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a/n: it's all jo's. plot is twisted to fit mine. lyrics by The Early November.

Chapter 8
Something the Produces Results

Clever is a general word
while always showing that she's hurt,
but never wrong but never wrong
it takes a lot to make the end
it takes a lot of smart thinking
but never wrong, but never wrong.

--The Early November "Something that Produces Results"


I am the worst father in the history of horrible fathers. I may even be worse then my own! And all for my thirst of revenge. How could I do that to my son? Why couldn’t I get it through my head that he is having a hard time in school because of me! His own father! I should go right back to my cell in Azkaban and suffer, I really should. I completely ruined Tristan’s life.

It was hard to stop thinking so negatively. It was hard to lay there on my back in the Shrieking Shack in my dog form as I waited a few days before heading back to Hogwarts.

I hadn’t meant to lose my temper. I hadn’t meant to completely ruin the Fat Lady’s portrait. I just got so . . . angry. Blood thirsty I guess you can say. I was just moment away from Peter. He was so close to the end. But no. Instead I had to forget that I hadn’t had any passwords and that the Fat Lady would never let me in, even if I did sweet talk her. She seemed much too terrified to listen to me tell her how she doesn’t look a day over 30.

I watched the castle from a crack in the boards of the shrieking shack. It was hard, of course. There were trees and other objects in the way. But I watched as the lights in the great castle all went out. The Great Hall was lit up for sometime and then it dulled and went out. I sighed as I settled on the old, dusty bed. It was dark. Much darker then it usually was.

Eventually, I managed to fall asleep.

Eventually, three days passed.

Eventually, I decided I needed a new plan to kill Peter. And this time I would be completely ready.

For the first time since I walked the halls of Hogwarts, I was heading back through the tunnel and darting out, away from the branches of the tree. I watched it sway back and forth for a long time. Then I ran to the pitch where Tristan was still flying. His hair was getting longer now. Almost as long as mine was when I was younger. It made him look older.

He was more then just troubled I saw. But he didn’t do another crash landing, thankfully. I was worried he wouldn’t be able to stay up in the air again. I rolled onto my back and watched him. The position was uncomfortable, but it was better then look up. That hurt my neck.

He was doing more difficult moves today. Practice figure eights, loops, rolls, flips, etc. I knew it was because some moves took a great amount of concentration. And all that concentrating took his mind off what I had done. Was he getting blamed for it? Were people saying I was getting into the castle with his help? I was so involved with my thoughts and watching Tristan, that I was startled when I heard footsteps.

I sat up, my ears perked.

It was that girl. Her black hair was glistening in the sun and her eyes sparkling. She walked into the middle of the pitch, her face turned upward. I cocked my head to the side, desperately trying to figure out where I had seen her or who she reminds me of. It’s those eyes . . . has to be those eyes. And the hair too; so shiny, so glossy. Sort of like how mine always was.

A whine escaped my throat and I stifled it as Tristan began to descend.

I wondered if this strange girl was a Lestrange. As far as I know, Bellatrix never did have any children with Rodolphus. Narcissa and Lucius were both too fair. I have seen their son walking around. Draco, I think they were calling him. I tried to think of all my cousins. Many had my black hair. Maybe my parents even had another child before they died. I doubted it.

Unless. . .

My brother didn’t strike me as a family man. Never really was one to show his feelings. I always saw him as self centered and such. He left for the Death Eaters, I remember. That night was the first time I really realized how horrible things were between us . . . but Regulus died just weeks before my arrest. He couldn’t have been in love or had a child. Maybe it was a fling? No. Regulus wouldn’t.

I inched closer to the girl and Tristan, hiding behind the stands. I could here them now.

“—early in the morning?” Tristan was saying.

“A girl in my dormitory was snoring,” the girl said, her voice was a little mysterious, “It woke me, so I decided to go for a walk and I saw you! You’re a great flyer. You know, my Mum played Quidditch.”

“Really?” Tristan’s surprise was evident, “I thought she was a Muggle?”

“No, she wasn’t. Just pretending,” she said, “Mainly to protect me. And even Dad a little bit.”

“Oh,” Tristan said, and then, “Lyra . . .”

