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Vita went to dinner in the Great Hall. She sat at the Ravenclaw table next to Will. He might have only been a first year, but he had already been nicer to her than most of her other fellow Ravenclaws. Then again, Will hadn’t been exposed to the popular side yet. One day he could fall into their crowd and decide that Vita was no good for him, just because of the way she looked and acted. On the other hand, Will could turn out to be just like Vita, the unpopular girl who tends to keep to herself and has people picking on her.

Vita began to eat the delicious food Hogwarts always had to offer. She took a bite of some chicken before turning to Will. “So how was your day?” She asked curiously.

Will still had a hard time reaching some of the food since he was a bit shorter than some of the other students. He managed to grab a piece of chicken without leaning over anyone else’s plate and appearing rude. “Better than the day before.” He replied.

“That’s good,” stated Vita. “It takes time to get used to everything. I actually think my father was more scared of me being away from home than he was. I guess I don’t really blame him. He’s all alone because my mother died when I was pretty young.”

“My mother practically had a fit,” replied Will as he ate a bit of food. “She was crying the entire way to the train station. She even cried after I got on the train. My father seemed okay with it though.”

“I think dad’s are always less upset about their children going away. If they’re not, they just know how to hide it well,” she explained. “My mother stayed home to take care of me so I’m sure she would have acted in a similar fashion.”

Will nodded. “My mother stays at home and takes care of my sister and I as well.” He mentioned.

“That explains it then. She has had more time to get attached to you.” Vita explained. She looked up at the Professors table and saw that Snape was no longer present. She figured she might as well go to his office and see if it was time for the lesson. “Well, I have to go. I’ll see you later, Will.” She said before taking off.

Vita left the Great Hall and headed towards the Dungeons. The hallways always seemed to get darker the farther someone went down to the Dungeons. They weren’t the most appealing place to be in the school, but they were the best place to be if someone wanted to get away with something or stay practically hidden. Most students didn’t bother going to the Dungeons unless it was for their Potions class. Many students were scared of the stories they had heard about students being punished in the Dungeons during the old days.

Vita finally made it to the Potions classroom. The class was lit up but the lights were dim. She could see Snape sitting at his desk, reading a bit of parchment. She stepped inside the classroom and walked over to his desk. A chair was sitting in front of his desk so she sat down in it quietly. Snape looked up from his parchment and gazed at her. “I see you have made it to your first lesson.” He stated obviously.

“Yes, professor.” She replied, not knowing what to expect from him. She knew he could be mean sometimes, half of those times actually having a lesson or purpose behind them, the other half just intended to be plain cruel.

“Very well,” he replied. “Our first series of lessons will have to do with the art of disguise. It can be a very helpful technique when caught in a battle, or trying to keep your identity hidden. There are several ways to achieve a disguise: spells, potions, and becoming an Animagus. I’m not expecting you to be able to become an Animagus, but I can teach you how to achieve a disguise through other means. The first of which you will learn through spells.”

Vita nodded silently and tried to absorb everything Snape was telling her. “I know that disguise does not seem that important to you, but it can mean life or death in certain situations,” he explained. “Aurors will use disguise to gain information, get into high risk locations, or even gain the trust of the enemy.” Snape grabbed the bit of parchment he had been reading and leaned over, handing the parchment to Vita.

Vita took the parchment and looked at it. It was a list of several spells in order to alter one’s appearance. “For your first assignment, I would like you to change your appearance using any of these spells. You can use as many as you would like, but you should change your appearance in a manner that others will not recognize you. Of course, I will recognize you since I know every student in this school. However, your main goal is to not have anyone recognize you. I want you to change your appearance tomorrow morning when you wake up and when you come to our lesson tomorrow night, tell me how many people recognized you. Understood?” He explained in great detail.

“Yes, professor,” she replied. “What about my classes though? If I go to class and professors can’t recognize me, how will they know I attended?”

“Do not worry,” he replied. “Your professors have been told that you are conducting an experiment so they will know it is you. If any students ask who you are, make something up.”

