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          Tempest sat alongside Exodus eating some cooked fish.  She hadn’t been here in over two years but nobody had forgotten her.  Tempest wondered why Abigail was here of all places.

“So you’ve come to see Abigail? I met her once.  She was gentle and sweet.”  He opened up his pouch and revealed a blue sapphire wrist band.  “She gave this to me, said she stole it from her immortal mother of the Lake.  I’ve never put it on.”  Tempest looked at it.

“May I see that Exodus?”

“Sure.”  Tempest took it and it reminded her of Nila ring.  She called Void over and he looked at it.

“What spell?”

“Nemert Bios, this is water.”

“Abigail gave it Exodus.”

“Exodus do you realize what you have here?” asked Void.  He shook his head and Void looked at Tempest who smiled up at him and gave him the look that told him to not be a smart snob.  “A very powerful object,” he finally said.

Tempest snatched it from Void and within seconds had it strapped onto Exodus’ wrist.

“Say Nemert Bios.”


“Just say it,” ordered Nila smiling.

“Okay.  Nemert Bios.”  Cloud gathered and it stared to rain.  Tempest stood up and looked at Void and Nila.  They all smiling and began to laugh.


They were all running.  Tempest had no idea where she was running only that she was close.  She looked at Nila and Void on either side of her, as usual.

It was still raining and for once Tempest was ahead of Merwick.  She was on cloud nine, but that in itself frightened her because whenever she fell back down to reality, she fell so hard that it was difficult to get back up.

She was following the scent of moisture and the darkening clouds.  Abigail was here, she knew she was.


They were resting.  Exodus had stopped the rain, so it had stopped, but the clouds still darkened the sky.  She looked at Verdina who was staring a her brothers wrist band with distaste.  Tempest knew she didn’t like it.  It was because of Tempest.

Tempest began walking alone, she wondered where Merwick.  She was worried beyond anything else and scared.

She walked amongst the trees but stopped when she saw a stream.  She ran towards the direction it was flowing from.  At the end she halted.  In a small clearing there was a girl with long lack hair and dangling jewellery dancing.  Tempest couldn’t tell that se was crying.  Tempest couldn’t help but stare at her though.  She was dressed in a blue dress, the like ancient Greeks and was wearing blue high heels.  She stopped, her back towards Tempest and it started to rain.

“Hello Young Tempest, for a moment I thought you would never find me.”  She turned her head and smiled mischievously at her.  Tempest walked towards her.
“You know.”

“What?  That my sisters are dead?  Of course.”  She looked at her nails and Tempest noticed that her wrist was covered in bracelets and her fingers in rings.

“How did you know?”

“I just did.  To be quite honest, we weren’t that close.  Cecile and Veronica were closed and I was close with Laila.  You see Cecile was . . . earthy, no pun intended.  Veronica was like a tomboy, always liked getting into fights.  Me, I was eccentric, exotic, narcissistic and materialistic.  Laila, well, she was the most innocent girl alive.  Whoever is killing u, he can’t get to her, that’s why I needed you to find me.  I had to ask my . . . mother for help.”

“Which one?”

“The bitch.”

“Oh, Tempest.”

“No, the Lady.”

Tempest looked ay her startled.   “You don’t like the Lady of the Lake?”

“Ha no.  Sh betrayed her sister, gave King Arthur Excaliber and allowed it to be used against her.  No loyalty whatsoever.  But I really shouldn’t talk about loyalty, all this jewellery I stole from her treasury, so it’s all magical.”

“So you, you’re a thief?”

“Of course, always have been.  My mother used to scold me for I.”  She laughed and walked into the pond.  “I never really got along with my family, except Laila.  We fought alongside Tempest, while Veronica and Cecile fought with Merlin.  I had a bond with them even though we were different.  I felt when Cecile died.  The moisture in the world, around her, I felt it and then Veronica, that’s when I knew something was dreadfully wrong.  Frankly I don’t care about my well being, it’s Laila who I care about.  Without Cecile and Veronica alongside me, I cannot protect her alone.”