Lyra! A constellation. Would Regulus keep such a tradition? No. Regulus wouldn’t be with a Muggle, no matter how desperate. But if she was pretending. . .

“Yes, Tristan?” Lyra asked.

“I’m sorry,” he said, and my ears perked up. What did Tristan do to this Slytherin?

“Sorry?” Lyra asked.

“Yeah. For what I said the other day. About no one caring about your dad and how you probably don’t even know his name and all,” Tristan replied, hanging his head, “I was just upset, you know? I mean ---”

“Don’t worry about it, Tristan,” Lyra smiled at him, putting a hand on his shoulder, “Your own father had just broken into Hogwarts and everyone was pointing the finger at you. I was hurt at the time, but I’m ok now. I understand. People would be pointing the finger at me too if they knew who my dad was.”

I loved how everyone I eavesdropped on was always on the topic I wanted them to be. I inched closer, so glad for my enhanced hearing. Tristan was watching Lyra curiously now. She was looking around the grounds not really paying much attention to him anymore.

“Who is your father, Lyra?” Tristan finally asked. Lyra looked at him. A breeze pushed her hair off her shoulders and she pursed her lips.

“My mum says not to tell anyone,” she said.

“Why?” Tristan asked.

“Because she doesn’t want me to end up like you. What happened to my family is similar to what happened to yours,” Lyra admitted, “Only my mother never went to St. Mungo’s. And my father was killed, not arrested.”

“I know,” Tristan nodded, “Days before my own father was arrested.”

“Yes,” Lyra nodded, “I thought you would realize the date. That’s why I told you. I want you to know, really.”

“Will you tell me your story?” Tristan asked. Lyra looked up.

Me. I was bouncing around. She was definitely Regulus’ daughter. There was no way she couldn’t be. Everything was matching up. I wanted to bark aloud. Regulus wasn’t alone. He found love. He found someone to hold onto. He had a family. And both our families were taken from us, around the same time too. I felt angry now. Regulus had to know that Peter was betraying us all. Unless Peter was ranked much higher then Regulus. I was warned . . .

“My parents went to school together. My mother She was a Gryffindor. Her name is Darcy Smith. She played Beater with your dad. Sometimes, mum will tell me stories about their practices. She found him attractive, but wouldn’t make a move since him and your mother were so close. Neither my parents paid much attention to each other. They were enemies. My dad disappeared in his fifth year to join the Death Eaters,” Lyra paused and Tristan looked up, shocked.

I wasn’t bouncing around anymore. I was listening intently.

“Death Eater?” Tristan asked, he took a step backwards, his hand searching for his wand. Good boy, stay on your guard.

“Yes,” Lyra nodded, she sat down in the grass and Tristan sat across from her, “Mother told me that my father didn’t want to be a Death Eater. Not that young, at least. He did it to save his life when he was thrown at the Dark Lord’s feet. He didn’t have much a choice, I agree, and I would have done the same. My dad left Hogwarts and began training.”

“How did he meet your mum? Was she a Muggleborn or something?” Tristan wondered and I was dying to know the same thing.

“Yeah, my mum was,” Lyra nodded, “She ran into my dad on accident when she was walking back to her flat in London about a month after she graduated. He was throwing up blood and looked pretty beat up, is what she told me. My mum recognized him and brought him home with her. Her best friend was a healer, you know? And she always helped him out with the essay portions of his training. So she knew what to do and made him better. He wanted to leave right away, you know, said he had business but Mum made him stay and eat. She took care of him for a good week before he went off to do whatever it was he did. I don’t think she knew he was a Death Eater yet.

“And then my dad started coming back whenever he needed a place to stay. When he needed a shoulder to lean on and needed to be healed. After about six months of this, Mum says she found herself falling in love with him. And then she found his Mark.” Lyra stopped again, thinking.

“Did she freak?” Tristan asked and I was panting with excitement. I’ve been dying to know this kind of information. I always wondered what became of my brother.

“No,” Lyra replied, “My mum says she wasn’t surprised, really. My father wanted to leave again when she saw, but my mum knew he wouldn’t come back. She didn’t really care, I guess, more concerned with his well being. So my father told her his story and she told him she loved him. My dad, apparently, felt the same and he came back to my mother every night and during the day, too. They married secretly, nothing too big.”

