt his tongue slid across my trembling lips begging for entry and without thinking I obliged. My tongue entered his mouth as willingly as his entered mine. His hand that was once behind my neck was now cupping my face gently. I didn’t want this feeling to end. This feeling of warmth and security. This feeling of raw passion and most surprisingly, love. I broke away from the kiss, scared because of what I had just done. 

I had just passionately kissed the enemy. Willingly.

Lyrics by John Mayer—free fallin
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L'amour ~ Chapter 5~ Knock Me Off My Feet

Two weeks after that fateful morning when Draco and Cassie had kissed something new appeared at Hogwarts.

I furrowed my perfectly groomed eyebrows at the new girl who had just been sorted into Slytherin. I had watched as the new black haired raven toothpick placed her skinny butt right next to Draco who looked her up and down suddenly extremely glad he had decided to come to breakfast that morning. This new girl flashed her perfect teeth as well as a perfect set of...ah...hem right in front of Draco as well as several other Slytherins.

I snorted as I jabbed my fork repeatedly into my eggs, taking my anger out on the mutilated food in front of me.


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