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Disclaimer: My creations do not make money, but anything Harry Potter related does for miss JKR.

Rose walked quickly from the potions classroom, her mind filled with who her visitor could be. It was very peculiar, she had never seen anyone else get visitors, but then again this was her first holiday at Hogwarts. Even so, Dumbledore sending a student to find her, and having whoever it is wait in the common room. It had to be someone she would want to see, or why wouldn’t it have been in his office.

Her mind was racing with many questions, and it was making her very dizzy. She knew who she wanted it to be, who she would give anything to see again. But she knew she couldn’t get her hopes up, because she was sure to be very disappointed when she walked through the door.

Rose stopped, looking around the hallway she was in. For a brief moment she thought she had taken a wrong turn in her hurry, but the abundance of Christmas decorations just made everything look different. She went to continue on when she heard her name.

"Rose!" Draco was rushing up to her, happiness filling his voice. "It’s good to see you out here. I kept coming by, but everyone just kept telling me you were in your room, and no on wanted to disturb you. I understand, I was just getting a little worried." His voice trailed off and he mumbled towards the end of his sentence. She felt a swelling inside her chest as she realized how much Draco really did care, and immediately felt horrible for never owling him back.

"Jaune, I’ve missed you, you know," she pulled him into a hug, and laughed. "Well, we’ve seen each other since I got back. Twice. But we didn’t really get a chance to talk. That was a pretty crazy day."

"Tell me about it," he pulled back smiling at her. "I’m still trying to recover from hitting Potter so many times," he shook his hand off jokingly. "Really though, are you okay? That was a lot to go through, especially when you just got back from, well.."

"I’m doing about as well as can be expected," she shrugged.

"I’m sorry about telling everyone, Rose, I just got so angry. It just kind of slipped out about your parents."

"Well, everyone was going to find out eventually. I would never be mad at you about that. I’m surprised it didn’t leak out before that," she tried to nonchalantly wipe her eyes. "I’m actually kind of on my way to meet someone in the common room though."

"Oh, I’m really sorry for keeping you. I was just wondering if I could talk to you quickly though. Well talk more actually, that is what we were just doing. It will only take a minute, I swear. Then I can walk you there, if you don’t mind?"

"Of course not, Draco. I would never mind for you."

Harry was still laying with the drapes closed, wishing he could continue to sleep. He hadn’t been able to the night before, and, honestly, hadn’t had a good night sleep in over a month. He guessed it was his punishment, to have everything he had done wrong to Rose play over and over again in his head. He felt worse than could be imagined, and he knew he was the cause of all of it.

The raven hair boy sighed, and peaked outside to the rest of the room. Everyone had left, which he was thankful for, because everyone seemed to have turned against him, not that he could blame them. He knew the entire school must have heard what happened at this point, and that is why he had stayed in his room. He did not need even more of a reminder of how horrible of a person he really was. And as much as he would like to see Rose, even if she wasn’t going to talk to him, he knew she would not want to be anywhere near him.

So he sat alone on his bed on Christmas Eve, which would sure enough repeat the next day. He was okay with it, and knew he deserved it. He had only really celebrated the holiday since coming to Hogwarts with his friends. He looked to the ground and saw where he had hastily stuffed their presents. It made him think to his dresser drawer. Opening it slowly, almost scared, and saw the present he had worked the hardest on.

There was what he had bought Rose. It had taken a lot of time, and thought. His first instinct was to buy her jewelry, but it didn’t seem to fit her. It seems impersonal, cliche. And so he racked his brain for what he thought she would like. The ratty old book sure wasn’t pretty, but he knew the first edition copy of Romeo and Juliet was perfect for her. He picked it up cautiously, even though he knew it was protected by magic, and opened to cover. Inside was a letter he had written, to truly personalize it. As he heard the door he quickly closed it, jumping back onto his bed.

"Who is that guy? He is just standing out there, waiting. Says Professor Dumbledore told him to be there," Seamus questioned.

"I dunno, but did you hear his accent? It sounds American, a little like Rose," Dean answered, obviously just as curious.

Rose’s name was enough to grab Harry’s attention though. He forgot about the book and sprinted out of his bed, not caring about the looks he must be receiving. He rushed downstairs to see everyone circled around one person, gawking. Harry didn’t think he looked like he could be more than a year or so older than himself, and wondered if he really could be there for Rose. He scanned the room and didn’t see her, unconsciously making his way closer to the front, where Ron and Hermione were. The common room door opened, and a path seemed to clear.


Rose walked in looking around anxiously. She didn’t understand why there seemed to be so much commotion, she just wanted to find her guest. Draco, who had been mid sentence when Rose finally grew impatient and rushed inside, came threw the door before anyone could notice.

Everything seemed to quiet down as Rose’s eyes focused on the back of someone’s head, recognizing the sandy brown hair anywhere. The visitor spun around, a crooked smile on his face as the girl he was waiting for finally arrived. "Eddie?!" Rose squealed, and every person in the common room exhaled as the two ran towards each other in an embrace.

"Eddie, what are you doing here?" Rose pulled away from him, suddenly apprehensive.

"Rosie, I’m sorry for just showing up like this. I just couldn’t stay away," his voice turned grave. "My mom heard about your parents, and about you being back in America. Why didn’t you tell anyone, you know we would have been there for you. I can’t imagine what you must be going through, and how you stayed in that big house all by yourself. I just want nothing more than to be here for you right now. I have missed you more than you could imagine, and I don’t want to have to let you go again." He reached for her hand, but she was still uncomfortable, and took it away under the pretense of wiping her tears away.

"How long are you here until though? Don’t you have to get back home?"

"Your headmaster said I could stay the night, so I could be here for Christmas. Then after tomorrow I am going to go to Hogsmead and find a place to stay until your done with school. I have spent too much time away from you as it is. I never wanted to, but I especially don’t want to now. And not ever again." Eddie stuffed his hands into his pockets and came out with a small black velvet box. Rose fought the urge to take a step back as he dropped to one knee. "Rose Annabelle Deloncrè, please let me be here for you until the day I die. Do me the honor of marrying me?"

Rose gasped, staring down at the ring he was presenting to her, trying to absorb the words he had just spoken to her. "Who is he?" she heard Ron ask thickly, in an attempt to whisper. She turned towards him, seeing Hermione elbow him in the ribs, and noticed a pair of green eyes watching her intently from behind the couple. Try as she might, there was no breaking his stare. She could read so much in his eyes, like she had always been able to, and wondered if he could read her just as easily.

After what seemed like a painfully long while she heard Eddie saying her name. He looked over his shoulder in confusion to see what had grabbed her attention, then back to her, eagerly awaiting an reply. She struggle still to break her gaze, and opened her mouth to answer.

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