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A/N: Due to a spurt of inspiration, this story will continue on it’s long story, regular course. Sorry about the short chapter, I know you’ve been waiting for it a while… And it’s short. Sorry. The next chapter will be twice as long, at least. I swear!

Ayra awoke to a buzzing noise. She tried bury it with her pillow, but after looking for the blasted feather filled soon-to-be bug killer, she vaguely realized that it wasn’t there. She rolled over, to try to sit up on her bed. As usual, her eyes didn’t open until she was halfway across the room and over to the showers. But less vaguely, she realized, that she wasn’t on a bloody bed, and therefore, could not roll off of it. She moaned, trying to pull her covers up. When she realized..

Well, if there isn’t a pillow.

And if there isn’t a bed.

Well, then..

There must be NO BLOODY COVERS.

Cor. Her morning mood was already kicking in, and she hadn’t even opened her eyes yet! 

Ayra rolled over onto her back, trying to escape the bloody buzzing whatever, and get back to her dreams of daisy’s and pink giraffes. She really wondered if the blue giraffe would finally realize that the pink one was…

Ayra decided to open her eyes at this moment, because she realized that there really were no such things as pink giraffes, and there wasn’t a bloody bed.

She promptly screamed, as she fell from a great height towards the floor of the Great Hall. Without a hint of vagueness, she realized that there were people in the Great Hall. Sirius Black was sitting there, looking up at the ceiling with a complacent, happy look on his face.

Fuck. she thought, as she was spiraling down from wherever she was. He’s really trying to kill me! And look at that smirk on his face….
Ayra rarely had nightmares, and well…This one topped them all. Sirius Black watching her die, and laughing about it… honestly. It was all too cliché.

Just when she was about 30 feet away, she realized…

Well, hell. I haven’t moved a bit.

She had been awake the whole time.

So much for sleeping. She thought, picking herself up, last nights events rushing to her head in shapes of raging river memories. She realized that she was going to be late to class. Again. Because she had once again, forgotten where she had been, and once again, it was because of the damnable Sirius Black.

Her anger started building, one Lego™ at a time. And it was only morning. Her Lego™ tower was at it’s pique when she realized that she didn’t have time to change. And once bloody fucking again it was because of the ever so not charming Sirius Black.

The boy was already thoroughly under her skin, seeping into and churning up her blood, and she hadn’t even seen him.

Oh wait, scratch that. She had seen him. He just didn’t say anything to ignite her fury.

Well, once Ayra was safely out of the oversee room, she was boiling over with unreleased anger like a kettle over a tango-ing fire. And she didn’t care a single bit.

It went to say that Ayra Woods, was definitely not a morning person.

Sirius was scared. He couldn’t find her anywhere. Which could only mean two things.

Ayra Woods was planning something. Or she was dead.

Sirius almost wished that it was the latter, but he knew that wasn’t possible. She was out to get him. He felt a shiver run down him spine. Oh man, oh man. I am SCREWED. 
“Well spotted, Sirius.”

Sirius threw a surprised look at Remus. “What, are you a telekinesis too?”

Remus rolled his eyes. “You should quit thinking aloud Padfoot. Sprouting love about Ayra Woods will do you no good, and will get no mercy from her.”

Sirius narrowed his eyes as he ate his chicken biscuit.

It was morning, and there wasn’t a sign of Ayra anywhere in the Great Hall. That was when Sirius figured out that he was royally screwed.

It didn’t help that Quidditch tryouts were today, too. That thought made him smile. He looked over at James, a grin on his face. “So James, Quidditch tryouts are today.”

James looked haggard, but pleased with himself. “I know mate, I know.” He sat contently, a sleepy Lily sitting by his side.

Sirius cocked an eyebrow while stuffing his face with eggs. “So, Prongs, how did you ever manage that?” Sirius said, eyeing Lily’s present position.

Lily glowered at him. “There’s no where else to sit, in case you haven’t noticed.”

Sirius looked around, his eyes finding plenty of spots, but decided not to say anything after he saw Lily’s furious glare. He smirked slightly, and bit into a piece of bacon. He tried his best not to gasp in shock when James’ hand snuck to Lily’s thigh and stayed there. Lily’s not going to slap him? Oh yes, Sirius knew. Something was definitely going on.

For a moment, he smiled, happy, joyfully. Things were working well for his friend. He laughed, startling James for a moment. But then again, laughing out loud, albeit randomly, was completely normal for the marauders.

So he laughed, and felt all the tension in the world fall away. The only feeling that didn’t shake, was a queer feeling that someone was watching him… 

Double potions, right after breakfast, was never a good thing. People threw up in potions. It didn’t help very much that the class had just finished breakfast. James and Lily, surprisingly, sat together. Remus paired with Kalahan, and Peter with Marietta.

Poor Sirius was all by himself. In a room that was marked with Ayra’s prank spells. He could feel them. Everywhere he went, they were hanging around. They were seeping into his skin. The caster wasn’t there. Sirius noticed the moment he walked into the room. He was also sitting alone, which only meant that…

The doors flew open, a moment right before the bell rang. Naturally, everyone looked that way, taking in the figure that strode into the room.

It was none other than Ayra Woods. She glanced around the room for a seat, after waving to Professor Slughorn. Her eyes narrowed when she realized where the only seat was. A moment later, her eyes were un-narrowed, and she had a joyful smile on her face. The face of a killer.

Oh Merlin. I am finished. Sirius thought, panicked. He didn’t even have time to tell James what he wanted on his obituary! Drat.

Ayra swept to his table and sat down, pulling out her mini-cauldron and setting it out in front of her. She smiled nicely and Sirius, then politely looked to Slughorn for directions.

