No one mentioned the dare that whole day. After classes when done Ginny was left alone to ponder on how to get the dare over with. Just as she was going to quit and do some of her Defense Against the Dark Arts Hermione rushed into the room. “Gin can you do me a favor?” Hermione asked pleadingly. “Ya, I guess I could. Got nothing better to do anyways. What is it? “Can you go send this letter for me? But don’t open it.” “Ok, I’ll go to that. You know I just remembered that tomorrow I start my extra Potions class with you guys. I had to wait awhile before starting because Snape wanted to make sure I was ready for it. Now I’m not sure if I want to go because Malfoy will be there.” “How exciting! You’ll have a blast. Now please go send this letter. I have someplace I need to be,” With that she left the room and went out the portrait. Ginny slowly got off her bed and left to send the letter. What she didn’t know was that a certain someone *cough*Malfoy*cough* was on his way to do the same thing. She was almost at the tower to send Hermione’s letter when she heard voices. Normally she would leave it alone but tonight she couldn’t help it. She peered into the classroom to find Harry snogging Hermione. She was about to cry until she realized that they haven’t seen her yet and she’d like it if they didn’t know she knew about them. How could her do this to her, she thought miserably. I know we aren’t going out or anything but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t care that his with Hermione. I was suppose to be over him but I can’t do it. He means the world to me and his off with her. Never again will I do a favor for her well she’s off with that stupid Harry Potter. She was so mad she didn’t even look were she was going. She never noticed that she was at the top of the tower and about to walk into a tall blonde Slytherin. * * * Draco had just finished sending him sick mother a letter when he was about to leave. Before he knew it a teary eyed Weasley came running into the room and rammed into her. “Watch were you’re going!” “I’m s-sorry. I didn’t see you.” Malfoy could tell that she was on the verge of a break-down. Some how it made him feel sorry for her. “Are you ok? Not that I really care. I have nothing better to do then listen to your sob story so spill.” “Well I was on my way up here to send a letter for H-Hermione,” she said between sobs. “But on the way up here I heard voice and went to look who it was. It was Harry and Hermione snogging. Makes me so mad that she made me give this letter well she’s doing that behind my back.” “Well who says you have to send the letter, huh?” “I didn’t. I told her I would.” “But after that you don’t think you really need to do her a favor.” “You know you are right. This stupid letter will stay here and do undelivered. Thanks Malfoy. Wow! I never thought I’d being saying that.” “Well things change. So do people. I’m not doing this to be nice and now will always be this way to you. Ok? It’s just on rare occasions that I’m like thing so don’t get use to it.” “Don’t worry about it. This will be between us. Thanks again. I’d better be going.” Taking the opportunity to get closer to finishing the dare, she stood on her tip-toes and kissed him on the cheek. “Goodnight.” “’Night,” he whispered softly. She looked so good and that kiss even if it was on the cheek was great. But she’s a Weasley and under no circumstances would he let it go to far. He left the room with the mystery note of Hermione on the table.

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