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A/N-This story will probably be really OOC, and different. This is one of those stories that came to me in a dream, and it haunted me until it just had to be written. I hope that despite that fact, you will enjoy. Please remember to review! This is also just a story I write to get my mind of other things, and so I write it here and there, so expect updates to be a bit slow.

Disclaimer-Yes, I am J.K. Rowling. Not.


Chapter One

“What do you mean I can't get my inheritance!” an eighteen year old Hermione Granger shouted. Hermione was at The Magical Department of Inheritance, otherwise known as MDI, the place where witches and wizards went to when there was a problem with their inheritance, or even just to receive their inheritance.

MDI worker, Sally Davis, winced and pursed her lips tightly, looking as if she had just eaten something sour. She was really starting to dislike her job, with all the witches and wizards yelling at her. It wasn't her fault something was wrong. And all because she didn't take her mother's advice and become a teacher. But the bearer of bad news was always the one who got the blame. In fact, the phrase “shoot the messenger” often ran through Sally's head, just like it was now. Hermione noticed Sally's discomfort, but she was far too angry to care.

It had all started a couple weeks after Hermione's graduation from Hogwarts. She was staying at the Weasley's house until she had enough money to move into a place of her own. Harry had offered her money, but she was too proud to take it. Besides, Hermione had been taught that it was never wise to borrow money from your friends or family, both of which Harry was.

Hermione had been eating a breakfast of French toast when a brown, barn owl flew into the Weasley's kitchen, bearing a letter for Hermione.

Dear Ms. Hermione Granger, it read,

We are sorry to inform you that your parents have died in an attack made by you-know-who. (Hermione burst into tears at this)

There has been a problem with your inheritance. To deal with this matter, we have arranged an appointment for you at the 14th of this month at noon with Sally Davis. If you have any questions concerning this matter, feel free to owl Ms. Davis. Again, we are sorry for your loss.

Sincerely yours,

Virginia Wilding

Head of the Magical Department of Inheritance

“Well, you see your Grandmother's dying wish was that when it was time for you to receive your inheritance, that you must get married within a year, stay married for six, and have at least one child. You will get your inheritance a little at a time.” Ms. Davis wearily said, bring Hermione back

Hermione's jaw dropped. Marriage? Child? She didn't want to get married or have a child, she wanted to stay single and work on accomplishing her dream! Her dream was to create antidotes to all sorts of deadly wizarding illnesses. Unfortunately that would cost money. Lots and lots of it, if she wanted to make a difference, change people's lives.

Grandmother Granger always had a rather odd sense of humor and was rather old-fashioned. She believed women didn't amount to anything unless they married and had children.

Despite what most people would think watching this scene take place, Hermione HAD mourned for her parents' death. For days after receiving the letter she had locked herself up in the Weasley's guest room, weeping like crazy and refusing to talk to anyone or eat. She had stopped doing that yesterday, and it was perhaps because of her lack of sleep, food, and energy that she was having a harder time then usual controlling her anger.

`I will continue grieving afterwards. Mum and Dad would understand.' She had guiltily told herself this morning as she got dressed in a simple black shirt with a v-cut (modest of course. The only reason Hermione wore it was because it had been a Christmas gift a few years ago from her mother), black jean, and a black scarf. So in a way she was grieving, by wearing all black. For now that had to be enough.

Hermione quickly regained herself and closed her mouth.

“Once you have found someone or if you have any more questions, just give me an owl and I'll set up an appointment for you. If you have any other questions or concerns, also send me an owl.” Ms. Davis concluded, handing Hermione a simple, white card with her address on it. Hermione nodded and apperated home, trying to get the appointment off of her mind so that she wouldn't end up ending somewhere else as she apparated. But no matter how hard she tried, one thing wouldn't get out of her mind: how would she get married?

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