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The Child Chapter Fourteen:


The summer breeze sent little Rose’s curly red locks into a disarray as her father pushed her on the big wooden swing. The two year old giggled in delight as her father pushed her higher and higher in the air. Nearby, her mother stood, holding her enormous stomach watching her husband and child play.

“Don’t push her too high, Ron.” Hermione chastised, going over to them.

Ron rolled his eyes, and continued to push Rose the same. “She won’t fall out, Hermione; I charmed it so she wouldn’t.”

“That doesn’t stop her from getting hurt,” Hermione argued.

They had been living in England for a little over two years now, and they had been married for nearly as long. Rose was the center of their life, and they gave everything they could give her. She was their little angel.

“When you’re finished, there is some fresh blueberry pie in the house.” Hermione told Ron, kissing him on the cheek, and laughing at Rose’s delighted squeal. Walking back to the little farmhouse she passed their little garden, sending the lurking gnomes in search for a hiding place. She loved her little house that was only three miles from her in-laws, and one from Harry and Annie, who had since moved back to England. She knew Ron liked it, having his friends and family so close by. Since Rose was born, Ron liked having his family to rely on to babysit and for advice, of course.

The back door led straight into the quaint kitchen, and Hermione walked over to the fresh blueberry pie that sat on the counter. Pulling out her wand, she magically moved it on to the table, and then cut it into seven. Putting her wand back into her pocket, Hermione went over to the cupboard and pulled out three plates, and sat them on the table. As she turned around to fetch a scoop to put the pie on the plates, Ron came into the kitchen carrying a hysterical Rose over his shoulder.

“Ron, put her down before she gets hurt.” Hermione chided, but Ron ignored her.

“Daddy!” Rose cried, saying one of the only words she could say, Mummy, yes and no being the others.

Ron laughed, and swung her down to her feet. She walked over to her mother, and wrapped her small pudgy arms around her leg. “Mummy,” she mumbled happily.

Hermione smiled, patting her daughters head. “Go to your father so he can put you in your chair.” She told her, and Rose let go and walked over to Ron.

Picking her up, Ron walked over to her high chair. Pulling her over to his seat, he sat down and took out his wand. Before Hermione could stop he waved his wand and a piece of pie floated on to a plate, and then plate rose into the air and landed softly in front of Rose.

“If you always use magic Rose is going to grow up and be lazy.” Hermione reminded Ron, sitting down on the other side of Rose, and taking her own plate of pie.

Ron shook his head. “Stop worrying about what Rose will grow up to be. With you as a mother, she’ll turn into a woman who won’t let anything stop her.” Ron told her gently.

Hermione smiled, eating her pie. She put her other hand on her stomach, and she watched Ron help little Rose eat with a fork. Eventually Ron gave up, and just let her eat with her hands. Eating his own pie, Ron’s eyes drifted over to Hermione, and to her stomach.

“I’ve been thinking about names for the baby,” Ron mused.

Hermione smiled, “Oh really? Would you like to elaborate?”

“If it’s a girl I thought we could call her Emily or Molly, maybe. Mum would like that.” Ron suggested, glancing at Hermione is he should continue. “If it’s a boy, we could call him Evan or… Hugo.”

Hermione grinned, a little; looking away from Ron she wiped away some fallen blueberry pie on Rose’s face. Looking back at Ron, she tilted her face to the side. “There’s something I wanted to tell you.”

“What’s that?” Ron urged.

Hermione nodded. “You know how I went to the healers the other day.”

“Yes, I was the one that made sure you got there safe.” Ron responded.

“Well, I asked for the gender.”

“End?” Ron asked, excited now. It had been the one thing he had wanted to know since he had picked Hermione up. He had wanted to go to the appointment, but Hermione told him it wasn’t necessary, and he had to go to work. So he left her, but when he picked her up to take a port-key home she had simply told him everything was all right with the baby and that she was tired. He had hoped, he had prayed, that she would tell him it was a boy. He wanted to have a little boy.

“Ron, it’s a boy.” Hermione divulged.

Without warning Ron jumped out of his seat, whooping and shouting over and over “It’s a boy!” Hermione sat in her seat, laughing, and letting have his moment. She knew he had been hoping for a boy, that he had expressed to her that he wanted a younger brother for Rose. Of course he would have been happy to have another girl, he was ecstatic when Hermione had told him that Rose would be a girl, those two years ago.

Jumping over to Hermione, he pulled her out of her seat and pulled her into a hug, then swung her around in a little dance. Hermione, laughing, spun around, and then held on to his hand as he reached over and pulled Rose out of her chair. Holding her up in one arm he swung around with Hermione cheering, and laughing.

Her feet soar, Hermione let go and watched as Ron spun Rose around before at last settling and putting her in to her chair. Kneeling next to Hermione, he put his hands on her knees. “Hermione, you’ve made me a happy three times now, today.” He said, kissing her stomach, and then her lips. Turning around he faced Rose who was giggling madly and kissed her head. “You’ve got a baby brother!” he told her, sending Rose into another fit of giggles.

“And what do you want to name him, Ron?” Hermione murmured, pulling Ron’s face to her. “You said Evan, but I think you liked-”

“Hugo!” Rose cheered.

