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          Tempest sat in Vampire Tavern uncomfortably, but she knew a regular amount of blood would help her better able to defend herself.  She looked around and drank her pint of blood.  Veronica was laughing along with Master Vlad.  She wondered if they were already drunk off of blood.

“Zephyr . . .”

“Shut it Serena.”

“Look, I’m sorry.  Gorx felt horrible.  I felt horrible.  He was just angry and jealous and . . . look he loved you.  He felt horrible and so have I.  Look Zephyr, you have to forgive him—”

“Excuse me?”  Tempest stood up and stared at her.  “Forgive him?  No, I don’t hate him, I don’t need to forgive him.  Its you I have a problem with.  I forgive Gorx, I don’t forgive you, I don’t give a rats ass about you, that’s all.  Now, get the bloody hell away from my face.”


“Sis, just get away from her already,” said Stella.  Tempest looked at her.  She was staring furiously at her sister.

“Yes Stella.”  Serena walked away and Stella took her place.

“I’m sorry about her, bugging you that is.”

“All she wants is my forgive ness, but you know I don’t think I can give that t her.  This is worse that what Nila did last year.”  She drank a big gulp pf her pint and ordered another taking back her seat.

“I don’t blame you.  You see Serena has always loved him and lusted over him, but frankly he only saw her as just another girl on the team, nothing more.  She always resented him for that.  But then she thought that if she could get him to know her more, she could win him over.  Instead he wanted to keep his distance from her, mainly because she was . . . pitiful and sort of frighting.”

“You two were born vampires correct?”

“Yes, why?”

“I know how I age, but how is it you age?”

“Oh common question, well technically, I’m not at a liberty to tell you.  Sorry, Zephyr, family secrets an’ all.”

“Ah, yes, I understand family secrets all to well unfortunately.”  They laughed and then Tempest yelped in sudden pain.  She growled as she looked down at her arm.

“Keep an eye on her, Voldy calls.”

Tempest disapparated and realized that she was alone with Lord Voldemort.

“Yes my lord?”

“I need you to look into the future.”

“Of course.”

“Wait, don’t.  Someone is in my mind.”  He closed her eyes and smiled.  Tempest tried not to be disgusted, even though she was far beyond disgusted.

“I have a different task for you Tempest.”


“When we infiltrate the Ministry of Magic and retrieve the prophecy, I want you to watch everything.  I want a witness a witness to everything that goes on, understand?”

She smiled reluctantly.  “Of course.”

“You are excused.”

“Yes my lord.”

Tempest couldn’t have left any quicker.  She hated Voldemort almost as much as she hated Merwick, if not more.

Tempest disapparated herself to e candy shop she knew Void and Nila were at.

There they sat eating their candy.  Nila sat crossed legged across from Void.  H e saw her first and se flew next to Nila who didn’t eve flinch.

“Hi Zephyr.”

“Hello Nilavoid.”

“You really need to stop with that stupid nickname,” said Void agitated.

“Oh hush.”

“Shouldn’t you be with Veronica?” asked Nila sucking on a lolly pop.

“Stella and Master Vlad are keeping an eye on her.  So is Serena I suppose.”  She really hated Serena at the moment.  Nila and Void understood, they knew.  She had loved Gorx when he was alive, but she had loved Draco and still did.

There was a moment if silence before Tempest ears twitched.  Something was wrong.

“Zephyr?” asked Nila.

“Something’s wrong.”  Tempest got up and ran for dear life.  She couldn’t help but feel that something was terribly wrong.

She turned the corner of the street and stood furiously.  Merwick stood outside the tavern, staring at it intently.  Tempest looked at the tavern, vines were growing up the sides.  She couldn’t summon her sword not her wand, so now she was going to have to focus her thoughts.

Tempest closed her eyes and focussed on the ground beneath Merwick.   She was going to use her favourite spell on him yet again.

“Bombarda!”  The ground beneath him exploded and she quickly thought of various spells.

“Rhizapoidus!” she heard him yell.

He ducked and cast a spell back at her and she cast Protega and looked through the cloud of dust.  He smiled up at her.  Tempest heard Nila and Void arrive at her sides.

“I feel so useless,” said Nila.

“You’re not, you can try to control the vines.  Try Nila please.”

“Okay.  Terra Vita.”  Tempest noticed the immediate amount of strain over her face.  Tempest promised her she would try to be quick.  Nila just nodded.

“You really think you can stop my Young Tempest.”

“Yes.  I have before, I will until I see you die and if I die in the process, so be it, but I will do whatever takes to stop you.”

“Hmm, so be it.  Bronthyro!”


He summoned a thunder wolf but the sulfur cloud she summoned confused it.


The wolf yelped and left but before it left, it left behind a fire, something he had hoped for.

Fire enveloped them all, Tempest cast a protection charm over Void and Nila.  They stood at her side.  Nila no longer had any control over the vines and she was angry.  Void held a dagger in his hand and was ready to throw.

Finally Serena, Stella, Vlad and Veronica came from the tavern.  Veronica was smiling.

Tempest watched Veronica eyes flares and her hair flowed brightly.  The fire grew brightly and she watched as Veronica burned all the plants.

“Like I said before,” began Veronica, “my own sister was not able to do anything against me, what makes you think you will?”

Tempest didn’t like how Merwick smiled as he said, “Your sister didn’t know how to use violence, I do.”

Time seemed to stop as s thorny vine came  through her.  Tempest stood transfixed by the sight.  Nothing moved.  It was dead silence all around, not even Merwick moved.

Finally the vine pulled itself back out and ever so slowly, like time was in slow motion.  Veronica collapsed onto her knees and stared ahead shocked.

Blood dripped on the ground and Tempest wanted to run but couldn’t force herself to move.  Veronica looked up at her and smiled.

“Must be Young Tempest,” she whispered.

“No!”  Tempest flung Merwick against a building and ran to Veronica.  Veronica collapsed into her arms and Tempest layed her flat on the ground, then suddenly the ground began to shake.

“Earthquake,” whispered Veronica.  Tempest looked down at her.  “Cecile hated causing earthquakes, they only ever happened when she got temperamental as a child.  Our mortal mother would always laugh because the earthquakes tickled her feet.  Her laughter always soothed Cecile.”  She coughed and smiled.  “My death is meant to bo Young Tempest you were not meant to stop him yet.”

“You can’t die, you’re partially a vampire, your wound is already healing.”

“That may be, but he is a monster Young Tempest, nothing more.”

The ground collapsed under Tempest and she fell quickly catching herself against the rock.  The ground was still shaking and debris kept falling on her making it hard for her to focus on anything.  Tempest looked up and above her she saw Merwick walk over the crack.  She saw the lint of his wand.  She couldn’t move couldn’t do anything.

She hung there until she realized that the shaking had stopped.  She looked up and noticed that clouds were covering the sky and thunder shook the air.

She climbed out and on the floor, with a calm placid smiled lay Veronica.  She walked to her and looked around.  The ground was covered in dead leaves and vines.  The floor was scorched and here and there fire still remained flaring.

It started a pour and Tempest was happy that it was, this way nobody could see her cry.

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