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Scorpius Malfoy smiled down at the woman standing in front of him.  He was just slightly taller than her.  His grey eyes shone with love instead of the usual coldness that snuck into them sometimes.  He smiled down at his best friend, his lover, feeling the tingling feeling he felt every time those chocolate eyes pierced into his.  His hand went to her red hair and began to run his hand threw it.  He was so much in love and anyone that saw them knew that.  They fought, just like any other couple would, but he couldn’t imagine his life without her.

“I hate you for making me love you,” he whispered as he leaned down.  His hand moved from Rose’s hair, to her face, cupping it.  His thumb rubbed gently along her jaw bone, as he drew his face closer to hers.  “But I love you for making my life seem so much brighter.  I love you for saying yes; for making me the happiest man in the World.”

Rose sighed, as she felt his lips coming closer to hers.  For three years she had waited for this moment.  For three years she had longed to see the longing in his eyes; the passion.  She had waited for the question, the one that would make her say yes without hesitation: the question of marriage. His eyes made her swell up inside; her heart beat rapidly against her rib cage, making her short of breath.  His lips kissed their way along her cheek bone, slowly descending towards her lips.  He gently placed his hands on the back of her neck, pulling her head to meet his.  His lips connected with Rose’s. 

He kissed softly, applying only a little pressure.

She had given her answer, almost straight away.  There was no doubt she loved him; no doubt he would make her happy.  But there was something that made her cautious of the marriage, the joining of two families who hated the very sight of each other.

Rose sighed into his mouth.  She could feel he wanted more.  But do I, asked the voice inside.  Rose didn’t know.  She was confused.  After years of wanting this, she now had it.  She had waited years to have him for herself; years of wanting to marry him and give herself to him completely, without hesitation. Yet that voice inside had reason.  Slowly, without noticing it, her hand fell away from Scorpius’ cheek.  She raised it slowly, bringing it to contact with the jaw bone. 

Scorpius staggered from Rose, his cheek stinging from the slap he had received from her.  His grey eyes flooded with unanswered questions as he stared down at his best friend.  The clouds opened up above their heads.  Rain poured down onto the two lost souls.  “Rose?”

Rose shook her head, begging the tears not to come.  She didn’t know why she had slapped him; she still couldn’t register that she had in fact slapped Scorpius Malfoy, the love of her life.  She stared deep into his eyes, urging herself not to break down in front of him.  “I’m so sorry; I don’t know what happened.  I just don’t think...” Rose’ voice trailed off as she saw Scorpius scowl at her.  He was hurt; not physically – he was too tough for that – but mentally.  He had thought that perhaps Rose had felt the same way; that she felt that intensity of the kiss as he did.

“Rose, do you know what you want?  Do you know if you want to marry me?” yelled Scorpius.  He saw her mouth twitch, as the tears started to fall down her pail face.

“I don’t know!”

“How don’t you know?  I’ve known I’ve wanted you since I laid eyes on you.  I’ve known all along that you were the one for me; the one I can grow old with.  When I saw you with all these other boys, I felt as if my heart had been split into a million pieces.  But when I saw you happy, I knew that being with me you wouldn’t be.  But then, you surprised me.  You came down to me tonight.  YOU looked for me.  You pledged your love for me; I didn’t go finding you.  It was sad seeing you with other people, but you being happy made me happy!  And then, you came to me.  You told me you loved me; that you wanted to share the rest of your life with me.  Yet, somehow I also knew you weren’t completely happy.  It broke me.  I asked you to marry me, and you said yes.  But I can see you regret it; don’t say you don’t, it’s in your eyes.  Why did you say yes, when you knew it wasn’t what you really wanted?  To be married to someone like me.”

“Scorpius, I’m really...”

“Save it!  I won’t marry you like this.  You were playing me all this time and until you can prove you weren’t, this wedding is cancelled, until you decide what you want.  And stop the denial.”

Scorpius stormed away from Rose in his anger.  His grey eyes blazed with hot fire.

