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Author's Note: Thank you too all thos wonderful people who reveiwed.
Don't hesitate to drop some constructive criticism as it will improve my writing and this story. Enjoy ch. 5!

Chapter Five

Thou shall not be jealous


When Lily woke the next morning she felt an unusual fluttering in her stomach. Butterflies. Lily then remembered the events of the previous night. That morning at breakfast Lily felt sick at the sight on Nancy. Then a bizarre idea occurred to her.

Am I jealous that Nancy is going out with Potter? Lily wondered. Lily voiced her confused thoughts to Kate.

Kate loved to solve other people’s social/relationship issues. She even wanted to be a Physiologic Healer. (A bit like a muggle physiologist).

“Well, Lily. Please don’t get angry with me. Um.... erm…. This is going to be hard to accept but I think you like James Potter.”

Lily sat down and began to spread butter on a piece of toast.

“I think I figured that out for myself” she replied.

“Lily, by saying like I mean like-like” explained Kate, “Dating like-like”.

Lily glared at her friend and continued to munch on her toast thinking over this new information. As the bell rang Lily gave a swift glance to her friend to say maybe you’re right and she hurried away from the Great Hall to Transfiguration.


During Transfiguration Lily couldn’t concentrate. In her mind’s eye she kept on seeing the same image. Potter’s chest just looked so muscled and tanned and beautiful……

Wait, this is Potter! Stop thinking about him! He’s an arrogant self centered bully! Unable to control her thoughts about Lily next found herself gazing into Potter’s midnight  black hair wishing that she was the lucky girl to stroke the through the messy locks while kissing him.

“Miss Evans! Please pay attention!” Professor McGonagall scolded.

Lily nodded curtly and returned to fantasizing about her and James Potter.

“Miss Evans! What is wrong with you today? Can’t you pay attention for 5 minutes?” Professor McGonagall reprimanded again.

Lily nodded not really hearing what she was nodding to. Lily decided to scheme a plan to get Potter to notice her again. Not that I actually want to go out with him, thought Lily. I just don’t think Nancy is the right person for him.

Maybe I could imperio Potter, but that could result with a lifelong sentence in Azkaban. Or I could slip him a love potion but if someone finds out I could be expelled from Hogwarts! That can’t happen I have to finish my N.E.W.T’s. Or I could date another guy and make Potter jealous. That’s the best idea. I’m a genius!  thought Lily.

During her lunch break, Lily wandered over to a tree were she saw the Marauders eating by.

“Hey, hot, hot, hottie!” she said flirtatiously to Sirius.

Sirius answered with an equally alluring smile. Even though he didn’t have any particular feelings for her, when an attractive girl came knocking at his door who was he to turn her away?  James pointedly huffed and continued to snog Nancy. While Lily was flirting with Sirius, James felt himself grow envious of his best mate.

“Sirius would you like to accompany me to the 7th years Hogsmeade trip on Saturday?” asked Lily innocently.

“Who else is going with you?” asked Sirius curiously.

“No one, I just thought we could go together as friends” said Lily obviously implying she wanted to be more than friends. Sirius leant forward and kissed Lily on the cheek.  Lily giggled girlishly and tried to act like she wanted to go further. Lily playfully returned his kiss on his forehead.  James sighed and continued to kiss Nancy; he tried to imagine that the girl he was kissing was Lily.

Someone in the background wolf-whistled, “You got yourself another chick Black! How long will you keep her? 2 days?”  

Sirius looked around the tree, eyes narrowed and wand drawn. He hated the name Black. Not seeing the offending person Sirius pocketed his wand and started to kiss Lily fiercely. Lily kissed him back equally firm.

No wonder Prongs enjoyed snogging her! She’s an amazing kisser! Her lips are soft, her perfume smells nice and I just love the taste of her lip-gloss, blueberry! , thought Sirius.

Remus Lupin decided to go with the flow and began to kiss his girlfriend.

Peter coughed loudly. The three couples broke apart, startled. They then realized that Pettigrew was the only one without a girl. The bell rang interrupting the awkward moment and the group ran off to their own classes.


That evening after classes brought Sirius to the Head’s dormitory. Lily was lying on Sirius’ chest and Sirius on Lily’s bed. Slowly, Sirius unbuttoned the two bottom buttons of Lily’s school shirt. Sirius stroked Lily’s flat, toned stomach his hand occasionally moving a bit higher. Suddenly Sirius removed his hands from underneath Lily’s school shirt. Lily rolled over to see why. She saw James standing at the entrance to her bedroom his hands on his hips looking very angry.

“Padfoot! What are you doing? I trusted you! You know I love Lily” James shouted.

He looked into Lily’s green eyes and then at the couple together. He was relieved to see that their clothes were only slightly wrinkled.

“If you love Lily so much why are you mucking around with Nancy?” Sirius snapped

“Merlin! I can’t believe you so thick! I was am w-was am is, I dunno dating her to get Lily jealous!”

“It worked then, I guess” said Lily

Lily hopped off her bed and walked slowly to James. She stood on her toes and kissed James softly on the cheek.  Nancy ran in to Lily’s room.

“James! Where have you been?” Nancy asked frantically. “J-james? W-what are you doing? L-lily! You’re supposed to be my best friend!”

“So what? Did you actually think James liked you?” Lily bitched


In the meantime a duel broke out between James and Sirius.

“You lost me my girlfriend mate!” Sirius repeated dodging hexes.

“She wasn’t your girlfriend! You were only with her for half a day Black!” James retorted.

“No-one calls me Black!”

“Silenco” James said and soon enough no sound was coming out of Sirius’s mouth.

Nancy left the room, tears streaming down her face. Sirius stormed angrily out of the room not even wanting to see James’ face.

“Evans, the only reason I was with Nancy was to make you jealous. I thought it was a better plan then showing off or flirting in front of you” James confessed.

“Well, erm. After I got jealous of Nancy I decided to flirt with Sirius to make you jealous” replied Lily.

“So, where does this leave our relationship?”

“I dunno Potter.”

“D-do yowanagwime?”

“Beg your pardon?”

“Do you want to go out with me?” asked James, going red in the face.

“I dunno Potter. I think this is going a bit too fast for me. Maybe we should start off being friends first? James, please don’t take this the wrong way… and what are you going to do about Nancy?”

James nodded and walked slowly to his room.

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