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Chapter 2: Already failing.

Lily wasn’t sure whether she had always been a liar or if she had been truthful when she was still young and innocent. She supposed all the lies she told herself had just slipped in over the years when she had grown up and she was not sure if she liked this side of her own mature self.

Of course, Lily would not lie to others. At least, not in so many words. 

Surely, she would never tell her sister how much she missed and loved her for her sister would only snap at her. And of course, she would never tell Severus how much she regretted not being friends with him anymore for she did not like his motives and it was far easier to be angry with him when she did not tell him about her regret. 

Then there was James Potter. She didn’t know for sure why she didn’t tell him the truth. She didn’t know why she had kept on yelling at him while her feelings towards him had made a drastic turn around in her sixth year. She had realised something was really wrong when she had seen James Potter flying on his broom during a Quidditch match and had told herself how fit he really was.

But she did know for sure she would not ever tell him the truth. Yes, he had professed the love he felt for her in many, most of the time embarrassing, ways. But she did know he didn’t mean any of it. James Potter loved the excitement he would feel and the adrenaline pumping through his veins when playing games and that was all Lily was to him. A game or rather an easy target to play games with.

“Evans, you look absolutely gorgeous,” she heard a voice say and she unwillingly turned her head towards the boy standing in the door to her compartment.

“Why are you here, Black?” she asked and Sirius Black grinned while Lily narrowed her eyes at him. 

“I’m here to see how you are,” he said and closed the door behind him before he looked her up and down. “And I can see you are feeling very well. You’ve grown over the summer, Evans,” he said and Lily had to stop herself from gasping. Sirius Black noticed and he grinned even wider. “It’s a compliment, Evans.” 

“I don’t think it’s a compliment coming from you, Black,” she snapped at him and Sirius Black fall backwards on the seat facing her. 

“That hurt,” he said, but he kept on grinning. “So, you’re Head Girl?” 

Lily quickly looked down at the badge that adorned her chest and then looked up at Sirius Black, an evil grin sent in his way. “Yes, Black, and I’ll make sure you’ll get what you deserve this year. So, no more pranks for you.” 

Sirius chuckled softly and grabbed something out of his pocket. “I’m Head Boy, Evans,” he said and for a moment Lily was flabbergasted. 

Black was Head Boy? That’s impossible. Dumbledore was a genius; surely he would not have made such a mistake as making Sirius Black Head Boy? He was adorable, according to some, but he was irresponsible and…

Lily noticed the grin playing at Sirius’ lips and suddenly something clicked. “Whom did you steal it from, Black?” she asked with a stern look on her face, but she could not help but smile slightly at his childish behaviour.

“I do not steal, Evans,” he said while he sent her his famous seductive smile. “I only borrow.”

Lily couldn’t help but laugh heartily at his comment and this seemed to take Sirius Black by surprise. He had probably expected to get a detention for stealing, or rather borrowing, the Head Boy’s badge. He had probably wanted to set some odd kind of record, being the first student to get a detention on the Hogwarts Express or something like that. Unfortunately for him Lily was not in the mood to give him a detention.

“What happened to you over the summer, Evans?” Sirius Black asked with a smile playing at his lips and Lily shrugged. “Loosened up a bit?”

“Maybe,” she said sending him a smile back. “Or maybe not.”

Sirius Black laughed at this and threw his head into his neck while doing so and for the first time ever Lily noticed how his gorgeous black hair fell perfectly around his handsome face. Of course, she had known other girls had felt the attraction, but she never did. But somehow she did feel it now.

“Padfoot,” she suddenly heard someone say and she turned her head to find James Potter standing in the door to her compartment. His face had changed over the summer, she noticed. It had always been boyish, but now he seemed more mature. His hazel eyes still twinkled with the passion he felt for life and his jaw had possibly grown stronger. 

She felt a blush form on her cheeks and she quickly turned her attention away from him, but she soon looked back up at him when he said something that surprised her deeply.

“Padfoot, where’s my badge?” he asked with a questioning look in his eyes.

Realisation hit her. Sirius Black had borrowed a badge; James was looking for a badge. Goodness, James Potter was Head Boy!

“I believe you’re already wearing it, Prongs,” said Sirius lazily and Lily felt relieve wash over her as she found a badge saying ‘Quidditch Captain’ on his chest. James must have overlooked the badge on his chest. He did have awful eyesight. But still, he was wearing his glasses.

“I meant the other badge, Sirius,” James said sending his friend a surprisingly stern look. “You know the…” he suddenly stopped talking and quickly looked at me before saying any more. “The Head Boy badge.”

Lily felt her head spin and she quickly turned her head so she now found herself gazing out of the window. 

This was going all wrong. She had planned to avoid James Potter as much as humanly possible for she was afraid she could not control herself around him. And now here he was, Head Boy. Which meant she had to interact with him on a daily basis and Lily did not want that. She wanted her plan to work and she would fail when James was Head Boy.

“Aren’t you excited James is Head Boy, Lily?” Lily woke up from her thoughts and looked at Sirius Black who started laughing loudly. “You see that, Prongs? I don’t think she’s too happy about it,” Sirius said.

Lily saw a blush appear on James’ cheeks as Sirius said those words and she almost wanted to defend him against his friend’s jokes, but she remembered her plan.

“That isn’t much of a surprise,” she heard James mumble and he then sighed. “Listen Lily, I realise I have to be responsible for this job and I don’t take this job lightly. I’m very serious about it.”

Lily nodded before answering without looking at him. “Okay,” she said and bit her lip. She felt confused and somehow scared. 

“I’ll try not to annoy you, I’ll really try,” James said sounding desperate and Lily turned her gaze towards him. He was almost pleading with her to be taken seriously and she could no longer ignore him.

“Thank you,” she said softly and gazed out of the window again.

“Come on, James,” said Sirius who now stood up. “Let’s go and find Moony and Wormtail. We’ll see you at the feast, Evans.” 

And with that both boys were gone.

Lily let go off a breath she hadn’t realised she had been holding and she once again closed her eyes. James Potter… James Potter is the new Head Boy. It just didn’t fit. James Potter had always played pranks, he had hexed every person around the school at least once and he had tortured her by his endless love professions for her.

But somehow he seemed quite mature and he had seemed quite worried about her reaction. Was he able to be a good Head Boy or more importantly: was he able to not annoy her?

Lily sighed and opened her eyes. Paprika was sound asleep at her feet and she smiled when she heard her snore softly. Of course she slept through everything.

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