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          She couldn’t help herself, she had to see what was going on at Hogwarts.  She walked around as a red head with purple eyes.  Justine as she was known.  She saw Ron walking alone and slipped her arm over his shoulder.

“I think I could pull off as your cousin or something Ron.”  He looked at her and smiled.

“You need to work on your fangs Zephyr.”

“Like I smile half the time.  Do you think it’s weird that I wear a uniform of Slytherin and I’m hanging out with you?”

“You’re not really a Slytherin and Draco is in the Great Hall.”

“Thank you, love you so much right now.”  She kissed him on the cheek and ran off after she gave him a hug.

She ran off and suddenly someone called after her causing her to stop abruptly.  She turned around slowly and approaching her was a toad like woman in disgusting pink clothes.  Tempest wanted to throw up but contained herself.

“Well who are you Young Miss?”

“Me?  Oh I’m Justine.”

“Why have I never seen you around?”

“Oh well . . .”

“Justine!  Hello Professor Umbridge, this is my girlfriend, Justine Nyx.”

“Oh well nice to meet you.  Now run along now.”

“Thank you.”

They walked along and Tempest slipped her arm around his waist and snuggled up to him.  He kissed the top of her head.

“So, will Pansy be joining us?”

“No, she’s not really talking to me.”  He pulled her into an empty hallway and kissed her tenderly.  She removed the illusion she cast upon herself and looked once again like her old else.

“Draco . . .”

“Yeah,” he said as he snuggled up to her.

“I . . . I think we should go to the dormitory.”  He pulled away and looked down at her.  She would tell he was hoping or thinking that she would say something else, and for a moment she herself thought she would.

“Okay,” he said a bit disappointed.  She smiled sweetly and wrapped her arms around his waist.  She did live him, only right now wasn’t the best time to say it.

She sat down on his bed and crossed her legs.  He laid down and kicked off her shoes.

“I thought you said you were going to dye the purple back into your hair?”

“I didn’t get the chance.  Merwick, he, well he as his usual abysmal self, murdering yet another person.”

“Do you think you will ever stop him?”

“I’m hopeful.”  She snuggled up to him.  “He’s such an abhorrent monstrosity!  I hate him!”

“Shh, Tempest, just sleep.  Take a brake.”  She complied and closed her eyes frightfully.

No longer did sleep bring pleasure of sweet dreams.  Instead they brought terror and fright.  She hated the hallway.  Her sword was down.  She wan running along the wall, but stopped at the corner, the hallway carried with it an ominous sense and she looked around and was overjoyed to see Draco alive.  It quickly vanished when Astrea spun him around and stabbed him.  Tempest screamed and ran to him, catching him before he hit the ground.

“I never liked you anyway,” Astrea said before she disappeared.

Suddenly Tempest stood, her head bowed and herself bedraggled.  Cuts were on her face as well as the rest of her.  Tears streaked down her dirty face.  She lifted her head, and looked up.

“It had to be done.”

“Tempest wake up!”

Tempest opened her eyes and standing over her was Draco.  She sat up and pinched the top of her nose.  Abrasive abominable bitch, she thought as she remembered Astrea.

“Are you alright?”

“Bad dream, nothing more.”

“About me?”  She looked up at him.  She was ambivalent at the moment.  Tell him or not.  Before she could even answer he shook his head and held her hand.

“Nevermind, you’ve already answered my question.”

“Draco . . .”

“Shh.”  He kissed her and that was more that enough.  Tempest laid back onto the pillows and encircled his neck.  Nothing else mattered when she felt his lips on hers.

Suddenly she yelped in pain.

“I . . . am going . . . to kill the Dark Lord.”

Draco wouldn’t let her go and frankly she wouldn’t go.


Viva wouldn’t stop yelling at her.  She had missed but one meeting with the Death Eaters, just one, and Viva started to yell her head off.  Tempest simply rolled her eyes in an aloof manner.

“Don’t you dare roll your eyes at me Zephyr!  What ever did I do to you to earn such disrespect!”

Tempest looked up at her acridly and the room seemed to grow dark as though a dark cloud was upon them.

“Tell me that that question was rhetorical,” she said angrily.  “I mean seriously!  Tell me that that was damn bloody rhetorical question!  SERIOUSLY!”  Tempest got up from her seat, knocking her chair back in the process.  She was going back to school, she was sick of dealing with that woman.