“Yes, Professor.” She answered with the usual response a student gives when given directions by a Professor.

“You may go now.” Snape said as he made himself look busy at his desk again.

“Yes, Professor. Goodnight.” Vita said before standing up and leaving his classroom. She headed towards the Head Common Room, feeling uneasy about the thought of having to hide from everyone. She knew that being an Auror would be difficult, but she never thought she would have to do things like this. Hiding her identity would be one big lie, and even more importantly, lying to herself. Sometimes she didn’t feel happy with the person she had become, but hiding her identity, was almost like lying about who she really was.

Vita stated the same password at the Head Common Room entrance and then stepped inside. Cedric was nowhere to be seen, which made Vita feel a little better. She just wanted to get a good night’s sleep before having to fool the whole school about who she was. She didn’t feel like talking to Cedric; the one guy who had wanted her to pretty much change her appearance for the better. He had been a jerk throughout the years, and if he figured out who she was tomorrow, it would give him one more reason to be a jerk.

Vita stepped inside her room, closed the door, and then proceeded to put on her pajamas. She crawled in bed and just closed her eyes, hoping to fall asleep even though her mind was filled with so many pretenses. After a while, Vita finally fell asleep and managed to get a few hours of sleep.

In the morning, Vita woke up with her heart in her throat. Her body felt so tense and scared at the thought of having to fool everyone. She knew she had to do it anyways because Snape wouldn’t give her a lesson that was completely pointless, although she started to wonder if maybe he was just doing some of this to have a good laugh.

Vita stepped over to her dresser and pulled out a clean uniform which had her Ravenclaw colors on it. She slid them on and realized she could look a bit sexier than some of the other students. She didn’t want to look like a slut, but she didn’t want to appear closed off and shy like she usually does. She left a couple of buttons undone on the white dress shirt rolled up her skirt at the waist, just once, to make it a little shorter.

After Vita had dressed and modified her clothes, she stood in front of her mirror with her wand and the list of spells. First she pointed her wand at her eyes and did an Eye Color Changing Charm. Her eyes turned from brown to green within a matter of seconds. Next she changed her hair color, changing it from dark brown to red. She didn’t like blond or black so she decided red would be best. Her hair had always been bushy so she did another spell to smooth it out and make it slightly wavy. Since Vita had always needed glasses to see, she took them off so her identity wouldn’t be obvious. She just pointed her wand at her eyes and did a spell on the list, which would grant her temporary perfect vision.

After Vita did all of these spells, she looked in the mirror and felt very shocked by her appearance. She looked beautiful, almost stunning, but she felt embarrassed by it also. She felt as if she had betrayed herself by changing who she really was. Instead of accepting the makeover from Katie and Alicia, she had done it herself and hidden the real her, even if it was for a lesson. She just took a deep breath, realizing she had to get through this one day and that was it. After today, she could go back to being the Vita that almost everyone disgusted and thought was ugly.

As she looked at herself in the mirror, Vita realized she still looked a bit noticeable. She cast a few more spells, one to make her eyebrows the same color as her hair, and another to make her lips a bit fuller. She didn’t change her nose because it wasn’t really important. After her appearance had been changed, she decided she needed a bit of makeup like the rest of the girls her age. She cast a couple of other spells to make her eyelids have a light blue glittery eye shadow with a bit of eyeliner and mascara. The other spells made her lips pink and have a shiny gloss to them. Now her new identity was complete and she would have to face the world a changed person.

She grabbed her bag full of books and walked over to her door, opening it only a crack and peaking through the crack. She didn’t want Cedric to see her, or he would know it was her. She didn’t see Cedric anywhere so she ran to the entrance of the common room, left it, and skidded out into the hallway. However, she ran so fast that she tripped and fell, causing her backpack to drop to the floor and have things spill out of it.

“That’s going to leave a mark.” Vita said to herself quietly. She picked herself up and started grabbing her possessions so she could put them back into her bag. A brown-haired boy who was a couple of years younger than her, and in Gryffindor, bent down to help pick up her things. He handed her a book and a quill before she grabbed it and placed it back into her bag. “Thanks.” She said graciously before standing up because everything had been put back into her bag.

