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It had been a hectic morning for the residence at the Potter Manor.Bille had just woken up to find herself beside Sirius, again! But before she could get a word in her brother had brust threw the door in all his glory.. ahem.. he was rather pissed.

"Sirius!! What the hell are you doing to my sister " Remus shouted his face growing red the madder he got at his best mate.

"My line people " Billie muttered before getting out of the bed. "Remus calm down, whats got your panties in a twist - "

"Maybe the fact my best mate was sleeping with my sister!!" Billie rolled her eyes, her brother was over reacting.

"Geez, we only slept together " Remus gasped. " NO! not like that... eugh... i was having night mares and couldn't sleep so i kind of asked Sirius to come lay down with me. Seriously nothing happened, he just fell asleep. " Remus was fuming.

"If i find you in here again mate, well lets just say you will never be getting with chicks for the rest of your life " Sirius paled, growling Remus left with a laughing Peter behind him, she glared at the blond boy and shut the door behind him before turning to Sirius.  With a smile on her face she grabbed the wand off her vanity.

"So Sirius, care to explain ?" 

"Alright,you see last night you  fell asleep so i put you to bed . " The boy was clearly scared as his glance went between her and her wand.

"That doesn't explain why you were there ? "

"Yea well.. eugh " she grinned.

"The next time i find you in my bed, Remus wont be the only one kicking your ass "

"What if im invited ?"

"Out!" she pointed to the door and he quickly left, giggling Billie walked over to the closet to get dressed for the day.


Lily had been woken up from shouts coming from Billies room. Why is Remus screaming? To tiered to find out she walked over to the shower she shared with Remus, thanking god it wasn't Peter. She didn't have a problem with the blond haired marauder, he wasn't the hottest but he was pretty cute but also known to be quite the perve and Remus wasn't. Locking both doors she  turned the water on and had a long, hot shower trying to get rid off her ever growing head ache. She had had the worse sleep, memories of her rejecting James, his heart broken face, Melissas grin, him angry the night before had all plagued her dreams.

Getting out of the shower she unlocked the doors and wrapped a towel around herself before reentering her room. Going through her clothes she decided to wear a pair of white jeans and a white tank top with a green sweater on top. She brushed and dried her hair before putting it up in a pony tale and added eye liner and green eyeshadow to her newly woken face. Smiling she grabbed her book and left her room at the same time as an angry Remus and smiling Peter left Billies room.  A little to frightened of Remus, Lily stopped Peter to get the morning gossip.

"What happening ?"

" Remus caught Sirius in Billies bed " Lily paled and gaped at the boy. " Well im going to go comfort him, cya Lily. "  with a small wave the short boy ran off the the next room. ' Surely they hadn't done anything? She hadn't mentioned having feelings for the boy' Lily thought and decided to find out once her new friend was dressed and downstairs for breakfast. She passed Billies door and was about to pass Sirius's when she looked to the opposit side, James room. Sighing she decided that this would be a better time then any, especially seeing as Melissa wasn't around to ruin it. Taking a large breath Lily walked over to James door and knocked, there was a silent shuffle from behind the door and as she was about to knock again a flushed James opened the door.

"Lily!?  What are you doing here? " he asked taking a quick look behind him before turning back to her. She noticed he was only wearing boxers but shook the thought from her head.

"Good Morning James, i actually wanted to speak to you about something. " she said, she knew that this was the time, her confidence was at a once in a life time high and there wouldn't be another chance. 

"Oh really, whats that?"  As she was about to answer the door opened wider to reveil Melissa with a white sheet wrapped around her and Lily had a feeling that was all.

"Hey Lils, whats that you were saying ?" Melissa asked in a sickly sweet voice.

"Melissa, oh! I  eugh... forgot... I-I'll see you guys around. " She couldn't believe it, without one last look at the boy she had hated for five years and had only started liking the previous year she walked off not too sure where she was going. At least anywhere but there.


Ace had woken up in the middle of the night. Was it a nightmare that had woken him up, he would never be sure. All he knew is at the moment he had awoken, thoughts and ideas had been poking the corners of his mind. Smiling, he knew he had it, he knew he'd find it soon. He quickly pulled on jeans and a shirt and hurried next door to the library.  He passed the red haired teenage girl, not sparing her a moment and quickly went to the desk where he had left all his papers the previous night.

