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          Tempest stared in aw at the woman.  Her blonde hair was wrapped in a braid that nearly touched the ground.  Her eyes were a glossy white that had Tempest not know, she would have thought she was mind.  But still she marvelled at the fact that she looked like Demenshia’s sister.

“Hi,” said Tempest awe stricken.

Laila laughed and Tempest smiled.  She couldn’t let this one die.  She had promised Abigail she would not.

“Tempest, we should probably get her to the Nightmare Academy,” said Demenshia suddenly.  Unlike Verdina, she loved her mother.

“Right, yeah we should.”

Tempest pulled out her wand but before she could cast a spell, her wand was whipped from her hand.

“Merwick,” she hissed.

He came out from the shadow.  His hair was white and his eyes were a brilliant gold.  This wasn’t just a body he had possessed, this was his own body, shaped from someone else’s and magic from Cecile, Veronica and Abigail.  This was him, not someone else.


“Such powerful magic they posses, really.”  He smiled and walked over to Tempest she cringed but did not waver.

“You are beautiful you know.”

“This is quite sickening I hope you know.”

“Ohm I’m glad it is.  You know had I grabbed her first I would not have needed to deal with you at all but why would I deprive myself of seeing your angelic face.”  He stroked her cheek again and Tempest took the opportunity to use a nonverbal spell on Demenshia and Laila sending them to the Nightmare Academy.

“I hope you die.”

“Not before you Zephyr.”  Tempest looked at him when he called her Zephyr.  There was fear as well as well as admiration in his eyes.  It made Tempest sick to her stomach.

“Get away from me, I hate the way you smell.”  In truth he smelled like Jasmine, but it was his essence that stunk.

“Oh stop being so crude.”

“Stop being so malevolent and I’ll stop being so crude.”

“You see that’s never going to happen.”  He grabbed her neck and sneered.  “You see Merlin drove me mad and made me do horrible things in his name Young Tempest.”

She smiled.  “Now who’s fault it that.”  She punched him, knocking him against a tree.  “You had to take his power, it’s your own fault.”  And with that she left him and was on the school ground.  Tempest looked around as sudden strong breeze knocked her off her feet.

Laila stood at the graves of her sisters and her eyes were smoky and glossy.  Tempest looked at Demenshia who’s necklace was growing, she seemed to be trying to tame the winds but to little if no avail.


“I know, I don’t seem to control it.  Her grief is to overwhelming!”  Tempest summoned her wand and as it came to her over the great distance Tempest could feel something shift and change.

Tempest looked back at Demenshia, she had gained control over her mothers power.

“Ventifin!” said Demenshia.  The wind die down.

“I thought you only needed to touch it,” said Tempest walking to her.

Demenshia smiled.  “You don’t, but it helps.”  She walked over to Laila and hugged her.  “Come mum.”  Demenshia led he mother into the Academy and Tempest looked around.  Some trees had been uprooted and one of Divina’s holes had been uncovered.  Divina wasn’t going to be too thrilled about that, thought Tempest as she walked into school.


Nila had Cecile’s ring, Exodus had Abigails wrist band and Demenshia had Laila’s choker.  So who had the something that contained Veronica’s power?

“Veronica kept it with her, it’s probably even at her bar, which is probably closed now that she is gone,” said Laila.

“No it’s not,” said Stella.  “My sister bought it and is taking over.”

“Serena,” snarled Tempest, “she doesn’t deserve that place.”

“Like you’re any better,” hissed Stella.

“I’m much better than she is, and anyway I’ve come to terms with it.  Besides, Gorx forgives me.”  She smiled and Stella just glared at her.

“How do you know he doesn’t forgive me,” said a sudden voice.  Tempest turned around and leaning there was Serena.  Tempest flew to the wall next to her head and stared down at her.

“He never said anything about you, but he was guilty, now hand it over.”

“Hand what over.”

“Oh don’t worry, I’ll give it back, I lied when I said you didn’t deserve it.”

Serena stared at her shocked.  “Does this mean you forgive me?”

