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It was night time at burrow. Ginny was lying flat on her bed inside her room. Snowflakes were falling hard outside, covering all the houses and trees in white. It was the night of Christmas Eve.  Her mother had specially decorated the house for Christmas. Considering the present situation, Molly had taken special care to decorate the house so that everybody remains in light mood on the day of Christmas. But still it did nothing to lighten up Ginny’s mood. She felt so lonely without the wonder trio. She thought back the last Christmas. How enjoyable it was. Harry, Hermione, Ron and all her brothers were there. They had enjoyed the holiday so much of course with exception of the day Percy visited with that stupid, insensitive minister. But overall it was a very joyful Christmas. 

This year, it’s going to be no fun. The whole wizarding world had been turned upside down by Voldemort and his death eaters. There are no Harry, Hermione and Ron to give her company. God, she didn’t even know if they are okay or not. Her eyes were filled with uncontrollable tears, every time she thought of any ill happening to them. If only Harry had let her come with him, Ron and Hermione... but no, he had left her to suffer alone. Why? He’s out with his two dearest friends but what about her? How did he expect that she would be safe in a school run by death-eaters? How did he think that she would be fine without him? She had missed him so much in all these days. The thought of Harry asking her out last summer would still bring a huge smile on her face. It was the happiest day of her life. She got up from her bed and walked towards the window side. She sat beside the window on a chair and stared at the Moon. It was a full moon night. Since ages, Moon is regarded as the symbol of love. Soon her mind was flooded with last summer’s memories…



The duo stepped out of the common room. The corridor was deserted. Ginny looked at Harry. Once he was out of everybody’s notice, he seemed very relaxed. Feeling her eyes at him he looked back and smiled.

 “How cute”, she thought.

They started walking down the corridor. “Harry, where are we going?” she asked.

“Umm…. how about the lakeside?” he asked.

So they walked their way to the lakeside. Harry gestured her at the tree under which he used to sit with Ron and Hermione. She followed him and then both of them sat tunder it.

“So, how long you are feeling like this about me ?” Ginny asked after some time, her eyes fixed at the lake.

Harry thought over and then said, “ I can’t exactly say that. All these years I’ve seen you, played with you, stayed with your family; I guess all these things made me to start liking you. But I never realized. This year however I’ve always felt your absence. Still I thought it maybe because I’ve become very much used to your presence in the burrow. But then I saw you that day kissing Dean Thomas and I suddenly felt so jealous… All the heat rushed to my head and I felt like beating dean to a bloody pulp but then I also realized that you are his girlfriend. He wasn’t doing anything wrong and then for the first time I realized that I’ve fallen for you.”

Ginny’s mouth fell apart. “Harry has fallen for me!” She wondered in her mind. Then she regained her composure soon and asked, “Didn’t you talk to anybody about this?” 

Harry gave her a questioning look and then said, “To whom was I supposed to talk Ginny? I thought about Ron but then I pictured him cursing me for betraying his trust and all other things. So I kept silent. However I knew that Hermione had figured it out but I hesitated to talk with her too because I can’t bear to see the smug look on her face so I kept this to myself for all these ten months. Then I heard from Hermione that you and Dean have broken up. I knew that this is my only chance. If I don’t ask you out soon then somebody else will do it certainly. I thought of doing it today if we win the match. I was planning it to do in the post match euphoria but then snape landed me in detention. I thought I’ve missed my chance again. Still I hoped. When I entered the common room I saw everybody cheering and laughing and I knew that we’ve won the match. Ron was beaming at me holding the cup. Then I saw you running towards me and I knew that I’ve to do it now or I’ll never get any more chances and so I kissed you.” He finished

 Ginny was aghast, “You went through so many things still I knew nothing. I’m really sorry Harry.”

Harry felt surprised by her words. He reached for her and caught her hand. Looking at her face he said, “No Ginny, its ok. It’s not your fault at all. If I hadn’t feared Ron’s temper then I would have told you all these sooner.”

Ginny now felt her temper rising. Ron himself had said that he won’t say anything if she dated Harry. Why didn’t he tell that to Harry too? He didn’t have to suffer so much then.

“Ron has always supported our pairing Harry, he should have told that to you”, she said angrily.

“Ron has supported us!” he felt dumbfounded. “Why I didn’t know! Wait; probably that’s why he kept on telling me that he would like you to date a person whom he likes. Gosh, I had been so stupid. I never understood that he was actually hinting at me.” 

Well then this is your fault as well, she snapped.

“Ok what has happened is happened, we can’t change it. So lets just forget about it”, he said stroking her hair. She looked at him and then their eyes were locked. Her hair felt so smooth and that flowery smell he loved so much was always there with her. He leaned in to kiss her but Ginny stopped him. Smirking heavily she said, “Well… aren't you interested in the match summary ?”

Harry scowled at her and then grinned mischievously. “ Testing my patience, aren’t you, well don’t worry. Ron is there to fill my ears with all his descriptions about the goals he saved. How many he actually saved?”

“Five”, she said laughing on his words.

“Great”, he said and then leaned again. This time Ginny didn’t stop him anymore. Their lips met in a sweet kiss. He wrapped his arms around her locking her in his tight embrace. It was super-heavenly feeling. Ginny has never felt like this for anyone. What she felt for Harry was more than the combined of what she felt for Michael and Dean but Harry never gave her the chance to express it. Now that she has got the chance, she didn’t waste it. Wrapping her arms tightly around him she brought him more close so that not an inch of distance remained between them.

After that they just sat there for hours spending their time in kissing and talking.

Ginny opened her eyes. They were stricken with tears. She didn’t want to remember anymore. Those few weeks with Harry were like heaven to her. But he’s not with her now to kiss her, caress her and hold her in his firm embrace. It’s all over now. Everything. She didn’t want to remember anymore.

  When you think no one can help you,

Turn to me

When you think no one can hear you,

Call for me

When you think no one loves you,

Look at me

When there is no one to cease your pain,

Let me comfort you,

Let me hold you,

Let me take care of you,

You can lean on me whenever you need solace

Because I’m the one who will love you with complete pureness

No matter whatever happens,

The power of ceaseless love will protect us from every damage.

Our proximity will never cease

We’ll be together forever

And I’ll remain always on your side,

No matter whatever happens,

Whatever happens,

Whatever happens…





A/N: I'm in habit of writing romance poems n songs. Hope u will like this one. Please review if u do like.

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