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A now 27 year old Hermione sat in her bed, flicking through photo albums.

“Mum, mum, are you awake?” Amory asked as she peeked through the door.

“Of course sweetheart, come in”.

The eleven year olds blonde hair bounced as she climbed in bed beside her mother.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m just looking at some old photo’s, I can’t believe how grown up you are now, it seems like just yesterday I was holding you for the first time, and now you’re leaving, going off to Hogwarts”, tears came into Hermione’s dark brown eyes.

“Mum, I’m only going to school, I’m not leaving you” Amory hugged her mother.

“I know dear, I’m just being silly”, she smiled.

Amory giggled.

“Hey mum, look it’s a picture of your wedding, how old was I?”

“About twelve months, your father proposed to me on the day you were born and it took a while to organise the wedding”, Hermione replied.




They both stared at the picture. Hermione and Draco were in the centre. Hermione’s beautiful white wedding dress stood out against Draco’s black suit, his baby blue tie matching the flowers in her bouquet.  Standing on Hermione’s right was Ginny and Mrs Weasley, who was holding Amory, on Draco’s left was the best man, Blaise Zabini, the one of the few Slytherins he had stayed in contact with after Hogwarts, along with Harry and Ron, who he had made groomsmen after Hermione begged him.  The day was magical. It had been held in the Hogwarts Great Hall, out of term time of course. All the staff turned up along with many childhood friends. A banquet followed and after this the couple had disapparated to Paris, and stayed there for the weekend, leaving Draco’s mother looking after Amory.




Draco then re-entered the room after having a shower and getting ready.

“What are you girls up to?” Draco asked.

“We’re looking at pictures daddy, come and look”.

Draco sat down beside the two and gazed into the book.

“Look it’s your first birthday”, Draco said pointing at a picture.

The picture showed Amory sitting in a highchair with a huge birthday cake on the table in front. She looked amazed at the candles. Hermione was behind her attempting, and failing to show her how to blow out the candles. Next to Hermione was Ginny, laughing and Narcissa, with a broad smile on her face.

“Where were you daddy?” Amory asked.

“Taking the picture of course!”





Hermione turned the page again, now showing pictures of the day Draco and Hermione moved home. Draco and Hermione were sitting in the living room of their new home, surrounded by boxes, with Amory in between them. Ron had taken the photo, as he and Harry were helping them move. Draco had been working at the Ministry for a couple of years by then and along with some of the Malfoy fortune was able to afford a house for him, his wife and his daughter. It was a rustic little house in the countryside. Yes it was far away from their friends and family, but they were connected to the Floo network so that wasn’t a problem. It didn’t take long for the family to settle in.  The couple loved living alone as a family. Family and friends would visit regularly, they either came round for dinner or Draco, Hermione and Amory went to theirs.




“Anyway, we can’t sit around all day, its Sunday and you’re going to Hogwarts tomorrow, I thought we could have a nice day together before you leave, how’s that sound princess?”, Draco asked.

“Fantastic”, she smiled.

Hermione and Amory both went to their bathrooms to shower and dress before meeting Draco in the kitchen.

“Right ladies, a little party has been organised at Harry and Ginny’s house later, but before that I thought we’d go to a muggle theme park, I know mummy loves those”, Draco announced.

They both smiled. As Draco finished his sentence, Hermione thought of the day Harry had announced he and Ginny had been dating secretly. Harry had organised a dinner at the flat he and Ron shared five years after Ginny had left Hogwarts. Amory was six and stayed at home with Mrs Granger. After the meal had finished Harry had presented the secret to the group. The Weasley family was happy for the couple, they were glad Ginny was with a man they knew was decent, who would treat her well, all except for Ron. It had taken some time for Ron to adjust to the fact that his best friend and his sister were now an item. Even at the age of 21 he still saw her as his little sister, and this made it hard for him to accept. Draco and Hermione had been shocked but were pleased that the couple were happy together. Now, six years later, Harry and Ginny were married, with a three month old baby boy called Owen Potter.



