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Ginny shot Harry an awkward glance. “How’d he know that you’ll be bringing me with you? Do you think he can see the future?” Ginny whispered.

“I’m not sure. Um why don’t you ask him.” Harry whispered back grinning playfully.

Ginny smiled sarcastically. “Gee thanks Harry, you’re much of a help.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Harry and Ginny followed Dumbledore towards a room at the back of his office. When they entered the room, they were greeted by a few familiar faces. James, Lily, Sirius and Remus were seated at one side of a long dining table, while Professor McGonagall and a very much older looking Remus sat on the other side of the table.

“Please take your seats. We’ll start lunch soon enough.” Dumbledore motioned for Harry and Ginny to sit. Harry took his place on the older Remus’ right side and Ginny beside him.

“Gee, I could just swear I had a dejavu vision just now Moony.” Sirius started talking, his face showing a hint of mischief. Both Remuses looked up at the same time, looking confused in the face.

“What do you mean?” Younger Remus asked.

“Harry and Ginny.” Sirius grinned.

“What about us?” This time it was Harry who spoke.

“Well, Harry and Ginny. And James and Lily.” Sirius continued. “Don’t you see the similarities Moonies?”

“I have nothing to say, just, he takes after his father!” James said proudly, clearly understanding the joke. Everyone at the table laughed including McGonagall, Dumbledore and Lily who was blushing maddeningly.

Harry and Ginny sat at their seats dumbfounded. Ginny bit her bottom lip, looking down at her fingers which she suddenly found rather interesting. Harry on the other hand shot Sirius a murderous look. He could also feel his cheeks burning with embarrassment. I’ll get you for this Padfoot! Harry thought silently.

“Now that you mention it Sirius, I guess it’s true.” McGonagall said looking straight at Harry with a knowing gleam in her eyes. “There are similarities between you and your parents Mr Potter. Are you currently dating Miss Weasley?”

Now, hearing this question from McGonagall was really awkward. Ginny almost choked on her pumpkin juice while Harry wore a very shocking look on his face. This was the last thing they expected from their Transfiguration teacher. Sirius, James, Lily and young Remus were giggling madly while the older Remus was trying very hard not to burst out laughing.

“Now now Minerva, let’s eat first. Questions and answers later. I’m rather hungry you see.” Dumbledore said giving Harry a quick wink. Then, Dumbledore gave his hands a couple of claps and soon, the dining table was filled with various kinds of food. Sirius wasted no time in looking around, as he immediately grabbed hold of a roasted chicken drumstick and greedily bite into it. Everyone was enjoying their meal and before they knew it, lunch was over and all of Dumbledore’s lunch guests were ushered back into the main office. However, Dumbledore and McGonagall stayed put to discuss some things regarding school matters and promised the rest that they would be out shortly.

“So, how did you get into this side of time anyway?” Older Remus asked as he sat on a couch very near to the fire place.

“Didn’t we just tell you Moony? Just now? Before lunch?” Sirius replied looking a little annoyed. “Seriously Moony, don’t tell me you develop a short-term memory as you get older.”

“Hey!” Both Remuses glared at Sirius.

“Fine fine. I’m sorry.” Sirius mumbled shaking his head. “With two Moonies here, Padfoot can’t win.”

“Well ya, I know you accidentally tripped into the flames of Anastolgicia and suddenly you landed here?” Older Remus asked again.

“Yes. But it’s not tripped.” Lily answered. “We were practically pulled into the flames. It’s somewhat like you’re traveling using the Floo Network, only back in time.”

“And Ginny found us first, didn’t you Gin?” Sirius spoke again, giving Ginny a charming wink. Ginny rolled her eyes at this but still nodded.

“Then she called Harry.” It was James’ turn to explain. After a few more minutes of reminiscing of last night’s events, finally older Remus seemed to understand the situation perfectly.

“Personally I am kind of glad that you guys are here. Especially um mum and dad.” Harry said softly. Ginny smiled and gave Harry’s hand an assuring squeeze.

“Yeah! I’m glad myself! Now I know how my son looks like at seventeen!” James exclaimed. “Just as handsome and heart-throbbing like father!”

“And charming like his Godfather.” Sirius chimed in. “But still you need to learn more on the charming part.”

“Whatever. But I guess he got his cool acts from me.” Lily beamed.

“Um I have nothing to say to you Harry. I guess I don’t know you that well.” Younger Remus said, looking a little ashamed of himself.