“You’re welcome,” the younger student replied. “I haven’t seen you around here before. My name is Neville. Neville Longbottom.”

Vita knew who he was but she couldn’t exactly tell him that. “My name is V-Valerie. Valerie Kinwood.” She replied with a good cover up. She had almost given her real name, which would have been a dead giveaway.

“Are you a transfer?” Neville asked, being extremely curious.

“Yeah. I sure am,” she replied. “But listen. I have to get to class. Thanks again.” She said before running off down the hall to her Charms class.

“YOU’RE WELCOME!” Neville shouted to her down the hall.

Vita entered her Charms classroom with half of the class already full. Students turned to look at her, their eyes on her like a vulture. Some of the students started whispering, probably trying to figure out who this ‘new’ student was. Vita had this class with the Gryffindors so Fred and George were in the class. Even the two of them were whispering and trying to figure her out. Vita just sat in the back of the class, ignoring everyone’s whispering and staring eyes.

“Quiet down class!” Professor Flitwick shouted. He went on to teach the class about Cleaning Charms and how they can be affective. Vita thought the spell was a little pointless, but figured it would come in handy at some point or another. She figured it would be great for when someone has spilled food on their clothes.

After class was over, Vita headed to Herbology with Hufflepuff. She knew Cedric would be in this class so she felt very uneasy about the situation. A few guys wolf whistled at her as she walked down the hallway. She just rolled her eyes because she knew guys could be complete pigs sometimes. As she entered the classroom, only a couple of students were there. Cedric just happened to be one of them. Vita decided that a hot popular girl would go talk to the hot popular guy in school so she walked over to Cedric. “Can I sit here?” She asked, referring to the empty seat next to him.

Cedric glanced at her and didn’t really even seem to care or pay much attention. “Yeah sure.” He replied.

Vita sat down quietly and grabbed her supplies out of her bag. “Do you know what we’re learning today?” She asked.

“No.” He replied simply. He looked around the room as other students started to pile into the class.

“Are you looking for someone?” Vita asked in her disguise.

“Yeah I guess.” He replied. “So who are you?”

“My name is Valerie Kinwood. I’m a transfer.” She answered.

“Hmm.” Cedric replied. He didn’t seem very interested in this ‘new’ girl everyone else had been so interested in. He just turned to face the front of the class as Professor Sprout started to go on about some weird plant as usual.

Vita felt a little hurt by Cedric’s behavior. Was she not his type or something? Then again, why should she care? He was always a jerk who just wanted to practically treat girls like arm candy. On the other hand, he had been looking for someone. Was he looking for her? Vita figured it wasn’t her because Cedric had been mean to her for so long until yesterday. He couldn’t possibly change in a matter of a day or two.

At the end of class, Vita just grabbed her things and left the class. Later that day, she headed to the Great Hall for dinner. As she walked up to the Ravenclaw table, one of the male students grabbed her butt. Vita jumped and then turned around and glared at the boy. “The next time you try to touch me, you won’t have a hand to grab anything.” She threatened.

“Oooo. Feisty.” He replied before some of his friends and himself started laughing. Vita just ignored him, but she started to become sick of this disguise. First it was the whispering and staring, then the wolf whistles, and now some guy grabbing her butt. She really hated this but just sat down next to Will at the Ravenclaw table. She didn’t really care if it seemed obvious, but it was better than sitting next to a bunch of guys who wanted to get up her skirt.

Will didn’t say anything to Vita as they ate dinner. He didn’t know who she was and Vita had been the only one who actually tried to be friends with him. She didn’t talk to him because she remained in a foul mood and also didn’t want to give anything away. She could still feel the eyes of other students on her as she sat there quietly.

Fred and George Weasley were two of these students. They had first noticed her in Charms, but now they were watching her from at the Gryffindor table. “Are we related to her?” Fred asked George since he had noticed the red hair.

“I have no idea.” George replied. He looked down at the table and saw his brother Ron. “Hey Ron!” He shouted.

