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The long dark room gave off the smell of stale blood and rotting flesh, as the thin frame of Bellatrix walked smoothly in, the door clicking eerily as it shut closed behind her. She settled herself at the top of the long table, and waited silently. Her eyes drifted over to the pool of dark dried blood in the corner, it was the blood of Benjy Fenwick- his wrongdoing was being a part of the stupid Order of The Phoenix, along with other people, like the now deceased Lily and James Potter.

A cruel smile played around Bella’s mouth. The stupid couple put their lives in the hands of their best friend, Peter Pettigrew, and who evidentially brought about their deaths. Bella knew form an early age that you should never trust anyone, they have a mind of their own, along with a mouth and you can do nothing if they accidently let your secret slip- The Potters learned that the hard way.

Bella twisted her wand around her long, skinny white fingers and waited, watching the full-moon sparkle with all its beauty down upon her through the large window that was facing her on the other end of the table.

Bella sat in silence for a few more minutes, humming a low-haunting tune to herself, when at long last the air was filled with the small faint ‘pops’ of apparating fellow Death Eaters. First to walk into the room where Bella was patiently awaiting them, was the young bright faced Barty Crouch Junior, he bowed slightly as he saw Bella sitting at the end of the table. Without saying a single word to him, Bella pointed one of her bony fingers towards a chair, and he obediently sat down. The door creaked opened again and in walked a tall hooded figure, Bella’s cold eyes flashed to it as he pulled down his hood, to reveal to her, the bony face of her brother-in-law, Rabastan. He gave a small jerk of the head and sat down on the chair on Bella’s left-hand side. Nobody spoke as they waited for the last person to arrive. As late as fashionably possible without annoying Bella; Rodolphus strutted in, without a nod of the head or waiting for an instruction from Bella, he sat down on the chair to Bella’s right. Bella’s cold eyes stared at her husband.

“We’re going to find out where The Dark Lord is gone.” Bella said her voice breaking through the silence of the room; all eyes looked up to lock upon her handsome features.

“How are we going to do that?” asked Barty and the three Lestrange’s turned to face him and for a second Bella saw his whole body tense up, as if getting ready to be attacked.

Bella smirked, and leaned her body forward towards Barty Junior, Rodolphus and Rabastan sitting up straighter in their chairs; all of their attention was now on the woman’s next sentence.


The three men were taken aback by the word, and didn’t answer, their minds trying to figure out what the hell she was on about.

“The Auror?” Rodolphus piped up, and Bella nodded towards him.

“And his wife, Alice,” she added, and in the silvery glow of the moon, her paleface lit up as if she had come up with the most brilliant idea in the whole world. But her company didn’t follow, they all stared at her, not knowing what to say and their faces were still blank with confusion.

“And?” Rabastan added, urging her to keep talking and to explain to them what she was getting at.

“The Longbottoms were in the Order as well, and they were also put into hiding along with the Potters.” Bella paused, seeing if any of their stupid brains was getting up to speed with her, but they still stared at her dumbfounded. Bella sighed in agitation and then continued, this time hissing out every word through gritted teeth “So they’ll know why The Dark Lord went after the Potters and what happened to him afterwards, I doubt Dumbledore would keep that a secret from them!” She snapped, her loud voice now echoing around the room.

There was silence, the three men were no longer looking at her, but down at the dark table.

“You want to go after the Longbottoms, with one of them being a well known qualified Auror?” asked a confused Rabastan, Bella laughed coldly at his comment.

“Is ickle Rabbit afraid of the big bad Auror?” she teased, using Rabastan’s cruel childhood nickname, but no-one laughed. Rabastan’s eyes narrowed at her as if he was having an inner battle with himself.

“I’m not!” he barked, and Bella watched in satisfaction as the muscle in his jaw popped out with anger.    

“Now, seeing that, that is sorted. I have already made a plan. Tomorrow Alice will be late home from the Ministry as I was informed by a certain Malfoy that she has some stupid meeting, so Frank will be left all alone with his son, between seven and nine.”

Nobody spoke, as Bella pulled out her wand from an inside pocket of her cloak and gave it a flick of her wrist, a parchment appeared on the table in front of her.

“Now, we’ll disarm Frank so that she can’t give you a nose bleed, just before Alice turns up, we’ll either kill or throw away that stupid child of theirs. When Alice comes home, to what she thinks is going to be a normal, quiet night with her husband, Rodolphus you’ll disarm her.”

Rodolphus looked up in shock.

“Why me?” he grunted.

Bella sighed and looked up at him, his pale cheeks flushing.

“Because you’re going to be stationed behind the fireplace, waiting for when she comes out,” She said, a quill appearing in between her bony fingers and she quickly scribbled something on the sheet.

“And then we’ll see what happens from there on in,” she added, with another half-smirk of her lips, without another word she rolled up the parchment and it vanished with a faint pop.  

“I’ll tell you when and where we should meet tomorrow. I don’t want anything to slip,” she said, standing up from the table, the chair she had been sitting on scrapping across the floor and without waiting for a response from the men she swept swiftly out of the dark room, the door clicking loudly behind her... 

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