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Life Collides Chapter Seven:

Moving Forward

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Emily shouted in the next room.

“You know perfectly well! You spend every–”Teddy’s voice became muffled, and Harry could no longer understand what he and Emily were yelling about. It didn’t matter to Harry, as it had been going on for the last hour, and he had lost interest long ago. He didn’t know it was possible for two people to argue for so long, but it seemed it was just one thing after another.

Harry had long gotten accustom to the constant bickering between the two. He never really noticed it until he moved into the house, but it didn’t take him long to get used to it. He had learned the delicate art of tuning out their rows. He had soon learned the two rules most prevalent in the house: don’t order food in without sharing, and never get in between one Teddy and Emily’s fights.

So Harry continued on, playing his guitar, trying to work on the songs he was writing. It had been three days, and he still hadn’t finished it. Georgia had listened to what he had written so far, and said it sounded great. But he wanted to finish it before he showed anyone else.

As he played the song, mumbling the words along, trying different phrases, a knock at his door came. Knowing it wasn’t Emily or Teddy; Harry stood up, still holding his guitar, and opened the door to let Georgia in, who had a worried look on her face. He couldn’t hear anymore shouting, even with the door open, and Harry assumed Emily and Teddy were both now locked in their rooms, fuming.

“I don’t they have ever argued for the long before.” Georgia was saying, as Harry closed the door, and moved back to his bed, while she took a spot on his sofa. “It was horrible Harry – did you hear what they were saying?”

“No,” Harry shrugged, “I’ve learned just to tune them out.”

Georgia frowned. “I wish I could usually, but I’m sort of glad I listened to this one.” She admitted.

“Why?” Harry asked, not really sure what Georgia was worried about. It was probably over something stupid, like usual.

“Because it was about you, Harry.” Georgia explained, and Harry felt his stomach drop.

“Why were they arguing about me?” Harry asked unsurely.

Georgia looked at her palms. “It seems, that Teddy thinks Emily likes you.”

“What?” Harry burst out, nearly dropping his guitar. Shuffling around, trying to get his guitar strap off from over his shoulder feeling uncomfortable and confused.

“You heard me. I mean, I can’t blame him. Every second Emily is talking about you – and you two are always together. It just seems like you two like each other.” Georgia informed Harry.

“But we’re just friends.” Harry said more to himself then to Georgia. Blinking at Georgia, he shook his head. “Maybe I should talk to Ted, tell him that he has it all wrong.”

“I wouldn’t talk to Ted right now, Harry. He’s probably seething, and seeing your face at his bedroom door won’t make him any happier.” Georgia warned, and stood up. “Look, I know you only have friendly feelings towards Emily and that you have valid reasons for that being true,” Georgia paused, and Harry felt his insides knot, “But here is the fact, Emily has feelings for you. Just be aware of that.”

Harry rubbed his forehead, trying to process everything Georgia had just said to him. Sliding off the end of his bed, he fell to the floor, and put his head back, and groaned aloud. “What am I supposed to do now?” he looked at Georgia.

She shrugged, looking unsure. “You could just pretend you don’t know, Harry. You could continue being friends with her. Just be aware, is all I am telling you to do.” Georgia repeated, and stood up moving towards the door.

Harry nodded, and murmured a ‘bye’ as Georgia opened the door, exited the room, and closed the door again. Nothing seemed to make sense anymore to Harry. He had been fine with just being friends with all the people in the house, but now it seemed that everything was getting complicated again.

Sitting up, Harry moved around to put things away while he tried to sort everything out in his head. Did it really matter that Emily had feelings for him? He assumed that there was still something going on between her and Ted, and that in all likely hood what ever she felt for him would disappear in a few weeks.

Calming down a little, Harry decided it would be probably best if he got ready for work as he had to start his shift in less then an hour. Putting all thoughts of Emily in the back of his head, he got changed, and left for work with Alan.

Looking at his reflection in the mirror in the employee washroom, Harry stared into his own eyes, and then looked to the spot where a scar had once been. His glasses, too, now gone and replaced with contacts – Georgia’s idea a long time ago, she told him he looked better without them – Harry wasn’t the same person. Or at least, he didn’t really recognize himself anymore. It had been two years since he saw last saw England, and all the people he loved left living there. It had been over two and a half years since he had seen Ginny’s open eyes, and it had been three years since he last saw his two best friends in the whole world. What he saw them today? Would they recognize him with his uncut hair, and unshaven face? No scar, no glasses, and Muggle clothing; he wasn’t Harry Potter, the wizard any longer.

There was a knock at the door. “Are you coming Harry? My shift just finished – I can give you a ride home before I go to my show.” Alan said saying from the other side of the door.

“Yeah, sure, thanks!” Harry called back, pealing his eyes away from the mirror and quickly gathered his discarded clothes and opened the door. Alan wasn’t in the hall, and Harry raced back to his room dropping the clothes on the ground, and pausing a moment to take his wallet and key from his night stand.