“Scorpius, please,” yelled Rose to his fading figure.  He didn’t return.

Rose slid to the floor.  Tears trailed down her cheek, and over her jaw bone.  She had waited years to kiss his lushes lips, but now that she had gotten the chance, she felt empty.  The kiss hadn’t thrilled her as she had thought it, but it hadn’t.  Instead, it took away the happiness from her life, replacing it with fear and loneliness. “If only I had stopped when I had the chance,” she whispered to her hands, as they wiped furiously at her tears.  Already, after a few minutes in the rain, she was soaked from head to toe.  Her white blouse was already turning see-through and her jeans had begun to stick to her legs.

Arms slowly wrapped themselves around Rose’ shaking body.  Rose moved closer to the body, taking in the features.  She could tell it was a females body; although who’s it was, she didn’t know.

Shaky breathing followed as the holder pulled Rose closer to her body, laying her head on Rose’s.

Rose smiled as she was pulled closer.  Although she had no idea who it was, she felt a pleasant feeling run down her spine as she laid her head against her holder’s breast.  They were full and firm, just as Rose thought they should be.  Slowly she lifted her head and smiled as she recognized her holder: Mariah Longbottom.  She had once been Rose’s best friend, before she had moved away.  They had been close – closer than Rose had been with Scorpius and her cousin Lily.  A long time ago, when Rose had been confused about her sexuality, she had been attracted to Mariah.  Attracted to her skinny body, her full breast and the way she kissed.  It had been confusing having these attractions, but she had learnt to live with them and had moved on.  Scorpius had seen to that.

 Rose moved closer into Mariah’s embrace, wrapping her arms around her waist.  She titled her head to the side, smiling.  She licked her lips in anticipation.  Those old feelings were returning; this time much faster and scarier.  Rose knew she loved Scorpius and moments after fighting with her fiancé, she had feelings towards her old best friend.  Her life was beginning to change.

Slowly, Rose brushed her wet lips over Mariah’s.

A moment of bliss followed as Mariah returned the kiss.  Her hands moved from her embrace and trailed softly down to Rose’s waist, pulling Rose closer to her.  For all her younger years she had had feelings for Rose, some obvious while others not quite so much.  She had changed schools to escape these feelings.  It seemed as if all this was a dream, and a very sexual one at that.

“Mmmh Rose,” groaned Mariah as Rose licked her lips, asking for permission to enter.  “We shouldn’t be doing this.”

Rose brushed her tongue over Mariah’s lips asking once again for permission; this time it was granted.  Her tongue began to explore her friend’s mouth, dancing with the occupant.  Her hand trailed Mariah’s cheekbone, as the other rested on Mariah’s left breast.  Mariah moaned in delight as the pad on Rose’s thumb rub against her breast.

Mariah pulled herself away from Rose, trailing kisses across her jaw bone, as her hands drew circles on the small of Rose’s back, almost lazily.  These motions made her swell inside, knowing she was about the loose control; and soon.

“Mariah, do you want to get out of this rain,” asked Rose in between kisses, as her hands wove themselves through Mariah’s long, blond tresses.  Mariah nodded her hand, as she placed kisses on Rose’s neck.  Mariah held tight onto Ginny as she disapparated to her apartment.   As soon as they had landed, Mariah started to pull Rose towards the hallway.

Rose pulled away from Mariah.  She had a look of longing and lust in her eyes, wanting something so much more to happen.  “Do you want to go to the bedroom; or to the bathroom?”

Rose smiled.  “Bedroom,” she murmured.

Mariah pulled Rose towards her bedroom.  Once at the door, she pushed her friend up against it.  She ran a hand along Rose’s inner thigh, asking for permission to continue.  Rose granted it by placing kisses along Mariah’s face, until she caught her in a spell binding kiss.  She wrapped her legs around Mariah’s waist, pulling them closer.  Mariah opened the door clumsily as she felt the passion between them growing more with every moment they wasted.  She wasted no more time by taking long strides to the bed on the other side of the room.  She not so gently placed Rose on the bed, before crawling onto her lover.