“Aww! Don’t worry young one. You helped Harry in a lot of ways.” Older Remus said, looking over at Harry proudly. “You’ll be teaching him how to conjure a Patronus in his third year.”

“Really? Third year? That early?” Younger Remus looked at Harry in awe, so did James, Lily and Sirius. “We only started learning about Patronus when we’re in the fifth. How come you get to learn it earlier?”

Harry gave a slight cough at younger Remus’ question. He was actually not that ready to explain his eventful life to his time traveling guests. “Well, you see, I was kind of needed to learn it desperately, because of the um Dementors um they were kind of chasing me.”
Harry looked down at the ground immediately, avoiding eye contact from the others.

“Dementors? Aren’t they the things that guard Azkaban? The kind of creatures which suck the ‘life’ out of you?” Lily questioned gazing at Harry who just nodded. “But why were they chasing you? Oh my God! Don’t tell me you’re imprisoned! Harry! What did you do?!”

“Lils! Listen out first!” James grabbed hold of Lily’s shoulders forcing her to look at him. Lily had a look of rage on her face. Harry squirmed in his seat as if waiting for his mother to give him an earful of naggings. Then, James turned towards Harry and asked, “Harry, I need you to tell me and your mother why were those Dementors chasing you in your third year?”

Harry swallowed his saliva nervously. “It’s because someone I’m supposed to know escaped from Azkaban. And that the closest person he’s related to is me.” Harry squeaked.

“Harry, you don’t have to tell them if you’re uncomfortable with this.” Ginny whispered soothingly, now intertwining her fingers with his. Older Remus nodded his head in agreement.

“Tell us what? Harry you should tell us, we’re your parents right? It doesn’t matter if we’ll be knowing about this in future, there’s no harm in telling us now. Maybe we could change the future and stop the Dementor incident.” James shrugged. “And who’s that person who escaped from Azkaban?”

“Precisely James, we can’t tell you much more because we’re afraid that you’d change the future.” Ginny said, not giving a chance for Harry to answer.

“Ginny’s right Prongs. There might be even greater problems if you were to change the future.” Older Remus said. His face was stern.

“Oh bloody hell! I just want to know why in Merlin’s name were the Dementor’s chasing my son? And who the bloody hell escaped from Azkaban? Bloody git getting my son into serious trouble!” James shouted. He was getting very mad. Even Lily was surprised at James’ sudden protectiveness towards Harry, making her suddenly feel so proud of him. Sirius and younger Remus were also nodding their heads in agreement, obviously supporting James all the way.

“It’s Sirius okay! Sirius, my Godfather!” Harry said, his voice rising the same level as his father’s tone. He couldn’t take it anymore. He needed to tell them everything. “And you won’t be around to know that I’ve been chased by Dementors because, because you’re de—dead! You won’t be around to send me off to Hogwarts on my first day of school! You won’t be around to see me playing my first Quidditch match! You won’t be around to sign my permission letters to Hogsmeade! You won’t be around to watch me grow up and see how horrible the Dursleys were treating me! You won’t be around for me to tell you of my first crush! Because you’re dead! Just dead! And it’s all Voldermort’s fault!”

Harry broke down in tears. Ginny moved forward to give him a hug which Harry gladly returned. He was sobbing unceremoniously onto Ginny’s chest, creating a wet patch on the front of her school robes but she didn’t mind. Dumbledore’s office was as silent as a graveyard. James and Lily looked really shocked at this information. Sirius had his face buried in his hands. Younger Remus was dumbfounded.

“We’re dead? You mean we’re going to die?” Lily whispered in horror, not wanting to believe anything when older Remus just nodded his head. “You mentioned the Dursleys? As in Vernon Dursley? Tuney’s high school boyfriend? She married him?”

“Yes mum. I was living with your sister, Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon.” Harry grunted, his face now buried in the crook of Ginny’s neck.

“Wait wait. Lily, you’re Muggleborn, so your sister’s a Muggle right?” James asked Lily who just bobbed her head up and down. “My son’s been living with a Muggle all along?! Bloody hell! Why didn’t you take care of him Remus? Or why didn’t Sirius? He’s Harry’s Godfather right?” James was looking furious again.

“Calm down James. We’ll explain to you shortly.” Older Remus forced James to sit on a couch beside Lily, at the same time trying to calm him down. James continued staring at Harry who sat on a loveseat across from him with Ginny. He gave a long sigh before looking away.

“Okay Lupin, explain everything.” James said in a very low and serious tone. Older Remus gulped nervously. He knew whenever James called him using his surname, he really meant business and no fooling around.

