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A/N: I KNOW!! I’M SORRY!! I know that it has been forever since I’ve updated this story and I’m SORRY!!!!! When I first opened an account on here, I promised myself I wouldn’t do this, but……well, you get it. Anyway ENJOY!!


Disclaimer: The song Twyla sings to herself in the shower is ‘Pocketful of Sunshine’ by Natasha Bedingfield.




“Okay,” Ali said, sweeping Madeline’s hair off her shoulders, “What I’m going to do is grow out your hair so it’s all one length, getting rid of those horrible bangs.” She wrinkled her perfect nose in disgust as Madeline looked up at her confused.


“Bangs?” she asked.


“I believe she mean your fringe, Maddie,” Twyla piped up from Ali’s bed, scissors poised and ready in her hand and Madeline’s clothed strewn out in front of her. It was Saturday morning and Ali and the girls were finally making good on the promise they had made to Madeline three weeks before. Each girl had a specific job pertaining to each of her area of expertise. Shauna is in charge of make-up and accessories; Twyla’s job is to fix Madeline’s wardrobe with spending as little as money as possible and to teach her to make serums and lotions out of natural herbs and such to keep her hair and skin healthy; and Ali’s doing her hair and teaching her how to conduct herself in public. Even Tyler was helping out. He was gonna help the timid third year out in the boy area.


“Whatever,” Ali said dismissively, “I am American born and bred. I can’t be expected to remember the British names for crap.”


“You’d think after 7 years in London you would know,” Shauna quipped from Ali’s bedside table. Ali scowled at her younger half and in a matter of seconds the mascara tube the petite red head was holding shot out of her grip and started to whack her on the head repeatedly. She shrieked and dropped the make-up bag and jewelry she was hold and threw up her hands in an attempt to protect herself.


“Ow! Ow! OW! Ali that hurts!” she cried. Ali smirked but, nevertheless, the mascara tube dropped the floor, harmless once again. She picked up her wand and tapped Madeline quite vigorously on the head, ignoring Shauna’s scowl and she bent over to pick up her spilt supplies. Ali watched Madeline’s hair grow down to her mid-back, her main parts stopping quickly while her fringe and breakage took a few seconds to catch up. Then she picked up her scissors and proceeding to cut Madeline’s hair, explaining as she did so.


“Okay, so I’m going to give you the multi-layered look. It’s easier to manage and easier to style. Then I’m going to dye it. Twyla our color guru,” Ali winked at Twyla, who smiled back, “decided that we should dye it a deep mahogany with burgundy highlights. She feels that it will go best with your features and bring out the red flecks in your eyes.” Madeline looked up and Ali with a confused expression.


“It sounds like Twyla knows a lot about hair styling. Why isn’t she doing it? N-not that I don’t you to do it!” she added hastily. Ali looked at her for minute then threw her head back and burst out laughing.


“You’re right Maddie,” Ali said, wiping away a tear, “But Twy wanted to do your wardrobe, so she taught me how to do it. Don’t worry, I’m almost as good as she is.” Silenced passed after that, the only sounds were the snipping of Ali and Twyla’s scissors and Shauna rummaging through her make up bag. Finally, when Ali was almost done with Madeline’s hair, she dropped the bomb.


“I’m gonna break up with Remus.” If any one was holding something, they instantly dropped it along with their jaws. But if they were going to say anything they were interrupted by the sound of multiple books falling to the floor. Everyone looked up to see Kathy standing in the door way, a pile of fallen books laying about her feet. Ali, looking unconcerned, turned back to put the finishing touches on Madeline’s hair.


“Hello Kathy,” she said, brushing strand of hair. Kathy’s face flushed with anger and she bent down to pick up her books.


“Hello Kathy?! Hello Kathy?!” she snarled, straightening up. “Is that all you have to say to me?!”  When Ali didn’t turn around, Kathy stalked over to her bed and slammed her books down on. Then she turned and stomped over to Ali, placing her face directly by hers. Ali continued to look unfazed.


“You just announced that you’re going to break up with my best friend and all you have to say to me is ‘Hello Kathy?!’” she spat in Ali’s face. Finished cutting Maddie’s hair, Ali placed the scissors on the vanity and picked up to bottles of hair dye.


“Pretty much,” she replied calmly, squeezing the bottles in to a little near by bowl. She picked up a bottle of sensitive scalp crème developer and squeezed in to the bowl as well. Seeing that Ali had no more to say, Kathy threw up her hands with a cry of frustration and then threw herself on to her bed where her promptly screamed in to her pillow.


