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Disclaimer: See the other chapters. AN: Thank you to everyone who reviewed. We hope you enjoy this chapter! Chapter 7 It was finally the 1st of September and Harry was excited. He would meet his friends today. Dumbledore hadn’t allowed him to go to Kings Cross, but the Headmaster had allowed him to meet the others at Hogsmeade. Harry was glad because he wanted to see Hermione and Ron as soon as possible. He was also glad because this way most of the other students wouldn’t notice that Harry hadn’t been on the train. Harry was standing with Hagrid, waiting for the train to arrive. The evening was chilly and Harry had his new black cloak with the hood up. He chuckled as he thought how Hagrid had startled when Harry had come to the station. 'I guess he thought I was a Death Eater.' The train arrived and people started to come out. Ron was easy enough to find due to his flaming hair. Hermione was with him. Harry lowered his hood and walked towards them. “Hello, Hermione. Ron,” He said smiling. “Harry!” They both exclaimed. “You look so different! Never mind that, how are you Harry?” Hermione said hugging Harry tightly. “I’m fine, Hermione. It’s good to see you both.” Seeing Hermione was about to start a flow of questions Harry continued “Let’s find an empty chariot. I’ll tell you everything there.” As they stepped inside a chariot Harry saw Ginny getting in one with Neville and Luna. Ron must have told her we wanted to be alone. Inside the chariot Harry sat down. He saw Ron’s and Hermione’s waiting expressions and sighed. “Okay. What do you want to know?” He asked. “Everything.” They said in unison. ********* The trio was still arguing when the Sorting started. Well at least Harry and Hermione were. Ron was being unusually wise and stayed mostly quiet. Harry had told them everything that had happened during the summer. He was getting angry at Hermione because she didn’t seem to believe Harry. “Voldemort couldn’t have used the killing curse, Harry!” She said whispering as loudly as she dared. “Are you saying I imagined it all?!” Harry whispered back. It was lucky they were sitting at the very end of the table nearest to the teachers. Otherwise everyone would have heard their ^quiet^ whispers. “No, but you couldn’t have survived it. I mean all your relatives are dead…” “Yes, I’m quite aware of that fact!” Harry nearly shouted. They were getting looks from the professors now. “I’m sorry, Harry. I didn’t mean it like that.” Hermione said quietly. “I know. Look, could we just drop this OK?” Harry asked tiredly. “Sure. Oh, we missed the Sorting.” She said. They had indeed missed the Sorting. Dumbledore stood up and they stopped talking to hear what he was saying. It was mostly the usual about Voldemort being back and how the Houses should work together. Filch had once again added more items to the list of prohibited artefacts. Harry was pretty sure that most of them were Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. He was brought back to attention when Hermione whispered in his ear. “Where’s the new DADA teacher?” As soon as she finished the sentence, Dumbledore motioned towards the empty chair. “As some of you have noticed our new Defence against the Dark Arts Professor hasn’t arrived yet. I think I’ll keep the identity a surprise. Don’t worry you’ll find it out tomorrow.” Immediately students started guessing who the new professor might be. “Now, let us eat!” Dumbledore finished and food appeared on the tables. “I wonder who the new teacher will be.” Ron mumbled his mouth already full of food. “Don’t care, as long as it’s someone who knows what he’s doing.” Harry said helping himself some pie. “Yes, I can’t think of anything worse than a bad teacher.” Hermione said seriously. “Really?” Harry asked raising an eye brow. How about Voldemort for starters! “Stop it, Harry! You look just like Snape!” Ron sputtered. Harry was about to answer Ron when they heard a loud coughing coming from the Head Table. They looked at the professors and saw what appeared to be a choking Snape. McGonagall was hitting him on the back and Dumbledore was offering him some water. “What’s wrong with Snape?” Ron wondered. “Probably just saw Malfoy’s ugly face.” Harry said deadpan. They all laughed at that and Harry forgot all his troubles. Everything was back to normal again. At the Head Table “Are you alright, Severus?” Dumbledore asked the still coughing head of Slytherin. “I’m fine, Albus. It was the pumpkin juice.” “Are you sure it didn’t have anything to do with one certain Gryffindor?” Minerva asked him. “I said it was the pumpkin juice.” Severus replied glaring at her. 