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Hey, a wee one-shot that popped into my head last night hope you enjoy.

James POV.

Lily. That was the one thought that was running through my mind; I was currently searching the corridors of Hogwarts for her. We were sitting facing each other this morning having fun while we ate our breakfast, when an owl came swooping down landing in front of her, still smiling she untied the letter and read it. Slowly the smile slipped of her face and soon the tears were rolling down her beautiful face.

"Lily what's up?" I asked. She looked up at me and noticed that all of our friends are looking at her.

"Excuse me" she says, and gets off her seat, and runs out of the hall before anyone had a chance to say something.

I had gone all day, worrying about her, despite me and her just being friends I was still madly in love with her. I had seen her in some of our classes, but she sat at the back of each class, coming in last and being the first to leave.

We just had our last class before lunch and I knew she had left with that jerk Snape, so now I was searching the corridors for my red haired beauty. Suddenly I saw a flash of red hair from the corner of my eye, I turned around in time to see her turn a corner and I rushed after her.

"Lily" I shouted when I saw her. She stopped but didn't turn around, but Snape did though, he gave me the dirtiest glare that he could muster but I ignored him, my main goal was Lily. When I reached her, I put a hand on her shoulder spinning her around to face me and lifted her head gently with my other hand. "What's up babes?" I asked, she smiled weakly but didn't say anything, instead she handed me a crumpled up letter. I took it and opened it out, there were a few tears stains on it but it was still readable.

Dear Freak,
                  Mum has forced me into writing you this letter so that the only reason I am doing so. Dad died a few nights ago, he apparently he had a tumour in his stomach, the funeral is on the fifteenth, mum wants you there, but personally I think it would be a better funeral without a freak like you there.
                                               Hoping you are ill,

"Lily…" I said softly and wrapped her in a hug. I rubbed her back whilst she sobbed on my shoulder. I chanced a look at Snape, only to see him staring in utter shock. After a short while Lily pulled away.

"Thanks." She whispered.

"No problem and if you need a handsome face to brighten up your day I can come along to the funeral and I suppose I can offer some comfort it you really need it." I joked. She giggled softly.

"You’re such a git you know that." She said, smiling.

"I've been told." I replied, she laughed.

"That's much better." I smiled. She returned the smile with a bit of sadness in her eyes.

"Prongs!" My best mate Sirius shouted. I whipped my head around, and a huge grin broke onto my face.

"Padfoot!" I shouted imitating him.

"I was wondering where you'd got to.”

"I had to find Lily." I said pointing toward her.

"Lily!" He exclaimed loudly and through an arm around her shoulders.

"Get off me you idiot" She giggled. She was trying her best but you could still see the sadness in her eyes.

"And who have we got here, oh its Snivellus." He said, rounding on the grease ball that was standing next to us.

"Don't Black." Lily sighed.

"Yeah Padfoot, come on lets go and get some lunch" I said.

"So Snivellus how has life been for the grease ball of the century? Been for a shower lately?" He taunted.

"Shut up." He hissed back.

"Oh look at that, he's talking back to me." Sirius said, looking at me. I smiled slightly and rolled my eyes.

"Come on Pads." I said.

"All right." He sighed and started to walk towards me. Just then Snape whipped out his wand and then shot a spell at Sirius' back.

"Sirius, duck!" I shouted, as I brought my own wand out.

"Portego, Stupefy." I shouted once more. Snape's spell bounced off the shield and hit the wall next to me and then he was propelled backward, as my spell hit him. As soon as he landed he got back up again.

"James, what did you do that for?" Lily shrieked. But I ignored her.

"Never try and fight someone when their back is turned Snape, and you've just earned yourself a detention, and I will be telling Dumbledore about this." I growled.

"James, what the hell did you do that for?!" Lily yelled, grabbing my arm and swinging me around, with strength that I didn't know she possessed.