“Oh Ali you’re impossible!!!” she cried. Twyla looked at Kathy on the bed and back to Ali mixing the dye at the vanity and spoke to her in Latin


“Oh, Laina, iustus dico puella quare iam! (Oh, Laina, just tell the girl why already!)” Twyla scolded, “Would is vere exsisto ut ferreus? (Would it really be that hard?)” Ali didn’t say anything, Shauna spoke up.


“Ego would amo scio myself, Laina. (I would like to know myself, Laina)” Shauna quipped. Ali looked up and sighed, dipping an oversized brush into the dye.


“Ego can non dico lemma quare vacuus vultus amo a dico jerk! (I cannot tell them why without looking like a callous jerk!)” She finally replied. Twyla and Shauna looked at each other. Kathy still had her head buried in her pillow, growing more irritated with every word spoken and Madeline just sat there nervously, not knowing what to do.


“Quis est causa? (What’s the reason?)” Shauna asked quietly. Ali sighed and started smearing the dye into Madeline’s newly cut hair.


“Quoniam ego sum defessus of him! Sit boring mihi ut lacrima per suus jugis questioning quod constans pietas! (Because I’m tired of him! He’s boring me to tears with his questioning and unwavering devotion!)” She spat suddenly, “Is planto mihi sentio horrendus! Singulariter quoniam ego can't exsisto pia per him vel reverto suus sensus! Is-(It makes me feel horrid! Especially since I can’t be honest with him or return his feelings. He-)”


“Oh enough already! Speak proper English!” Kathy snapped suddenly, sitting up. Ali, Twyla, and Shauna all looked at each other then simultaneously burst out laughing. Eventually, because they were laughing so hard, they each fell to the floor, tears streaming down their cheeks. Kathy and Madeline stared bewilderedly at the trio on floor (Twyla had fallen off the bed, she was laughing so hard) until finally Kathy couldn’t take it anymore.


“What the bloody hell is wrong with you three?!” she screeched. The trio instantly stopped laughing to look at the fuming brunette. They all desperately tried to hold in their laughter, but failed miserably. Their mistake was looking at each other, which caused all their self-control to go to shit. Soon they were sprawled once again on the floor laughing as if a tickling charm had been placed on them. Kathy sat, red in the face, gaping at the insufferable trio. Finally she threw a pillow at them and flopped back down her bed.


“Oh stuff it, the lot of you!” she puffed, crossing her arms over her chest. Ali sat up, with some difficulty, and crawled over to Kathy’s bed, wiping the tears from her eyes.


“We’re sorry, Kathy!” she said, snuffing her laughter. “Really, we apologize,” she added when Kathy looked doubtful. Kathy pinned Ali with a hard stare, clearly expecting something.


“What?” she asked, slightly taken aback. Kathy heaved herself up with an exasperated sigh and continued to glare at Ali.


“Well? Are you going to tell me why you are breaking up with Remus?” she replied. Ali sighed, all traces of humor gone, and stood up and walked back to the vanity then finished smearing the dye onto Madeline’s hair, who had sat through the entire ordeal quietly and very confused.


“Oh that,” Ali said, “Well I guess it’s because I no longer feel anything for him.” That’s putting it a tad mildly, but what can I do? No need to make her even angrier, she thought to herself. Kathy looked at her for minute then shrugged and settled herself down among the pillows.


“Oh is that all?” she said dismissively, “I had thought it was something much worse. Like you where cheating on him with Sirius or something.” Ali looked startled at that.


“What?! First off I have way to much honor to do something as horrid as that. And secondly, Sirius does not have those kinds of feelings for me. Even if he did he’d never betray his friend,” she said firmly. Now it was Kathy’s turn to laugh along with Twyla and Shauna. Ali glanced at them, but said nothing, just smeared the last of the dye into Maddie’s hair.


“What?” she said. This time it was Shauna who spoke up.


“Ali, as your sister, I feel I need to say this to you. For someone as smart as you in most things, this is one area you are really stupid about,” she said giggling. Ali looked at her sharply.


“What?” she said again, twisting Madeline’s hair into a slippery, wet bun. Shauna giggled again, this time joined by Twyla and Kathy.


“Ali, everyone knows that Sirius is head over heels for you. Well, everyone but you it seems,” Twyla said, attempting to hide her giggles with her hand, but failing. Ali looked thoughtful and leaned back against the back of Madeline’s chair.


“Really?” she said, “Well that’s definitely food for thought.” Kathy looked horrified.


“Ali your not really thinking of going for him are you? Not right after you break up with Remus?!” she gasped. Ali laughed and shook her head. She turned to Madeline and checked her watch.


“Ok Maddie, go take a shower and rinse that dye out,” she said cheerily. Madeline stood up and took the towel off from around her shoulders and walked to the bathroom.


“Nice girl,” Twyla said looking after her. Ali sighed, walked over to her bed, grabbed a dog-eared book, and flopped herself down on her bed.