'Stupid Weasley!' ********* The following morning Harry was sitting alone eating his breakfast. “Harry, where are…” “I don’t need glasses anymore, alright!” Harry shot and turned to see whom the voice belonged to. “Oh, it’s you Ginny. Sorry. It’s just that everyone keep asking me about my glasses and stuff.” He said sheepishly. “It’s okay.” She said and sat down beside Harry. “I almost forgot. Congratulations on becoming a prefect! He said to Ginny. “Thank you!” the youngest Weasley said grinning. “Now, before you interrupted me, I was going to ask you if you know where Ron and Hermione are.” “They’re getting the timetables from McGonagall to hand them out. Oh, here they come.” Harry said seeing Ron and Hermione approach the table. They greeted Harry and Ginny and sat down. “Looks like we’ll find out soon who the new professor is.” Ron said pointing at the timetable. Their first lesson was DADA. “Hey, we only have two lessons today! Double DADA followed by Transfiguration.” He continued cheerily. “Easy for you to say. I still have Arithmancy and Ancient Runes after that.” Hermione said sighing. “Well no one told you to take so many subjects.” Ron said. Hermione shot Ron a dirty look and didn’t say anything until for the rest of the breakfast. When they arrived at the DADA classroom the door was already open. They went inside and took places. The new professor wasn’t there yet. They hadn’t been there long when the door slammed shut and Professor Snape entered striding quickly to the desk in front of the class. Harry like the rest of the class was stunned and not happy to see Snape. However if they were shocked to see Snape was the new DADA teacher, it was nothing compared to the shock they got when the professor started to laugh. Ron was gagging like a fish and Neville had nearly fainted. Suddenly Snape started to change form and soon his robes were too big and his hair changed colour. When the transformation was complete Harry recognized the new ‘Snape’. “Tonks!” “Wotcher, Harry!” She said to him smiling. “You should have seen your faces!” She said to the whole class still grinning. “As you may have realized, I’m your new DADA teacher.” She continued with a more serious tone. “My name is Nymphadora Tonks, but don’t you dare call me that! I don’t feel old enough to be called Professor so just call me Tonks. OK? Good. No let’s begin. Who can tell me the differences between me and the real Professor Snape?” She asked and turned into the Snape look-alike once more. “Beside the voice, of course. “ She added as an afterthought. The class laughed at this. Her voice really didn’t fit Snape’s menacing looks. “Yes, Hermione?” Tonks asked when Hermione’s hand went in the air. “You’re not as tall as he is and you eyes aren’t the same colour.” Hermione replied calmly. “Very good, ten points to Gryffindor. A Metamorphmagus, which by the way is what we’re studying today, has limitations concerning height and weight change. As for the eye colour, I could change them but it takes a lot of energy, so I usually don’t bother. She changed back to herself and they started taking notes about Metamorphmagi and how to recognize them. ********* “Finally, we have a DADA professor who knows what she is doing and who is nice.” Hermione said to Harry and Ron as they left the classroom. The lesson had been excellent. Tonks was a good teacher and everyone was looking forward to the next class. “Yeah. I wish all the teachers would be as funny as she is. I mean our Transfiguration lesson is bound to be boring.” Ron said gloomily. “Ron! Don’t say you forgot already.” Hermione said sharply. “What?” He responded looking confused. “We have a prefects meeting. We’re going to miss the next lesson. Actually we should be going.” “Oh, right. Well, see you after the class Harry.” Ron said and sounded a bit happier at the thought of missing McGonagall’s lesson. “Okay, I’ll see you then.” Harry replied and walked towards the Transfiguration classroom. Harry took his place in the front end of the classroom. He was placing his books and quill on the desk when he noticed a girl from Ravenclaw standing beside him. She was quite pretty with dark brown hair and the bluest eyes Harry had ever seen. “Hi. Is this seat taken?” She said motioning to the chair next to Harry’s. “No. Go ahead.” Harry replied and moved his bag from the chair. “Thanks. I’m Adelid by the way, but call me Adel.” She said smiling. “Harry. Harry Potter.” He said feeling somewhat embarrassed. “Yes, I know.” Adel said grinning and turned to look at Professor McGonagall who had just arrived. 'Of course she knows who you are, you idiot!' Harry thought to himself. McGonagall assigned them to work in pairs. Adel was a true Ravenclaw and she and Harry finished their task in no time. Since there was nothing else to do they started talking. Harry found out Adel was a muggleborn and that she had been at Beauxbatons for the first three years. That explains why I didn’t remember her. She also had an excellent sense of humour. At one pint they had actually laughed so much, McGonagall took five points from both of them for disturbing the class. When the lesson ended, they parted to go to their own Common Rooms. Harry felt a strange emptiness inside of him as he watched the brown haired Ravenclaw disappear around the corner. ********* Ron was already sitting in the Gryffindor Common Room when Harry entered. “Where’s Hermione?” Harry asked looking around the room. “She has Arithmancy, remember?” Ron replied. “Right.” “Nearly Headless Nick was looking for you. He told me Dumbledore wants to meet you in his office.” “Do you know why?” “No, Nick didn’t say anything. Hey, maybe it has something to do with your Quidditch ban!” Ron said sounding excited. “Maybe. I completely forgot to ask him about that during the summer. Well I better get going.” Harry walked to the Headmaster’s office, feeling a bit anxious. 'I doubt Dumbledore would invite me to his office just to talk about Quidditch…' “Skiving Snackbox.” He said to the gargoyle and walked up the staircase. When he entered the office he noticed there was someone sitting in the chair in front of Dumbledore’s desk. “Remus!” To be continued… Please review!! They really encourage us.

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