“Don’t make a big bloody deal about it, I officially detest sentimentality.  Now let me see it.”  Serena smiled and walked to a chair, lifted her leg and lifted her skirt up to her thigh.  On it was a shiny ruby band that glowed like fire.

“It summons a dagger, like Voids’ only fire, and it also has a spell, it’s Infernita.”  A dagger was summoned and the chair was suddenly on fire.  She quickly put the fire out and smiled at them.  “It can also summon a fire wherever you want as you just saw, all you really have to do is think.  Finiferno.”  The dagger disappeared and Serena, let her skirt fall back down, and looked back at Tempest.  “Thank you again for forgiving me.”

“Please don’t get so worked up over it, please.”  Serena smiled and Tempest just looked at Laila who was staring intently at the fire.  She looked at a calender, school was nearing an end.  If she could protect Laila till she killed or defeated Merwick, everything would be all right.

All of a sudden, her left arm began to pulse.  She looked at Void and Nila.

“You two come, the rest of you protect her.”

Tempest was in a room with the Dark Lord.  She looked around, so was everyone else.  She listened as Voldemort explained his plan.  He would make Harry Potter think that he was torturing Sirius Black, his godfather.  Tempest wanted to scream that this was wrong, that they were all mad and deranged but held her tongue.

Voldemort selected a few to deal with the children.  As he dismissed them all her called Tempest, Nila and Void to him.

“Where are your companions?”

“Keeping a problem of mine safe.”  He stroked her face and she fought the urge to jerk away as she forced a smile.

“I promise that once I deal with Harry Potter I will deal with him.”

“Of course.”

“I want you to watch over them.  I want to hear what you see of things.”



They waited for Potter and his friends to arrive.  She stood next to her godfather and listened.  They would come soon, she could already hear them in the other rooms.  But as were her orders, she was to wait till they were at the prophecy, at Harry’s prophecy, Finally the moment came.

“They are hear, at the prophecy.  Make haste.”  Lucius smiled down at her and stroked her.  She smiled up at him warmly.  He may be just as insane as the rest but he was still her godfather.

They left and Tempest put her foot on the side of the stands and was about to walk up when she remembered Nila and Void, Nila smiled up at her knowingly and Tempest cast the spell on them.

Nila, Void and Tempest walked swiftly to the top till suddenly Nila stopped.

“Nila?” growled Void.

“Hush, Tempest this one has your name on it and look here, behind it, Blake Phoebus Malfoy.  I didn’t know he had a relative named Blake.”

“He doesn’t.”  Prophecies could only be picked up by their namesakes, she knew, so she picked up hers and looked at the one that said Blake.  “I wonder.”  She touched it and it rolled nicely into her hand.

“Wicked,” said Nila.  Suddenly her ears twitched.  “We need to hurry, the battle——”

“Huh, oh yeah, run up now.”  They ran and she clutched the orbs in her hands.

When they reached the top, they watched from a distance.  She was to keep tabs on Potter and that was enough since he was running her way.  Suddenly Ginny Weasly cast a spell and everything was falling.


“Run, but you guys better trust me.”

“You know we do,” said Nila.

“I know but I had to hear it.”

“Why,” asked Void cautiously.

“Cause I don’t trust me.”  She shoved the other orb into her pocket and jumped ahead against the wall, ready.

“Jump when I say okay?”  She nodded and waited anxiously.

“I feel like I’m above a bloodsucking vine.”

“That was interesting wasn’t it,” said Void.  He looked at Tempest.  “Do me a favour, don’t break my wrist.”

“I’ll try, now jump!”  They jumped and she caught them by their wrist as everything came crashing down.  They weighed nothing.  Nila was laughing and Tempest smiled.

“Nila stop laughing, she’s going to drop us.”

“I’ll catch you.”

“I know but there is still that chance.”

“Nila, I’m going to drop you first,” she began ignoring Void, “then I’m going to drop you Void.  That should give me enough time to catch each of you, are you ready?”

