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          Tempest was overly happy that the holidays were coming.  She couldn’t beat to be in the same room as Mistress Starlet.  She felt that she had failed her in more ways than one.

She walked to her dormitory and slumped onto the sofa.  It still bugged her that Merwick knew where they were going.

“Where the hell did he get that wand,” she asked herself.  She sighed in anguish and shook her head.  No purpled, she sighed.

“Hey sis!”  Edana called.


“How are you?”

“Freakin’ pissed off Vayne.  I would be best if you left me alone.”

“Oh come, it wasn’t your fault Zephyr, nothing else.”

“I’ve seen three people die and I held all three of them.  It sure feels like my fault, like I’m to blame for everything.”

“Oh hush already.  Look Christmas is coming up, are you going to spend it in Dogscream or with the family back at home?”

“Here.  I have to find the others.  He’s going after the Fire Mystic next.  Her name is Veronica, and she has taken up the lifestyle of a vampire.  This shall be at least a little more simple considering Master Vlad is a vampire and so am I.  Tell Jason and Selene I said hi, and if their fiances are there tell  them I said hi as well.”

“Okay, if you’re sure.”  Edana gave her sister a hug and got up.  Tempest smiled after her and got up.  She walked to the fire place and sat down.  She stared at the fire hoping to be able to stop Merwick.  She would not let another person die.  Not today, not ever.

Tempest tied back her hair and pulled out her wand.  She closed her eyes and willed herself to see into the future.

She saw Merwick kill each Mystic in turn.  She saw the path in which she herself got killed.  She went to another path.  Merwick died at her hands.  Then she willed herself to see farther.  She was standing in the same hallways.  She looked up and saw Draco stabbed by Astrea.  Next she saw herself standing up with tears streaking down her face that was filled with anger and malice and sadness.  Her sword was covered in blood.  Tempest noticed something else.  She was mortal again.  Tempest jerked her eyes open.  She couldn’t tell who’s body it was that layed on the floor at her feet.

Tempest got up and tucked her wand back into her robe.  She walked out and slowly to Master Vlad’s office.

Unlike herself, she knocked on the door and Master Vlad welcomed her in.  He stared at her in mock surprise as she sat down.

“Do you know anyone named Veronica?”

“Yes, actually I do.  I haven’t seen her in a while though.”

“Do you think you’ll be seeing her anytime soon?”


“She’s the Vampire Mystic.”

“Really?  Well I should have guessed.  Whenever she was around, fire would erupt.  It was always nice to have a glass of blood with fire on top.  You should come with me and ask around for her.”

“Hmm, can you describe her for me.”

“Red hair and green eyes.”

“Wow, and she’s a vampire.  I wonder if she’s Carmila Sanguina, oh wait she’s dead.”

“Don’t mock Astrea.”  Tempest laughed and got back up.  “Master Vlad, I need to see if I can find a book about her, just like Cecile.  I need insight on them.  Like can she live outside of her element?”

“Oh I can tell you that.  Fire can be everywhere, she can practically live anywhere.  But her power is mostly derived form blood.”

“Anything else you can tell me?”

“Veronica is sadistic and sinical.  If you tell her that she is going to die, she’ll be okay with it saying something like that is how its meant to be.  Watch she’ll say that.  Now, go, run off, is there anyplace specific you want to go?”

“Where do you think a book on her may reside?”

He sat in thought and looked at her intently.  “Did I ever tell you about the summer your mother spent with Bianca?”

“That’s way off topic Master Vlad.”

“I guess so.  Well, some taverns have bookshelves or two in the owners room, but not all.  You should probably check somewhere where vampires can room.  Alaska would probably be a likely place.”

“You’re kidding right?  Alaska?  How the bloody hell am I suppose to get to Alaska?”

He smiled wickedly and Tempest groaned.  Now she knew what she put her friends though.

“I’ll be helping you.  Or at least alert the tavern owner.   She’s an old friend of mine.  I’ll give you till next week, until then I suggest you Nila and Void should rest.”

“Understood.”  Tempest got up and walked out of the office.  Tempest walked down that stairs that led to the lake.  She needed some quiet time in the snow.

She stood there a moment and looked at the docked boats.  Only four years ago she was in one of those boats entering into safety.  Or so she thought.

The lake was frozen over.  Tempest took off her cloak and dived under the ice.  She swam in and let herself float the water.  She stared up thoughtfully and then closed her eyes.  How will I become mortal again, she asked herself.  She opened her eyes and swam in the icy water.  She broke through a distance away from school and pulled herself out from under the ice.

Tempest sat on the bank and closed her eyes to listen to the air around her.  She wasn’t alone.  Tempest jerked her eyes open and sniffed the air.  The smell was unfamiliar.  She stood up and turned around and was face to face with Merwick.


