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    Going home was always a difficult time for Ginny. Home no longer was the Burrow, but a small apartment in the middle of London, close to the Ministry of Magic, that she shared with Harry. They had been dating on and off for almost five years so it made sense that they move in together, since they were, you know, in love.

    Ugh, Ginny didn’t even want to think about the word. How could Blaise Zabini say that he loved Luna Lovegood and then not even show up for the funeral? Sure she knew he hated showing emotion, that the two were keeping the relationship secret except to their closet friends, but she didn’t think he was that big of an emotionless bastard to make girls fall in love with just to have a frequent bed buddy.

    Though, Ginny was glad to know that Luna never spelt with Blaise; the beautiful blonde always said she was saving herself for marriage. How Luna and Blaise dated for almost two years, no fights, no on and off lifestyle, and no sex, Ginny had no idea.

    Actually she did; she and Harry never had sex anymore.

    Great Merlin where had the passion gone? The fun, the flair, the dragon tattooed on his chest and the want to be her only? It was as if he had become obsessed with chasing down the Dark Arts, afraid that something was going to start up again and destroy the world. Well something had started up again and was destroying her world; her best friend was dead and did he even care? Ginny knew Harry wasn’t at the Malfoy Manor in order to find Luna’s killer. No, once again it was about arresting Malfoy, as if he had never forgiven Malfoy for trying to kill Dumbledore.

    If you’re wondering, Draco was sorry about that and rather past it as well. Those years back at Hogwarts had been the worst in his life and he was to the point where he was desperate to get attention from his father, from Voldermort, from somebody. He made a public apology years ago. He was a kid with manipulative parents, taught to act a certain way, and full of teenage angst and hormones. He was bound to fuck up in a rather big way.

    At least back then he had Pansy Parkinson.

    But now? Now Draco had no girl, unless you count Luna Lovegood as she sat on his kitchen counter, swinging her legs back and forth, and eating ice cream out of the carton.

    “Draco I’m getting bored,” she told him.

    “I’ve noticed,” he mumbled back at her. It had been two weeks since Luna had “died” and Draco had become her designated babysitter as Blaise went to work. Draco didn’t have a job, couldn’t get one, and if he could, he could never keep it. Once again, the whole trying to kill Dumbledore still followed him around four years later and its not like Draco had the best temper either.

    “I never get bored with Blaise,” she announced. Draco snorted; he didn’t doubt it. Luna may still hold her virgin card tight, but he knew that didn’t stop the lovebirds from having fun. Boys do talk you know, just not about the cute drama of buying shoes to match their dresses.

    “Can’t we go to the zoo or maybe a muggle movie? No one would notice me there,” Luna begged.

    “You really think I’d fair well at the zoo?” Draco raised an eyebrow at her as he grabbed a spoon and started eating out of the carton as well.

    “If we put on loads of SPF,” she grinned.

    “What’s that?” SPF? Spell protection foundation? Saint Potter’s fishing? Silly perverted fantasies?

    Oh wait he liked that one.

    “I dunno, something muggles put on their skin so they don’t burn,” she shrugged.

    “I don’t think so love, you’re lucky Blaise lets you even visit over here,” Draco tapped her on the nose with his spoon. Luna was like his little sister by now and he had no qualms about her being toted just about everywhere with them. It had taken awhile to convince Blaise to let Luna to come over, but with the underground tunnel between their manors its not as if anyone saw her even cross the street. No Blaise was just upset Potter would show up trying search the manor again and there would be Luna, sitting on Draco’s counter, not dead whatsoever.

    Luna pouted out her bottom lip.

    “What if I drink a polyjuice potion? I could be Blaise!” she gasped with sudden glee, her legs kicking about like a puppies tail.

    “We can’t do that because 1. Blaise doesn’t have any hair and 2. You smile way too much for anyone to fall for it,” Draco chuckled. Luna, though upset, had already lost her pout and was smiling widely at the prospect of going outside.

    “He has some hair,” Luna smiled wickedly.

    “Luna!” Draco gasped.

    She broke out into wild giggles as Draco gagged at the thought. God Blaise had dirtied her pure little mind up real good hadn’t he? She was barely even the same Luna she was when they started dating.

    “If you can’t have fun then life isn’t worth living,” Luna shoved him to stop the gagging.

    “Yeah but you’re supposed to be dead,” Draco reminded her. She waved him off.

