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A/N:: Yes it's been a really LONG time since i wrote... but I figured what the hey, I have a new computer now, why not use it to my advantage?

Disclaimer:: I own none of the characters, but the plot is my own. 


“I have to write Dumbledore, Angie your defiantly not a muggle if you can throw Malfoy into a wall without touching him…and you also can’t break a window without touching it” Harry said

“Dumbledore? Who’s that?” I asked curiously

“The Headmaster of our school” Hermione answered

“Why do you have to tell him?” I asked suspiciously

“Because I think you’re a witch” Harry answered 


I followed Harry, Ron and Hermione back to the motel 'like place.'  I didn't quite understand the seriousness of what was going on, honestly I thought they were losing their minds and being rather over-dramatic about the whole situation. Sure I some-how threw a boy against a wall making him unconsious and shattered a few windows. Okay, yeah it was a big deal.

Was there something wrong with me? Wait don't answer that. There are a lot of things wrong with me, but this was outragious. Someone pinch me, I've gotta be dreaming!
"Angie?" Harry called, which snapped me out of my, day-dream like state. 

"Huh?" I responded quietly. 

"We're here. I'm gonna quickly write the letter then send it off, and we're gonna wait here for a reply." Harry explained. 

"Okay." I said as I sat down on the bed and relaxed.

Hermione and Ron sat down on either side of me. I began to feel uncomfertable, I never was good being around my peers, most of them ignored my existance. 

"Angie, this has never happened to you before, has it?" Hermione asked her deep brown eyes looking into my blue-green ones as if she would know the truth from a lie. Not like I'd lie about something like this, something this...creepy.

"No never, but I've never felt that angry before. I'm usually more capable of controling my emotions." I answered softly. 

"Are you sure?" Ron asked.

"I'm pretty sure I'd remember, it's not a very easy thing to forget" i answered with a laugh. I just noticed how cute he was, he seemed like the kind of person you could hang out with for hours and not have one dull moment.


"Well the letter's sent out, hopefully we get a response soon." Harry informed calmly. I admired Harry, he was very calm, even when there was reason not to be. 

"Am I a freak?" I asked quietly, not quite sure where the question had come from. It wasn't like me to ask such a thing.

"Of course not. You're just a normal person with not so normal abilities, that does not make you a freak." Hermione answered kindly. 

For some reason I just wanted to talk to Ron, alone. But going aboust it would not prove easy, what would I say. How would I say it. Why did I want to talk to him so badly, I barely know him. 

I caught myself staring at him. He looked at me, and I turned away blushing. This was very unlike me, what was going on with my hormones? 

There was a tap on the window. It was a nice distraction. 

"A reply, good. " Harry informed as he read the letter. 

"What's it say? Am I a witch?" I asked neverously.
"It says, he's going to meet us at ten o'clock tonight to meet you and tell you the rule of being in the wizard community, so I guess that's a yes." Harry informed.  

I think I can deal with being a witch, yeah it'll be a piece of cake. I hope.  

a/n:: If you would like me to continue, just let me know.

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