As he went down stairs to the front door, he passed Teddy’s closed door and he could hear him playing a soft sad tune on his guitar, and for a moment Harry paused to listen. He couldn’t hear what Ted was singing, but he knew it wasn’t a happy one. Finally deciding that it wasn’t right for him to be snooping, he went on his way and met Alan in the front hall.

“You look happy to go into work,” Alan said dryly as Harry tied his shoes.

Looking up at him, Harry shrugged. “I just want to get out of this house, that’s all.”

“Good enough reason,” Alan agreed, and opened the door as Harry stood up.

They droved to work in silence, and when they came into the shop they found it empty; it had been dead all day, according to Georgia as she clocked out and went to leave. For a moment, she paused to talk to Harry.

“Emily should be coming by later, she has something to ask you. She heard your song earlier, so I’m assuming it’d about that. Prepare yourself,” Georgia cooed as she opened the door and left Harry alone in the back office.

Harry had no idea what this meant; it wasn’t as if song was that brilliant, even now that it was finished. Of course, he thought it was pretty good, for his first song, but still, what on Earth did Emily have to say about it?

Harry managed to forget this for a little while, while he cleaned the coffee makers, and other things. A light stream of customers came in for coffee, some staying, most leaving to go about their daily business, and when the bell tingled, Harry looked up and saw Emily walk through the door.

“Hey Harry,” she grinned, and walked over to the counter, where he stood. “I see it’s been a boring day.”

“Yeah, you have to love working Wednesday’s.” Harry nodded, and then nodded behind him. “Did you want something to drink?” He asked, trying to act normal.

Emily shook her head no. “I just came into to ask you something, Harry.”

“Oh, right, I think Georgia said something to me…” Harry trailed off as Emily motioned towards the back office.

“Georgia said something to you?” Emily repeated, looking a little weary once they had settled in the office.

“Well, she told me you would be coming by later to talk to me. Not what it was about.” Harry quickly explained, feeling as if he were in trouble.

Emily looked relieved, and smiled. “Well, I’m glad she didn’t tell you the specifics, because it was kind of a surprise.”

“What was the surprise?” Harry asked, getting a little concerned now. What on Earth did Emily have up her sleeve?

Emily grinned. “I heard your song; the one you wrote a while ago. And honestly, it’s freaky awesome! Georgia told me it was your first song that you’ve written, and I think it is wonderful. So, you know I have a show in a few days.” Emily paused to see if Harry did, and he nodded bewildered. “My opening band dropped out because the band actually broke up, and I heard your song and I was wondering if maybe you wanted to come in and open for me.”

Harry stared at her. “Are you asking me to perform in your show in two days?” he repeated in disbelief.

Emily laughed. “Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m asking silly.”

“Oh, uh, er, that’s umm…What am I supposed to say?” Harry stuttered, stunned.

“Say yes,” Emily pushed, smiling at him, here eyes shining.

Staring into her hazel eyes, Harry felt his heart melt. Any inhibitions that were in his mind before about performing seemed to disappear as his thoughts of growing up took over. Thoughts seemed to pour into his head of starting over, of beginning new. This was his path to do just that.

“Then yes, yes I will open for your show.” Harry finally said, and Emily squealed in delight. Pulling him into a hug, Emily thanked him a hundred times over.

“If you need any help tomorrow just tell me, I have nothing to do. On Friday though, I’ll bring you to the venue so we can just go through things – it’s your first show so I just want to make sure you get everything. I know you don’t really know much about entertaining on stage, but I’m sure your one of those people who will get on and just do it. And if your nervous about being on your own, why don’t you get, um, Georgia to come and do it with you. She says she could add some cool piano to it.” Emily suggested.

Harry smiled. “Yeah, she did make a cool part. Would she do that for me though? I thought she had other plans.”

Emily shrugged. “She can change her mind, Harry.”

“Oh, well, then yeah, I’ll talk to her about doing that.” Harry decided, realizing just how scary it would be to go on stage alone for the first time.

“Great, so I’ll see you later then.” Emily said, backing out of the office.

Harry nodded, “Right, I’m off my shift in two house, so I’ll see you at dinner.”

“Cool, we tell everyone then.” Emily approved, and then turned to leave. “See you later,” she chimed glancing back him.

“Yeah, bye,” Harry mumbled after her. Leaning against the wall, Harry hung his head down thinking. Why had he agreed to such a ludicrous idea? He had never preformed for anyone but Emily and Georgia. What if he got on stage, and because nobody knew who he was, would boo him off? He wasn’t sure if that could happen at shows because he had only ever been to one, but he knew it could happen. The craziest things always happened to him.

He had two days, though, to get ready. To practice his now finished song, and get Georgia to work out the piano so he didn’t have to go on stage alone. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, maybe it would be fun and not so nerve racking. He had had done scarier things. He was the wizard to defeat the evilest man alive.

“Hey, Harry, we’ve got a customer.” Alan called from up front, and shaking all his thoughts Harry run up front.

A/N: I wonder if you guys have any idea how hard this chapter was for me to write? Also, if you have any idea where it may be going ^^ Please review, and thank you so much for reading!

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