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A/N: This chapter is out a lot faster than the last one, I really liked writting this one, I'm still not sure I like the last one. But anyway, here is chapter 3 for your enjoyment. I hope you like it.  A big thank you to Mistress for the most beautiful chapter image- I don't know about you but I can't stop looking at it!

Losing Beth is a regular occurrence; it’s an occupational hazard of being her best friend. Beth couldn’t find her way out of a paper bag, so you always have to keep an eye on her to make sure she didn’t end up in some 7th floor tower that no one has been near in half a century. And yes that has happened; it took us 3 hours before we found Beth wandering aimlessly, convinced she was actually in the Gryffindor tower.

I think it might be a good idea if I go to see where she’s gotten too.


Ah, that’ll be Beth.

In case you haven’t worked it out, Beth’s incapable of entering a room without nearly blasting a door of its hinges.

I pull out my Potions essay and straighten it nicely out onto the table. Beth appears as I take the Prophet out of my bag.

“Where did you disappear too?” I look up and ask her.

“Oh… erm,” Beth nervously replies, “I was just…erm…following you and….Yeah.”

“And that makes perfect sense.” I reply amused.

Beth shifts nervously, opening and closing her mouth several times, searching for an answer. The sight just makes me chuckle even more, the annoyance caused by Wood disappearing. Before Beth can say anything, Madam Pince appears from behind a bookcase.

“Do you mind! This is a library, not a social gathering!” she hisses at us. She glares at me and then spots Beth standing aimlessly beside the table. “And what are you doing? If you haven’t got anything useful to be doing then leave! You’re just proving a nuisance to those who are here to seriously work. I will not have you cluttering up my library!”

Beth blushes bright red; she hates getting into trouble with teachers. She also hates arguing with teachers and this normally means Madam Pince easily intimidates her.

“Well, I’m just…erm…you know…” Beth replies quickly, getting flustered under Pince’s Death Stare.

“That would be the problem Miss Williams, I do not know!” Pince hisses back.

Oh she is nasty. I sometimes think someone should go check and make sure Satan hasn’t escaped, because Madam Pince sort of throws off the vibes that if you shave off all of her hair there would be 666 tattooed onto her head. And for once that theory is not just me, there is actually a bet going between the sixth years about how long it will be before she sprouts a tail and horns and starts to walk round with a giant pitch fork. As you can tell, we sixth years are a hardworking bunch.

“Madam Pince, are those new robes? That colour suits you perfectly!” A voice comments from behind Beth and Pince.

I open the Prophet to use as a shield to hide my laughing face. I manage to restrain myself enough that I only let out a few squeaks.

The voice, complimenting Madam Pince on her fetching new robes, belonged to Jonathon Harville, a sixth year Ravenclaw. Jon is one of the few people Madam Pince can tolerate. Partly because as a Ravenclaw, he understands the true importance of a library and partly due to the fact he’s alarmingly good at kissing Pince’s ass.

The really strange thing is that Jon is the complete opposite of your typical Ravenclaw-study-mad-kiss-arse. He has the brains of course, but you won’t see him slaving over his books and he only ever sucked up to Pince.

“Why, Mr Harville! You’re making me blush!” Pince replies in a high-pitched girly voice that has me hiding further behind the paper, letting out a few more squeaks of laughter. “You are such a charmer!” Cue more squeaks from me. “Well, I don’t want to keep you back; I know you are such a hard little worker Mr Harville.”

My squeaks get worse and I hear Beth let out a snort.

“A problem, Miss Williams?” Pince snaps. “I believe I have already informed you that if you have nothing to be getting on with you will have to leave!”

“Oh, I am so sorry Madam Pince. It is entirely my fault Beth hasn’t been doing anything. She was waiting on me; I’m giving her some tutoring lessons.” Jon responds quickly.

I can just feel Beth bristle at the thought of needing tutoring lessons. Though Beth is a walking disaster and her magic may be slightly erratic, she has plenty of brains. She takes some of the hardest NEWTS, though she didn’t do Potions; Snape thanked Merlin the day he managed to get rid of her. Beth is bad enough with everyday objects, give her ingredients that are famed for their unstableness and you’re lucky if the classroom survives. Of course this meant I’m left to fend off Snape in Potions by myself, as Jon doesn’t take it either.

I think Jon must have caught on to the fact that Beth’s about to say something back to Pince, as I hear a squeak of pain that means he must of given her a dig.