“You care a lot about her.”

“Of course I do!  I’m not heartless!  I am many things but I am not heartless!”

“I never said you were.”

“I know but I seem to think I am sometimes so I need to tell myself that I’m not.”  She laughed and let herself fall backwards into the water.  The rain stopped.

“You liked Exodus didn’t you?  That’s why you gave him the wristband.”

“Yes, I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed wen he didn’t put it on.”  She lifted her head.  “How is my daughter anyway?”

“Your daughter?”

“Verdina.”  Tempest was taken aback.

“She can’t be your daughter!  She’s almost as old as Exodus!”

She shook her head and smiled.  “No, she is about three hundred years old.  I met Exodus centuries ago and bound his life to mine.  He was one of the child survivors.  When he was eighteen, well I bound him to me and about three hundred years ago Verdina was born.  She looked older because she . . . she isn’t immortal.”  She sat up and shook her head.  “I love my daughter, but she hates me I think.”

“Abigail, you can’t die, I have to protect you and your sister.”

“Who is this man that wants us dead?”

“His name is Merwick.  He created the Merlin Crusaders.  He hunted those who were evil until about four yeas ago.  Now he wants me dead and he wants your power to do so.”

“He seems to be succeeding.”  Abigail stood up and walked over to Tempest.  “Lets go see me daughter shall we.”


Tempest watched Verdina as she stared at her mother acidly.  Tempest really couldn’t blame her.  Tempest looked at Abigail who was dancing up a storm.

“If I die I should probably take off my jewellery.  He shouldn’t get him hands on anything else of mine.”  She laughed.

“How can you be so calm,” chastised Exodus.  “He may kill you!”

“You’re point?  Two of my sisters are already dead.  He has their powers.  Fire I can manage, but plants feed on water.  When it came to Cecile, I stood no chance.  Exodus can you keep it raining, that would be great love.”  She smiled and continued dancing when suddenly out of nowhere Verdina came and slapped her mother.

“You callous bitch!”

“How dare you!  That was my face!”

“Oh shut up mother!  You care for no one but yourself!”

“Excuse me!?!  I am not as cold hearted as you may think!  Two of my sisters are dead!  And my little angle, my little sister, she may be next!  And your father!  He will no loner be immortal!  He will start to age like any mere mortal as will you daughter dear!”

“Enough!” yelled Tempest.  “We need to conserve our strength.  It won’t take Merwick long to figure out where I am, where we are, frankly I think he’s on his way.  So if you all don’t mind, I would like to rest and recover my strength.”  Tempest looked at them and walked away flustered.  She didn’t have the strength to deal with them.

She waited for Nila and Void who she knew would come, in time anyway.  As she waited, she looked at the tree and thought back.  Cecile hadn’t smiled like Veronica had, but there was a certain look in her eyes, the same look in Veronicas’.  She wondered if either would be in Abigails face.

“Have you been waiting long,” came a sudden voice.  Tempest tilted her head back and smiled. At Void and Nila.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to ave her.”

“Don’t think that way Zeph,” said Nila her voice highly pitched.

“Don’t tell us you’ve become ignominious?” said Void.

“Well lets see.  My father was murdered because of me.  My dead boyfriend because of me and Cecile and Veronica because of me.  I’m not sure I can lose anymore self-respect.  I’m pretty sure I’ve hit rock bottom.”

“Oh shut it already,” said a voice.  Tempest looked behind and behind her stood Divina.


“I said shut it Zephyr.  Now I know you aren’t used to being told what to do, but right now, just shut it.  Now listen, you are going to save that impenitent water wench and if you don’t well you tried.  You are going to kill Merwick.  I don’t doubt that, why do you?”

“You’re becoming very imperious,” said Tempest smiling.

“I’m princess, what did you expect.”

Suddenly the air changed and they all looked around.  The air suddenly became hot and the trees began to thrive more.

“He’s coming.”

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