    “If death meant just leaving the stage long enough for a costume change and coming back as a new character, would you slow down? Or speed up?” Luna looked at him with her big blue moon eyes. Ah, there was the Looney Lovegood they all knew and loved. Though he hated when she was right. He had slowed down after Hogwarts, but where did that get him? Alone and bored.

    “Fine,” Draco groaned, “but you better wear a large sunhat and sunglasses just in case.”

    The large sunhat and glasses did not do any good, however. Actually they were spectacular and no one knew that it was Luna Lovegood, the girl from all the papers, muggle or wizarding, but Blaise wasn’t thrilled about the whole idea. Here he was, going to work so he wouldn’t look suspicious of anything and Luna was skipping around muggle London like nothing was wrong at all. They couldn’t skip the country because then the Ministry would think Blaise murdered her, so here he was slaving away. Blaise was livid with Draco, to the say the least.

    “I can’t believe you gave in to her like that!” Blaise wished he had hair to pull at, though he had a feeling it would feel pretty fucking good to give Draco’s hair a good yank right now, “what if someone saw you! What if they reported her to the muggles news and they sent the pop-lace after you?”

    “Well she got all, you know, Looney, and her eyes got all big and puffy and you know how deadly that look is!” Draco whined as he watched Blaise pace around the living room. Blaise had shot him a look at Draco; he still was not fond of her school nickname ‘Looney.’

    “I don’t care if she offered herself to you, you’re not allowed to let her out of the house,” Blaise warned Draco.

    Draco blinked. “You really think she would sleep with me?”

    Blaise’s glare was enough of an answer.

    “Merlin I was only kidding,” Draco groaned and plopped over on the couch. He was much more animated now that he no longer had to live up to anyone’s expectations and was stuck in the house all day with nothing to do. He greatly sympathized with Luna’s house arrest, more than you know. “What crawled up your ass this afternoon anyways?”

    “Ginny Weasley,” Blaise answered simple.

    “Blaise you sly dog!” Draco laughed loudly; Blaise glared once again. “Okay, sorry, my bad, over the line. Luna’s best friend. In love with Luna, I get it,” Draco folded easily.

    He knew how Blaise was all about the no cheating on girls rule; Blaise’s father had run off with his nanny when he was younger therefore making Blaise one of the most faithful men to ever graduate Hogwarts. Besides the part where he fucked everything that moved. But that wasn’t being unfaithful, according to Blaise, since he was never actually dating those tramps. No Blaise still held fast to the notion that Luna was his first and only girlfriend.

    “So why was she bothering you?” Draco changed the subject back to what was upsetting his Blaisey-poo.

    “Asking about you,” Blaise smirked. Draco didn’t make a move to say anything, so he continued. “Potter’s still trying to convict you of Luna’s murder; Ginny’s his little office whore, running around departments to collect information, especially about what you’ve been doing since you’ve graduated Hogwarts.”

    “Did you tell her I finished a ten thousand piece jigsaw puzzle? I have to say that’s been my greatest achievement yet,” Draco deadpanned.

    “The one with the kitten on it? No, I didn’t,” Blaise shot back with the same amount of sarcasm. “I told her you’ve been a good boy, haven’t done anything stupid that I’m aware of.”

    “That girl from the Deja Voo Stripclub was pretty stupid,” Draco pointed out, not wanting to look as if he had been, gasp, an angel.

    “Merlin don’t remind me, she almost took my head off with her shoe when I yelled at her to leave,” Blaise rolled his eyes.

    “No, you’ve got her mixed with Parkinson,” Draco corrected.

    “Same difference,” Blaise shrugged, “anyways, the point it, Potter’s trying to create a character profile against you. He can’t find evidence that you killed Luna, obviously, but he’s willing to discredit you enough that they charge you anyways.”

    “Brilliant,” Draco shook his head; why must his life be difficult? All he was doing was trying to lead a normal, healthy life and look at him! He was skinner than your average super model, his body lean and beautiful with pale white skin that reflected his shaggy, untamed locks that he let loose around his face, to hide his silver Malfoy eyes.

    “So how long before I’m in Azkaban?” Draco asked after a long silence.

    “Not sure, he doesn’t have much on you, but its not like you’re the Ministry’s favorite person either,” Blaise bit his lip and looked to his friend. “I’d give it two weeks, depending in what they can find.”

    Draco nodded silently. So this was it, off to Azkaban finally, just like his father.

    Blaise tried to give him a smile, “I’ll tell you one thing though.”

    Draco hummed in acknowledgement that he was listening.

    “Ginny Weasley thinks you’re innocent.”

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