“Well,” Pince replies with a sniff. “I always knew you were too good Mr Harville.”

Retreating footsteps tells me Pince has left, so I put the paper down and unable to stop myself, burst out laughing.

“Tutoring lessons!?” Beth angrily turns to Jon, rubbing her arm where he must of elbowed her.
“Hey, I didn’t have long to think and it was the first thing that came to mind!” Jon responds, hands up defensively.

“And what exactly are you finding so funny?” Beth quickly turns to a still laughing me.

“Sorry,” I attempt to talk through the laughter. “It’s just…the voice she uses…it cracks me up!”

Jon is trying to hide his chuckles and Beth tries to remain serious, only to burst into giggles.

“It was like a helium filled gerbil wasn’t it?” She giggles.

“I can’t help the effect I have on women, can I?”

Jon’s words just make us all fall into floods of laughter and the other two pull out chairs opposite me and sit down. It doesn’t matter how much noise we make now, as Pince never bothered her golden boy. But you had to be careful if Jon went off in search of a book because Pince always used the opportunity to swoop down on you to see if she could find some way to throw you out.

“Actually, talking about tutoring,” Beth starts as the laughter dies down, “I could use your help with the Ancient Runes homework. I think I may have a stray number.”

I drone out the rest of the conversation and settle into the paper. I don’t take Ancient Runes, so most of this stuff went over my head. Glancing up at Jon and Beth sitting beside each other, heads bent over the textbook, I can’t help but smile. They are both so unaware to the fact they’re perfect for each other. It ‘s funny to see the two of them together either working or arguing, they’re oblivious to the fact everyone’s placing bets on how long it will be before they ended up together.

Both of them have been my best friends since 1st year. How the Beth and me story started you already know, but how Jon entered the equation was a bit different. Since Jon is in Ravenclaw, we only really saw each other in the few classes Gryffindor shared with Ravenclaw in first year. It was due to flying that we all became friends.

Gryffindor and Ravenclaw had flying lessons together. Jon, like Beth, was a muggleborn; so, for them the concept of flying seemed unfathomable. Like most muggleborns who have entered Hogwarts, their first flying lesson was a disaster. Beth even more so due to the fact she managed to end up hanging of her broom upside down.

Because of my background I knew how to fly and decided that I’d help Beth out by giving her extra lessons. So on the Sunday morning, after the first flying lesson, we went down to the Quidditch pitch. When we got there we came across a Ravenclaw boy, who was in our year, in the exact same position Beth had been, hanging upside down off his broom.

He got startled at the sight of us and had proceeded to fall of his broom, well considering his position it would be more accurate to say he let go and dropped off his broom. Luckily, he had only been a few feet off the ground and was only winded by his fall. We had rushed over to see if he was okay and an embarrassed silence had ensured until Beth told him not to worry about it as it happened to her all the time.

Names were exchanged and feeling sorry for him, I offered for him to join us, as I taught Beth some pointers. He readily accepted and the friendship took off from there. Jon has never really gotten on with his fellow Ravenclaws. Jon is a brain box, a complete genius but he doesn’t have the arrogance of the other Ravenclaws and this meant the others didn’t think much of him. They thought he was stupid, as he never entered into their bragging contests. Things have improved in recent times, due to the fact he managed to get Outstanding in all 12 of his OWLS and also due to the fact he made Keeper for the Ravenclaw team in his 4th year.

Oh yes, dear little Jonnie advanced from being incapable of keeping his broom the right way up to actually being good enough to make Keeper. And a very good Keeper at that, in fact due to his great talents (and well maybe the rest of the team as well), Ravenclaw won the Quidditch cup last year, thus breaking Gryffindor’s however many years hold of the cup.

Jon has also ‘blossomed’, if that is an appropriate expression to use on a male, and has become quite the Quidditch heartthrob himself (it must be something to do with being a Keeper). He’s well over 6 foot, with thick black hair and vivid blue eyes. His eyes have always fascinated me; I mean how on earth can anyone have such vibrant eyes? Now before you think I fancy him or anything, I really don’t. Jon is like a brother to me and even though I can admit he’s alright to look at, if I take that thought any further my brain just wants to stab itself.

Not a very nice thing.

“And you’re creepy staring at us because…?”

Beth’s voice snaps me out of my daydream.

“Sorry, I was just staring into the distance and you got in my way.” I respond cheekily.