Where is it! He knew he wouldn't be able to figure it out without it. He hit the desk with his fist and growled receiving an odd look from the teenage girl. Looking once more threw the messy papers her left the library in a hurry. He needed to find cameron quick!


Billie got dressed in ripped faded jeans that were worn out and a long sleeved blue shirt, she tied her messy black hair in a loose pony tale and put eye liner on before leaving her room. She had to talk to Remus, that was for sure, her brother needed to stop being over dramatic. She barged into his room like he had done to her.

"Peter, i'd like to speak to my brother alone!" Nodding Peter left, once gone all hell was loose. "You idiot git, dumbass toe rag. Aren't you a little dramatic!"

"Dramatic! Me, your the one craving for attention, sleeping with my best mate thats low. How do you think dad would feel about his little girl, huh!" Remus stood up and looked down at his sister, who was way shorter them himself.

"Like i said before i didn't do anything! and don't start talking about dad, i was the one there, you weren't!" Billie pushed him back in the chair, his face turning red.

"You didn't do anything ,sure. Billie i'm not stupid i remember that night, you might not be the whore type of girl but you are persuaded easily. You remember that night don't you !"  he taunted standing up.

"Shut up! SHUT UP! You promised" tears started pouring down her face" You promised to keep it a secret! Never speak of it again, pinky promise, rememeber you never break a pinky promise!" she was yelling at him as tears fell from her eyes like water falls, Remus looked at his sister guiltily.

"Billie i'm - "

"Don't even say it cause we both know you aren't sorry Remus. No, your only one thing! You are a MONSTER!" Remus paled and took a step back, Billies face was red and she was breating heavily.

"Me, a monster ?" Remus smirked " Don't play dumb with me sis" she looked at him, fear in her eyes 'how did he know?'. " I guess i know more then one of your deep dark secrets and one more stupid thing like you did last night i'll tell everyone!" He walked over to his door and opened it, Billie ran out tears escaping.

As Billie entered her room she let out a ear peircing scream.


Tears poured from Lily's eyes, of coarse he was over her, why wouldn't he be when he had Melissa. Beautiful, experienced Melissa who had never broken his heart. Lily walked into the library, there was the shouting again, she tried to ignored it as she rummaged through the books. Her book seemed uninteresting and every time she picked up a new one so did that one. At the far end of the library she spotted a desk, it would have been clean if it didn't have hundreds of papers thrown all around it. Looking toward the door to make sure no one was there, when she was sure no one would come she started going through the papers.

Lily was never the sneaky type and she would never go through others things but she had a feeling that there was some importance to the papers. She picked a pile up and started reading them. Diseases, unknown killing curses, dark & light, mesopotamian mythology. Lily stopped, why where they looking at mythology, she realized that the papers didn't really have anything to do with each other, raising her brow she took all four peice of parchement.  As she was walking toward the door it opened to reveil Ace, wide eyed she hurried to the couch where she picked up her book and read, unbeknownst to Ace that she was sitting on the papers.

She heard him shuffliing through the papers and then hit his fist agains the desk. Angry? Growling he left, still not taking a look from her. After making sure he was gone Lily stood up, folded the papers and put them in her pocket before leaving  the library. She was extremly hungry and needed breakfast.


No one was having a good day, Mr Potter was called into work on his day off, Mrs Potter burnt supper, Petter got sick, Lily was afraid Ace would find out about the papers she stole and heart broken over James and Melissa's relationship, Sirius was wondering if he had imagined Billies eyes and was dealing with emotions he couldn't figure out, Remus was angry with himself and his sister, James felt sick with himself, did he like Melissa or Lily? and Billie who would soon be in the middle of it all as everything got worse was afraid hoping Remus wouldn't say a word about her secrets, wondering how he knew them she had locked herself in her room for the rest of the day not replieing to no ones calls.


It was the middle of the night, i was sitting at my vanity looking at my hair, i had decided to add a drastic touch. I had streaked my hair purple, not that drastic but enough. After it was dry it looked amazing and i briliant idea had come to mind, i grabbed my wand and left my room through the balcony door and entered Lily's the same way.  I walked around her bed and sat beside her, i prodded her shoulder gently.