Tempest stormed from the fire place and turned over the dormitory sofa.  Luckily nobody was sitting on it, because right now she had to regard for anyone else.

Tempest finally looked up at everyone staring at her.

“I’m sorry, do you all have a problem?”

“Zephyr, what’s wrong?” asked Nila.

“What’s wrong?  That woman had the gall to ask me what she did to earn such disrespect!  Can you believe that!  God!”

“Zephyr, relax,” soothed Void.  He put a hand on her shoulder and she growled and glared at him making him stop back.  Tempest hated Voldemort, they all knew that.

“She knows I hate that filthy half-blood!  I should abase that woman!  Put her in her proper place.  Ugh!  How dare she!”

“Zephyr you need to calm down.  You’re acting like . . . well like one of those Death Eaters that enjoy being abhorrent!” said Nila.

Tempest looked at her and went to her face, staring down at her in her high black boots.  Nila simply crossed her arms and stood her ground, raising herself in her brown boots by straightening her back, Nila was sometimes to audacious towards Tempest,  That was why they were friends, they were both recklessly brave and bold.

“Okay enough,” began Void, “we don’t need another repeat of last year thank you.”  Tempest leaned back and watcher her Sevratis climb up onto Nila.

“What did you name it,” asked Tempest, quickly changing the subject.  She always thought of herself as having an anathematic lifestyle.  The way Merwick invaded constantly made it seem that way.

A wave of water hit her back to consciousness.  The Water kept hitting the window.  They all stared at each other.  This was no natural storm.

“That’s not Merwick, I can tell you that.”

“Do you think it’s the Water one.”

“I can’t be sure.  That storm is not natural.”

“He’s watching us isn’t he?” asked Void.

“Most likely.”  She looked at the unbalance weather.  The Water Mystic was close, but that was all she knew, for the moment.

“Nila, I need you to get the book of her family tree, I want to know her name.”

“Oh I can tell you that already, I’ve been looking at the book a lot lately.  Her name is Abigail.”

“You read,” laughed Void.

“Shut up you . . .”

“This is no time to babble.  Void I need to sleep.”

Both Void and Nila looked at her frightened.  They knew what she meant to do.

“You two cannot wake me up, no matter what, understood?”

“Zephyr, began Nila.

“No Nila, this needs to be done.”  She walked up the stairs to the girls dormitory.  “Goodnight you two.”


Astrea was smiling in a callous manner.  Draco was dying. She herself was standing with a bloodied Excaliber.

Abigail was sitting in a pond, twirling it, making a whirlpool.  Tempest saw her eyes, they were a bright blue and clouded in sadness.  Her head stood on a stone dn she was crying.  The place was drenched in water, as the storm clouds cried along with her.

Tempest jerked away.  A pond.  She ran down stairs and sitting there was Serena, and no one else.

“Serena, have you seen my friends, I really need to talk to them.”  She shook her head and continued to stare at the fire blazing at the fireplace.  Tempest walked past her but stopped at the sound of Serena’s voice.

“How can you do it?  I watcher her die, we all did, but you, you’ve seen many more deaths.  You’re father, your mother, Gorx, Veronica’s sister and Veronica herself.  How can you do it?  How do you survive?”

“I don’t get over it, but I don’t forget them.  I try to remember that its their deaths that made me who I am and that this is who they wanted me to be.  And then I remember I’m doing all that is in my power to avenge them, to make it all right.”

“I have to help Zephyr.  You can’t deprive me of that.  I loved him, maybe not as much as you, or like you did, but I did love him, but I have to help.”

“I understand.  Get my friends and everyone else together we are going someplace even Merwick can’t follow.”


Tempest was shocked to see all the people she did see.  There was Nila, Void, Chad, Divina, Zoltron, Hydra, Serena, Stella, Alex, Edana and Christopher, The person that surprised her the most was Demenshia.  Apparently Zoltron invited her.

Divina closed the door to her bedroom and cast a series of spells to ensure their secrecy and safety.

“So, where is she,” asked Demenshia pleasantly.  She had her arm through Zoltron who was enjoying her company but did not like the glare emanating form Hydra.

“A pond with a waterfall and a river.  Do you know of such a place Demenshia?”  A sly smiled came upon her face.

“Not yet, but I can foresee a coming.  In a forest far away, in a land where have been with people you have met, can you guess?”

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