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          Tempest lay on her bed stroking Zoltron, it was just something about stroking a cat that both calmed and soothed her.  She listened to his soft purring as well as the little trickle of rain that hit her window at a steady beat.

Three mystics had died, and now only one remained.  Then one who needed her sister in order to stay safe and alive.  Nothing was going as Tempest had planned, but then again nothing went as planned.  She reached under her bed and summoned three vials of substitute blood.  She was hungry, and more than ususal.  She needed to hunt, she needed blood.

Tempest jumped off her bed and crawled to her windows and took a breath of air.  A hand grabbed her arm.

“What Zoltron,” she hissed.

“Where are you going?”

“I don’t know.  Anywhere but here.”

“Zephyr . . .”

“I’ll see you later.”  She jerked her arm away and leaped off the tower.  She smiled as the wind swept around her.  Tempest landed dexterously on the balls of her feet.  She took in a breath of air and smiled as she licked her fangs.  She smelled food.

Tempest ran faster than she thought was possible, the blood she smelled she had to find.  It tainted everywhere she went, every breath she took.  Soon enough she found herself at the tavern in Dogscream.  She scrunched up her eyes in confusion but walked in anyway.

It was empty.  The bar stools were organized and the tables and chairs were neatly fixed.  It was eerie, thought Tempest, she did not like how clean it was.

“Hello,” she said in a normal voice.

“Zephyr?”  Tempest turned around and behind her stood Stella.

“Stella?  What are you doing here?”

“My mother owns the place.  What are you doing here?”

“I’m hungry.”

“Oh, well have a seat.  Now let me guess you want a pint of blood?”


Stella nodded and walked to the bar.  “She is sorry,” she said as she filled a pint.

“I don’t care.”

“Zephyr, you can’t be mad at her forever.”

“Watch me.”

“You can’t blame her Zephyr.”

“She was there, so I can blame her.”

“Gorx was there too.”

“Yes, but he’s dead.”

“So is Stella, figuratively speaking.”

“She’s still walking around, Gorx isn’t.”

“Whatever.”  She handed Tempest her pint and she drank it down within seconds.  Stella gave her another and again she drank it down in seconds.  She hared herself.  She hated how much she loved blood, but beyond that, she was angry at herself.  She had been kissing Draco the moment Gorx was kidnapped.  If she couldn’t forgive herself how could she forgive Serena.

“Why are you truly angry at her.”

Tempest swore.  She hated that Stella was extremely perceptive.

“It’s really none of your business.  Thank you for the blood, it helped calm my hunger.’

“You cheated on him didn’t you?”

“I’m leaving.”  But before she reached the door, Stella was there.

“Answer the question.”

“Get away from the door.”

“Not until you answer the question.”

“The night he was kidnapped . . . I kissed Draco.  That was all I did, we did, clothes weren’t stripped, taken off, nothing like that!”

“You can’t take out your anger on her!”

“Watch me,” she hissed.  Tempest disapparation and was someplace she needed to be.  Stella was right, she couldn’t tale out all her anger in Serena.

It was pouring where she stood.  She opened the creaky black gate and walked in.  The cold wet ground turned to mush under her feet ass she walked.  She passed her parents graves but didn’t stop to look at them.  Tempest stopped at Gorx’s grave.  She stood a moment her anger fuming, then she finally collapsed.  Tempest pounded on the earth and tore at it as she cried.  Before she knew it she was lying there crying.

“You should have let me save you.”  But then, she didn’t know if it was her mind playing tricks on her or if magic was playing.  I couldn’t, I needed to let you go, I couldn’t hold onto you.  I loved you to much to keep you like that.

“Gorx . . .”

Remember Tempest, I’ll always love you . . .

She looked around to see if she saw his ghost, of course, maybe it was a mind trick or possibly it was magic but she forced herself to get up and wiped away her tears.  She would forgive Serena eventually, after she forgave herself.


Tempest walked around looking for Draco as Justine.  She saw Ron and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.  He turned around and gave her a hug.

“Hey, how are you?”

“All right, and yourself?”

“Lets see, my entire family are a bunch of Death Eaters, I’m forced to be one, but I sneak secrets to Dumbledore.  Merwick is gaining power and I’m at the edge of the pit of despair.  So . . . everything is normal.”

“Oh, well . . .”

“Look Ronald, don’t worry I hate Voldemort as much as Merwick, if not more.  Do you trust me?”  She looked at him pleadingly and he smiled.

“Of course I do Zephyr, don’t worry.”

“Good.  Now have you seen . . .”  Suddenly his face grew grave and she knew.  “He’s with Pansy isn’t he.”

He nodded.  “Maddox and I have tried to talk to him but . . .”

“But he’s Draco.”  She sighed.  “Do you know where my cousin is?”

“Astronomy tower I think.”

