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          Void was leaning on Tempest and Tempest was leaning on Nila.  They were bored.  All three of them which was odd.  Normally one was active, but not in tis case.  Suddenly, they all yelped on pain.  They all stared at their left arms.  Voldemort was calling them.  Tempest looked at the cat at her legs and at Chad, Divina and Edana coming her way.

With just a wave of her wand they were at the house of the Dark Lord.  She looked around.  Around the room arriving were her godparents, Bellatrix and fellow Death Eaters.

Tempest walked into the living room and stood against the wall ib the far side, along with her companions.  She hated the half blood who claimed to be a pure blood.  She hated the man with the snake like face and red eyes.  She knew his real name.  It was Tom Marvolo Riddle.  He was the son of a muggle man.  But she dare not say any of this aloud for if she did, he would torture her and make her pay for her insolence.’

Void grabbed her hand and gripped it tightly to reassure her as the Dark Lord appeared in his seat.   Tempest looked at Snape who looked calmly back at her.  He was loyal to Dumbledore, and no one else.  She admired his bravery mire than anything.  After this she would be leaving with him to discuss Harry Potters protection and the plans of Voldemort.  Of course she was also going to visit Draco and probably punch or beat up Panzy.

“Hello my Eaters,” hissed Voldemort.  “I have complete control over the Ministry.  I need the Orb with Harry Potters name on it.  Tempest!”

Tempest tried not to show her anger, So she smiled and walked to him bowing before him life he was some kind of king.

“Yes my Lord?”

“Do you know how the outcome?”

“I see two paths in which this will take.  You will survive in accomplishing your . . . goal and possessing Potter.  The other path, the Orb will become broken, shattered and you will fail.”  She tried not to smiled let alone laugh.  That thought quickly vanished when Voldemort himself smiled.

I think that either path I take the end is inevitable.  Harry Potter will die.  Is that not true Tempest.”

“Harry Potter will die by your hand my Lord.  That is not a question.”  She smiled a sincere smiled and he dismissed her.  She walked back to Void and Nila and stood between them.  Nila leaned on her shoulder and Tempest felt Void hug her around her waist.  She could always count in those two comfort her.

Soon time passed and Voldemort dismissed them all.  Tempest walked away with Snape and they both were back at Hogwarts.

“You must be quiet, the Ministry sent over a woman to govern and keep watch over the school.  A toad like woman named Dolores Umbridge.  Do you have your Slytherin Uniform?”
“I think I’m due for a new one, the old one is a bit . . . ill fitting.”

“All right I’ll get you another.  You will have to charm what you look like so that Umbridge doesn’t notice.  Now come hurry.”

She nodded and they walked up to Dumbledore’s office and sat down.

“Ah, Miss Nyx.  Did you know I knew your parents?  Of course you did I would expect nothing less.  So you are a Death  Eater, quite interesting.  Well, how long will you be here?”

“At least a couple of days, I have use of your library.”  She smiled.

“Hmm, well in any case, what are his plans?”

“He wants the Orb with Harry Potter name on it and he will do anything to get it.  Severus tells me that Harry Potter has become involved with the Order?  Isn’t that a little––-”

Tempest stopped short.  Someone was coming.  She got up followed by Snape.  She cast the cloaking spell on herself and Snape slunk to a dark part of the office.

“Snape.  I want you to sneak to your room.  I will call for you shortly.”

“Of course.”  Snape cast Apparatus and she stood alongside the wall.

Harry Potter came in and explained how Ron’s father was in trouble.  Already Voldemort was trying to steal the orb.  She rolled her eyes at the mans stupidity.  Obviously he was impatient.

Soon Dumbledore summoned Snape and soon enough everyone was dismissed.

Tempest waited by the Slytherin common room for Snape.


“Here Severus.”  She ended the spell and  smiled at him as he handed her a new uniform.  “Thank you for the uniform.  Now what’s the password?”


The portal opened and Tempest walked in.  But before it closed Tempest ran back out and gave Severus a tight hug.

“You’re a brave man Severus.  My mom always admired that about you.  She loved you so dearly and was so sorry.”

“I know.  I remember that talk with her.”  He gave her a kiss on the forehead.  “Go off to bed now.”

She nodded. “All right.”

Tempest walked to the boys dormitory and walked over to Draco’s bed.  She sat down and kissed him lightly on the lips, waking him.


“Hi.  I’ll be here for the next couple of days.  How are you?”

Draco didn’t answer.  All he did, was sit up and kissed her.  Tempest was shocked at his sudden show of affection and couldn’t help but pull away.


“Nothing just, I wasn’t expecting you to kiss me like that.”