“Yup,” Nila giggled.

“You would think that she was in the giggling room,” said Void.

“Hush, see you in a second Nila.”  She dropped her counted till ten, then dropped Void.

Tempest was fast and she caught Nila as she fell gracefully and then Void, suddenly Bellatrix spun Tempest around, with a crazy look in her eyes.

“Bella calm yourself, I know where they went,” she said as she looked into the mad eyes of her mothers friend.

“Where?” She gripped her shoulder and pulled her to her face.

“The Archway, through the door, hurry.”  All the Death Eaters followed and Tempest, Nila and Void followed as well.

They watched on the wall like flies.  Tempest was doing everything in her power to restrain herself.  She wished the Order would hurry up.  Nila gasped and Tempest looked at her.


“Ronald, he looked at me.  Oh no I hope——”

“I talked to him don’t worry.”  Suddenly bright white appeared and Tempest smiled.  Finally, she thought.

They watched the battle.  Her godfather along with a fellow Death Eater against Potter and his godfather.  She watched in enjoyment till a spell caught Sirius off guard and knocked him through the dark veil at the archway.  Bellatrix laughed and Tempest wanted to run and cradle the boy who didn’t even know her.  She felt his pain, his anguish and a tear fell down her cheek.


“Zeph, snap out of it, he’s running after Bella,” stated Void.  That got her attention.  Bellatrix was beyond deranged but she was a connection to her mother and father.  She was family, they all were, she couldn’t lose them.

Tempest ran of their pace with Nila and Void close behind her.  Then the chase was over.  She watched and soon Voldemort appeared.  She smelt him before he appeared.  The stench of death was unmistakable.  After that everything happened faster, Bellatrix left and Dumbledore came.  Tempest took a quick look into the future to see how this would play out.  She quickly put a protective charm over Nila and Void and they asked no question.

Glass shattered the place cutting at her clothes, not harming her cold hard porcelain skin.  She watched the battle rage on and soon Voldemort was gone.

“Is that it, is it over?” asked Nila.

“No, far from it.”

Harry Potter was possessed.  Voldemort was inside his head.

“Fight it Potter.  Fight it.”  She clenched her fist.  She wanted to run down and kill Voldemort herself for his horrendous intrusion on Potter, but she knew that his life was not in her hands.


“I can’t do anything Nila, and trust me I wish I could.”

She heard everyone running.  She recognized Ron by his scent along with his friends.

“Fight it, fight it, fight it.  Fight him.”

Suddenly it stopped and Voldemort was back.  Tempest watched and jerked her head at the suddenness of the Ministry appearing.  She grabbed Nila and Void and disapparated with them back to school.  Outside she heard strong winds pounding against windows.  She looked around.

“Where’s Laila,” she growled intensely.

“Girls dormitory,” said Chad who was hugging a frightened Divina.  Tempest looked away envious of their relationship, but now wasn’t the time to fret over it.

She walked up to the dormitory and on her bed with her back to her was Demenshia.  At the window stood Laila.

“We are in the eye of a hurricane Tempest.  The winds around us are going fast enough to keep Merwick out but the are keeping us in.  We are trapped by her grief and anger.”  Tempest walked up next to Laila and looked out the window.  A thick sheet of white covered her right.

“When we were children my sisters were constantly protecting me.  I never got angry, so I could never really protect myself.  But there was a time when I did, just once, during the war of Merlin and Morgan.  When Veronica got angry fires would erupt; when Cecile got angry earthquakes shook the ground and when Abigail got angry floods came.  When I got angry, a hurricane came and stopped everything.  My winds put out Ronnie’s fire, tore out Celi’s trees and absorbed Abby’s water.  They had to protect me a lot because I was innocent.”  Finally she looked down at Tempest and Tempest couldn’t help but stare back at her eyes awe struck.  They were swirling a stormy grey.

“I may die Young Tempest but I will fight him to the very end.”

“He’s at the edge of the forest, he’s waiting for us.”

“Then we shall go to him.”

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