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          Tempest watched Mistress Starlet start to squirm in her seat of her once old home.  Her past was a secret to all.  Whatever happened so long was a mystery.  Tempest had to wonder how she even got into the Nightmare Academy considering her fathers side hated dark wizards.

“Bianca, I haven’t seen you si—“

“Go ahead, say it,” she snarled.

“Well since you ran away then.”

“You helped me, you snuck me onto the platform.  Have I ever thank you for that?”

“You lived there didn’t you, at the Nightmare Academy?”

Tempest, Nila and Void stared at her but she ignored them and stared at her brother.  “Yes.”

“Hmm, well how can I help you.  My wife and kids are getting some food for dinner.  I hope you can stay to meet your niece and nephew Biana.”

Bianca squirmed.  “I guess I can stay.  How old are they.”

“They both start school next year.”

“Which school do you want to send them to?”

“My wife fears Hogwarts because of the danger posed by the Dark Lord.  I was thinking the Nightmare Academy.  She is still thinking on it though, I’m sure though that once she meets these three . . . I don’t want to say children.”

“It’s okay, go ahead,” said Tempest smiling.

“All right then, children, she will agree to send them to the Nightmare Academy.  Now if I understand correctly, you are looking for the Earth Mystic?”


“Hmm.  No one has seen her in years.  People have tried calling for her but she has not come.  Usually you could call her by her name and she would appear, but no longer.”

“How do you know she’s still here then?”

“The harvest still grows like always.  I still believe that something is wrong.”

“Well does anyone know where she lives?”

“Yes.”  He looked at his twin sister who glared back at him.

“Mistress Starlet?”

“Why do you think I insisted on coming Young Tempest.  Yes I’ve been to her house.  I ran away often.  One time got lost.  Cecile found me.”  All of a sudden  vines started up the walls.


“Yes Archer?”

“She recognizes you.”

“I can see that.”

A door opened and everyone looked at the doorway.

“Honey . . . oh sorry.  Hello I’m Gardenia.”  She extended her hand towards Bianca.  She stood up and shook it.

“Hello, I’m Bianca.”

“Oh, so you’re Archer’s sister.  It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, I was beginning to wonder if my husband even had a twin sister.”  She laughed and finally looked at the Tempest, Nila and Void.  “And whom might you be?”

“Hello I’m Tempest Artemisa Nyx.”

“Nila Cerdwin.”

“Void Dermot.”  They all shook hands and smiled at Gardenia.

“Well it’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Adrian speaks so fondly of you three whenever we invite him over for dinner.  Would you like to meet my children?”

“Of course,” answered Bianca for all of them.

“Brilliant.  Luciana!  Luke!  Come here please.”

Two kids with black hair and gold eyes each came into the room and stood on either side of their mother.

“Luciana, Luke I would like you two to meet your Aunt Bianca Starlet.”

Bianca smiled and bent down.

“Hello.  Did you know that I’m your fathers twin sister?”

“You don’t look like it,” said Luke.

“I know.  His white hair makes him look like an old man.  Soon your hair’s going to turn white as well.”  She laughed and so did Luciana.

“I don’t want to turn into an old man!”

“Oh don’t worry, that won’t happen for a very long time.”

Tempest looked at Void and Nila.  Seeing Mistress Starlet this emotional and friendly was odd, if not fightingly creepy.  Tempest coughed slightly.

“Ah yes.  Children these three students attend the Nightmare Academy and you’re aunt is a teacher there,” said Archer.  His wife’s pleasant smile faltered and she quickly looked at her husband.

“Archer, an I please speak to you in private, in the kitchen.”

“Of course.  I’ll be right back.”  They sat down in silence.

“So—–” began Tempest.

“What do you kids like to do?” asked Nila.

“We like to play in the woods,” said Luciana.

“Really?  I like to climb trees and collect flowers.  I always make a circlet of flowers.  Do you do that?”

“She does, I don’t.  I like to climb trees said,” said Luke.

“Cool. What kind of trees?”
“I climbed a Whomping Willow once.  My mum got mad at me because she says that I could have been killed.  I think she’s overreacting.”

“She was not!  You almost got me killed.”

“Hush you two, siblings shouldn’t bicker.  Now Luciana, what type of flowers do you like?”

“Roses.  Violets.  Lilies.  Petunias.  Anything I can really find.  I like drinking the honey out of honeysuckles.”

“So do I,” squealed Nila.

“I like your hair.”

“Why thank you.  My entire family has hair like this, but some don’t have the natural black highlights.”

“Your eyes are pretty,” said Luke.

“Why thank you, so are yours.”  Nila shuffled his hair and sat back and smiled at them all.  Tempest rolled her eyes and Void laughed.

“Dinners ready!” called Gardenia.

“Come children,” said Mistress Starlet.  She stood up and Tempest, Void and Nila followed along with Luciana and Luke.

“Sit please,” said Gardenia.

“Mommy, can we go to the Nightmare Academy?” asked Luciana sitting down.

“You don’t want to go to Hogwarts?”  They  shook their heads.  “Well all right then.  Next year you two will go to the Nightmare Academy.”  She stiffened in he seat and Tempest watched Bianca smile.

“A toast then.”  She raised her glass and ignored her brothers glare.  Tempest, Nila and Void exchanged worried looks but raised their glasses up warily ready to bring them down immediately.  Archer raised his glass and so did Luciana and Luke, and reluctantly, so did Gardenia.

“To the Nightmare Academy!”