“What?” Ron asked sounding very irritated.

“Do you see that girl over there?” George asked, pointing to Vita at the Ravenclaw table. “Are we related to her?”

“How the hell would I know?” Ron asked rudely. “And I hope not. She’s really fit.”

“I’m going to laugh if you just said your own cousin is fit.” Fred joked with a grin on his face.

“Her name is Valerie Kinwood. She said she’s a transfer,” Neville stated. “I helped pick up some things for her in the hallway earlier.”

“Hah! See?” Ron taunted.

Vita sat up and left the Ravenclaw table since she was done eating. She went back to the Dungeons to give Snape the news of her lesson. He was already waiting at his desk like before so she sat down in the chair again.

Snape’s eyes checked out her new appearance. He had seen it occasionally throughout the day but didn’t have a good chance to see her up close until now. “Good use of the spells,” he complimented. “The red hair was a good choice. Blond would have been too obvious and black would have looked fake because of your authenticity.”

“Thank you, Professor.” She replied.

“Now, did anyone notice who you were?” He asked.

“Not that I’m aware of.” She answered.

“Very well,” he stated. “Change your appearance back. We will have our next lesson in disguise tomorrow night.”

Vita nodded and used her wand to change back her appearance. It only took a couple of flicks of the wand since the spells just needed to be ended. Her eyes went back to their usual brown color, her hair became brown and bushy again, and everything else returned to normal. She looked like the same old Vita she always had been.

Snape just nodded once she turned back to her original self. “You are dismissed.”

Vita left the Dungeons in a hurry and ran back to the Head Common Room. She entered and just plopped down on the sofa. She had hated this day with every fiber of her being. Guys were practically drooling over her, wanting her like they had never wanted her before. It tore her up inside because now she was just an ugly duckling once more. She realized how false popularity could be in just a matter of a day.

A few tears ran down Vita’s cheeks. Nobody really knew it was her. She had just been a disposable person that no one knew. More people talked to her and noticed her as Valerie than she had ever been noticed before. As Vita sat on the couch crying about her day, Cedric entered the common room. He saw her on the sofa and stepped closer. “Hello Valerie.” He stated abruptly.

Vita looked up at him with tears in her eyes. “How did you know?” She asked curiously.

Cedric noticed she was crying so he sat down next to her. “Because you were gone all day. You were the only one missing in Charms. Also, your voice was a big give away. Now why are you crying?”

Vita couldn’t believe that Cedric had noticed it was her. Of all the people to figure it out, it had to be him. “It was just an awful day. People act so differently. I even had a guy grab my butt.”

“Then, why did you do it?”

“It was for an experiment,” she lied. “To see how people would treat me differently.”

Cedric nodded and put some of Vita’s hair behind her ear as she wiped her eyes. “You shouldn’t have done it. You’re fine the way you are.”

“You don’t have to say that just to be nice.” She replied.

“I’m not.” Cedric stated.

Vita looked up at him and saw that his eyes were on her. Cedric looked nervous about something, but then his intentions were made clear. He leaned in and kissed her on the lips. Vita’s heart leapt in her chest and she just closed her eyes, letting him kiss her. She didn’t really kiss back, not sure of what to think since he had been mean to her for so long.

After a few seconds, Cedric pulled away and then he looked down, avoiding her eyes. “Sorry.” He stated as if kissing her were the wrong thing to do. “I better go to bed.”

Cedric stood up and left Vita on the couch feeling rather shocked. Before he went to his room, he stopped and turned to face her. “You’re fine the way you are,” he stated. “There is something different about you and it just took me a long time to realize it.” Cedric then went into his room for the night.

Vita went to her own room and changed into her pajamas. Then, she crawled into bed and closed her eyes. Her mind went into overdrive as all of the events of the day came rushing back to her. She had changed her identity, been given a glimpse of false popularity, and kissed by the one guy who had practically been her enemy for years. She wondered if Cedric really liked her or if he was just playing some game with her. Could Cedric really change and like her? She would soon find out

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