Rose moaned softly, but not so softly that Mariah didn’t hear it.  Mariah pulled Rose’s arms above her head, while trailing kisses down her neck and onto her shoulder.  She slowly worked Rose’s wet t-shirt off her skin, throwing it onto a chair by the door.  She snaked her arms around to Rose’s back; her busy hand unclasping Rose’s wet bra and letting it slip over the side of her bed.  She drew her lips away from her lover’s neck, bringing them down to Rose’s left breast.  She began to kiss the softly, before drawing her lips to cover the pink tip.  Rose moaned deeply as her hand wove themselves through Mariah’s golden tresses.  Her hand moved slowly down her lover’s back, resting below her top.  She caressed Mariah’s stomach, rising higher with each round.

She slowly lifted Mariah’s top over her head, making Mariah break contact with her bare breast for a couple of seconds.

With a remarkable skill of gymnastics, Rose flipped herself on top of Mariah.  She looked down on the woman underneath her.  “How big is your bath,” Rose purred towards her lover kissing her breast.

“Large,” moaned Mariah, unaware of Rose’s intentions.

“Want a bath?” asked Rose as she hugged her lover’s waist.  Mariah nodded, pulling herself from Rose’s left breast.  She slowly got off the bed and headed towards the door on the other side of the room, grabbing Rose’s hand as she went.  Rose wrapped her arms around Mariah’s waist, walking slowly with her.  She brazed her lips across Mariah’s bare neck, moaning her name.

Once inside the bathroom, Rose took notice of the features.  Large was the understatement of the year; the room was large and the bath took up half the room.  “Just like the Prefect Bath at Hogwarts,” purred Rose, as she continued to kiss her lover’s neck.

When the water has filled the bathtub, Mariah spun around to face Rose.  She slowly sunk to her knees in front of Rose.  Her hands began to unbutton Rose’s jeans and she kissed her friend’s stomach – her tongue licking her belly button.  “Why are you back here, Mar?”

“For you; to see you before you get married.” Mariah had succeeded in unbuttoning Rose’s jeans and had begun to pull them down, with the assistance of Rose.

Once her pants were off, Mariah returned to Rose’s stomach.  She entwined her fingers through Rose’s pink tong, and began to pull them down, exposing more of Rose as she did.  With the assistance of Rose, she pulled the tong off of Rose’s legs, flinging it away as she had down with the pants.  Her mouth kissed her way up every inch of Rose’s body, lingering longer on her inner thigh.  Rose moaned as her lover caressed her exposed thigh.

Slowly, Mariah returned to Rose’s mouth, but felt it leave as Rose shimmied down her body to her mini skirt.  With once swift motion Rose pulled of Mariah’s skirt, chucking it onto her own pile of clothes.  She returned to Mariah’s inner thigh, rubbing one hand on her right thigh as the other wound themselves threw Mariah’s black, satin knickers.  She let out her own moan as she pulled down the knickers, following them with kisses.

They soon stood facing each other, staring down at each other’s body.  Rose took a step forward, but instead of kissing Mariah, she walked past her and climbed into the bath.  The water immediately covered her naked body as she waded over to the other side of the bath, where she sat down on the edge; the water still covered her body.  Mariah smiled and walked calmly to the edge, before diving into the deep end.

She swam towards Rose under the water, smiling as she knew what was going to happen.

Mariah brought her head above water.  She was taller than Rose, so more of her body could be seen over the water.  Rose smiled as she looked at her lover’s breast.  She closed her eyes, knowing she was about to betray the love of her life; but the moment died and she was once again wanting for from the former friend.  As her eyes opened, she saw Mariah closer than she had been before – this time only a couple of metres away, which she closed within a few seconds.  She placed her small hands on Rose’s thigh, rubbing them softly, making Rose moan in delight.  Mariah lent her head, brushing her lips over Rose’s.  A soft moan escaped her lips, turning into a purr when Rose slid her hands onto her waist.