“Look James, it’s true that you and Lily are dead in this lifetime. And you two have been dead since sixteen years ago.” Older Remus spoke.

“Merlin!” Lily gasped as she quickly glanced at Harry, who was still clinging onto Ginny. Tears were still crawling out of his eyes. “You mean we’re dead when Harry was still a baby?”

“Yes Lily. He was only one when you and James died. But you died saving Harry. Harry’s alive because of you.”

“Who killed us Lupin? Who? Is it the same person Harry’s been telling me that he’s been dreaming about?” James asked.

“Yes James, it’s Voldermort.”

“He managed to kill me and Lily but why is Harry alive? He did try killing Harry as well didn’t he?” James asked again.

“Of course he did James. He wanted to kill Harry. In fact he used the Avada Kedavra curse on him but the spell rebounded onto himself. Harry was left unhurt, except for the little lightning scar on his forehead.” Older Remus continued. “That’s when Harry was called The Boy Who Lived. He sort of destroyed Voldermort at the time.”

“When you said rebounded onto himself, does that mean the curse did not hit Harry but hit Voldermort instead?” This time it was younger Remus who asked. Older Remus nodded.

“Why was I in Azkaban?” Sirius, who had been quiet throughout the conversation, suddenly asked. At this, Harry sat up straight and looked at Sirius. Harry just had to tell the truth to his Godfather.

“You were framed Sirius. People accused you of being the cause of mum’s and dad’s death. It was said that you sold us out to Voldermort by telling him our hiding place. That’s how he managed to kill mum and dad.” Harry answered.

“No. The last thing that I’ll ever do is to betray my best mate.” Sirius said looking at James pleadingly. “I’ll never do that to you James, I swear!”

“Sirius. You didn’t do it. Like I said, you’ve been framed. It wasn’t you. It was somebody else.” Harry told him, in fact, mumbling the last sentence.

“Who?” James asked. His face had turned red, mostly filling with rage and curiousness.

“Wormtail!” Older Remus spat out even before Harry could answer.

“What?!” James, Sirius and younger Remus exclaimed. They could not believe what they just heard.

“Wormtail? Who’s Wormtail?” Lily asked frantically.

“Peter. Peter Pettigrew.” James answered. “He’s one of our best friends. Part of the Marauders.”

“BLOODY SNEAKY RAT!” Sirius banged his fist on the small coffee table. Ginny and Lily jumped a little at the sudden banging.

“What’s with the commotion?” Dumbledore asked as he strolled into his office with McGonagall in tow. The tension in the office seemed to have cooled down a little at his arrival.

“Nothing Professor. We’re just trading stories.” Harry answered quickly, at the same time, trying to erase all his traces of crying.

“Trading stories? As in telling them about their future?” Dumbledore asked again. He gave Harry and older Remus a very pointed look.

“Professor, it’s not their fault. I forced them to tell me the whole story.” James exclaimed. “It’s just that…”

“No need to explain Mr Potter. I understand perfectly.” Dumbledore said as he sat down on a chair just behind his office table. “I know sooner or later, you might be curious to know about it. And no doubt, Harry and Remus, will tell you everything. I have been expecting it nonetheless.

“But one thing you should know, this is a very serious matter. The future is not something you might want to tamper with. Even a slightest change could affect everything.” Dumbledore continued. His expression was in a serious mode.

“I understand Professor. In fact, we all understand.” James gestured to himself and then to the rest of his ‘past’ companions.

“Yes. That’s good to hear. But, we’ll worry about that later.” Dumbledore smiled.

“So, you’re not mad at us for telling?” Harry asked nervously.

“Sure. Why not. They are your parents, and they do deserve to know.” Dumbledore winked.

At this statement, Harry gave a tight smile. Yes, his parents deserved to know the truth. And Harry wanted them to know the truth. Harry sighed when he felt Ginny’s hand rubbing his shoulder, full of warmth and comfort. 


James and Harry settled themselves on Harry’s bed while Lily and Ginny sat on Ron’s. When they left Dumbledore’s office, Harry suggested that they went up straight to the Boy’s Dormitories. Sirius declined the offer and told them that he wanted to take a walk down by the lake, together with Younger Remus. Sirius looked a little sad especially after knowing about most of the things that would happen in his future.

“So um Harry, you could conjure a perfect Patronus huh?” James asked, looking at his son.

“Yup. Thanks to Uncle Moony too.” Harry let out a still laugh.

“What about you Ginny? Able to conjure one too?”

