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          "You seem surprised?  Did Vlad not tell you?”

“Uh no.”

“That’s Vlad, such a vixen in my opinion.  Well come, sit, have a drink.”

“I try not to drink human blood.”

“I know, Vlad told me, I have a . . . special drink for you.  Now you two darlings I have the gold of blood waiting for you.  O positive or negative, which ever suits your taste buds.”  She smiled sweetly and led them over to the bar.  Tempest sat down and Veronica handed them each a goblet with flames atop them.

“Well drink up already.”  Tempest drank up and savoured the blood.  She new what she was drinking.  A mixture.

“What is this?”

“A mixture I concocted for the vegetarian vampires like yourself.  Tasty isn’t it.”

“Delicious.”  Tempest meant what she said and that angered her a little.  She hated being immortal.

“You seem to age, how is that possible?”

“My, uh, mum, she developed a potion.  She’s very talented, of course the Gypsies helped her develop it.  I can walk out in the sun.”

“Really?  Why do you seem so upset darling?”

“I don’t like being a immortal.  I’ll have no one close to me to spend it with.  Who would want immortality when those you love are mortal?”


“You have your sisters, one of which is dead——”

“What did you say?”

“Vlad didn’t tell you.  Your sister Cecile was murdered, I tried to save her but to no avail.  I’m so sorry.”

“We cannot be killed.  We are the elements.  The ones who govern magic.  We cannot die.”

“I held your sister body in may arms.  Her essence, her power, her life, he took it.  As of that moment, she now is inside of him, probably locked away in a cell in his mind, her power his.”

“How do you know this?”

“Because he is Merwick, and he wants me dead.”

“Is it that hard to kill a little girl?”

“Apparently so.”

“Is that all you came to do, to tell me?”

“No.  He’s going to kill you as well.”

“Really.  Well I guess there’s nothing we can do about that.  Vlad told me you could see into the future.”

“If he kills you, then we will kill your sisters one by one.”

“He wants our powers just to kill you?  Well you must be one powerful little girl.”

“She carries the essence of Morgan Le Fey and Merlin,” stating Stella matter-of factly.

“Zephyr, here is way powerful,” said Serena sadly.  Tempest looked at her, she was beginning to wonder why Serena was more than a little distraught over Gorx.

“Hmm, well I guess it wouldn’t hurt, I have to yell at Vlad anyway and besides, I am not getting any business.  During these thirty days of night, the vampires like to prey on the inhabitants of this secluded place.  I don’t blame them really, fresh human blood is so rare and is to sweet to be ignored or forgotten.”  She licked her lips and flames began to erupt everywhere.

“You aren’t truly a vampire though, you can walk in the daylight.”

“I know, and I do.  The head from the sun warms my blood, how cannot I not.”

“Why do you drink blood?”

“Blood warms the body, heats it up.  Its like a power source for me.”

“I know Cecile told me.”

“How exactly did she die?”

“Merwick found where she lived and with knife he tore off her symbol.  While we are trying to move her to a swamp, he found us, and with a metal pointed wand, stole her essence.”

“So do you think he will try to steal my power.  That will be quite difficult considering I can lite things on fire.”

“You shouldn’t underestimate him, he’s . . . someone who can surprise you.”

“Glad to know you think that if me Young Tempest.”  Tempest looked up from her drink and turned around.  Behind her stood Merwick in all his green and gold glory.

“You!!” screamed Stella and Serena in anger.

“You son of s bitch, I should suck you dry for killing Gorx!” screamed Serena.

“Well aren’t you testy.  What’s your name?  Serena correct.  I’ve been watching you.  As I’ve heard, you and Gorx . . . what was it?  Had a magical night together?”

Tempest flinched.  What did she just hear?  Gorx and Serena spent the night together?  What was this?

“Young Tempest didn’t you know.  I watched your dead boyfriend a lot.  It happened last year.  I believe when you were gone once and you and he had been fighting.”

Tempest was angry.  She clenched her fist but stood perfectly still.  So that was why Serena was so heart broken and sad.  It explained everything.

“Zephyr . . .”

“Shut your mouth, I care for nothing you have to say.  Now you Merwick, I outta kill you here and now.”  She unleashed her sword and he laughed.

“Ah Tempest, do you think that that sword can harm me?  I posses the essence of Earth itself.  Your sword is metal, metal is Earth.  You are pathetic.  Gorx didn’t love you.  Your family doesn’t love you and Draco doesn’t love you.”

Tempest ran to him and knocked him down.  She clutched his throat and held him there.  Her vision began to haunt her even in her waking hours.

“You stay away from Draco,” she hissed.

He smiled malevolently.  “You are gorgeous when your angry did you know that?”

“If I didn’t know better, I would suck your dry.  Stella get Veronica out of here . . . NOW!”

“Uh yeah okay.”

Suddenly, vines shot up out of the ground and encircled Tempest pulling her close to him.  She fought hard against the strength of the vines.

“Have I mentioned you look so much like Morgan Le Fey.”

“Let . . .  me . . . go!”

“I don’t think so.”  He kissed her and Tempest did everything in her power to not bite him which was exactly what he wanted.  She struggled and tried to pull away but remained incapable.  Suddenly something hot began to prickle her back and someone pulled her up.  It was Serena.  Tempest pulled her hand way from her angrily and stared her down.  Serena looked away and so she looked at Stella who was clutching her wrist.  Tempest noticed that blood was on her hand and Veronica’s lips.  Fire began to surge around them and the vines began to die.

“I never like it when my sister played her vines against me, what makes you think I like it when you do?”  She looked at Tempest.  “I insist we go, so little blood can only make my fires frown but a bit.”  Tempest nodded and ran to the fireplace alone with Serena and Stella.

“Nightmare Academy!” they all said.
Tempest didn’t know which fire place she had slid out of.  She looked around to gather her bearings.  She was in the trophy room or so she assumed from all the trophies surrounding her.  Tempest got up and looked around.  No reflection greeted her back.  All of a sudden she felt dizzy and fell to th floor.  It wasn’t lack of blood, she just had a drink of it.  Something was dreadfully wrong.

Tempest ran from the trophy room to Master Vlad’s office hopeful.

Thankfully, Veronica was there unfortunately there was an almost gapping wound on her lower back.  She was yelling at Vlad.

“You dare not tell me about my sisters death?”

“Would you rather I did through a message  than in person?”

“I . . . thank you for telling me Vlad, sincerely.”

“If you two don’t minds, I would like to know how he managed to cut off your symbol?”

“Ah Miss Nyx how nice of you to join us, really, now where did you land?” asked Master Vlad.

“Trophy room.”

“Ah, well please take a seat next to Stella and Serena.”

“I would much rather stand if you don’t mind.”

“Let the poor girl stand Vlad, and id you must know, a thorn vine slipped up from under and began slicing at it.  Bloody hell I though I’d tell you, even Cecile never used her power for harm, I think she didn’t even know how to commit violence.”  She laughed and suddenly a great sadness flew over them.  Tempest shook it off and walked over to Veronica, to inspect her wound.

“Why is it healing so slowly?”

“Did my sisters wound heal as slowly?”

“Yes, why is that?”

“I’m assuming it’s because of who we are them.  One time when my sister Laila fell.  She scrapped her arms and legs.  Took almost two days to heal.  We never though anything of it really.”  She laughed and Tempest just stared at her.  She could not believe what was going on.

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