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Chapter 2 Harry stared at the boy, “You can see me?” Young Albus looked from side to side as if he expected to have a prank pulled on him. “Of courthe I can theee you! He finally said. “What do you think? That I’m blind?” The lisp in little Albus’s voice was extremely distinctive. His face toughened into a tight pout that Harry found to look more cute and intimidating. He smiled and folded his arms in front of him. “No, I don’t think your blind.” Harrys eyes looked around the room. It looked much like Professor McGonagalls Classroom. He felt as if he was in Hogwarts, yet something told him he was not. “Where am I?” Harry asked mostly to himself. “Your in the Tran’th’figuration room.” Young Albus replied curtly. After thinking it over he then added, “Dummy!” Young Albus then stood and began to gather his things that sat at one of the desks. Harry wasn’t sure if he cared for the tone of this young boy. Professor Dumbledore or no, he really did not have a right to speak to Harry that way. He folded his arms and stood in front of the door. “I don’t like being called a dummy.” Harry said, he was trying to sound though but he really was amused. “Its not nice.” Tears began to well up in Young Albusses eyes. Harry was taken aback. This kid really is a wimp he thought, but no sooner was the thoughts in his mind than young Albus suddenly punched him in the nose. Harry cried out in agony and grabbed his face. Albus, being very small, easily got past him and ran down the corridor. “Bloody Hell!” Harry kissed as she felt the blood run down his face. If the kid had enough guts to do that to a complete stranger who was, and looked, much bigger and older than him, why couldn’t he have done that to that other red head kid earlier? Harry quickly ran out of the room after the boy. Yong Albus had stopped at the end of the hall and was looking back to see if the big boy had followed him. When he saw Harry he yelped and ran on. “Wait!” Harry shouted as he ran after him. He was sure he looked a mess with blood dripping down his face as he chanced this first year though the halls. What would Hermionie think? Harry passed by groups of students, all clumped together waiting for there next class. Not any of them gave Harry a look. In front of him, Harry could barely make out the image of the sandy haired boy scrambling around the groups of people. “Wait!” Harry shouted again. He wasn’t as limber at the boy as he knocks and bumps the groups of people around him. Turning a corner, Harry stops suddenly. In front of him stands Albus, and in front of him is…Professor Snape? At least, what looks likes Professor Snape his face shape and was rounder, and he was broader than the Professor Snape Harry know, but other than that he looked exactly like him. “Albus Dumbledore!” The Snape look alike raved, He grabbed the boy by his ear, and continued, “If I’ve told you once I’ve told you a hundred times, no running in the corridors!” “Ah!” Young Albus said as he was yanked by the ear, “but Professor Snape, you don’t understand! This other boy…” The Professor shook the boy by his ear. “No excuses! Detention!” As Young Albus was lead away, he spotted Harry. He glared at him as Snape dragged him out of sight. Harry stood where he had been, gasping to catch his breath. Now what? He looked around the corridor. This was definitely Hogwarts. He turned and began to walk back to the room he had come from. Harry was glad that his robes matched those exactly of the surrounding students. Other than the blood running down his face, he fit in well. No one seemed to notice him. Everyone was deep in conversations. “Did you hear about what happened? A bomb dropped right out of the sky!” One of the boys were saying. “Kapowie!” “Near DiagonAlly?” Another boy was saying. “They say the muggles are at war with each other.” A girl said nearby, “And that London’s under attack.” “Do you think the Ministry of Magics going to do anything about it?” Her friend asked. “I don’t know,” the girl replied, “But my dad say…” Harry kept on walking until he reached the room he had been in. Professor McGonigals room saw across from a long hallway full of windows. Those windows looked out over the Quidditch field. Looking outside, Harry was astonished to see where the six large hoops that usually stood for the Quidditch field was missing. In addition, behind the hoops where the forbidden forest would have stood, rolling hills spotted the horizon. Okay, this is really strange, Harry thought as he turned away from the windows. Right behind him stood a girl who Harry has seen before. He suddenly recognized her as the brown haired, buckteeth girl he had seen Dumbledore kissing in his memories. “Excuse me.” Harry said as he stepped past her. She didn’t seem to have heard him because she stepped to the window Harry had been looking out and leaned out it. Resting her chin on her folded arms she sighs. Another girl with blond hair and deep blue eyes skipped up to her. “Hi Polly!” the girl chimed. The blond girl seemed to be full of life and energy. She jumped up onto the window ledge and swung her feet. “Jacobs looking for you!” The girl named Polly sighed again. “Of course he is. Only two weeks into the school year and already Jacob is telling everyone he is my boyfriend.” She stood up and looked at her friend, “I’m not his girl friend Kendal! I don’t even like him that way.” Kendal grinned. “I never said you were. Stop shouting at me, go shout at him, he deserves it, after that prank he pulled on Albus at the feast.” She stopped and waited for her friend to reply, but she just kept staring out the window so she continued, “Even though it was pretty funny.” Polly looked at her, “Pretty funny? Dropping his frog into Albus’s soup is pretty funny?” Her friend stopped smiling, “Well no… not really.” Rolling her eyes the girl looked out the window again. Her friend, Kendal, studied her, “Are you worried about you dad?” Polly shook her head, “My dads tuff he can handle this. Even if he is a muggle he posses qualities of a wizard, he…” Her voice trailed off. Jumping down from the window, Kendal leaned against the wall and looked outside at the rolling hills that surrounded Hogwarts, “I’m worried about me dad too.” What year is this? Harry wondered. He turned away from the girls and entered into the room. To his surprise the Professor Snape look-alike was in there. Holding his hands in front of him like he had walked into a pit of snakes, Harry backed out of the room. Harry continued to rome the halls. He wasn’t really worried for some reason about his predicament. He felt that when he found Young Albus, all would be set right. In the meantime, he would just hang out. No one seemed to notice him anyways. Later that evening Harry hung out in the Gryffendore common room. Not knowing the password to get in, Harry just followed through the entrance with a group of Gryffendores. He waited for Young Albus to come back from his detention. Finally, the small boy appeared in the room. Harry walked up to him. “Hi.” He said, trying to sound cheerful. The boy glared at him, “What do you want?” Harry stopped, He had hoped the boy would somehow send him back to his own time, “Well I’m…uh… I’m Harry.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “Yeah? So?” Harry was at a loss of words, “And I…um… want to be your friend?” the words sounded children he knew, but what else could he say? “Uh-hu…” Albus looked at him skeptically. “You want to get out of my way?” She small boys arms were full of books. He presses past Harry. Harry scowled after him. If he had had his wand, he probably would have put a leg lock spell on the rude little kid. Unfortunately, His wand had been left back in his own world and time. Young Albus continued past the couches and chairs of the common room and up the stairs to his dorm room. As he went, boys from a nearby table yelled at him. “Hey small fry! Seen any good frogs lately?” They all laughed and made frog noises at him. The small boy continued up the stairs alone. Harry watched after him. Didn’t this boy have any friends? The thought left his mind as he realized, how was he going to get home? Confronting Albus hadn’t worked, and he didn’t have his wand. He was stuck! Stuck in time maybe forever if he didn’t find a way out soon!

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