She just sticks her tongue out in response and Jon raises his hand to look at his watch.

“Lunch time, time for lunch!” Jon tells us, like a highly excited 5 year old. He goes on to sing a song out of the words, as he puts his stuff away.

“Ah, bless. He’s like a small child,” Beth says, as she gets her stuff together.

“A small child who can’t sing,” is my response as I put my Potions essay away.

My Potions essay that still has nothing but the title written.

Oh well, it’ll get done at some point. Hopefully.

“You know, I take offence at that. I could be harbouring dreams of being a world class singer and here you are crushing them to dust.” Jon says dramatically.

“Well, if the whole singing thing doesn’t work out, there always acting. You have that certain flare for the drama.” I reply as we leave the library.

“Why thank you. I must remember that during my interview with Flitwick and see if he agrees.”

“Flip, wouldn’t you love to see his face when his charms prodigy tells him he wants to be an actor!” Beth laughs.

Our laughter rings round the staircase, as we make our way down the stairs to the Great Hall. 

“Speaking of prodigy’s, what did you think of the match?” Jon turns to ask me.

“And what has the match got to do with prodigy’s?” I ask, giving him a look from the stair above.

“Well, now Smith’s gone, everyone and their granny will want you on the team.”

I just grumble in reply, the whole Quidditch thing not being my favourite topic of conversation. Jon just laughs at my response.

“Well, she has already been asked,” Beth tells him, as she walks by his side keeping a firm hold on the banister. Stairs are yet another thing that spelled disaster for Beth.

“Oh, really?”

“And by the captain, no less.”

“Flip, Wood’s keen,” Jon turns and addresses me.

“And why are you assuming Wood got captain? It could be anyone.” I reply annoyed.

“Who else could it really be? Wood was practically born with ‘Quidditch captain’ on his forehead.”

“Would explain his large head.” I grumble to myself.

Jon just laughs at my comment while Beth rolls her eyes at me, as we go through the doors into the Great Hall. Jon heads over with us to the Gryffindor table. Not that he always sits with us; sometimes we go annoy the Ravenclaws.

“Aw, nothing beats the smell of chicken sandwiches.” Jon comments as he sits down.

“I didn’t realise you could really smell chicken sandwiches.” Beth responds as she plonks down beside him.

“I don’t think you can, but lets not argue with someone who smells chicken sandwiches,” is my input as I throw myself onto the bench opposite them.

“Aw, piss off,” Jon attempts to reply, though the effect is ruined by chicken sandwich sticking out of his mouth.

“Hungry much?” Beth says.

“Just a wee bit,” he replies with a cheeky smile as he quickly hoovers the rest of his sandwich. “I can’t help it, the chicken sandwiches you get are ten times nicer than us Claw’s get.”

Oh Merlin.

Not the chicken sandwich/tea debate.

“Yeah but the tea you lot get is 100 times better than the stuff we get.” Beth argues back.

Hand me a fork so I can pierce out my eardrums.

“But chicken sandwiches are far more important than tea!”

I wonder if you could actually pierce your eardrums out with a fork?

“Frig no! Tea is essential, chicken sandwiches can easily be replaced by something else.”

Would if make a difference if you used a dinner or dessert fork?

“Hell no! Chicken sandwiches are irreplaceable!”

I wonder which has the longest prongs?

“Nothing in the world will ever beat a cup of tea!”

Or maybe a pastry fork would work better? Not that I’ve ever seen a pastry fork on the table, there’s not really a big demand for them.

Pushing thoughts of fork stabbing out of my head, I cut into their argument in a bid to shut them up.

“Right, I think by now it has been well established that we get the better sandwiches and you get the better tea.” My tone of voice stops them in mid-sentence but then they both open their mouths to continue.

“Children!” Using my best McGonagall voice and look on them causes their mouths to close sharply.

“That’s better. How about we attempt a civilised conversation about something else?” I say as I butter a scone.

Beth snorts at my attempt at grown up behaviour and showing myself to be ever the adult, I stick my tongue out at her.

“Well, how about we talk what Wood said to you,” Jon suggests and he just gets a groan from me in response to which he just flashes a smile that says ‘you were the one that wanted to change subject, you brought it on yourself’. It’s amazing how many words a smile can convey.

“Let’s not,” is my response as I smile right back at him.

“Aw, come on. I don’t want to miss all the fun. Conversations between you and Wood always end badly.”