“Better,” Hermione whispered, and laughing again. “I think she agrees,” Hermione said to Ron as he looked at his little girl.

Standing up, Ron ruffled Rose’s hair. Picking her up again, he glanced at Hermione before saying to Rose, “Always my little girl, you are.” He cooed.

“Daddy!” Rose shrieked as Ron started to spin her around again.

“I’m surprised you haven’t spun half way to London by now,” Hermione teased.

Ron ignored her, now dancing. “Be quiet Hermione, I’m just spreading the joy.”

“I know,” Hermione said, standing up. “Do you want me to Floo Annie and Harry?” she questioned, knowing full well that Ron would want to do it himself.

Ron froze, and then quickly handed Rose to Hermione, who quickly put her into her chair. “No I’ll do it,” Ron told her and raced from the kitchen and into the den. Hermione had to laugh; she hadn’t seen Ron this excited since she told him she was pregnant again. From the open door, Hermione could hear Ron talking to Harry, telling him that the baby was a boy. A few minutes later Ron was back in the kitchen telling Hermione that Annie had invited them over for dinner.

“You’ve better give Rose a bath then – she is covered in pie and dirt.” Hermione advised, cleaning up the table.

“Fine,” Ron agreed, kissing her on the cheek and whisking Rose away up stairs.

Hermione shook her head, and instead of doing the dishes manually like she had planned, she waved her wand and watched as the dishes cleaned themselves. She was glad Ron was so happy, and she looked forward to seeing Harry and Annie again. Also, Annie was pregnant as well with a third child, and Hermione was eager to hear any news. She was so happy that once again she had someone else who was pregnant to vent to.

Thinking of twins, James and Albus, Hermione smiled. Rose would have two best friends for Hogwarts, just like her. But unlike her, Hermione prayed that Rose would grow into the kind of girl who wouldn’t try to hide in her books, and would always feel that everything she did would make her parents proud.

An hour later, Hermione, Ron, and Rose were at Harry’s much larger home, all crowded in the later kitchen/dinning room. Hermione stood next to the very pregnant Annie and they watched as Harry and Ron tried to settle the children at the table. James and Albus were arguing, complete opposites, while Rose was running around the table, chased by Harry. Hermione laughed; it was never a dull moment.

Once settled at the table, Hermione took her place next to Ron, while Annie at the end of the table opposite Harry. The three kids sat across from Hermione and Ron, now silent as they ate their dinner. Looking to Ron, she gave him a nod to talk about the baby.

“We think we’re going to name the baby Hugo,” Ron announced happily.

“Zat iz a cute name,” Annie commented, “Who came up with it?”

“Ron,” Hermione answered, cutting into her chicken that Harry had prepared. “The name reminds me of a fantastic French writer, Victor Hugo, I love it. Besides, Ron should have his way, I was the one to choose Rose’s name.”

“What were the other names you thought for the baby?” Harry asked curiously.

“Al-bus!” Rose shrieked, throwing her food at her God brother.

“Rose, don’t throw your food.” Hermione reprimanded, as Harry stood pull the two children further apart from each other.

“Evan was the other name.” Ron spoke, after Harry had sat down.

“Hugo iz better – more unique.” Annie decided.

Hermione smiled. “Rose thought so too – she made the final decision.”

“Izn’t she just adorable?” Annie cooed, looking at Rose, who was covered in food.

Ron let out a barking laugh as Rose then proceeded to throw food at Annie. Hermione frowned, but before she could discipline Rose, Annie was laughing, and cleaned off the mess. “She may make a great Quidditch player one day, Ron.”

“That’s what I’ve been saying to Hermione,” Ron agreed.

Dinner passed without much more event, and when it was time for Rose to sleep, and same with the boys, Ron and Hermione bid goodbye to their friends, getting into their old rusted car, which Hermione drove home. Once arriving at their farm house Ron carried a sleeping Rose to her room, Hermione following. Together, they changed her into her pajamas, and tucked her into her crib. Turning on her mobile of flying brooms, it sent lights dancing across her peaceful face.

Turning the lights off, Hermione stood by the door. Ron came beside her, and wrapped his arms around her waist. Leaning his head on her shoulder, the two of them watched Rose sleep. Rose made little sighs causing Hermione smile, and she leaned into Ron.

“It is going to be so crazy when the baby is born.” Hermione murmured softly.

“I know,” Ron nuzzled into her neck, “But it’s going to be a good crazy, one that reminds us that life exists, and one that will remind me how much I love you.” Ron whispered in her ear.

Hermione moved her head to look at him. Their faces so close, Hermione could see every individual freckle on his face that she loved. Staring into his blue eyes she smiled, “One that reminds us that life goes on.” She added.

“Who thought a child would bring such light to this world.” Ron mumbled against Hermione’s lips.

“Shut up and kiss me,” Hermione laughed, turning around and pulling him to her in a lasting kiss.

A/N: It’s over. Yes, I did have to finish it at that. I tried to link it all together somehow. The ending, I thought, should be something funny, cute, and uncomplicated. I hope I did it justice. Thank you to everyone who has been reading this story, and reviewing from start to finish. Thank you, to even those who didn’t review, because seeing that view count made me happy just knowing that people were reading the story. Thank you to everyone involved!

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