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Harry woke up the next morning felling very tired, he rolled over wanting to back to sleep but looking at the clock he realized that he had to get up as it was 7:00 and he was going back to Hogwarts today so with a rather big sigh he trailed himself out of bed, got dressed and he went down stairs and was surprised to see all the Weasley’s, Hermione and Jamie huddled together talking, going against his better judgement he hid in the shadows listening to their conversation.

"...We can't let Harry know it would kill him" Mrs Weasley said.

"We can't keep this from him, he's going find out somehow and I would prefer it if it came from us, people he trusts." came Hermione's firm voice.

"I agree with Hermione, I don't see why we can't tell him, he needs to know." Jamie said

"How would you know what he needs? You don't even know him; you are only a stranger that found him." Snapped Mrs Weasley

"Be thankful that I did, otherwise he would be dead." he replied angrily. Harry wondered why he was acting like this; it's not as if he knew him although he did seem familiar.

"I still think we should tell him…" Hermione repeated, Harry choose this time to intervene.

"Tell me what?" he asked, everybody jumped and looked down. "Hermione?" he asked making her lift her head and look into his pleading eyes. At the same moment Mrs Weasley and Jamie reached for the paper on the table, luckily Jamie was quicker. He handed the paper to Harry with Mrs Weasley glaring at him. Harry took the paper unfolded it, shocked at what it said.

James Potter Alive?

Last night suspicions were raised, after a Dementor attack in Diagon Alley, caused a mysterious patronus to appear. This said patronus had not been seen in twelve years and belonged to James Potter, father of the famous Harry Potter, the patronus which is a stag was used last night when Harry was attacked by a Dementor and the person used it to save Harry's life. The person in question is believed to be James Potter, but has not been seen since the attack so is currently unavailable at the moment.

The article went on but Harry didn't want to finish it, instead he hastily tore it up and threw it into the fire. He then rounded on Jamie.

"Care to explain?" Harry asked him trying to keep calm but failing.

"My patronus is a reindeer not a stag, I've already wrote to the prophet to tell them this, I'm sorry for the confusion." He replied lamely.

"It’s okay it's not your fault…" Harry said calming slightly, he then looked at the clock and excused himself, so that he could finish packing, but stopped before he reached the stairs.

"Thank you" he said to Jamie.

"For what?" Jamie asked confused.

" For saving my life and for telling me." Harry replied, he turned and walked upstairs before Jamie could say anything.

Harry came down a while later still in a bad mood, although he pretended that he was alright they could tell he was really angry.

Once everyone was ready they piled into two loaned ministry cars and set off for the station. They arrived there soon after and headed for the train Harry still hadn't said a word throughout the journey and Hermione planed on asking him why.

They boarded the train and searched for an empty compartment, but all were full except for one at the end, it only had one occupant, a man sitting fast asleep next to the window. The stranger was wearing extremely shabby set of wizard’s robes which had been darned in several places. He looked ill and exhausted. Though he seemed quite young, his light-brown hair was flecked with grey.

"Wonder who he is?" Ron whispered, taking a seat furthest away from the man.

"Professor R. J. Lupin" Hermione whispered back.

"How do you know everything?" Ron asked Hermione then turning to Harry he asked "How is it she knows everything?"

"It’s on his suitcase Ronald." she said exasperated pointing to the man suitcase. Once they all got seated and comfortable Hermione turned to Harry.

"I've got a bone to pick with you Harry" she said

"I didn't do it" Harry said automatically. Ron snorted and Hermione rolled her eyes.

"No I didn't mean that" she sighed. “I meant what’s going on with you? I mean yesterday we get an owl to say that you've been attacked and you’re in the Leaky Caldron and once we get there we've found out that you've been there for a few days and that you had a visit from the minister of magic. Now what’s going on?"

Harry had been expecting this, he looked at Hermione and then at Ron who looked nervous and he closed the compartment door and checked that the professor was asleep before he began his explanation.

"At the start of the summer when Sirius Black escaped from Azkaban I got a Letter from Dumbledore telling me to be careful, because Black was one of Voldemort’s top men and black lost everything when Voldemort met his downfall, so he told me that because I caused Voldemort’s downfall he might come after me, but he wasn't expecting him to find me so he was just warning me to be careful." Harry explained to a stunned Ron and Hermione.

"OMGOSH that’s awful" Hermione said shocked.

"What are you going to do about it?" Ron asked dumbly

"What can I do Ron? I've already blown up my Aunt…." He put his hand over his mouth as soon as he said this. The reactions of the other two were priceless. Ron snorted and promptly fell of his seat and Hermione shrieked and nearly woke up the teacher.

"Harry you blew up your Aunt how could you?  You could of been expelled, or arrested, or thrown out" Hermione rambled on like this until Harry clasped a hand over her mouth to stop her.

"I didn't mean to blow her up I lost control, she was winding me up and I lost it with her, I wasn't expelled or chucked in Azkaban I didn't even get an official letter, and I wasn't thrown out I walked out" he said as he took his hand away from her mouth.

"You walked out of your Aunt and Uncles house when there is a mass murder on the loose, are ya mad?" Ron exclaimed.

"Possibly Ron, I was angry and wasn't thinking, anyway what is life without a little risk is?" Harry replied, Hermione rolled her eyes and he could've sworn he heard the professor give a little snort.

A while later they arrived at Hogwarts, they piled off the train without waking the professor as he seemed to wake himself. They jumped into a carriage with Ginny and the Weasley twins, and took off up to Hogwarts wanting nothing more than to go to bed.

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