“To the Nightmare Academy!” chanted everyone following.

“Brilliant, now lets eat, tomorrow I’ll take you three to Cecile’s house, its far to late now.”

“Uh okay,” said Tempest.  She looked at Void and Nila.  They were suddenly very frightened of Mistress Starlet, more than ever.


They were walking into the woods.  Mistress Starlet was walking calmly, often forgetting that Tempest and her friend were even there.  Tempest ducked under branches and stopped over overgrown roots.

“Mistress Starlet, are we getting close?” asked Tempest.

“Be patient Miss Nyx.  Patience is a virtue your mother lacked.”

“No disrespect, Bianca, but you’re not exactly perfect yourself.”  Mistress Starlet stopped walked and stared at her.

“Follow me Miss Nyx.”  Tempest did so with clenched fist.

Finally after hours of walked they stood at the door of a house with vines growing from it in various directions.  Tempest watched Mistress Starlet walk up to the door and knocked once.

“Cecile!”  No one answered.  “Cecile you’re in danger!  Cecile open your damn door!”  The door swung open and Mistress Starlet took a step back.  Staring at her furiously was a young girl.

“You dare speak to me like that Bianca Aria Starlet!  And people wonder why I don’t go to the village.  No one respects the Earth anymore!”  She finally took notice of Tempest, Nila and Void and looked at them coldly.  “Whom might you be?”  Her eyes went to the necklace on Tempest neck and her eyes flared.  “Where did you get that?!”

“The Lady of the Lake gave it to me.”

“Get in my house . . . all of you.”

“You’ve become angry Cecile.”

“Quiet Bianca.”

Everyone walked into the house and Cecile ordered them all to sit.  They sat on the ground since there was no furniture.

“What do you want?”

“You’re in danger.  Merwick is going to kill you and your sisters,” said Bianca.  Cecile laughed harshly.

“I’m immortal, I cannot die.   Now, did the Lady give you any other gifts?”

“She gave my friend here an emerald ring and my other friend an onyx wristband.”

“What?!  How dare she give mere mortals such powerful gifts!”

“I beg you pardon, but I am very talented when using my ring!” yelled Nila.  “And he uses he wristband resourcefully!  I’ll have you know that we stopped Merwick from releasing Tempest from her prison!”

“You dare speak her name?!”


“Nila enough!” yelled Tempest.  “Look we don’t mean to be disrespectful but what she says is true.”

“It cannot be.  She can only be released by a direct descendant of Arthur who holds Excaliber.  Merwick is not of his blood and Excaliber has been lost in the ages of time since the battle between Mordred and Arthur.”

“Its not lost, I have it.”  Tempest unleashed its power and Cecile stared at her in awe.

“You are a descendant, but how?”
“Mordred had two children.  One good in which the sword was passed down through and one evil in which the carried the essence of Morgan Le Fay.  I carry her essence ass well as that of Merlin, and my mother stole Excaliber from my cousins family, leaving only him alive.  Merwick found him and used him.  We are all that’s left of Morgan and Arthurs blood.”

“I do not believe you.”

“Cecile believe the girl!”

“Why should I?  Just because she can unleash the swords power?  I believe she is a descendant of Morgan but nothing more!”

“I released Merlin from his prison!  I am his descendant and I carry Morgans essence!  You should believe me because I have come to save you!  What has happened to make you so cold.

“Tempest—” warned Bianca.

“How dare you!  People neglect me!  They disrespect me everyday!  I have this right to be cold!”  Tempest stood up and looked around.  The house seemed to be blooming in her rage.  Her power was unmeasurable.

“Talk to your mother then . . . Cecile.  I have seen your death because I can see into the future.  You should listen to me.  Otherwise, this, you, are a waste of my time.”

“Get out and wait for me.  I will speak to both of my mothers.  GET OUT!”

Tempest flinched but walked out calmly.  She sat against a tree with her friends and Mistress Starlet stared at her.

“You are a lucky girl Tempest.  I mean that had anyone else talked to her that way they would have be buried alive.”

“Yeah, I’m trying to count my blessing,” said Tempest warily.  All that screaming had taken a toll on her.


Tempest didn’t know how long she had been asleep when Void nudged her awake.  She looked around as she temporarily forgot where she was.  She quickly remembered when she saw Cecile standing arrogantly.

“I talked to my mothers . . . all you have said is true.  Forgive me for my attitude before Tempest Artemisa Nyx.”

“It’s all right, really.”

“So, if I’m to understand correctly, Merwick wants to kill my sisters and me so that he will have the power to kill you?”

“Yes, that’s correct,” she said sadly.

“Bianca, is there any save place for me?”

“Here.  No one knows you are here, so it  would be best if you stay here.”

“Why are you so sure it is that he will kill first?”

“You were murdered first in my vision.”

“What a pity, its not enough that mere mortals break my heart every time they disrespect me but a wizard wants my life.  I’m sorry to tell you though that I do not know where my sisters are, that is something that was lost to me in the ages, something that you will also have to find I fear.  Veronica though, I may have some idea.  She loves blood bars.  She chose the life of a vampire.  Look around blood bars and you should be sure to find her eventually.

“Thank you.”

She smiled and beckoned then to follow her inside.  Mistress Starlet refused saying that she had to go back to school.  Tempest fell to the  ground and stared blindly around.

“Is something wrong Young Tempest?”

She shook her head.  “I just need some sleep.”

“Sleep then.”  Tempest smiled and closed her eyes wishing for a blissful sleep.

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