“Hello Young Tempest, how fare thee?”

“Get the bloody hell away from me.”

“Oh come now,” he said leaning on a tree.  “Is that anyway to treat an old friend, and besides don’t you want to know how I knew where you were headed?”

“We’re not friends, but the question has been on my mind so since you’re here and I know I won’t be getting rid of you, indulge me bastard.”

He sneered.  “Very well.  I listened.  You’d be surprised what advantages being an essence can be.  By the way, do you like the new body?  Usually I can only keep a body for about, two or three days, but her magic gives me power.  Wow, you wouldn’t believe how much she is screaming in here.”  He tapped his blonde headed hair and Tempest could feel herself collapsing.

“She’s still alive?”

“I absorbed her essence Young Tempest.  I thought you would have figured that out considering you can see into the future.”  He laughed harshly and stared at her with him new brown eyes.

“I hope you burn in hell.”

“I think everyone does.  But now, lets enjoy my power.”  Vine’s shot out of the ground and wound up Tempest legs.  She ripped them off one by one and stumbled onto the ice.  Seaweed shot out from below her and caused her to fall.  Tempest crawled back a couple of steps, but seaweed caught her around her waist and even though she unlatched herself form their grasp, she was already in the water being pulled by more seaweed.

Tempest tried to swim up, but it became to perilous for her.  That was when she saw it.  A thick crack between two rocks.  She swerved in and swam as fast ass she could through the passage before Merwick took control of the rocks and tried to crush her.

Tempest soon saw white above her at a distance and swam up.  To her surprise, she realized that she was in a hole.  She crawled up and soon realized that the white was snow.

Tempest poked her hands through and pulled herself up.  Once her head was through she thanked god that for once she was not human.

She pulled the rest of herself and shook off the snow that was on her.

“God, I love Divina so much right now.”  She walked from the spot and ran to the dormitory.

“Password?” hissed the dragon.

“Thestral.”  It hissed but allowed her in nonetheless.  She walked in on Chad and Divina and rolled her eyes.

“Hey love birds, have either of you seen Void or Nila?”
“I sae Void in the Great Hall eating,” said Chad.

“Last I saw of Nila she was sleeping.”


Tempest left without another word to them and walked up to the girls dormitory.  There was Nila, on Tempest bed looking at a family tree.

“You haven’t left.”

“I don’t feel like seeing the love birds making out right now.  It make same sick to my stomach and right now I don’t feel like losing my lunch.”

She smiled and Tempest laughed.

“Well move over.”  Nila moved over and Tempest sat down.  “What are you looking at?”

“Just passing the time really.  Didn’t really have anything left to do.”

“What family tree are you on now?”

“Voids.  I didn’t know him and his family were so pure.  I mean I expected as much but wow.”

“I know right.  I know his mum.  You should meet her, you would like her.”

“Hmm, maybe.”

“Finally, you two, I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

“Really?” asked Nila.

“Of course,” said Void.  He walked in and sat on the foot of the bed.  “I heard you are going to a vampire tavern in Alaska.”

“Well duh, that’s why I was trying to find you two, to tell you to get ready.”

“Uh, Zephyr, in case you may have forgotten we are not vampires, we aren’t aloud in vampire taverns,” stated Void.

“Well I’m not going alone.”

“I think Master Vlad may be planning on going with you,” said Nila.

“Really, so why didn’t he just tell me?”

“Maybe he wanted it to be a surprise,” said Nila.

“Maybe . . . oh never mind.”

Tempest sat in bed and shuffled her hair.  She was really missing her purple.


The time came when Master Vlad called Tempest up to his office.  She was dressed all in black and red and walked into the office.  Stella and Serena were there on either side of his desk staring at her arrogantly.

“What are you two doing here?”’

“We’re going either you of course,” stated Stella.

“Yes.  We have to help avenge Gorx.  He was innocent and . . . “

“Enough Serena.  Look, you aren’t going alone and we are going to help no matter what you say.  We have to help avenge Gorx.”

“Uh okay.”

“Brilliant, now if you three wouldn’t mind I would like to send you on your way please.”  They nodded.  “All right then, Stella you first, then you Serena, then you Zephyr.  I’ve already informed the owner of your arrival so just say Blood Fire Tavern.”

They nodded and one by one they entered the fire place and slid into the tavern.

Stella and Serena helped Tempest up and she looked around.

“Well, well, Vlad told me three young girls would be coming to see me.”  They are turned around, and at the bar stood a woman with fire-red hair and jade green eyes.  Tempest eyes widened.

“You’re the Fire Mystic.”

“The name’s Veronica.”

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