“Um ya. Thanks to Harry.” Ginny blushed.

“Harry?” Lily looked at Ginny in surprised. James shot Harry a questioning look.

“So don’t you want to know what’s the form of my Patronus?” Harry quickly changed the subject.

“What?” James and Lily asked at the same time.

“Well, a stag.”

“Stag? Oh Merlin! A stag? Really?” James was smiling widely.

Harry smiled and nodded to confirm what his father just asked. Ginny beamed at this. She knew about James’ animagus form.

“Wow! You are truly my son! My flesh and blood!” James squealed with excitement.

“Why? Why a stag?” Lily asked, confusion rounding her mind again.

“Oh you’ll know it later Lils. The important thing is now, you should be feeling proud of him. He’s able to conjure a perfectly formed Patronus!”

“Of course I’m proud of him you prat! He’s my son too!” Lily grinned as she got up and gave Harry a hug. James smiled slyly as he too gathered Lily and Harry into his arms causing Lily to giggle so hard. Ginny on the other hand just sat back on her brother’s bed, enjoying the beautiful scene in front of her. She gave a smile, feeling very happy for Harry.

“I feel so complete now.” Harry said, glancing at James and Lily, who were still tangled in the hug.

“But um I don’t think so.” James said, frowning suddenly.

“Why?” Lily asked. “I think we’re complete. You’re the daddy, I’m the mummy and Harry here, our baby. We are complete James.”

“Baby? Mum please, I’m seventeen already and I’m not a baby.” Harry groaned, trying to release himself from his parent’s embrace. Ginny laughed heartily until she was lying fully on Ron’s bed.

“Precisely! You are seventeen and yet, you are missing something son.” James still had his sly smile plastered on his face.

“And what would that be?” Harry asked.

“A girlfriend.”

Harry stared at James as if his father had gone crazy. Ginny too had stopped laughing suddenly. Lily on the other hand was nodding vigorously, her eyes kept drifting from Harry to Ginny and back to Harry again. Harry could feel his cheeks burning.

“You’re mental Dad.” Harry hissed.

“Um I need to go now. Ron and Hermione are probably waiting for me in the library.” Ginny said as she stood up to leave. She quickly ran out of the seventh year Boy’s Dormitories, leaving a gaping Harry, a grinning James and a surprised Lily behind.

“Aww! She’s shy!” James slapped Harry on the shoulder.

“What are you talking about Dad?” Harry said, pretending not to know anything.

“Harry, stop being so thick and please stop acting stupid.” Lily glared at her seventeen year old son. “And stop acting like a git, just like your Dad.”

“Oi! I’m no git.” James pouted.

“I’m not a git!” Harry said.

“Harry, can’t you see, Ginny likes you, and from what I see, you like her too don’t you?” Lily teased.

“Yes Harry, I have a feeling that Ginny has a thing for you.” James wiggled his eyebrows playfully.

“Oh how can you be so sure?” Harry demanded, his face turning redder by the minute.

“Oh dear Harry, I can see it, even James can see it. Whereas you are too blind to see.” Lily rolled her eyes.

“Did she told you that?” Harry asked again.

“Well um no. But if you like her too, then I believe you should make the first move.” Lily suggested.

“I’m scared mum. I’m afraid that I cannot take rejections. Especially from Ginny.” Harry practically mumbled his words.

“Be strong Harry.” James patted his son the back. “And by the way, you are actually facing the man who had been rejected a million of times by the same woman over and over again. And now, finally, I think she’s giving me a chance.” James gave Lily a wink, causing Lily to blush a little.

“Yeah Dad. You are brave.” Harry chuckled slightly.

“Thanks son.” James smiled. “And you are going to be brave just like me and go and make the first move. Go to her!”

“Um you really think she um likes me? She had given up on me you know.” Harry said, uncertainly.

“Bloody hell! I don’t think she just likes you Harry, I think she loves you!” James exclaimed.

“Mum, you think so?” Harry glanced over at Lily..

“Don’t worry baby. I know so.” Lily smiled as she playfully ruffled Harry’s hair, causing him to grin wide.

“Thanks Mum!” Harry grinned as he stood up and walked over towards the dormitory exit, before turning around once again to face his parents. “And I am not a baby!”

Lily smiled as Harry left the room. “You’ll always be my baby Harry.” Lily whispered, loud enough for James to hear. James gathered Lily into his arms again and hugged her.

“He will always be our baby Lily, always.” James whispered, silent tears rolling down his cheeks.

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