“He told me he got made Captain and he wanted me on the team.” There’s a pause as Jon sits and waits for me to continue.

“And…?” Jon waves his hand, as if to say keep going.

“And I told him ever so politely to shove off. Happy?” I snap back, raising one eyebrow at him.

“Actually, you’ll find she ever so politely yelled at him to shove off.” Beth innocently comments as she attempts to open a jam jar.

“Well, at least I didn’t swear at him. And it was only a slight shout, not really a yell.” I say defensively.

“You know, you were slightly mean to him.” Beth says as she hands the pot to Jon to open.

“What?!” I splutter through the water I’m attempting to swallow.

“Okay I already showered today, didn’t need that.” Beth tells me as she wipes the water from the front of her robe. “All I mean is, you could have at least listened to what he had to say.”

“Okay, who are you and what did you do to Beth?” I say looking at her strangely. Jon stops his attempts to open the jam pot, to stare at Beth too. Though Jon’s look isn’t the same sort as mine. Jon’s look is more of jealously as he tries to work out why Beth has such a sudden interest in Wood.

What did I tell you? Completely oblivious.

“Look all I’m saying is, there’s no harm in at least listening to what he has to say.” Beth words just cause me to continue to stare at her.

“No harm from listening to Wood,” I repeat. “You have heard the conversations we have? You know the ones that always end in a lot of shouting and swearing?”

“I know the two of you are incapable of talking like normal people for any length of time, but all I’m saying is why don’t you try to listen to what he’s got to say, just this once? He’s really not that bad.”


“Stop looking at me like that! I’m just saying he’s not as bad as you think he is.”

More silence.

Interrupted by a pop, as Jon gets the jam pot open.

“So, what do you think, chicken sandwiches- irreplaceable or not?” Jon turns and asks me. Though Jon is male, he does happen to have slight tact and obviously is trying to change the subject into something less awkward. Partly for my benefit and partly because he doesn’t like Beth talking about Wood. Probably more because of the second reason.

I keep my gaze on Beth, who is beginning to shift nervously in her seat. She’s looking suspicious, very suspicious. What exactly is she up too? She always tried to defend Wood in some way, but I’ve never seen her defending him as much as this.

Beth has a soft spot for Wood, not just because of the fact he is ‘Quidditch Heartthrob’ but because Wood had been her Potions partner for five years. Snape had decided to put us all in alphabetical order, so that meant I had the joy of sitting at the very front and Beth got partnered with Wood. I have to concede, anyone who can last five years beside Beth in Potions were alright, but when that person is Wood, I am rarely logical.

Hmm, I wonder what she’s up too.

“Definitely replaceable,” I turn and reply to Jon. “Ham and cheese are much nicer.”

Out of the corner of my eye I can see Beth breathe a sigh of relief. So she is up to something. The question is, what?

Jon immediately goes into a rant about the superiority of The Chicken Sandwich, which lasts till we finish up.

We head back up to the library, where I read the Prophet and Beth and Jon get on with their Runes homework.

It all passes peacefully.

Too peacefully.

I had been expecting to get attack again by Wood. But there is no sign of him through the afternoon.

As we go down to dinner and sit at the Gryffindor table, Wood sits just a few seats up from us and just nods a hello at me. Warily I nod back, just waiting for him to launch into another appeal for me to join the team.

But nothing happens.

Strangely he just turns round and starts talking to the person beside him.

I’m slightly unnerved by this odd behaviour, but I shrug it off, thinking that as a typical man, dinner comes first for him.

Yet nothing comes from him when we finish up and leave the table. We go back to the library and spent the rest of the night there. The Potions’ essay gets one sentence of an introduction added to it. Granted it’s a sentence that makes no sense.

And throughout all this, there is no sign of Wood.

And it is severely unnerving.

Peace from Wood is something I have wanted since first year but this didn’t feel right, he had given in too easily.

He’s planning something.

What he’s planning I don’t know.

And that’s what worried me.

A/N: Thank you everyone for you fantastic reviews, they really spur me on to write faster, it's always nice when someone likes some random idea from your imagination. 

I hope you liked this chapter, and don't hate the fact I've brought in yet another OC. The next chapter is going to see the return of Mr Wood and you may just find out what Beth's up to, that is if you haven't worked that out already. 

Thanks again for reading and even more thanks for reviewing.

A big thank you goes out to the brilliant and fantastic Shauna Zombie for being the beta for this, thank you dearie

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