“You will be making a pore-cleansing potion today. It makes skin feel fresh, and renewed; Good news. It only takes 2 hours to brew, if done properly.” The jolly fat man announced. He smiled, and with a wave of his wand, the directions appeared on the board. “Happy Brewing!”

Ayra looked over at Sirius, a smile planted on her face, “Would you mind getting the sporfa--”

Ayra didn’t get to finish her sentence, because Sirius Black had burst into song.

His baritone voice resonated in the room. “OH, IF I ONLY HAD A BRAIN!”

Silence hit the room like a shockwave, once he had finished serenading.

“Thank you, Mr. Black, for your snippet of song there, but if you would please, get back to your potion?” Professor Slughorn said, slightly perturbed.

Sirius had no idea what happened. It was almost, involuntary. Scratch that. It was involuntary. He shot a look at Ayra, who raised her eyebrows innocently. “What is it Black? Cat got your tongue?”

Sirius glared at her. She had something to do with this. Cor! Less than 12 hours ago, he thought that he loved her. 

I must be delusional. He thought, shaking his thoughts away. He read the list, and brought over the ingredients and laid them out on the table. Ayra set out to cutting them. “Black would you mind? My knife isn’t sharp enough to cut the sporfa-”

“I WOULD BE SO MUCH SMARTER!” Sirius sang, his voice going down to bass level. The class once again went silent. Sirius had the decency to blush, but being a prankster had to count for something. “Sorry, today just happens to be my singing day. It makes me feel good.”

Professor Slughorn looked at him over his glasses. “As long as your potion gets brewed correctly, Mr. Black, you may sing all you like. If it doesn’t turn out, you get detention. You wouldn’t like that, now, would you?”

Then Slughorn gave him THE LOOK.

Yes, it was a caps-lockey word. It also meant that you were on his Bad List. Sirius shuddered. He couldn’t get detention. He simply couldn’t! Why couldn’t he bloody stop singing?!?

Ayra smiled sweetly up at him. “As I was saying-”

“No!” Sirius said, pulling his wand out. “Don’t say another bloody word."

Before Ayra could speak, he had cast a silencing charm on her, which resulted in a stream of fury rushing into her eyes.

But, precautions had to be made. Sirius gave her his knife, and they worked in silence. They didn’t want to get into detention with each other again.

You bloody bastard. she thought, glaring at the black haired boy sitting near the front of the room.  Just you wait till I get my hands on you!
Ayra was furious. She had to sit in the back of every class so that the professors wouldn’t see her, and wouldn’t be able to ask her questions. She was, mute, for the moment, and would remain so until Sirius freed her. She didn’t like that thought at all.

What if he forgot? What if he…Oh shit. She knew what he was up to. She knew that he knew that she was out to get him. So he was ‘taking care of the problem at the root.’
Ayra sat furiously in the back of the classroom, waiting for class to end, so that she could get her hands on his pretty little neck… 

Sirius sprinted out of class. A day without Ayra’s talking was killing him. He missed her voice. But if missing it meant not dying, then so be it.

But, logic told him, as did the need for self-preservation himself, that he couldn’t take the charm off her just yet. He was avoiding her at all costs. He couldn’t risk being unmanned before tryouts. That, he decided, would be bad.
He saw her, furiously walking around the corner. He picked up his speed. Today, was just not his day.

But before he could walk any further, he was roughly pushed into an alcove. He looked to see who pushed him--

“BLOODY HELL! Are you superhuman or something?” Sirius said, incredulous. Ayra was mouthing furiously at him. He got the point. She wanted him to take off the spell.

“Nu-uh. No way. That’s not going to happen.” Sirius said, shaking his head. How many ways does it take to say “NEVER!”

Ayra made a sign for the universal question, “Why?” But hers was more embellished, with little birdies on the ends. Ayra always prided herself as a creative person.

“Because, Woods. If I let you go, then you’ll keep saying that ‘T-H-E’ word, and I can’t be having that.” He smirked, enjoying her predicament. Nope. He definitely didn’t love her.

After she kneed him in the crotch, he was pretty sure he’d never think about her in a sexual, or an even nice manner again. “Fuck. What was that for, Woods?”

Ayra smirked at him, knowing she couldn’t give an answer. He wanted to desperately wipe that smirk off of her lips, and he knew just how to do it.

But he didn’t. He couldn’t. It would ruin everything. Let her think she’s in control. That was phase one. At the moment, it wasn’t working out so well.

“After Quidditch tryouts.” Sirius managed, holding his crotch area. Damn. The girl can kick! “I swear.”

Ayra thrust out her hand, so that he could shake it. He did. He barely had time to register how soft it was…

Then she was gone. 

Quidditch Tryouts. Boy. Fun. Ayra thought. She’d never played for the team. She played on her own, during the summers. She’d let the snitch out, and go and catch it. She really didn’t like bludgers, seeing as they were out to kill her, and the quaffle was no good without two people to play with it. So, in conclusion, Ayra was left with the snitch.

The only blessed ball that could move on it’s own, and it didn’t want to kill her, and didn’t take unwanted company to play with. Brilliant.
So she had started playing with it. The first couple months she had started playing with the snitch, it took her almost the whole day to catch it. It was tiny, and damnably fast, almost too fast to see properly.

With time, and with practice, she got the hang of it. She had it narrowed down to half an hour, give or take a few. The thing that people thought about snitches was, that it was unpredictable. After several summers of being with the shiny thing all day, she realized, in fact, that it was like most objects that had intelligence: it was predictable.

It liked certain parts of the field, and every tenth time it was taken out, it would go flying into the sky. That was the end of it.

As it so happened, Gryffindors seeker aged out, and they were in need of a replacement.

Ayra Woods was bloody ready. 


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