“Of course.  Sometimes he and I are to alike.”  She laughed and gave Ron a kiss on the cheek before leaving.

Tempest removed her illusion and walked to her cousin who stared blankly out side the castle.

“What are you looking at?” she asked.

“Nothing in particular, just staring.”

“Hmm, well the scenery is nice.’

“Yeah . . . you shouldn’t bother with Draco, Tempete, he’s not worth your time.”

“I know, trust me, I know I talked to Ron.”

“So why do you still love him?”

“Now who said I love him?”

“Oh come on Temp, it’s completely obvious.”

“Then why hasn’t Draco said anything?”

“Because he’s an oblivious idiot who doesn’t deserve you.”

“I know, but then again does any guy?”

He looked at her.  “Good point, you’re too good for this world.”

“Tell me about it.”  She wrapped her arm around his waist and he put his arm over her shoulders.

“So how are you?”

“Fine, three people have died in my care, but that’s to be expected with my luck.”

He laughed.  “You are too much cuz, really.  Now come on lets go see if we can find Draco.  Time to put in that illusion Justine.”

“Of course.”  She waved a finger over her face and suddenly her face changed slightly when her eyes turned purple and her hair red.  She smiled at herself as her fangs disappeared.  Now if only they would stay that way, she wished.

They found Draco in a lonely corner with Pansy.

“Malfoy,” said Maddox, forcing them out of their kiss.

“What do you . . . Justine?”

“You’re quick,” she said and she meant it.  He hadn’t stuttered or made the mistake of calling her Tempest.

“Oh Justine . . . Maddox, I want you to give your pathetic cousin something for me,” snarled Pansy.  “Tell her that she better keep away from my Draco.”

He smiled and so did Tempest.  “Don’t worry message delivered.”

“Good, I’ll leave you three alone.”  She looked Tempest up and down and Tempest just stared at her as she walked on by.

When Tempest was sure she was gone she stared at Draco who still had not moved.

“You know one of these days I am going to seriously punch her.”

“Temp . . .”

“Hush Draco, Maddox if you please wouldn’t mind.”

“Of course cousin.”  He walked away and Tempest sat on the windowsill as she removed her illusion.

“Tempest . . .”

“Draco, just shut up already.  Look, I don’t mind if you date her, I actually enjoy being the other woman, very much so.”  She smiled.  “But that’s not what I came to talk to you about.”

“Then what about?”

“The night of the Yule Ball.”

“What about it?”

“You kissed me . . . we kissed each other and then, all the while, Gorx was kidnapped.”

“So what, you wish it hadn’t happened?”

“Yes . . . and no.  Look Draco it still haunts me.  All of it, I feel guilty and I hate it.”

“Tempete, look, you didn’t know, so it’s not really your fault.”  He sat down next to her and rubbed her back.

“So why do I feel like it’s all my fault?”

“Because you always feel like that.  Look, Temp, just take a couple breaths.  Man, you really just need to kick back and relax.”  She laughed and laid her head on his shoulder.  Suddenly a whiff of blood hit her nose.  She jerked up and shook her head.


“What’s wrong?”

“I smell blood.  Uh, I keep . . .”  Whenever she was calm, a blow of blood flew to her nose.  She finally realized that she had to follow it.  “I have to go,” she said full of enthusiasm.


“Laila, the air mystic.  She wants me to find her.”  She kissed Draco then ran off.


Her Slytherin clothes were dirty but she didn’t care.  There was mud and other stuff in her shoes, but she didn’t care.  Tempest followed the smell of blood joyfully.

As it got stronger, so did the breeze in the air.  She stopped for a moment and sniffed the air.  She didn’t know how long she had been running, but she had been running for a while.  She closed her eyes and stopped at a familiar scent.

“Demenshia?” she called.

“Yay, Tempest is here.”  Tempest didn’t mind that Demenshia called her by her name, she had lived in the swamp her whole life, she knew no better.

“I knew I recognized your scent.  You’re mother?”

“She’ll be here soon.”  Tempest stared at Demenshia.  Something was different about her.  Then she saw it.

“Where did you get that necklace?”

“My mother, ages ago.  She gave it to my father who gave it to me on his death bed.”

“It’s beautiful, does it . . .”

“What?  Posses the same power as my mother?  Yup, see watch.”  Demenshia took two fingers and swiped them over the crystal choker and then twirled her fingers.  A sudden breeze blew around her and she smiled.

“You were the one sending the scent of blood to me.”

“I knew you would catch on sooner or later.”  She smiled and sat down on a decent sized boulder.  Tempest leaned against a tree and closed her eyes.  A gust of wind arrived, along with a new smell.


Tempest jerked her eyes open and stared at the woman who was hugging Demenshia.  She looked like her sister and smiled warmly towards Tempest.

“Hello Young Tempest, I believe you already know me.  I am Laila, the Air Mystic.”

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