"Lily, wake up!"  Lily's eyes fluttered open.

"Billie, its midnight what are you doing up? "  She sat up, her hair a mess and her eyes blotchy, i could tell she was crying.

"I couldn't sleep so i died my hair" i showed her and she nodded " and i was wondering if i could do yours ?"

"Billie, come on its late" i prodded her again.

" Please Lily, just get your bathing suit on under some warm clothes and meet me outside. " I prodded her one last time and left the same way i came in but this time i was stopped  by Sirius.

"Billie ? " he called concerned, i hadn't been out of my room all day.

"Hey Sirius.... I"m going to go in my room.. " i quickly walked into my room but before i could close the door Sirius grabbed my shoulder.

"Are you angry with me ?" he asked, looking into his eyes i don't no if i could see concern or sadness, why would he be either. Maybe concerned about me not leaving my room, sleeping and eating but there was no sadness that needed be involved.

"Why would i be ?"

"I just thought - "

"Its not all about you Sirius " with that i closed the door. After making sure he wasn't looking through the doors i got changed into a bathing suit which i put sweat pants and a long sleeved shirt ontop. Grabbing my wand i left the room.  At night the manor was pitch black, as i walked along the hallway, my hands leading the way as they feel against the wall, i was to scared to conjure Lumos. Pathetic, i know, ever since i was a little girl i had always been afraid of the dark. I'd usually turn my lamp on and when i woke up in the morning i knew my father had turned it off, it was somewhat a ritual. I remember, a week after he died i had gotten really scared even though i'm 17, Cameron and Ace were sleeping in the next room, we were somewhere in America,i turned my lamp on and in the morning it was still lit. I had cried for hours, it hit me that no longer would i see my parents, ever.

Not  long after i found myself decending the stairs and after that made my easy way to the kitchen, the only light coming from the patio doors. I had walked into the island that sat in the middle of the kitchen, clutching my stomach i walked outside where Lily was sitting ,her feet in the water.

I died her hair, soft pink streak circling the red hair. During the night we talked  about anything imaginable, our families, friends at home and school, ex boyfriends, movies we've seen, parties we went to and basically anything major that happened in our lives, anything that found its way to our memory.

"I'm sorry you didn't get the chance to tell James, what a bloke!" i said, anger flooding me.

"It alright, i'm more hurt about the fact that she was there and they had.. Have you ever - "

"Nahh. " i muttered knowing she'd be embarassed to even mutter the word. "I'm guessing you haven't "  she shook her head.

"It hurt, i know he's done it with a lot of girls but actually seeing her there knowing they were just at it. "

"We'll get back at her, James still loves you sweety we all know it." i put arms around her shoulders  and hugged her as she cried, when i pulled away we started laughing, the sappy-ness was to much.

"What about you" Lily said as she pulled her messy hair into a pony tale, our feet were still in the pool cooling us off even though it wasn't that warm of a night. All around us was pitch black, the only light coming from the glow of the pool causing our skin to glow blue. The stars in the sky were as bright as ever, i turned away from them to look at Lily.

"What about me ... ?"  i asked, i didn't know what she was getting at. There was no one special in mind, who would ever - i  was about to ask myself but stopped mid sentence knowing i shouldn't be thinking of such frightening things.

"I don't know i thought for a bit that you and Sirius - "

"No " i said quickly, it was to quick for Lily smiled knowingly. What did she know, i didn't like Sirius, did i? If i did he would never like me, not in that way. We were friends and that was it but as i told myself that i had a slight hope for more. Was i crazy , Remus is right, Sirius is a player and we are only friends and that was that. " There isn't anything between me and him, Sirius doesn't go for the freaks like me " i said nudging her playfully, though she laughed and looked at me with a glint in her eye.

"I never asked if Sirius would go for you, Billie its ok to like him. He doesn't have to know" she added reasuringly, i smiled sadly and put my head on her should as she stroked my hair.  " You never know Billie, Sirius might like the kinky type" i pushed her over playfully as we began laughing in hysterics.


