Hermione rolled over pulling the sheets up as she glanced out the balcony doors, a week and a half had passed between her and Draco's last meeting. Hermione still woke up every morning to the same breakfast awaiting her, but the only difference was that the door to her room was always unlocked no matter what the time of day. It seemed she was allowed to leave her room now to venture the wing as she pleased.

            Hermione sighed slightly as she hugged the pillow to her abdomen as she thought of Draco. She hadn't even seen a glimpse of him in the last ten days. She didn't know whether this was a good or bad sign. Ever since that night she had replayed her outburst over and over in her head, “Why in the world did I have to tell him he was the father…” she mumbled digging her head into the bed. Hermione sighed as she sat up tossing the pillow onto the other side of the bed, she glanced over to her awaiting breakfast, she was famished and yet she felt quite a bit queasy at the same time. Was it worth eating if you where just going to puke it up later? Hermione pulled down the sheets of her bed…or rather draco’s bed and swung her legs to the side of the bed, letting her feet dangle slightly touching the floor. It began to become harder and harder for her to get out of bed in the mornings, she felt sick to her stomach from morning sickness and the stress that had begun to pile on her from the days that had passed in the Draco manor.


            Finally Hermione’s feet hit the floor as she hoisted herself out of bed. She walked slowly to the balcony opening the two glass doors wide letting the fresh air come, and blow her hair back. “I'm going to be here forever…” she said in a small voice as she took a step onto the balcony and looked up at the sky. Big dark clouds rolled over the sky, she could see that the bottoms where dark filled to the brim with water just waiting to overflow. She couldn't help but to frown, mornings where easier if you had sunshine overflowing the room with warmth and light. But it seemed today would be filled with a gloom that already seemed to haunt the Malfoy Manor. She turned swiftly on one foot as she once again returned to her prison, closing the doors behind her making sure to latch the lock. Hermione took another glance at the heaping food tray on the small wooden table and felt a surge of sickness pass her. She passed the table of food and walked towards the small door in the corner of the room. Her hand grabbed the cool knob turning it and stepping into the small but beautiful bathroom. She leaned back on the door closing it with the weight of her body and started to strip out of her green silk nightgown. After her few first days of imprisonment she had found a small trunk in the bathroom stocked with clothes. It seemed that Draco made sure it was filled weekly, and with every passing week the clothes got more extravagant than the last. The nightgown hit the floor and Hermione stepped out of it walking to the bathtub, and turning the handle which made warm water seep out of the silver faucet. She walked over to the mirror as she let the tub fill and glanced at her reflection. She smiled slightly letting her fingers trace down her flat stomach. She could only see a slight difference but Hermione came to the conclusion that it was from all the food she had been eating. But as she traced her stomach Hermione could almost swear she felt a warmth inside. “Hello in there, don't worry I'll get us out of this mess…” she promised out loud and let a small smile play across her lips.


            The warmth of the hot water spread all across her body and she could feel every pore of her skin respond. She let herself sink back into the water relaxing all her tense muscles. “Oh Ron…” Hermione caught herself sigh, but quickly cut her breath short. He wasn't coming back into her life…he had abandoned them both. His wife and his child. But in response she had abandoned him, not only had she ended up waking up in another man’s bed the moment trouble arised but she had told him that he was the father of her child not Ron. Closing her eyes she ran through every moment that had gone by since the day they had gotten married, what had gone wrong? The sound of thunder cracked over her head and Hermione’s eyes flew open. How long had she been sitting there? She had lost track of time so quickly. Hermione’s hand brushed a wet strand of hair out of her eyes and reached for the drain. In one swift tug it was out and the warmth all around her started to drain away. Hermione stood up and stepped out of the towel reaching for a towel, she quickly wrapped it tightly around her and bent down lifting the trunks lid and pulling out a green dress. “Everything in this god damn house is green!” she murmured as she opened the bathroom door. Steam from the bathroom began to clear inside the room as Hermione stepped out. At once she noticed that the balcony doors where wide open, and the wind from outside was blowing rain in soaking the carpet.


            Hermione ran to the doors tossing the dress onto the bed as she pushed them closed against the wind and latching the lock. “What the bloody….” She had hardly gotten out of her mouth before she heard a noise behind her. There was Draco sitting on her unmade bed, her dress in hand. Hermione’s hand flew to her towel pulling it as tight as she could making sure nothing had been exposed in her battle with the wind. After quickly making sure she was still decent she regain composure and looked back to Draco. He sat silently on her bed handling the green dress ever so gently in his hands and he traced the patterns in the fabric, she held her breath as she watched feeling as if she was seeing something she shouldn't.


“He looks so ….innocent..” Hermione thought silently, not letting her eyes drift from the scene before her as if the moment she looked away it would disappear. Draco suddenly looked up as if just realizing she was there and smiled slightly as he set the dress on the bed beside him.  


“I'm sorry…” he said lightly as he stood up and walked closer to Hermione, “I'll make it up to you..the both of you…” Draco reached his arm out and let his fingertips trace Hermione’s jaw line.


She shuttered under his touch and let her hands flee to her stomach as they did when he was around. Slowly she was beginning to comprehend what he had said.


“You…you..accept me..and the baby?” Hermione finally said not higher than a whisper. Tears were beginning to cloud her vision as she stared at him in disbelief. Draco Malfoy had accepted her child while Ron her own husband hadn't…


“Of course Hermione… I'm sorry I hadn't came and visited you before now it’s just…I had to think about this. And I've come to realize it doesn't matter if your …well a mudblood. You have a Malfoy in you now and you are to be treated like one.” He said softly trying not to sound harsh as he said the word “Mudblood”. She couldn't decided if she should feel relieved or upset, but quickly her eyes welled over at the tears streamed down her cheeks. She even let Draco embrace her awkwardly as she cried, clinging on to his shoulders as she wept.


Even though she knew it wasn't the end of her troubles just the thought of someone opening their arms to her and her child were enough to let some relief pour over her.



Maybe things wont be so bad…

-Authors Note-

Im awful I know. I havn't updated in like a year... Im so sorry but please give me input <3 I love you all

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