“That’s nice,” Tristan smiled a little, “Your father wasn’t really bad, was he? Just scared for his life?”

“Yes,” Lyra nodded, “That’s what Mum says.”

“Is there more?” Tristan wondered.

“A lot more,” Lyra replied.

I wanted to growl at them to keep going with the story. Then I felt guilty. Growl at my own son and newly discovered niece? What sort of man was I?

“Mum says,” Lyra began, “That being married to a Death Eater that wanted out was very dangerous. Sometimes, my father would spend a few weeks away from her if someone got suspicious. She began to pretend to be a Muggle to give her a sort of innocence. None of the Death Eaters ever found out, Mum says, but the constant fear of that happening was always there. It was dark times, she said.

“I came along a year after they were married. Mum says dad didn’t want a child. It was too dark a world, too unstable a life. But Mum didn’t care. She wanted me and after a while, Dad wanted me too. Life for him got harder then, Mum says. He wouldn’t leave for longer then a night and that got him into a lot of trouble with the Dark Lord. And then he came home one night and started talking about a way to bring him down, to get rid of him for good.

“Mum was curious, but Dad couldn’t explain. Not until he told my mum that he was going to sacrifice himself,” Lyra stopped again, tears in her eyes, looking up at Tristan.

I sat there, unable to understand. Regulus, my brother, the boy that claimed himself a Slytherin because he was selfish, gave up his own life so that maybe, one day, he could help save the world? When Libby and I got news of his death, we knew he did something like that, but I didn’t understand now.

For the first time since I was sent to Azkaban, my heart didn’t just ache for Libby and Lily and James. But it ached for my brother too. The brother I never really got to know . . .


Hogsmeade was never very busy around this time of year. Between October and November, it was actually quiet save for a Hogsmeade weekend or two. Tonks and I spent a lot of time walking through the streets that were near empty thanks to the dementors, but we never bought anything or saw any signs that Sirius was around us. Most of our time was spent writing up pointless reports on how the area is clear.

Of course, we spent time on the grounds of Hogwarts too.

Twice, Hagrid led us through the Forbidden Forest, though we never did go far.

All this was routine and ridiculous. Sirius was smarter then to hide near the castle. Or even at Hogsmeade. He would be the last place you would look, and yet the most obvious if you think about it. But no one could find him. He was smart like that. I always knew he was pretty smart. How else would he be able to trick us all so easily?

Today, after the horror of Sirius sneaking into Hogwarts, I was doing some serious thinking in the room Tonks and I were renting. Tonks was back at Hogwarts doing some questioning of students. Mainly the older ones that were at the scene. And I was left in the room to write my report of the events up.

There wasn’t much to say.

Besides the shredded portrait, there wasn’t any evidence. No one had even seen the man! And I, personally, found it odd. Why would Sirius Black, who is assumed to be going to Hogwarts for Harry or Tristan, maybe both, go to the Gryffindor common when it was clear no one was in there? Everyone was, obviously, at the feast. Why oh why would there be a reason to break in?

I asked Tonks these questions. She had no answer, and went off to the school to try and find them. I knew there would be anything left behind.

There was a knock on my door and I hurried to the door, opening it up to reveal Remus Lupin. I smiled warmly at him as I opened the door wider for him.

“How are you, Remus?” I asked, going to make tea, waving my wand around.

“I’m good, Libby. Snape is blaming me for letting Sirius in though. He won’t admit it, but I can see it in his eyes. He doesn’t trust me,” Remus sighed, sitting back on the sofa and sighing. He looked sick, though better then the last time I saw him.

“That’s to be expected, Remus,” I replied, “You were a close friend.”

“I know,” Remus nodded and then looked at me as I sat down, waiting for the tea, “I came to talk about Tristan.”

“Everyone seems to want to talk about Tristan,” I nodded, thinking about my conversation with Dumbledore, “He’s unhappy, right?”

“Yes,” Remus nodded, “A lot of the students seem to think it was Tristan that left Sirius into the castle. Tristan has been doing very good at ignoring this, but I really think he’s about to snap. I’m concerned about him, Libby. He’s a good kid and he already has so few friends. All girls, too, no older guys to look up to.”