As the moon Kindles the night


As the rain fills every ocean

" I love you "

Your heart will kindle my heart

"Daddy don't leave me "

Take my heart

"You will always be my little princess"

Kindle my heart


"I promise"


I woke up with a sudden jolt, i looked around me fear rising in my throat like bile. I was outside by the pool, Lily was right beside me, her eyes fluttered opened as a yawn escaped her lips. I remember i had retreaved her from bed last night, i wanted to spend time with a friend and i knew i could trust Lily, we had talked about everything and she had caused me to realise something. I liked Sirius. My brothers best friend. Hogwarts player. My bathroom buddy. And my friend. How could this be, i made a promise to myself that i wouldn't explore these feeling, not with what was coming. I wouldn't allow it, not for me nor him. I don't wont him to get hurt, no if anyone its me.

Lily smiled tieredly at me, yawning we grabbed our wands and walked into the kitchen where Mrs. Potter was cooking breakfast and a tiered looking Mr. Potter had just walked into the Kitchen. He hadn't noticed me and Lily taking a seat at the table next to him, poor man worked to hard, he deserved a rest. Mrs. Potter looked at us oddly before placing a plate of bacon, eggs and toast infront of each of us, me , Lily and Edward Potter.

"Had you two fell asleep outside? "  to tiered to explain we nodded as we dug into our food, it seemed as if Edward had finally noticed us, he looked at us oddly before shaking his head and enjoying his breakfast. Both me and Lily let out tiered chuckles. Not to soon later the marauders all entered the kitchen all looking roughed up, Peter white in the face was still sick, he took a seat at the end of the table and dug into his food, i grimaced how could the guy eat so much so quick. James to a seat beside me, Sirius on the other and Remus beside Lily, it was awkwardly quiet.  Edward looked up from his plate, eye bloodshot and face pale from little sleep he looked at all six of us oddly wondering why the loudest kids in england were so quiet.

"What a nightmare.. " he muttered before grabbing his plate andgoing to the sink to wash them, before leaving he gave us one more look before leaving, a worried Amelia Potter behind him. All that was heard was the clinks of our silverware on our plates, i couldn't stand it so i spoke up but it turned out to be the worst thing to do. Especially in a situation like this.

"So, how is everyone this morning?" i asked looking down at my plate.

"Fine - where did you go last night? " Sirius asked quietly but was obviously over heard by Remus who took it the wrong way entirely.

"What!? Last night - you were with him again, what the fuck Billie i warned you  - " Remus said pointing his finger at me, i glared.

"I didn't do anything, i was outside with Lily all night you git! Why are you always thinking i'm getting it on with everyone ?" I practically yelled , everyone was looking down at there plates accept me and Remus.

"Unlike some people " Lily muttered, a disgusted look on her face. I knew who she was talking about and so did James as he turned to her.

"Pardon ?"  he called looked at her in disbelief, we all turned to them.

"Well its disgusting how you and Melissa get it on like bunnies and we are only across the hall  - " Lily said glaring, i could see the hurt in his eyes.

"Your just jealous - "

"Jealous!? " she screamed angrily

"Yea, that i picked Melissa over you! You jealous that i'm not flattering you every second, you angry that Melissa took me away. At least shes nice enough not to lead me on, i knew you liked it when i said those nice things but you never said yes!"  James had stood up and was know leaning over Lily, his face red, Lily looked as if she would burst out into tears but she kept her hard exterior, i was proud of her.

"James leave her alone!"  i yelled, i couldn't stand there while he treated my friend like rubbish.

"Billie stay out of it .. " Sirius said a hand on my shoulder, i roughly pushed it away,

"No,you marauders are all the same!" Peters mouth flew open showing his chewed food, wondering what he had done to get included in Billies rantings. " You choose a girl, not matter if she's the quiet book worm, a preppy bitch or your own sister and you know what you do. You take there hearts and shatter them  and you don't know how much it hurts! " I was yelling know looking at Remus, i turned to Sirius and James, tears pouring from my eyes and as i turned to Lily i noticed she was crying also. "You guys don't know how much your killing us, little by little." Walking around the table i took Lily's hand and we left the kitchen stopping outside the doors as we noticed both Mr and Mrs Potter standing there looking solem.  Amelia nodded at us and we walked upstairs.