Draco, Hermione and their daughter travelled, by car, the machine Draco despised to the muggle theme park. Hermione had got a drivers licence so that she could travel around the small town they lived in without raising suspicion.  They stayed in the park until 4 o’clock before continuing home to get ready to go to Harry’s party. The whole journey home Amory had talked about how amazing the muggle rides were and how she thinks they should visit again soon.  They travelled by Floo network to the home that Harry and Ginny now shared. When they arrived at 7pm, the whole Weasley clan was there along with Narcissa and Hermione’s parents, who must have been brought by one of the Weasleys. After greeting each other, the group had some food and began to mingle. Hermione began talking to Ron’s girlfriend, Eva, who he had met through work. Ron had liked her from the first time they met. He’d been hypnotised by her bright blue eyes and blonde hair. After a lot of coaching from Hermione, he asked her out. Harry was amazed when Ron had told him and was sceptical about how long it would last, after all, Eva was gorgeous and Ron hadn’t been known for his skills with the ladies, but it had lasted.  It had been almost a year since they first dated, and now Ron had asked Hermione to help him plan out how to propose to her. Hermione was dying to tell Eva, as they’d become good friends over the year, but she knew how much this meant to Ron, and didn’t want to spoil his plan. Harry and Ron were chatting, while the rest of the Weasley family was talking amongst themselves, reminiscing of all the first trips to Hogwarts they’d experienced. While all this was going on Amory was playing with Owen. He was the perfect mix between his mother and father; he had his father’s messy, dark hair and cheeky smile along with his mother’s gorgeous brown eyes. Hours past and by 10pm people began to leave. Ginny and the baby were tired and needed rest, and Amory had to leave for Hogwarts in the morning.

“See you soon darling, have a good time at school”, Mr Granger said to his granddaughter before kissing her on the forehead.

“Don’t worry Amory, Hogwarts is a doddle”, Fred informed Amory smiling.

“Yeah, you’ll have an awesome time!” George added.

After everyone had wished Amory luck they left.



Draco popped his head into his daughter’s room after getting ready for bed.

“Goodnight sweetheart”.


“Yes princess?” Draco went to sit beside his daughter.

“I don’t know if I want to go to Hogwarts, I’m going to miss you and mum, I don’t want to be away from you”, Amory said eventually losing her composure and breaking out into sobs.

“Oh princess, don’t cry, I know, you will miss us at first, but you’ll make friends, learn new amazing things and all of a sudden you’ll be having too much fun to be homesick. Don’t worry about a thing. Just because you’re not with me doesn’t mean I won’t be there for you. I mean, I’m going to write to you every day, ‘cause I’ll miss you more than you know. Just know that I’m always here for you, and I love you so much. Forget about missing us and just concentrate on having fun, and if you ever really need me, let me know and I’ll be there in an instant”, Draco replied, welling up himself.

Amory sat up and grabbed her father in an embrace. Draco put his arms around Amory and stroked her hair.

“I love you princess, I love you”, Draco whispered while holding his daughter.



The next day arrived and Hermione went in to wake her daughter up for her first day of school.

“Amory, it’s time for school. Wake up darling”.

Amory eventually woke up and went to get ready for school. While she was in the bathroom Draco and Hermione prepared her breakfast.

“Draco, I don’t want her to go”, Hermione turned around from facing the window, with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“I know baby, I know, I don’t either but she has to go, we can’t stop it. We’ll miss her and it’ll take some adjusting to, but we’ll be ok”, he smiled wiping his wife’s tears away.

Hermione immediately cheered up when her daughter entered the room, she didn’t want to upset her before leaving.

“Ready for the big day”, Draco said enthusiastically.

“Yep” she replied.

After breakfast, Draco, Hermione and Amory got in the “wretched machine” as Draco liked to call it and travelled to the station. Draco tried his best to keep Amory’s spirit up in the car but it was hard as he didn’t want her to leave. Hermione pulled up at the station and they all left the car and made their way across the station. Draco explained how to get to platform nine and three quarters, before watching nervously as his daughter ran through the portal. They said their tearful goodbyes and watched their only child get on the Hogwarts Express.

“Write everyday, and let me know what house you’re in. You’ll do great”, Hermione smiled, “I love you sweetheart”.

“I love you too mum”.

“Now princess, promise me you’ll have fun and make sure you stand up for yourself, don’t let anyone boss you around ok?” Draco stated.

“Okay daddy, love you” Amory replied.

“I love you too, Amory”.

Amory climbed on the train and waved out of the window, tears in her eyes. Hermione now crying watched her first child leave. She was so sad yet so proud at the same time. Draco stood comforting his wife as well as watching Amory leave, tears sliding down his cheek.


The couple went back to the car, saddened and drove home. It all seemed so quiet without her.

“Our baby’s all grown up”, Draco smiled.

“Yeah she is”.



A/N: It's finally over; it’s been a long one, well for me at least. I hope you all enjoyed it and please continue to let me know if you’re interested in a sequel. I'd like to take one final chance to thank you all again, I know I wouldn’t have got this far without all of your encouragement so thank you. I never imagined people would read this story, so I was incredibly happy to see it get this far. I’m really grateful to you all. Thank you so much. X 

Just checked back, nearly 100,000 reads! I'm amazed, thank you guys all so much! Hope you enjoy it!  Thank you again! x

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