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A/N: Okay, I'd like to thank all the people out there who stuck with me all this time. You're all probably so angry with me right now for taking awhile with this and I am really, really sorry! I just had no idea what to write! I hope this chapter makes it up to you!...wait, why are you still reading this? Go ahead and read the chapter already!

Lily POV

My eyes felt like they were glued shut from sleep but I kept awake because I was curious. Where was I? And what was that wonderful smell? I couldn't be in my where was I? I knew it was morning because instead of black I saw red within my closed eyelids. Something was hugging me around the waist and the pillow I was laying on was moving up and down...breathing!

I opened my eyes and saw James Potter's face up close. He had his arms around me and was slowly breathing. I guess he was asleep. The smell seemed to be coming from him.

My breath caught in my throat and I blushed, his face was way to close. Wait, why am I blushing? I can't be attracted to him! We're just friends...

And yet...what possessed me to kiss (okay, peck) him last night? I didn't seem to be able to control myself. Did this mean that every time I got close to James I would want to snog him senseless? No. Impossible. After six years of strongly disliking James I could not want to kiss him. That was for his mindless fan girls. Plus if I told him I like him (which I'm not saying I do!) he would probably just smirk and then use me like he used all the other girls. Then again though he has seemed like he changed this year...

Merlin did he look adorable he he slept. Uh...I mean...uh...cute!... no!...uh...what's gotten into me?

He was stirring.

“Hey Lily.” he said sleepily, putting me into a more comfortable position in his lap.“Have a good night sleep?”

His eyes were beautiful.“Yeah.” I didn't want to admit that it was the best night of sleep that I had ever gotten.

He smiled. “Good. What's up? Something wrong?”

“No, I'm fine.” I smiled.

“Great see you at breakfast.” he said, bending down and giving me a kiss on the cheek before leaving the room.

I felt the place on my check where his mouth had touched burn and smiled. Bad mouth! No betraying Lily twice in twelve hours!

*     *     *

I found Loretta and Layla sitting 7 seats away from the marauders Layla occasionally glancing over toward Remus. That's good. I'm to confused to sit by James right now.

“Hey guys!” I said sitting next to Layla and across from Loretta.

“Hi.” said Loretta thickly, her mouth so stuffed with food it seemed to stretch five times it's size. Frankly I think it's an accomplishment that she can make any form of speech at all.

Layla looked disgusted. “It's called swallowing Lors!”

Loretta swallowed. “So Lily, I saw you sleeping on the couch yesterday, snuggled up against James.” she wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

I gulped.

“Loretta I do not fancy James!” I said, growing hot.

“Well since you're blushing and I said nothing about fancying him I'd say you do.”

Don't get me wrong, she's my friend, but sometimes she just infuriates me!

“What about you and Sirius?” I said taking the offense.

“What are you talking about?”

“I saw you by his side when he was injured at the Quiddich match! Also your eyes were all red and puffy and it looked like you had been crying!”

Loretta laughed. “Okay, for one, I'd visit anyone in the hospital wing that was unlucky enough to have their face beaten up by a bludger, and for two, I tripped and fell when I was running back to the castle. As you know I am allergic to pollen even though I only get a allergic reaction when it is shoved in my face, so that's why my eyes were puffy.” she said simply. Curse her and her awesome acting and good-at-making-excuses abilities! You can never tell whether she's lying or not! Wait a minute...

“So why were you holding his hand?” I asked.

“I was checking for a pulse.”


*     *     *

“No Lily here- flick your wand like this-” James was saying, guiding my hand. I blushed. He was as good as holding my hand! No! Do not give in to him! It's exactly what he wants!

It was transfiguration class and I was trying to- unsuccessfully until now- turn a chair into a cat. For some strange reason whenever Sirius did this James had to restrain him while he growled (no, I don't know. Why are you asking me? I think he's crazy.) at the cat and the cat hissed at him.

“No! Bad Padfoot!” James would say to him whenever this happened. Sirius would just whine and say “Once? Why can't I just chase him once?!”

“For one, Lily's across the room,” James would say.“And for two, wouldn't you look like a lunatic running around the classroom like a dog chasing a cat?"

“I hate it when you make good points.” Sirius grumbled.

James laughed. What are they talking about? Something seems fishy...

*     *     *

It was later in the day and I was working on my essay for professor Slughorn. For some odd reason Sirius was staring out of the window looking intently at the moon and grounds.

“Hey! Prongs!” he beckoned James over to him.“Check out that doe huh? Kinda foxy...”for some reason he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. James actually studied the deer for a few seconds. What the heck?

“Nah.”he said after awhile.”She's not my type.”

What in the world?!?

“Hey isn't it full moon tonight?” Sirius asked.

“Yeah. We got about... two hours probably.” he said scratching his chin.

“Excellent!” Exclaimed Sirius.“I'm dying of boredom, can't wait! Do you think we can take him to Hogsm-”

But James cast a fearful eye toward my way and said “Not here Pads, Lily!” Sirius immediately shut up. What was going on?

Just then Remus walked in.

“Oh my god Remus! What happened to you?!

Remus was deathly white and his scars showed out even more than usual. He looked dead on his feet and was actually limping a little.

“What happened to you?” I repeated.

(In case you guys are wondering, Lily has never seen Remus two hours before his transformation before. She had always been on patrol. She's not on patrol tonight because she has different times to patrol as head girl and the prefects are doing it tonight.)

“Ummm...I tripped?”

I looked at him disbelievingly.

“Down that big flight of steps going to the great hall.” he said.

“Oh Merlin, all the way down there? We've got to get you to the hospital wing!” I said alarmed.

“I-oh fine, hold up.” he said turning to James and Sirius.

“The quick wolf howls.”

“The frog leaps gleefully?!?” exclaimed James.

Remus nodded his head seriously.

“The panda has fleas.” put in Sirius.

“And the cow scurries quietly.” said Remus gravely.

Have they gone INSANE?!?

“Alright, better go.” said Remus.“other wise Lily here will kill me.”

“Silly, willy, chilly, gilly, filly, nilly Lily.” said James shaking his head.

I just stared at him with an open mouth.

Yep. Definitely insane.

*      *     *

For some strange reason that night when I did my homework I felt as if something was wrong. The marauders were nowhere to be found. I shouldn't be worrying though, they're probably just pulling a prank or something. I hope James is okay. I mean...uh...I hope all the marauders are okay...not just James...*nervous laugh*...

Where are they? I am giving them such a scolding for making me worry about James when they get back! I mean worrying about them...

I pretty much spent the entire night reading, doing my homework, and thinking of ways to scold them, and by the time the portrait hole opened up, I was ready to scream at them, that was, until I saw who was coming through.



A/N: dundundun, cliffhanger! What happened to James? You can probably guess. But what will be Lily's reaction? Are the marauders going insane(well actually that was code but whatever...)? Is Lily warming up to James?(well of course she is but when will she admit it?) You'll have to find out next time! Please leave a review!

P.S.- I know that part with the codenames and the 'lily chilly willy" thing were stupid, but it just came to me in and dream and I thought it would be funny to put it in.

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