I don't know if it was the fight,our anger and sadness against the guys or maybe it was the numb feeling in our hearts but we had decided to out dancing at a club in muggle London. Lily had grabbed a bunch of her clothes and met me in my room where we started trying on different thing, we wanted to wear the perfect thing, this was going to be the night that we'd get smashed and hopefully didn't do anything to stupid. Lily picked a short jean skirt, beige ballet flats and a beige silk halter top that cut into a low v, her hair in a ponytail with her bangs pinned back, she had gold eyeshadow, black eyeliner and pink lipgloss. I smirked looking into the mirror, i chose to wear a mini skirt with a dark gray vintage t-shirt and black converse, i wore my hair straight down my back and my bangs to the side. I had applied lots of black eyeliner and black eye shadow then sparkly lip gloss to finish it off.

We weren't leaving tell 10:30 and it was only 9, getting bored and hungry we went downstairs to the kitchen where we met Amelia who was cleaning up.  Both me and Lily had skipped Lunch and Supper and had stayed in my room all day and brooded. Seeing our outfits she raised an eyebrow.

"Partying eh?" she smirked.

"We need a stress relief " she nodded as she took out four peices of bread and started making me and Lily a sandwhich.

"Don't worry i understand, i was about to go upstairs and tell you the great news " i could see a sparkle in her eye and my curiousity got the better of me and Lily and we moved in closer. " Well seeing as Edward has been working way to much we are taking a  vacation to an exclusive island just the two of us, for a week. " he smilled.

"How romantic" Lily said smiling at James mother, Amelia smiled and kissed the tops of both our heads.

" Girls i know it seems like the misery never ends but believe me when i say, it will"  After our sandwhich we help Amelia pack her and Edwards clothes and it was around 11 when he came home from work, grinning ear to ear. Saying goodbye to the Potters both me and Lily left the manor, Edward had allowed us to drive the mercedes , happily i hopped into the drivers seat and we drove away. It was already dark outside and we could hear the loud beats of music from five blocks down, excitment pulsed our bodies. After parking we walked up to the front of the line were the bouncer was, the others giving us disbelieving looks as the large bald man let us pass. Everyone who was smart enough knew that those who dressed right and had the attitude always got into the best clubs. Smirking we ran over to the bar and order different kinds of drinks not caring what it was only if it had alcohol.

We soon ditched our drinks and ran out to the dance floor, the club was huge, as neon lights danced around we flung out hands over our heads and danced to the rythme. I could feel the people next to me dancing, i felt there sweat and i knew they could feel mine, though the matter was sort of gross both me and Lily kept dancing only thinking of relieving ourselves of the misery.

I don't know how long we had been there, what time it was or how many shots both me and Lily had downed and i don't think we cared much. We drank and danced more, the more we forgot the more energy we had and it was such a good feeling ,we laughed and danced more. Both me and Lily had drank before, we knew how to handle it even if we had drank five times more then we usually did but drugs was a whole different story we didn't know the feelings, the affect and we didn't know if we could controle it. But as an unknown person next to me passed something that resemble a homemade smoke and i heard them tell me to take a puff i listened without hesitation before passing it on to Lily who didn't even ask.We had added a new substance to our list and as we sat laughing with a groupe of people we didn't know we drank and smoked pot without a care in the world.


The marauders were sitting in James room, no one talking instead thinking all about the fight that had happened that moring. None of them knew that as they reflected sadly and angrily on the fight that the girls were out partying the night away. There was a soft knock on the door and  Mrs Potter walked in with a large smile on her face she expained the trip her and James's father would be taking, as she kissed the top of each boys head she told them she'd be back in a week.

" Can you guys please make sure the girls don't get home to late, i really don't want to worry " she said opening the door.

"Where did they go ?" James asked curious and confused.

"A party i think, they left me the address just in case ,its on the counter. I'll see you soon, love you" with one more kiss on James's cheek his parents left, turning toward his friends he stared at them in disbelief. They all quickly made there way down to the kitchen where they found a peice of purple lined paper, Billies bubbly letters spelled the street where they had gone.

"Thats not a house party mate" Sirius said.

"Where is it ? " Remus asked worried, hoping his sister was fine and safe.

