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A.N. The changed writing is Harry's POV

It had been weeks since James had seen Harry and he was getting anxious. Sure he had seen glimpses of him in classes he wasn't lucky enough to see him flying on his broom yet.

"Hey Prongs guess what I've just seen" Sirius exclaimed excitedly as he arrived back at their camp.

"What did you see?" James replied unenthusiastically

"They’re setting up the pitch for a match and there is a ton of students on the stands and guess who's playing." he said almost jumping up and down.

"Who?" came James' short reply

"Gryffindor versus Hufflepuff"

"What? Harry's playing, cool, hang on I thought that it was Gryffindor versus Slytherin in the first match." James replied excited and confused.

"I don't know come on were going to miss the match." Sirius said sprinting flat out toward the stadium.

By the time the teams came out the sky was pouring with rain. James could just about see Harry as he came staggering out onto the field. An hour into the game and the snitch still hadn't been caught everyone was flying like first years and Harry was nearly knocked out by two bludgers. James could now see properly as he had put a spell on his glasses to repel water.

Half time was called and James could see Hermione do something to Harry's glasses, and they were back up in the air, James could now see how well Harry flied and thought he was better than himself.
He watched in amazement as Harry ducked in between players, dodged bludgers easily and zoomed after the snitch.

Harry had nearly caught the snitch when Dementors swooped onto the grounds. James' insides froze as he watched them fly after Harry, Harry ducking and diving between players and trying to out fly the Dementors. Horrified he watched as suddenly Harry fell from at least 150 feet, his back arched, his arms and legs were flailing about. He fell at an unbelievable pace and was feet from the ground when Harry slowed down and hit the ground with a soft thud. James wanted to rush forward but Sirius held him back, and dragged him off to their camp

"What were you thinking James? You could've blown our whole cover" Sirius shouted

"I wasn't thinking, I had just seen my thirteen year old son falling from a 150 feet, and I was powerless to do anything, I just wanted to help him." James said solemnly. Sirius was slightly surprised to see that James had tears in his eyes and was shaking.

"I know, I wanted to help two but imagine how he would feel if his father who had been dead for twelve years suddenly appeared when he was in danger."

"Confused, angry I know but I’m sorry it was just my fatherly instincts kicking in".

It was a further week before James saw Harry again and it was in a lesson with Remus that he saw him. It was a sunny day and James and Sirius were lying under a tree watching Remus teach the third year Gryffindor’s about Gryndilows. Remus was standing watching the third years trying to catch them when he suddenly looked into the distance and started smiling. He called Hermione's name and pointed toward the hill. James looked in the direction he was pointing and smiled. He nudged Sirius and pointed him in the same direction as Remus, Sirius also broke into a smile, walking down the hill was a fully healthy Harry.

James watched as Hermione gave Harry a hug and Remus filled him in on what he had to do and he watched as Hermione caught a Gryndilow and they headed for the tree in which they were sitting. James and Sirius moved out of the way just in time as Harry's bag landed on the place James had been.

"So Harry how are you feeling?" Hermione asked concerned

"I’m fine just a little tired." He replied trying to sketch the Gryndilow

"The Quidditch team will be pleased your back they were wetting themselves." Ron said smirking.

"Ron honestly is that all you think about?  Harry needs his rest" Hermione replied shrilly.

"Mione I'm fine, stop worrying, anyway my nimbus was smashed when I fell, so I will be on one of the school brooms and there’s no chance of me getting very far on one of those." He said he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, got up and went towards Remus leaving Hermione blushing.


"Did you see that James? He's just like you" Sirius laughed as they went back to their hideout.

"Yeah, I was thinking what if we tell him soon?" James replied.

"What are you mad how do you think you are going to do that?" Sirius shrieked.

"Maybe, but I think it's time for you to make yourself known to Wormtail." James replied

"Ok we are going to have to plan this carefully, but after Christmas."

"Ok" James sighed. "Oh I want to get Harry a Firebolt for Christmas."

"That kid is going to end up spoiled by you isn't he?" Sirius said

"Of course I have twelve years to catch up on." James chuckled then he suddenly frowned.

"I wonder what he'll think of me returning, I can hardly believe it myself never mind a thirteen year old trying to."

"James he's going to love you trust me, he'll be a little scared and angry at first obviously but I think that given a little time he'll come around to the idea." Sirius said reassuringly.

James smiled as they settled down for a bit of rest when they heard the snapping of a twig.

"What was that?" they said in unison.

They then heard voices, unmistakeable voices. Panicked they scrambled to their feet and vanished their stuff; they put invisibility charms on themselves and hid behind the tree.

"Professor?" Harry said.


"You know the way, Dementors keep attacking me?"


"Well can you teach me how to fight against them?" He asked.

"Harry, I don't pretend to be an expert at this sort of stuff, and the defence spell is at a level most grown men can't even master." Lupin replied.

"Please I've got to try." He pleaded sitting on a large boulder. "I... I'm sick of hearing my parents pleading for my life." He said softly looking at the ground trying to hold back the tears that were threatening to leak from his eyes.

"You hear them?" Lupin asked astonished.

"Mostly my mum bu...but last time they attacked I....I heard my dad" He stuttered trying desperately to keep his voice form wavering.

"You heard James?" Lupin asked in a whisper.

"You knew him?" Harry asked slightly excited.

"Yeah we were good friends at Hogwarts"

"He died first didn't he?" Harry asked.

"Unfortunately" Lupin replied.

"He was always fiercely protective of you, and your mum but with you he wouldn't let anyone he didn't trust near you and they both always came to you when you called”

"I would've like to of known them, especially dad since everybody says I'm so like him."

"You are in many ways, especially in looks department you've inherited everything apart from his eyes, you're like a carbon copy of him but you are also a lot like your mother in the sense of personality." he replied smiling.

"So will you help me?" Harry asked again.

"Alright but after Christmas, I need a bit of rest." Lupin replied as they walked off.

"Looks like they've bonded well..." Sirius said as he and James fixed their setting.

"Mmm..." James replied.

"Prongs what's wrong?" Sirius asked concerned.

"I can't believe he heard us dyeing" he replied weakly.

"I can't understand how hard that must be for him but we will make it better, I promise.”

"You know all through the time Voldemort was attacking us I only thought of him." James said.


"Yeah, I always thought about Lils and always tried to protect her but I knew she could defend herself but Harry was a defenceless baby and all I could think about was protecting Harry, and that he must not kill my baby boy".

"Look you did your best and Harry will see that when the time comes…" Sirius replied and they settled down once more letting sleep overcome them.

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