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          It had been several hours since the ominous feeling had come.  Everyone was silent.  No one moved, no one spoke.  Divina, Tempest, Nila, Hydra, Void, Zoltron and Chad stood all around, their wands ready.  Demenshia stood alongside Zoltron, her wand ready.  Although not a  very special one, it spectacular for one made by hand.  White wood with a dragon fang personally provided by Tempest, so it was very powerful.  Tempest pulled out her sword and held both er wand and her sword.  She wouldn’t stand a chance against that person she called an iniquitous bastard.

He thought she was insidious but that never stopped him from coming back to kill her again and again.  She thought about Draco for a brief moment.  Maybe if  she gave up now he would live.  She was very tempted and was about to put down her sword and wand when suddenly through the fog and mist she saw a figure approach.  All her hatred began to flow back.

He stopped and Tempest looked to see his face again.  Suddenly she lunged at him.  Luckily for her, she was to quick for him.  She landed on him and as she got a firm grip on his neck she began to choke him but he only laughed.  Vines lunged at her and she was thrown against the trees.  Rain started to pour and Tempest looked up.  Instead of walking towards Abigail, he was walking towards her.

“Like the new look?”

“Go to hell!”

“Come now, it took a lot of magic to achieve this look, don’t you like it?”

“That had better be rhetorical.”

“You know I would really like an answer.”  A vine wrapped around her neck and she looked up.  His autumn eyes pierced her and his pitch black hair carried with it eerie darkness.  It was like looking at a malevolent Gorx.

“You want an answer, fine, I hate it.  Incendio!”  The plants around her burned in the blue flames summoned from her hands.  Tempest ran to her wand and sword.  A hand wrapped around her waist and pulled her.  She spun around ready to attack but stopped short when she noticed that it was Zoltron.  He looked down at her his blue grey eyes warm but worried.  He brought her back to reality.  She turned her head and her eyes widened in shock when a wave of fire hit the tree where she once was.  She buried her head in Zoltron’s shoulder as it burst then looked back angry.

“Aguamenti!”  The flame extinguished.  Tempest smiled, she was winning.  Vines rose in a wave and her smile quickly vanished.


Everyone was running dodging vines and other Earthy things left and right.  Tempest was alongside Hydra and Zoltron.  All three of them were jumping and fighting off the vines from the rear to allow he others to get away.  Incendio was the spell of choice, and blue flames were everywhere.  Suddenly hey stopped and everyone huddled together, their back to each other, something wasn’t right.

“Crap,” said Tempest.  “Everyone se——” she was to slow, the ground beneath them caved in and they were all falling.

Tempest landed on her feet along with Hydra and Zoltron.  She helped other land slowly.  Once they were all down, she looked up, expecting to see him.  Instead she saw noone.

“He’s trapped us down here.”

“No he hasn’t,” said Nila in her purest way.  Tempest caught her smile and watched as Nila walked to the side of the whole.  She placed her hand on the wall and the Earth began to quaver and a tunnel opened leading up.

“Come on, before he comes, that stupid rebarbative pompous ass,” Tempest finished under breath as sh began to walk up the tunnel.  Tempest put her wand away as she walked up the tunnel.  It was still raining and Tempest looked behind at everyone.  Even Abigail looked scared and that in itself frightened her.  She would be strong, just like always.

“Come up slowly, understand.”

“Yes,” said Abigail.  Tempest looked down a her and smiled at her.  Abigail smiled back.  Suddenly the ground covered over them, underneath her and screams began to abound.

“Let them go!”

“How about no, unless however you let me kill you.”  Tempest looked up at him and fell to the ground.  She muttered something hopefully Nila and Void would hear.  Her plan was stupid but it was worth a try.

“Fine, just let them go.”  Void you better be ready she hoped.

“Finally, you learn that you cannot kill me.”  The rain started coming down harder.

“Actually no.”  She head Void tell her they were ready and she unleashed Excaliber stabbing Merwick, temporarily immobilizing him.  “I will do everything it takes to stop you, do whatever it takes.”  The ground exploded and a wave washed over them and Void threw a dagger into the ground.  Tempest quickly cast a protection spell over everyone as the tingle of satisfaction as she watched him squirm to the floor.

“I hope you’re suffering.”

“N-not ye-yet Y-young Tempest.”  Something shook te air knocking everyone back.  A strange sensation befell her as she needed to gasp for air.  But then a regular sensation came.  She was hungry for blood, and he smelled it.  She looked up and noticed Abigails’ wrist was bleeding out.

“Oh god.”

“You see Miss Nyx, you can’t stop me.”  It was something she had never heard before.  He had just sounded like Mistress Starlet.

“You know Merwick,” she said getting up with a grin.  “You aren’t that powerful, I’ll always be better.”  She was to quick for him as she cast Levicorpus.  “Void heal her wrist now.”

