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          A couple of weeks passed and but nothing bad had happened.  Tempest walked around, mostly barefoot in the autumn weather looking around, hoping to find Merwick and take care of him.

She walked back into the house and looked at Nila who looked at her questionably.


“Aren’t we supposed to be studying?”

“For what?”

“The OWLs?”

“We don’t have to take them till next year.”


“Every school assigns the OWL for two years before graduation.”


“Yeah, because all schools have different lengths.  Hogwarts has seven years, we have eight, and some schools have less or more than that.  It also makes it a little easier for the Ministry to oversee.”

“Oh.  Wow, I feel stupid.”  Nila laughed.

“You should,” said Void eating a bunch of cheery’s.  He spit a pit into her hair.

“God you’re a pig!”

“What’s new.”  Nila pouted and turned her back to him.  Tempest watched him smile and hold out a strawberry vine over her face.  “I’m sorry.”

Nila turned her head and took the vine.  “You are forgiven.”  Tempest sat down and watched Void as he sat down next to Nila.

“Hey, hand me a strawberry.”

“Okay . . . uh hey . . . wait has anyone seen Cecile?”  They looked at each other then ran out of the house.

“Cecile!  Cecile!”

“Zephyr, we have to separate!” yelled Void.

“Right, first one to find her send up sparks.”  They all nodded and ran off into different directions.

“Cecile!  Come on answer me!  Cecile!  Cecile!  Oh god please be alive!  Cecile! Cecile!”  Tempest looked up into the sky and saw red sparks.  Tempest ran into the direction thankful of her vampiric speed  and soon saw Nila cradling Cecile and pointing her wand at a man.


“Ah Young Tempest, how are you?  Fine I hope.”

“I’d be better if you would just stay dead.  Nila, how is she?”

“She’s still breathing but he tore of her symbol and she’s bleeding badly.”

“Apply pressure to the wound.  Merwick what are you doing here?”

“I think you know the answer to that remarkably stupid question Young Tempest.  Have you had a fun year?  I heard being a Death Eater take a lot of time.”

“You take a lot of time.  I’m lucky I pass the school year considering I blow off half the year trying to deal with you.”

He smiled.  “If you would just let me kill you thinks would be much easier I promise.”

Tempest ears twitched.  “Good luck with that.”

“Stupefy!”  Tempest looked at Void and watched as Merwick was flung against a tree.  Void ran and picked up Cecile.

They ran back to the house and layed Cecile down on the ground.  Tempest stood with her back against Nila with their wands ready as they guarded Void and Cecile.

“Void, have you healed her yet?”

“The spell I’m using isn’t working as well as it should, but it is working.”

“What I don’t get is why he only took her symbol, not that I’m not happy that that’s all he took,” said Nila.

“It’s the symbol of her immortality.  That’s how he plans on killing them.  By taking their symbols then murdering them.”

“Zephyr, she’s healed.”

“Thank god.  We should get her to school.  She’s lost a lot of blood.”

“We can’t though, we’re safe here,” said Nila.

“Not anymore.  Only she and those she invited were.  He carries her symbol so he can now enter, so we’re as safe here as we are at school.”

“We have ro get her to school,” said Void picking her up.  Nila nodded and cast Apparatus and Tempest and Void followed.

They were in the Infirmary and Madame Paper hurried to their sides.

“Oh dear, what on Earth happened?”

“Merwick.  You two take care of her, I’m gonna go get Mistress Starlet.”

They both nodded and she ran to the school grounds.  She was having a class right now and Tempest swore under her breath.  Everyone stared at her as she ran and Bianca looked alarmed.

“Miss Nyx?”

“Cecile . . . she’s in the Infirmary.”  Mistress Starlet ran and she followed.

“What happened,” she yelled.

“Merwick caught us off guard.  He sliced off her symbol.  All he has to do now is kill her.”  Bianca’s eyes flared and she lead the way to the Infirmary.

“The school is very well protected.  Thank you for bringing her here immediately.”
“No problem,” said Nila.  Void glared at her tone and she looked away.

“Well we’ll be in our dorm.  Let us know if she wakes up.”

Tempest sat on Void’s bed with Void and Nila.

“She’s not safe here.”

“Then where is she safe?” asked Nila.

“I don’t know.  Frankly I can’t wait till the holidays arrive, during the holidays we can keep a better eye on her.  Keep her safe.”

“Do you know how freaking hard and stressing it is being her friend,” said Void.