“I know, Dumbledore has talked to me,” I nodded.

“Yes, but Dumbledore doesn’t see him in classes like I do. Dumbledore doesn’t have to watch him get pushed around have to protect him from getting too hurt without making it seem like I’m trying to protect him. The kid is having a horrible year, Libby. He’s absolutely miserable no matter how much he makes himself smile,” Remus sighed, closing his eyes, “I’m absolutely worried about him.”

“I know,” I nodded, “Remus, I have noticed Tristan is miserable. He was miserable over the summer too. And it’s my fault.”

“No, no, Libby. It’s not your fault. It’s his father’s,” Remus moved over to me and rubbed my back comfortingly. I started to cry.

“I don’t understand any of it, Remus,” I gasped, “How did he escape? Why can’t the dementors sense him? And Remus, why go in when no one is in the Dormitories?”

“I don’t know, Libby,” Remus whispered.

“How can you not know?” I asked, looking up at my old friend with red eyes, “You were his best friend for how many years? You remember things, don’t you? Oh, why can’t I remember?”

“Libby, calm down,” Remus muttered.

I didn’t say anything. Instead, I stood and went to get the tea. I returned and sat down, handing him his cup and he sipped it. Then he looked up at me and watched me closely. I had calmed myself. I wiped my eyes and took a deep breath. Whenever I cried, Sirius would hold me, I remember. I always felt safe wrapped in his arms. Always.

We sat in silence for a long time and my thoughts drifted to Tristan. I was worried about him. So few friends and so unhappy. I knew little Ginny wouldn’t leave him. But I wondered about these other two girls. Luna Lovegood and Lyra Smith. I had remembered why Lyra was familiar. It was a constellation. And Smith reminded me of a friend, Darcy Smith. I decided I would have to look her up sometime. She disappeared from the Wizarding World, it seemed.

“Does something seem to be missing?” I asked Remus. He was startled by my question and looked at me confused.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“In Sirius’s arrest?” I repeated, “No trial. Only Peter’s finger found. James and Lily, his best friends, sold out to Voldemort?”

“I can’t think of anything,” Remus said, though he was frowning at me.

“I don’t understand. I feel like I’m missing this huge chunk. You know, Sirius was never gone from what I remember. If he wasn’t at work, he was with me,” I went on, remembering clearly the months before Sirius’s arrest, “He was with me and Tristan,” I whispered, thoughtfully.

“Libby, you’re memory is reliable,” Remus said. But he, too, seemed completely thoughtful. He hadn’t known, though, in the last month. We all shut him out of our lives. I looked up at him.

“I’m sorry we thought it was you.”

“No need to apologize,” he said and stood, “I have to get going. I just wanted to tell you about my concerns for Tristan.”

“Thanks, Remus,” I smiled. Remus returned my smile and then left. I cleared our cups away and set them in the sick before going back to my report.


“He sacrificed himself?” I repeated.

I never thought Lyra would ever open up to me. I never thought she would tell me how she cam along or about this father of hers. But it was all coming out now. And I was shocked by all of it. My own mother knew Lyra’s parents. I’m sure my mum didn’t know Lyra though. She would have mentioned it when I brought her up at the end of the summer.

At first, I was scared to know Lyra’s secrets. The thought of Death Eaters that didn’t want to be there and falling in love with Muggleborns seemed off to me. But as Lyra’s story went on, I found it was really a beautiful love story. I wish I knew more details, really. Almost like Romeo and Juliet, only Juliet didn’t die. More of a Tristan and Isolde. I looked up at Lyra, who was crying. She loved her father, I realized, whether she knew him or not.

“Yes,” she said, “He risked his life and died for the world.”

“Not just you guys?” I gasped.

“No,” Lyra said. She took a deep breath and I waited.

“You don’t have to go on,” I said, biting my tongue. I really wanted her to.