He smiled.  “Yeah?”  He grabbed her and pulled her on top of him as he laid down.
She kissed him and rolled off next to him.  She climbed under the covers and kissed him some more. She loved how he tasted.  She loved him.

His arm slipped under her shirt and he rolled on top of her.  He tickled her and kissed her neck.

“I’ve missed you.”

“So have I,” said Tempest.


Tempest was looking for anything on any of the elements.  So far to no avail.  She was on the second floor and looking and she was leaving today.  She needed anything, and not even the Restricted Section held anything.

After hours of searching she bent down at a colourful green book.  She tried to read the title but t had been worn off.  She grabbed it, stood back up and flipped through the pages.  Finally she had found something, she thought happily.  She turned around and Draco out of nowhere pulled her alongside him to the dungeons.

Tempest allowed herself to be dragged to the Slytherin Common Room.  She looked around and noticed that noone was there.  Draco kissed her and she encircled his neck.  She really did love him, she always had.  He stopped kissing her and just held her close.  Tempest noticed that his pasty blonde hair was longer that it used to be as she buried her face in his neck.

“Tempest I just noticed, you don’t have the purple in your hair?”

“Yeah, I’m getting it put in during Christmas.  Are you going home this holiday?”

“I’m not sure yet.  With Voldemort’s return an’ all, I’m not exactly sure.”

“Hmm, well Draco, I have to go now.  My friends they needed me back.  They can’t survive without me.”  She laughed and so did he.  She kissed him on the lips and disappeared with a simple cast of Apparatus.


“Okay wait, this is the only book you found?” asked Void flipping through it.

“Yup.  Did either of you have any luck?”

“No,” grumbled Nila.

“This means we will have to find this one first.  The Earth Mystic.  Ain’t this gonna be bloody good fun year!” exclaimed Tempest sarcastically.

“Anyway come on lets get to reading.”  She sat in the centre and they all began to read together.

Time passes and more than half-way through, they finally found what they were looking for.

“Hey look.  The Earth Mystic, called by many who have met her Cecile, lives in a home of wood and stone.  Always dressed in green or and outfit of Earth gold or green.  Cecile ran upon her skin a triangle to mark her power, her immortality in which she can be discovered.  Cecile, the Mystic of Earth, has brown hair and eyes to match.  To those who want to find her search in the deepest forest North where a village called Martith strives.”

“Wow, well wasn’t that just a bunch of help,” yawned Nila.

“Yeah, now we need to find the place that is called Martith.  How hard could that be?”

“We should go talk to Master Vlad,” said Void getting up.

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” said Tempest.

“Yeah,” said Nila.

They all laughed and ran faster than they thought mortally possible.  They stopped at Master Vlad’s door and Tempest told them to take a deep breath no matter what.

“Gwendel you are insane!”  It was Mistress Starlet, they all exchanged glances.

“Tempest is a strong girl with strong friends Bianca.  She has her own prophecy a do most great people of great blood.  Merlins blood flows through her veins as well as that of Morgan and Arthur.  She’s looking for the Elements.”

“The girl is so much like her damned mother.  Sorry for my ill toward the dead.”  She paused and sighed.  “We might as well help the girl, like I said she’s too much like her mother.  So do you know anything about them?”

“Obviously there are four.”

“Stop being arrogant Gwendel.”

“Well I think—–“

“Okay enough,” said Tempest walking in trailed by Nila and Void.

“Ah, Zephyr, I was beginning to wonder if you would ever walk in.”

“You knew she was there!” screamed Bianca.

“I expected as much,” said Tempest matter-of-factly.  She sat on a desk along with Nila and Void.

“What if——“

“What Bianca?”

“Oh never mind.  Miss Nyx, I presume you found something?”

“You presume correct.  Cecile.  That’s the name of the Earth Mystic.  She can be found in a town called Martith.  I presume it’s a wizard village.”

“Martith . . . Bianca I believe you know something of that place.”

“I should . . . I was born there.”  She shifted uncomfortably.  “I have been there since my mother was murdered.  I believe my brother lives there though.  He faced his ghost.” She sat down and stared at Tempest.

“No way, your brother lives there?” exclaimed Nila.  “This is great, Adrian talked to him.  He can give us entrance!”

“He better, I can’t enter a home without permission.  Being a vampire sucks sometimes.”  Tempest stroked her hair.  She missed the purple.

“Anyway we need to find her now,” stated Void.  “Lets move.”

“Then its settled.  Bianca, get a message to your brother.  You three get ready, I have a feeling you may need some stuff and be back in here as soon as possible.”

Tempest smiled and ran back alongside Nila and Void.

“I can’t wait to see Adrian,” stated Nila.

“Yeah, can’t wait.”  Tempest looked at Void.  Whenever Adrian was involved Void always got testy.

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