"He tried to hex Sirius when his back was turned, I wasn't about to stand back and let him do that." I said loudly.

"Black shouldn't have been teasing him."

"Are you seriously trying to justify his actions?"

"I knew you would see it this way, I thought you had changed…"

"Don't you dare start that!" I shouted at her. "In case you’re too blind to notice, I have changed. I've stopped pranking innocent people, I'm the freaking head boy for Merlin's sake and you can't get more mature than that" I continued.

"But you’re still a rule braking prankster." Lily shouted back.

"That's who I am and I can't change that. But I guess I'm just never going to be good enough for you?" I said softly. I saw the hurt that flashed in her eyes, but it was gone as quick as it came.

"No, you not." She said simply and then walked off.

My whole world came crashing down in those ten seconds, I would never be good enough for her, she hates me, but then why was she hurt at my words? As if to finalize my thoughts, I ran after her, with Sirius and Snape running behind me. I couldn't, wouldn't let her get away.

I rushed down flights of stairs, searching every classroom, corridor and closet for her but couldn't find her, damn her how did she get away so fast? As I rushed down another flight of stairs, I spotted her, my heartbeat quickened when I shouted out her name.

"Lily!” She froze.

Lily's POV.

I froze as James called my name, I turned slowly and stepped backwards in fright, James was storming towards me, his fist curled, his face set in anger. People were quickly moving out of his way.

But I stopped suddenly when I saw his eyes, something in them told me that James wasn't going to hurt me, he would never. So I waited for the inevitable, when he came up to me, he continued stepping forward so I stepped back to accommodate him.

We kept doing this until I hit the cold stone wall; I shivered when my skin made contact with the wall. James thumped is hands onto the wall each side of me, his breathing was hard and there was beads of sweat on his forehead, making his wild hair stick to his head, making him look very sexy. What? NO! Bad Lily, focus Lily.

I also noticed Remus and Peter ask Sirius something and Sirius shrugging. Then I noticed Severus, he looked livid. I looked back at James, he was looking at me in a way he never had before.

"What are you doing?" I whispered. He smiled at me before leaning in closer.

"This..." he whispered, and kissed me.

James POV.

O, My, Merlin, I'm kissing Lily Evans, the girl I have been in love with for two years. At first, she was frozen to the spot, but soon her arms were around my neck and her hands were running through my hair. Wolf whistles and cat calls were heard as my hands snaked their way down to her hips.

My insides were exploding and my head was fuzzy, but I forced myself to focus as I licked her lips begging for entry, she granted my wish and slowly parted her lips in a teasing way. When her lips were parted enough, I slipped my tongue in and roamed her mouth. She moaned softly which made me repeat the action over and over, listening to her moan so softly only I could hear her.

We were kissing for ages, before I felt myself getting a bit excited, so deciding not to scare Lily I slowly and regretfully pulled away. I stood back slightly to look at her, she like me was panting heavily, her lips were swollen but there was a smile on her face.

"I hate you." she said, looking up at me smiling.

"Oh yeah and why is that?" I smirked, running a hand through my hair.

"Because you made me fall in love with you." She said loudly, so that everyone could hear her. There was a collective gasp from the many people in the corridor, and I could of sworn I heard Snape whisper the word no, but I didn't care Lily said that she loves me, the Lily Evans loves me. O, my, merlin, I'm in heaven. At this point I'm sure I was grinning like an idiot, but I didn't care.

"I'm glad to hear that." I said, then I kissed her again, but this time it was slow and soft and didn't last as long, but had just the same meaning.

"May I escort you to the rest of lunch?" I said, holding my hand out to my new girlfriend.

"You may, my handsome boyfriend." She giggled. Her mood was considerably brighter, but still tinged with a lot of sadness. She took my hand and we set off down the corridor, with the marauders following behind us, ready to shock the rest of the castle.

A.N I hope you enjoyed this we one-shot, please review I answer all the review that I receive.

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