“I was only about five months old when Dad announced what he was doing. My mother didn’t want him to go. The idea of being a single mother scared her, really. That’s what she told me, at least, but she says it’s also because she loved him so. My dad was her whole world, Death Eater or not. And she didn’t want to lose him. She couldn’t lose him. But my dad was determined to do this. He told her how it can make the world a better place for me and for you and your father and mother,” Lyra looked at me again, pausing.

“Us?” I gasped again.

“Yes. He hadn’t seen your father in years, not since he left school. Of course, he never saw your mother either. But he knew about you. Mum thinks he loved all three of you, though he would never admit it. He only admitted he loved mum and me. But she says there was something in the way he spoke about your family. Specifically your father,” she gave me a small smile and continued, “Mum doesn’t exactly know what happened. All I know is that it has to do with a locket. He was found in an alley, dead.”

“How?” I asked, my voice was a whisper.

“Healers thought it was an Unforgiveable at first, you know. There was no physical damage. But when they took his blood, it was poisoned. And his lungs had collapsed. Drowned, I guess, drank a potion or something. No one knows for sure what happened and no one really asks. No one really knew where he had been or what he did. There wasn’t a locket on him. Mum sometimes says he got rid of it. Other times, she says she doesn’t know if he even got to it.”

Lyra was quiet then. She wiped her eyes and sniffled, looking at the sky. She smiled a little at me and I knew she was finished.

“That’s it?” I asked, my voice breathless.

“Yes. My mum continued to pretend to be a Muggle and gave me her last name for safety, even when the Dark Lord was destroyed. She doesn’t think he’s dead just yet. She won’t until she sees a body. I won’t either. And as soon as I’m old enough, I’m going to start looking for the reason why my father died and whether he fulfilled his purpose. It is the least I could do,” Lyra sighed, “Sometimes, I see him in my dreams giving me advice. And since your father escaped . . .”

“What was your father’s name?” I wondered. Lyra looked up at me and smiled.

“You still can’t figure it out?” she asked. I shook my head and she smiled again, “Your mother never told you your father had a brother, did he?”

For a long time, I just stared at Lyra. Brother? Sirius Black had a brother? No, my mother never mentioned it. Then again, she doesn’t remember much. I don’t see why anyone would mention the Death Eater brother my traitor father had. It would just make my family look worse. Then I laughed bitterly. But if Lyra was telling the truth, and we were cousins, but Uncle was never bad. Just scared.

“We’re cousins?” I asked.

“Yes, I believe we are,” Lyra nodded, “Sirius Black is my uncle and Regulus Black is yours. We’re cousins!”

“I don’t know if I can believe it,” I admitted.

“Tristan,” Lyra said, “Look at you and then look at me. I have pictures of my dad and yours. They look a lot a like with the light eyes and dark hair. We resemble our fathers. And they resembled each other. We’re cousins.”

I had to admit, she had a good point. I choose to believe her, though I felt dazed and a bit sick. The beautiful story she told, the difference between their fathers. I closed my eyes for a moment and let it all sink in. When I opened them, Lyra was still smiling at me. I suddenly felt very close to her and I stood up offering my hand. Breakfast would start soon and we still needed to change into our school robes. Lyra realized that I believed her and she took my hand.

Author's Note: *slowly comes out from under the bed and laughs nervously* hi!

i know, i know. you all are probably glaring at this a/n thinking, what nerve, right? I know, its been over a year. A very long time. And I know that half my readers have probably given up on this story. But those that are still reading, can you give me a chance to explain?

It's simple really. Real life got in the way. Homework got to be too much, boys became a part of my life, my site was busy, and then I had cheerleading that took over and it was just really hard. I tried to start writing my original stories too. One is ready to be edited adn then hopefully published. :)

But i'm really, terribly sorry. I hope this chapter was worth it. . .

By the way, let's all hug Silver Fish, GW/HP4EVER, Obsessive, hidden_truth, midnight_witch, mes2draco, Blanche, and bethanymalfoy for guessing who Lyra was. And a round of applause for Jewel1390 for getting almost every detail. :)

I hope you all can forgive me. Really, I do. I love this story and all you guys too much to completely disappear, I promise you.

Next chapter:

- Sirius has a new plan
- Tristan deals with more bullying
- Libby and Tristan have a moment
- Libby has more memories.

Please review. I missed you all so much. :)

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