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I had it all, power, prestige, fancy clothes, and expensive jewelry. It was all mine. Nearly everyone envied me and even more people respected me. There were only two people who didn’t. One was myself and the other was the man I loved.

I had always been a humble girl with not much to boast about but after the war that changed. I was praised and showered with gifts, honors, and awards for everything I had done to help our side. It all went to my head and I became arrogant and selfish. Much like the boy I had so despised back at Hogwarts. If only I had known what it was going to turn me into I would’ve given it all back. But now I won't give it up for anything. I was no longer true to myself. It made me fake. Everything was fake. I was surrounded by fake people with fake smiles in a fake world. The only things real in my life were the looks of disgust and pity from him and the cold diamonds I often wore around my neck and on my fingers.

I spent almost every night out. I would get all dressed up and put on my diamonds. Some days I would put on other jewels but I always had at least one diamond some where on me. It was a comfort to have something real with me when I was surrounded by so much fake.

Some nights I saw him. He was the only one left of my old life. The others had moved away, determined that they wanted a quiet life. Only he stayed. He stayed for me, or at least he had at the beginning.

Since we were the only ones left we were expected to be seen together. At parties, dinners, and anywhere else we went. We were also expected to be seen everywhere. We did what was expected of us, for a while at least.

Eventually he told me he was done. He said he wanted a quiet life or at least quieter then what it was now. I argued. I told him we had to do what was expected of us. I told him we had to do it for the others but I was lying. I had wanted to do it for me. I’d had everything I’d ever wanted and I didn’t want to give it up.

He told me I could stay if I wanted to, it was my decision but he was leaving. He told me he was sorry things had to end like this. I didn’t know what he was talking about I mean it wasn’t forever. We were still gonna see each other and talk. We were still dating or so I thought.

As he got ready to leave he seemed distracted, like he was fighting an inner battle. He started for the door but then he stopped. He walked over to the table, pulled something out of his pocket, and laid it on the table. Then he turned to me and looked me directly in the eye before he said “I won’t see you again until I can see the old you.” Then he walked out.

I slowly made my way to the table and looked down at what he had left. It was a ring. A beautiful diamond engagement ring. It took me several long minutes before I realized what that meant. He was going to propose to me. He loved me. But now he was gone because I was not the women he fell in love with.

I’ve worn this ring everyday since he left. Two years and I have not seen him once. He kept his word. I am the same woman I was when he left and I won’t have him till I am not.

I won’t get to hear his voice. I miss listening to him argue with me and then hearing him say he was sorry and that it was all his fault anyway. I miss the soft tone he would take before he kissed me. I wish that I could just hear him say he loved me one more time. All I can hear is the gentle tap of my fingers against the diamonds.

I won’t get to see him. I miss his eyes, his hair, his smile, his everything. I miss looking into his blue eyes and seeing all the love in them. I miss seeing his fiery red hair that made him easy to find even in a crowded room. I miss his smile that could brighten a room and make me feel so safe and loved. I wish I could see him one more time. All I can see is the clear colorless diamonds.

I won’t get to feel his touch. I miss feeling his hand in mine. I miss the feel of his hand resting on my knee whenever we would spend time alone. I miss how it felt to have his lips on my forehead, cheeks, and lips. I miss the warm safe feeling of having his arms around me. I wish I could feel his touch one more time. All I can feel is the cold, hard diamonds.

Diamonds. This is what my life has come to. My diamonds are the only thing around me that is real. All I care about is my diamonds. In my diamonds is the ring and that ring is the most precious thing I own. That ring means that he was once here even if he no longer is. It means that at one time I had more than just diamonds. It means I once had love and lost it. Now I’m just drowning in cold diamonds.

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