“Yup,” she replied, “Doesn’t talk much though.”





Madeline opened the door to the bathroom and startled the four teenagers, who had been sitting quietly each doing their own thing. Ali sat up to go inspect the third year’s sopping wet hair.


“How’s it look, Ali?” Madeline asked as Ali ran her fingers through her hair.


“Looks fantastic! I’ll just style it and we can do the highlights tomorrow!” she replied happily, “Come on,” she led Madeline back to the vanity and sat her down. Ali then picked up a blow dryer and a roller brush and proceeded to blow dry her hair. When she was done she picked her straightener and added the finishing touches to Madeline’s hair. When she was done, she took a step back and smiled.


“Well, I think it’s the best job I’ve ever done!” she chirped, “What do you think guys?” she directed to the group. After she got their approvals she turned back to Madeline, who was gaping at her reflection in the mirror.


“What do you think, Maddie? Did I do good?” Ali asked, hopefully. Madeline nodded numbly, no recognizing her self.


“All right!” Ali squealed, “Now I relinquish you to my darling little sister Shauna!” She pirouetted out of the way as Shauna walked up to the vanity her arms full of cosmetics. As Ali lay back on her bed and popped back open her book, Shauna set to work giving instructions and tips as she did so. After about 10 minutes of constant cosmetic talk Shauna was done and sent the overwhelmed 13 year old to Twyla. And so the cosmetic talk was soon replaced by talk of clothes and herbs. Few minutes later Madeline was sent to the bathroom once again, but this time to change clothes.


After a couple of minutes Madeline emerged a completely different girl. Gone was the long, ratty mouse brown hair and in its place was a shoulder-length, silky smooth burgundy mane. Her normal attire of a tired old green cardigan, ancient jeans and sneakers were replaced by one of her old plum sweaters turned into a fitted halter top, with those same old jeans altered so that they clung to her slim legs and were accented by rhinestones all set off with a pair of Shauna’s black suede boots which no longer fit her.  Ali sat straight up when she saw her.


“Ohmygod Maddie!! You’re adorable!!” she exclaimed. Shauna hopped off Ali’s bed and looked with a satisfied smile as she inspected the ‘natural look’ that she had painted on Madeline’s face. She was happy to note that Madeline now had that healthy, smooth look instead of her blotchy red bumpiness. Madeline blushed and looked at her ‘new’ boots.


“R-really? You think so?” she asked quietly. Every one else gave their immediate approval, but Ali, on the other hand,  frowned and walked over to Madeline and lifted up her chin to look her in the eye.


“No, no, no! That was the wrong response!” she scolded the startled Maddie, “The proper response to my comment was either a pose or  ‘damn straight I do!’ You’ve got to have more confidence in yourself!” Madeline stared at Ali for a fraction of a second then quickly nodded.


Ali grinned. “Awesome! Now come on! Tyler’s waiting down stairs!” She beckoned to others and headed for the door with the others. All except Twyla, who declined with the excuse that she wanted to take a shower and she would see them at dinner. Saying their good-byes, the  quartet took their leave and Twyla headed into the bathroom to take a shower.


James POV:


I was sitting in the common room when I heard the familiar giggling of our little clique’s women. One comment in particular, said by the cute little Kathy that caught my attention:


“Oh hey, guys. I forgot to tell you, I found a friendship diary on Lily’s bed. It has everyone in it! And I mean everyone!” She threw a pointed look in my direction. There was more giggling, especially from some little titch that I didn’t recognize, and then they met with Twyla’s annoyingly good looking twin and left the common room.


Hmmm….their room should be empty right about now….I wonder…. Grinning wickedly, I shot up from my chair and sprinted to my dorm room. There I grabbed my trusty broomstick, hopped on, and sped off to the 6th year girl’s dorm, idly wondering where Twyla was. I didn’t remember seeing her with the rest. But, being me, I didn’t give it much thought.


I landed quietly in their dorm because I heard the run of a shower and someone singing sweetly from the hall.


Take me awaaaaaaay: A secret plaaahaaace.
A sweet escaaaaape: Take me away!


Smiling to myself, I tip toed over to my Lilikins’s bed and instantly spotted the diary peeking out from under her pillow. Chucking a Lily’s lack of imagination, I slipped it out from under the pillow and settled myself down on her bed, humming along with the sweet voice, and flipped through the pages to find my name. wasn’t exactly accurate….


Name: James Prickface Potter

Place of Birth: Pricktown, England

Date of birth: The Prick day, of the Prat month, of the tosser year

Blood type: Evil

Address: 101 Pricklane

Favorite Class: Lunch, Dinner, and Breakfast

Physical Description: Overly big head, rivaled only by Black

Short Bio: Prick, pompous, tosser, dumbass


Doesn’t think too highly of me does she, that Miss Evans? Oh well. That’s never stopped me before! Chuckling again to myself, I flipped the pages, listening as if in a trance to the sweet vocals coming from the bathroom.