“Already ahead of you.”

“Good, now get her out of here.”  They nodded grabbed Abigail and ran and Tempest let Merwick drop to the ground.

“Well Tempest I see you have finally grown up.”

“Oh just come and get me already Merwick, I’m ready.”

“Such an insolent girl.”

“I like to think so.”  She smiled and put up her fist.  “I don’t need a wand to beat you; I don’t need a sword, all I need are my bare hands.”

“Oh you think so.”

“I know so.”  She stood for a moment and so did he.

“Avada Kedavra!”

“Orbis!”  The magic that emanated from his wand flew to her hand and glowed there like an orb and as the earth quaked beneath her feet, she kept her balance and shot pieces of his killing curse at all vines killing each plant one after another.

“You’re wasting your time Merwick.”

“I believe not.”

“You’re beliefs are in vain.  Tempvaison!”  She clapped her hands together and the spell escaped her hands in a wave.  She smiled triumphantly when the earth around him grew bare and he himself was knocked down to the ground.  She walked over to him and lifted his face to hers.

“Merwick, I must say, you disappoint me.”  She knocked him to the ground and pit her foot on his throat.  “You truly and honestly disappoint me.”  She began to choke him them stopped.  The vision of her holding a bloodied sword popped into her head.

“What’s wrong Zephyr.”

“I won’t become a killer Merwick, I won’t become you.  I’ll figure out a way to defeat you without killing you.”

“Oh I had such high hopes for you.”

“I don’t give a crap what your hopes were, all I care about is finding a way defeat you, no matter what the cost.”

“Are you so sure about that?”  An air splitting scream woke Tempest from her fury.  It was Nila.

“Tempest Artemisa Nyx!!”  It was Demenshia’s voice.

“Zephyr!”  They were all calling, her friends.

Tempest ran as fast as possible and within seconds she was at Void and Nila sides.  Creatures of Earth and Fire were around them.

“What the bloody hell . . .” said Tempest.

“We can’t kill them Zeph.  Incendio fuels them and Aguamenti does the same.  Tell me you know something, anything,” pleaded Void.

She shook her head sadly and defeated.  “No Void, I know nothing.”

“Time to admit defeat Young Tempest,” came Merwick’s voice.  Tempest slowly turned her head and faced him.  She should have killed him while she had the chance, she thought angrily.  She gripped her wand and Excaliber fiercely.  Tempest was about to lunge when suddenly Abigail spoke.

“Enough!  I am no longer immortal so you can take my life at any time.  Young . . . Zephyr,” she finished with a smiled, “I appreciate all that you have done but I am tired of being hunted like I am a mere dog.  Verdina, take care of your father, and Exodus I will always love you.  Zephyr save Laila.”

“No, you can’t . . .”

“Not another word do you understand.”  She turned her attention back towards Merwick.  “I insist we get this over with and you all, I insist you leave at once.”  She smiled mischievously and her blue nails seemed to glow a bit, as though they were sharpened.  Tempest put her wand down and replaced Excaliber in her wrist band.

“Zephyr, you can’t be serious!” exclaimed Nila.

“Hush Nila.”

“Do not tell me that you are actually going to just stand there and watch her die!”

“I said hush Nila,” said Tempest calmly.

“Zephyr . . .”

“Nila, leave it be,” said Void.

“But . . .”

“No more,” said Divina.

“These are her last wishes, we should respect them,” said Chad.

Tempest stood with tears down her eyes.  Only she should have seen this.  Suddenly Demenshia spoke.

“So what should I tell my mother when I see her Aunt?”

“Tell her to run and hide, Demenshia.”

“As you wish.”  Tempest looked in shock at Demenshia and for her first time she took into account the whiteness of her eyes.  She looked back at Abigail, she knew and had planned everything since she had first seen Demenshia.  No wonder, thought Tempest.

“Well Merwick, what are you waiting for.”  She approached him and stroked his face, cutting his cheek with her nails.  Tempest watched as a drop from her nail flew to Demenshia.  Merwick didn’t even notice as he stabbed her and cast his evil spell.  Abigail kept her face placid.

As Abigail fell to the ground, and Merwick absorbed his newly ill gotten power, Tempest caught her before she hit the ground.  Merwick began to scream in agony as the power was overwhelming.

“Zephyr, it would be best if we left now with him temporarily incapacitated,” said Demenshia.

“I agree with my cousin,” said Verdina.

Tempest looked at them.  Demenshia’s eyes turned back to their normal honey colour.  She nodded and carried Abigail body away.  Exodus took her and held her body close to his own.  They would bury the body, Tempest knew and looked at Verdina who had tears down her eyes.  Her mother had done at least one good thing, she had sacrificed herself for all of them.

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