"Thats a club - "


As the girls danced, unbeknownst to them the Marauders were walking through the door and down the stairs to the dance floor, looking for the girls. They were angry that they were at a club, most likely dancing with strange men.They searched the bar before moving on to the dance floor where the girls were quickly leaving to find a place to sit, they found an empty bench and quickly took it and Billie soon started hitting her head against the table.

"Woo hoo, earth to Billie!" Lily called giggling, they were both out of there minds, there was no doubt they'd forget the night in the morning but they will always remember there killer head aches. As a waitress walked pass they ordered another round of shots, the lady had given them weird looks and left off to get the drinks. The girls paid her and downed the drink, as they finished there last shot each the Marauders walked out of the crowd, anger and surprise litered across there faces as they watched the girl.

"Remmm - What " Billie hicuped before continuing " what are you doin' here" she pronounced the words with a slur and slight stutter and the guys noticed Lily did as well once she opened her mouth to try and form words.

"You guys are wasted" James shook his head disappointed, the guys grabbed the girls by their elbows and led them outside where it was raining down hard, giggling both Lily and Billie grabbed hold of each other and dance along the streets. James grabbed Lily and brought her over to his car, which the guys had drove in and put her in the passenger seat as Peter took the back and he quickly drove off telling the guys he'd meet them at the  house.  Sirius and Remus grabbed a giggling Billie and took her into the car her and Lily had driven, Remus hopped into the driver seat and drove off.

"There's two things I know for sure: She was sent here from heaven and she's daddy's little girl." Billie sung happily not noticing the shocked look she was receiving from Sirius who was holding her down from jumping out the door.  They finally arrived at the manor and with the help of Remus, Sirius carried Billie out of the car and into the rain, she wiggled out of there grasps and started to dance in the rain. Remus grabbed for her but she swung her fist and hit him in the face, all of a sudden angry with him.

"Don't touch me!" Remus nose was gushing blood, Sirius snuck up behind her and held her arms to her side as he brought her into the house. They walked up the stairs as Billie screamed at the two of them, they finally stopped infront of her door. Remus grabbed her shoulder but she pushed him off.

"Remus, i'll take care of her go fix your nose mate - "

"She's my sister, Sirius and i'll take of her" Remus said angrily grabbing at Billie once more but she swung her arm hitting him in the face once more, anyone could visibly seen Remus was beyond pissed.

"Mate, i'll take care of her, go get fixed up and make sure Lily's all right. Ok" angrily Remus walked off and Sirius struggled but succeeded in bringing Billie into her room and into the washroom where he sat her on the sink. He turned the water on, testing it waiting tell it got to warm but he didn't notice as Billie fell from the sink.With a startling cry he turned around to see Billie on the floor.

"Be care ful" he told her all of a sudden angry, he didn't no why but the more he watch the girl in her state the angrier he got.

"Be careful " she mimick him. "You guys are a real pain in the arse, always ho- hov- hoverin' over my head and all i want is freedom, i don't need you. " she said, it was as if she was unaware of her blabble and unaware of Sirius's glare. He roughly stood her up.

"Well you aren't a ray of sunshine yourself" he said taking off her shoes.  "Its always about you - you never think about anyone else, only youself. Its always Billie, Billie - about how much we are hurting you but did you stop for a minute to think about us, me!" he was almost shouting as he tugged her shirt and skirt off leaving her in her undies and bra.

"Take the rest off, i'm going to get you pajama's "  She wasn't even looking at him, just standing still and Sirius didn't look at her and he walked back into her room and into her closet which was a  mess. Most likely from the girls trying to find outfits for there outting to the club. He grabbed a  pair of shorts and a tank top and walked back to the washroom. She was no longer standing in the middle of the washroom instead in the shower, he picked up  her clothes and put it in the wash before folding her towel and pajama's on the counter and leaving into his own dark room.


Billie got out of the shower and even though her drunken state hadn't worn off she got dressed, which took a good fifteen minutes before walking into the room opposit hers. She knew what she was doing and she knew she had controle over it. If she had been sober she would have been to afraid but the drunken Billie walked into Sirius's room and went under the covers.

"Sirius  - "

"Go away Billie "

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