“What’s your point?”

“No point, just stating a fact.”

“Well shut up Zombie boy.”

“Oh come on, you know you I love you.”  Suddenly Artemis jumped onto the bed and  curled up on Void.

“I think your cat is jealous,” remarked Nila.

“Hmm, maybe she is.  But hey I love all of you guys.”

“You sound like you’re drunk.”

“I think I may have eaten a lot of grapes.”  He laughed and suddenly stopped.  Tempest and Nila were staring at him.  “I’m just acting Nimrods.”

“You’re an idiot,” said Nila.  She kicked his leg but he just laughed.

“Anyway, do you think she’ll be safe here,” asked Void.

“I’m not.  Void, Nila, I think Merwick can get to her.”  She bit on her lower lip in anger.  “I bet he’s in her house as we speak.  The thought sickens me.”

“Try not to think about it Zephyr,” said Nila.


“Miss Nyx,” came Mistress Starlet voice.  Tempest looked at her.  “Cecile is awake.”

“Oh, well okay, I’ll be right down.”  Tempest got off the bed and followed after3 Mistress Starlet.

Back in the Infirmary, Tempest walked over to Cecile who looked pale and sickly.

“Cecile?  Are you . . . all right?”

She laughed.  “You didn’t want to ask that did you.  I don’t blame you, that is an awfully redundant question.”

“You don’t like it here do you?”

“I need to live in a forest or someplace . . . earthy.”  An idea hit Tempest.

“What about swamps?”

Cecile looked at her questionably and smiled.  “Swamps?  Well sure, I love swamps if I can’t go back home.”

“Brilliant I know the perfect place then.  I’ll come and get you when you feel up to it, all right.”  Cecile nodded.  “Brilliant.”

Tempest ran of to go find Zoltron and Hydra.  She found them in the Great Hall.  She ran to them and was with them in seconds.

“Hey love birds, I need a favour.”

“What,” groaned Zoltron.

“You know that girl in the Infirmary,” she said whispering so low that only they could hear.


“Well she’s the Earth Mystic and Merwick took away her immortality.  I need to get her to the Swamp.  I need you two to be my fellow eyes and ears.  I mean even though Nilavoid and I are excellent, we have to take every precaution.  So, will you help?”

“You know we will, just one question.  Nilavoid?” said Hydra.   Tempest laughed.

“Yeah, something I came up with.”  She stopped laughing.  “Don’t tell a soul, they’ll kill me, or at least try.”  They nodded.  “Oh hey Hydra, hows studying for the OWLs going?”

“Don’t even mention it,” she groaned.

“Oh don’t worry, you still have the rest of the year to study.”

“That’s the only good part.  Now shoo, go play with Nilavoid.”  They all laughed and Tempest ran back to the dormitory.  Hopefully, everything would work out.


A few nights passed and Cecile was ready to travel.

In the dead of night, they all met in the Infirmary.  All the drapes were closed and the only light came from Tempest wand.  Everyone cast the seeing spell then the invisibility spell.  They needed to get Cecile to safety.

They walked to the forest, careful of the trees.

They were nearing the arc, Tempest could see it.  She knew Demenshia would take care of her.  She trusted Demenshia.  Tempest could almost smell the swampy air  when something hit her.  She flung against a tree and so did everyone else.  Tempest reversed the two spells on everyone and looked around.  Because everyone was flung against trees, the trees were flinging around.

Everyone was dodging left and right.  Tempest looked around for Cecile.  She was crawling toward the arc.

Tempest tried to run to her but she couldn’t go fast enough with the trees swinging around.  When she looked up someone was holding Cecile a type of dagger tipped wand.  No, she thought.  Tempest got up and ran, but Merwick was to quick for her.  He pulled out his wand and blew her back.  When Tempest looked back up, Merwick was gone and Cecile was lying on the ground.

“NO!”  Tempest ran to her and shook her again and again but to no avail.  After everything.  After all the precautions, she had failed.  The trees had finally calmed and she got up and went to pick up Cecile.  She was limp and lifeless and walked from the forest.

Waiting for her back at school was Mistress Starlet.  Tempest couldn’t look up at her, she couldn’t bear to see the pain and anguish in her eyes.

“Give her here Tempest,” she heard her say.  Tempest did so and finally looked up to see Mistress Starlet walking away and the limp head of Cecile bump up and down.  Someone came up and hugged her.  She looked up at Zoltron and hugged him back, crying like a thunderstorm.

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