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Chapter 5: Abnormally large feet.

Lily Evans was absolutely fuming. She was furious and she was sure people could see the steam coming out of her ears. She just hoped no one would mind her business, because she was ready to kill.

She stormed into the Head’s common room only seeing a pair of feet dangling over the side of her favourite chair. She narrowed her eyes and threw her bag onto the floor.

“Where were you?” she yelled and the pair of feet jumped up in surprise. “Where were you, you stupid prat?”

“I hope you’re yelling at the wrong person,” she saw Sirius Black’s head pop up as he jumped to the floor. “Because I really don’t want to deal with your wrath when you’re spitting fire like that.”

Lily looked at the floor in embarrassment and felt her cheeks go hot. “Sorry, Sirius,” she said and she sighed, sounding a bit defeated. “I should have known it was you. Potter has abnormally large feet and yours aren’t abnormally large.” Sirius cocked his eyebrow and grinned. Lily grinned back at him and was about to say more when she heard the guy who was soon to turn into her victim.

“I do not have abnormally large feet!” he said as he entered the Head’s common room. He looked offended, but Lily did not care. 

“You do, believe me,” she said and then narrowed her eyes. “Where were you, Potter? I waited for a whole hour, because I was sure you would come seeing this whole thing was said to be ‘important’ to you. However you did not turn up. Again!”

James just shrugged and took a bite off an apple she hadn’t noticed he had been holding in his hand. “I was busy. Quidditch practice.”

She heard Sirius whistle softly and she felt how the hairs in her neck stood upright. “You were busy? With Quidditch practice?” James Potter nodded. He wasn’t bothered by the fact she was about to kill him or at least; he didn’t seem to be bothered by it. “That’s your excuse? Seriously? That’s the best excuse His Royal Highness, James Potter, can think off?” 

James shrugged once again and settled himself down onto the couch. “It isn’t an excuse,” he said and he almost grinned. “It is the truth. Come on, Evans, calm down a bit!”

“Calm down!” she yelled at him. “Calm down?” He only nodded and sent her a grin and she knew she should have ignored it, but this time she couldn’t stop herself. After two months not having physically harmed him whenever he said something stupid her hands itched to hurt him. So, she slapped him.

“Thank you, Potter,” she said and she saw him grab his cheek with a scowl on his face. “That did help me calm down. You should consider becoming a therapist with your abnormally large feet!”

She sprinted towards her door and slammed it shut, but before the door slammed shut behind her she could hear James Potter yell.

“I do not have abnormally large feet!”


“Oh, I’m so excited,” said Alice as she walked with Lily towards the Head’s common room. “We are so going to win the match!”

Lily only huffed and tightened her grip on the books she was holding. She hated Quidditch with a passion these days since someone who she wasn’t going to think about had an awfully lot to do with the Gryffindor Quidditch team.

“You are coming to watch the game, aren’t you?” asked Alice. Her friend almost sounded worried. As though the Gryffindor team was going to lose without Lily’s support.

“It is raining,” she mumbled and sighed heavily. “Alice, I don’t want to watch him show off on his broom. I have to live with him in the same room every day. I can’t stand seeing his face outside of it too. I just need… some rest.”

Alice chuckled. “You know, you and Potter are being so childish,” she said and she now also sighed heavily. “It’s tiring, really. Why don’t the two of you just forget about your fight and move on? It’s going to be a long year when you keep on yelling at each other!” 

“But it’s so much easier to yell at him than to be nice to him!” Lily let out in frustration. “I get confused around him and it’s just so much easier to yell at him for it.”

She heard no sound coming from the girl next to her. In fact her footsteps couldn’t even be heard and as Lily turned her head to see if her friend was all right she noticed no one was walking next to her. She frowned and turned around once more to find her friend gaping at her a few steps away from her.

“What are you doing, Alice?” she asked. She felt confused, but at the same time a bit annoyed for she knew she must have said something that had upset Alice.

“You get confused around James?” asked Alice then and Lily felt her cheeks warm up.

“Yes,” she said and walked towards her friend. “But isn’t that normal? I mean… he is confusing. One moment he can be kind and the other moment he’s a prat not to mention his abnormally large feet.”

Alice blinked. “His abnormally large feet?” Alice shook her head. “Lily, you know what this sounds like, right? Have you even considered the fact that you might not hate him as much as you think you do?”

“Yes!” she almost cried out and she felt her cheeks warm up even more. “And that’s when everything went wrong, so I’m just not going to think about it anymore. So, please, Alice. Please, don’t talk about it. Pretend I never mentioned it.”

As she started walking again she heard her friend’s footsteps follow her and she was relieved when her friend didn’t ask any more questions. She was desperate not to think about James Potter again. However kind he might seem to others, he was obviously cruel. The kindness act he had pulled this year was just a very impressive act. One of his best pranks ever played.

“Hey there, Paprika,” she heard his deep voice say as she walked into the common room, followed by Alice. He was stroking Paprika’s fur and Paprika was enjoying it. She quickly closed her eyes. Not wanting to see any more of his silly tricks.

“I didn’t knew you liked cats, James,” said Alice and Lily might as well have attacked her.

She opened her eyes and she noticed a small blush on James’ cheeks as he stared up at her. “She seemed a bit lonely,” he said as he stood up quickly. 

Alice chuckled as Lily walked over to Paprika to lift her in her arms. “Well, thank you for keeping her company then,” she said softly, looking down at her and James’ feet. She stroked Paprika’s fur and noticed James’ feet walk away.

“Go Gryffindor!” Alice suddenly yelled and Lily looked up with an amused, yet surprised look in her eyes. She noticed how her friend’s eyes sparkled and she couldn’t help but think that she actually really wanted to enjoy the excitement of a Quidditch match.

“Well, thank you for the support,” James said. He was now grinning widely and Lily rolled her eyes at him. Of course, he was imagining how many goals he would make this match. He always liked to think he was the top scorer of the Gryffindor team. Come to think of it: maybe he actually was.

“Are you coming too, Paprika?”  James asked as he grabbed his broom. Lily frowned as she looked at him and then at her cat.

“Paprika will come,” she then said and James smiled an almost satisfied smile as he walked out of the door.

Lily couldn’t help but smile too. She looked down at her cat that was now looking up at her. She seemed to be somewhat confused, but she couldn’t blame her cat. She was a bit confused too.

“So, Paprika,” said Alice. “Are you coming then?”

Lily looked up at her friend who was sending her an amused look and Lily felt how her cheeks once again heated up. 

“Paprika is coming,” said Lily and she walked out of the door, followed by Alice.

“You know,” said Alice when they walked down the stairs. “James Potter has abnormally large feet.”

Lily laughed heartily, but not only because her friend had just commented on something she had noticed whenever she had been trying to study but found James’ feet more intriguing. She also laughed, because maybe she and James Potter might have just called a truce because of Paprika.

Paprika stirred in her arms and Lily looked down at her cat that seemed very contented and she chuckled. Funny creatures cats are. Very funny creatures.

Author's Note: This is my favourite chapter so far. Hope you liked it. Please, leave a review.

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