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Chapter 3: Surprises in the Owlery. 

His deep and pleasant laugh filled the Great Hall and she saw how he wiped a few tears away from his hazel eyes. His friends were all laughing with him, but the only thing Lily could do was stare at him and think about what Dumbledore had been thinking when he made him Head Boy.

“You know,” said a voice beside her, “the badges pinned on his chest aren’t going to disappear when you keep staring at him.”

She turned her head to her best friend, Alice. Her friend’s short dark brown hair fell perfectly around her round face and her eyes were sparkling with amusement. At least her friend found it funny that Lily had to share a dorm with James Potter and that she was now forced to talk to him on a regular basis.

“I know,” she mumbled softly as she grabbed her fork and started playing with the peas on her plate. “I just can’t believe it. I had always thought Dumbledore was sensible enough to know James Potter isn’t right for this position.”

Alice sighed deeply and laid down her own fork. “You know, Lily,” Alice said and she leaned in closer to Lily’s ear so she could understand Alice’s whispers. “I think you don’t mind him being Head Boy at all. I think you mind the fact you don’t mind.”

Lily dropped her fork on her plate, causing a few peas to roll off it. “I do mind!” she almost yelled and stared at her friend in disbelieve. “What makes you think I don’t? I hate him with a passion!” Alice giggled softly and shook her head not bothering to answer Lily, who in turn sighed in frustration. “What are the giggle and the shake of head supposed to mean?”

“Lily, just calm down,” said Alice. “You almost make me believe I’m right. Of course, I know you don’t like Potter. You’ve made it clear more than once.” Alice smiled kindly at her. “However, I’m starting to think you’re not hating him as much as I thought you did.”

Lily looked down at her plate and again started playing with her peas. “I do hate him, he’s so… frustrating and conceited and… he’s such a prat.”

She felt Alice’s gaze on her and she knew her friend was examining her. She hoped her friend wouldn’t find anything, because if Alice knew that she, Lily Evans, had fallen for James Potter she would not have a life this year at Hogwarts.

“I believe you,” said Alice and Lily saw how her friend took a bite of her very delicious-looking chicken and for a moment she was relieved that her friend hadn’t noticed a thing. “But… you know you can tell me anything.”

The relief quickly washed away, but instead of screaming on top of her lungs that she ‘does not like James Potter’ she decided to stay calm and take a deep breath. After all, she did like him. 


She softly opened the door from her bedroom to the Head’s common room and as she peaked in her head she was relieved to not find James Potter sitting on the couch staring at the fire as he had been doing for the past hour. He had probably gone to bed seeing it was already half past eleven at night and she should be in bed too. However, she needed to send her parents and her sister a letter to tell them she had arrived.

She walked out into the hallways and felt shivers go up and down her spine. She had never broken the rules before, but she had to send her parents a letter. It was as easy as it was. Her parents would worry sick if she didn’t receive one and she hadn’t been able to send one earlier since she had been avoiding James Potter.

She sighed heavily. The boy already ruled her life at Hogwarts after one day. When the feast had ended he had made his way over to her and he had been excitingly telling her about the room they would share. He had been quite friendly and she hadn’t yelled at him yet, but she didn’t know if that was a good or a bad thing.

She quickly ran up the stairs to the Owlery and pushed the door open. The room was as quiet as most of the castle was. The owls were probably flying around the Hogwarts’ grounds, but Lily didn’t want to give up now she was here. She walked towards one of the windows and whistled softly.

At first she thought no owl would respond, but then she noticed an owl flying towards her. His feathers were a beautiful chocolate brown and she stroked them as he sat down in front of her. She quickly tied her letter to his paw and whispered a small ‘thank you’ before allowing him to fly off. She stared after the owl for a few seconds as suddenly she saw something out of the corner of her eye.

Everything happened so fast that she hadn’t even noticed what had been happening. Suddenly her wand was directed at someone’s face. The face was completely covered by shadow and she couldn’t make out whom it was.

“Lumos,” she said and as soon as she did the tip of her wand lit and she could make out the face of Sirius Black. She slowly removed her wand out of his face and sent him a death glare, though she realised he probably couldn’t see her doing so. “What are you doing here, Black?”

She heard him chuckle softly. “I could ask you the same thing.”

She bit her lip before answering. “I was just sending a letter to my parents and my sister,” she said quickly. She hated the fact that she had been caught wandering around the school at midnight. Especially by Sirius Black. He would laugh his head off because he had caught her, Lily Evans, the holy goody-two-shoes.

“Right,” he said and she noted the amusement in his voice, “Don’t worry, Evans. I won’t report you when you won’t report me.”

Lily frowned. “When you report me you also report yourself, because how could you know I was wandering around the school if you weren’t doing the same thing?”

Sirius Black chuckled. “You’re right. That’s why I’m not going to report either of us, though it will be really funny to report you, Evans. Especially now you’re Head Girl and all.”

Lily ignored his comment and decided to change the topic from her to him. “What is your excuse, Black?” she asked. “Also sending a letter to your parents? Is the cool Sirius Black actually a mummy’s boy?”

“Nope,” said Sirius in response. “I don’t bother writing my mum. She will burn the letter anyway just as she burned me off the family tree.”

Lily didn’t know whether Sirius Black was joking or whether he was serious, but she didn’t dare ask him and instead replied with a lame ‘oh’.

“It’s okay, Evans,” he said and she saw him shrug. “I ran away from home. So I got what I deserved, don’t you think?”

Lily bit her lip again. She had noticed the hurt, anger and at the same time sadness in Sirius’ voice and she was flabbergasted. This was not the Sirius Black she knew. He never showed his vulnerable side. Sirius Black was the cool guy who never showed one his emotions.

“No,” she said softly. “You didn’t deserve to be burned off your family tree by your own mother. No one deserves that.”

They were both quiet for a moment and then Sirius Black spoke up. “Thank you, Evans,” he almost whispered and she saw how he walked towards the door, but before he left the owlery he turned around and she could make out his eyes. They were once again sparkling with the familiar mischief.

“You know, Evans,” he said and she knew he was grinning by the way he spoke. “Isn’t it funny how of all the owls James’ owl came to deliver your mail?” Lily felt her eyes widen. “It must be fate.”

And with that Sirius Black was gone. Leaving Lily behind with mixed and confusing feelings. 

She slowly shook her head. So what it had been James’ owl? The owl just had a kind personality, something James obviously lacked. 

Author's Note:
Chapter 3 is posted. I hope you all like this story and please, pretty please review. It really motivates to get reviews on something you write. I don't mind when you tell me you wish this story was better, because that's what makes the author grow. But I won't deny that I like positive reviews best.  Anyway... please leave your thoughts!

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