I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine.
I got a love, and I know that it's all mine.


Almost like a trance, but not quite. I was aware of everything, unlike that episode in the Astronomy tower with Ali. That was frikkin’ weird. Speaking of Ali… I thought as I came across her name, Hmmm, I could write this stuff down for my good buddies. It might help them out a bit. Humming along with the music I grabbed Lily’s light green notepad and quill from her nightstand and copied as I wrote:


Name: Ali Rachel DaCosta

Place of Birth: San Francisco, California, USA

Date of Birth: January 8th, 1961

Blood Type: Well, I don’t really know. Am I supposed to?

Address: 265 Emerald Lane

Favorite Class: Well, I don’t think she has one. I’ve gotten the impression that she hates this school…

Physical Description: Beautiful, Sexy. I don’t care how lesbian I sound, it’s true. She’s tall, toned, and tanned with shoulder length, layered dark brown hair and sparkling chocolate eyes.

Short Bio: Loyal to anyone she considers a friend, a total devil to anyone she considers an enemy. A terrifying temper, very skilled in the martial arts, linguist, a tad bit sadistic. Wheres all black all the time, with the occasional purple or other dark color added into the mix. Never where’s skirts, ever. With the uniform she wears the bloke’s pants. I’ve just recently discovered that she’s a Telekin.


Smiling to myself, I finished copying the bio. It wasn’t until I was flipping through the pages again that I realized that it had gotten eerily quiet as I was reading. Where had the voice gone? Panicking slightly, I twisted around to look at the bathroom door and Twyla standing there, dripping wet and in nothing but a towel, smiling to herself as she looked at me while re-braiding her trademark single braid by her ear. Hastily I shoved the book back under the pillow and shot off the bed, causing Twyla to chuckle as she clasped her two beads back on her braid. Letting her arms fall, she remained in that spot, still smiling at me sweetly while I stood there like a deer in headlights.


“Really, James,” she said, her beautiful teeth sparkling as she spoke, “There’s no use covering your tracks now that I’ve caught you red handed, now is there?” Her grin got wider at my sudden discomfort. All I could do was stammer out a reply…


“W-well, I was just….you know…I was j-just….”


“Wanted to see what Lily thought of you? I see.” Even as stunned as I was, I couldn’t help noticing how beautiful her creamy skin looked sparkling with water. She glided over to her bed and started rummaging through her trunk.


“It wasn’t that good, I take it?” she asked, taking a long off white peasant skirt out and setting it on the bed. Furious to discover a blush creeping on my cheeks, I nodded mutely. Her sapphire gaze flickered over my guilty face and she smiled.


“Well I wouldn’t worry about it too much, James,” she said mysteriously. That broke my stunned silence.


“What? What do you mean?” She smiled again as she plucked a sweater of the palest blue and set it on the bed with the skirt.


“I mean, James that Lily will come around.”


“How do you know?” She gave me a pointed look.


“Is it not obvious that I posses the Sight? Divination is my best subject.”


I gaped at her. “So you mean, you see Lily and me getting together in the future?” But instead of answering the question directly, she said something even more mysterious.


“I see your future going both ways, James.”


“You’ve lost me.” Sighing, she grabbed a brush then sat on her bed and started to brush the wonderful golden waterfall that was her hair.


“I mean, that you could end up with either one of two girls.”


“Who’s the second one?”




“What?!” I stared at her dumbfounded while she gave me a quizzical look.


“Is it really that surprising, James? Its relatively obvious that you harbor some feelings for me. It just all depends on you and whether you decide to act on those feelings or not,” I watched as her eyes glazed over then quickly return to normal. I realized that she had just looked into the future. “Although, I do hope you put forth your efforts on Lily,” she said after a pause.


“Why?” I asked, uneasy. She smiled to herself again.


“Because they would be entirely wasted on me,” she said happily, somehow being even more mysterious than she was being earlier.  She set her brush down on the comforter and stood up to look at me.


“Now, if you don’t mind, I ask you to take your leave.” I was slightly taken aback.


“W-what?” She smiled kindly at me.


“I need to change,” she said slowly, as if talking to a child. Which in a way she was. Blushing furiously, I stumbled of my goodbye, grabbed by broom and shot out the room, Twyla’s sweet, musical chuckle following me as I did.


Later I marveled at how I managed not to trip.






A/N: Well there it is!! I hoped you liked it! Its definitely the longest of the chapters! A long chapter for the long wait!! Please Review!!!! J

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