Mariah brought Rose’s lower lip into her mouth, sucking it quietly.  Rose felt light headed as she sunk lower into the bath, her head resting just below Mariah’s right breast.  She brought the pink tip into her mouth, while her hands explored her lover’s inner thigh.  Mariah rested her head on Rose’s, while she squirmed, asking for more.  She slowly shimmied down Rose’s body, to her lips connected once again with Rose’s. 

She turned them around, pushing Rose up against the edge of the bath.  Her hands caressed Rose’s breast as her tongue explored Rose’s mouth.  Again, she disconnected her lips from her lover’s.  She dragged Rose towards the middle of the bath, where she wrapped her legs around Rose’s, while dragging her nails down her lover’s back.  Rose arched forward for more contact, a soft purr escaping her kiss swollen lips as Mariah dragged her nails down her back.  Mariah started to kiss Rose’s neck, while Rose walked them back over to the edge.  Once at the edge she placed Mariah onto the edge, looking up at her naked body.  She took in every feature; every curve, bump and line.  She had a terrific body, Rose thought as she remembered her body.  She began to blush a little, now feeling no confidence next to the perfect woman staring down at her with loving eyes.

Mariah noticed this, and slid off the edge.  She walked towards Rose, smiling.  “Don’t be ashamed of your body Rose,” she purred as she ran a hand up Rose’s inner thigh, rubbing ever so gently.  Rose closed her eyes, arching forward for more contact.  “Your body is what it should be.  You have the right weight,” her hand rose higher, “You have perfect curves,” again it rose higher, “And, you have breast that are full and firm; your body is perfect in my eyes.” She smiled as she saw Rose open her eyes, smiling up at her.

“Not compared to yours,” she sighed, knowing this talk was ruining this moment.  “But we’ll decide this later.” She closed the gap between them, capturing Mariah’s lips with hers.

Mariah’s hand went from her thigh.  Rose moaned as it left, wishing it was back there.  She grabbed Mariah’s hand, kissing it with her lips.  Once again, Mariah wrapped her legs around Rose’s waist, dragging them closer together.  Rose placed her onto the little ledge in the water.  She shimmied down Mariah’s body, her head going under water.  Mariah felt Rose begin to kiss her in a part she’s never been kissed before; and dammit, she loved the feeling.

Rose brought her head up again, running out of air.  Mariah met her with a kiss, before switching places with Rose.  She nestled her lips once again onto Rose’s breast.  She didn’t dare go under water; she couldn’t hold her breath that long.  As she kissed Rose’s breast, her hands wandered along Rose’s thigh, drawing lazy circles.

“This is wrong,” murmured Rose as her head rolled back onto the stone tile, “But it feels so right.”

“Yeah, it does,” moaned Mariah as she began placing kisses onto Rose’s neck, sucking lightly.  “Do you want to move to the bedroom?”

Rose nodded and let herself be pulled to the other side of the bath, their lips never disconnecting.  When they were out of the water, Mariah conjured up some towels to wrap around them.  She took one, but Rose didn’t.  Slowly she pushed Mariah towards the bedroom, her naked body showing.  She walked past Mariah, grazing her exposed breast against Mariah’s arm.  She sat down on the bed, her legs opening a little, making Mariah tense up.  Rose was dripping with water, and here she was, with a towel over her body, staring in between the legs of the love of her life.  She dropped the towel and head towards Rose.

Rose stared at Mariah as she walked towards her, swinging her bottom as she did.  It was turning Rose on, so she opened her legs a little more, hoping she wasn’t making a complete ass of herself.  She’s never slept with a woman before.  It was a different feeling.  But, it felt so right.  She hadn’t felt this way with Scorpius.  There had been passion there and even love, but here there was lust and knowledge that it was forbidden and wrong.  Oh so wrong.

Mariah closed the gap between them, her hand automatically heading to Rose’s thigh.  She sighed as she felt Rose lean backwards.  Their naked bodies once again mixed together in a heat of passion.

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