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          It was a beautifully cloudy day for Quidditch practice, and a dreary one at that.  They needed a new beater and they needed to decide on a new team captain.  No one wanted the chore, but they were going to have to anyway, they just hoped it would be because he had graduated, not because he was murdered.

“We were going to need to chose a new captain anyway,” said Christopher.  He moved his blonde bangs out of his hazel eyes but they just fell back down again, covering his sad expression.

“Then why does it feel so very wrong,” asked Serena.  Her short green hair was cut in a pixie cut and he blue eyes looked like they were on the verge of tears.  Stella, her twin sister handed her a tissue.  Her blue hair was longer than it used to be.  Serena blew her nose and bit down on her lips with her fangs.

“Maybe because he was murdered,” stated Alex.  He shuffled his brown hair and stared at Tempest with his piercing green eyes.  They weren’t filled with hatred or blame, but sadness.

“Look, we need to choose a captain before we have tryouts,” stated Christopher.

“I chose Zephyr,” said Alex.

“What?” she exclaimed.

“Alex, she’s already a prefect, I think she already feels very uncomfortable,” said Serena.

“Alex is right though,” said Christopher.  “None of us should be captain considering we’re graduating this year.”

“Nila,” said Tempest suddenly.  Everyone looked at her.  “Nila should be captain.”  She’s smart and fearless.”

“Yeah,” continued Void.  “Gorx did say that she is fast.  Nila’s daring and creative, plus when it comes to judging people she’s . . . a pretty good judge.  Also she can be violent when need calls for it.” He smiled in her direction and she smiled back.

“All in favour of Nila say aye,” said Tempest.

“Aye,” they all said in unison.

“Wait, so now I’m captain?”

“Nila, shut up already, don’t make us regret out decision,” said Void.

“So captain Nila, when are tryouts?” asked Tempest.

She looked up at the common room ceiling in thought.  “Next week Friday after classes.  Sound good?”

“You should make a notice and post it up,” said Serena.

“Oh yeah; be right back.”

“Void,” whispered Tempest, “why am I frightened?”

“Because Nila is about to become captain of out Quidditch team,” stated Void.  Tempest laughed.


Tempest stood alongside Nila as they prepared to watch people try out for the position of beater, the position that was once Gorx’s.  First up was none other than Edana.  She barely looked at Void as she passed them.

“Vayne?” questioned Tempest.

“What?  Everyone else is out family was on a Quidditch team, I feel its my right to at least try out.”

“Well I can honestly say that this is going to be wicked,” said Nila.

“Yeah, whatever can I just try out for beater now?”

“Sure here’s your stick.”  Edana snatched it out of Nila’s hand and got on her broom.  “Zephyr do you mind if I release both bludgers?”

“Nila behave.”

“Hey sis,” popped Edana on her broom.  “Did I ever tell you that I think you’re a slut?  Yeah I know you kissed Void too.”  She smiled and flew up.

“How ‘bout now?”


“Go ahead.”

“What he said Nila.”

“With pleasure.”  She kicked the chest open and out flew both bludgers.  Tempest, Nila and Void all stood together amused and slightly angry.  Edana glared at them before hitting one on their direction.  Tempest caught it just before it hit Nila’s face.  She didn’t even flinch.  Edana hit the second one at Tempest and Void beat it aside, embedding it into the building wall.  Edana flew down and slapped her sister across her face.

“What the hell Vayne!”

“I hate you!”

“Oh well join the fucking club!  Astrea has the sign up sheet!”

“I hate all of you!  You’re trying to steal my boyfriend, you don’t mind cheating on me!  AND YOU!!  You’re miss perfect who always gets what she wants with no worries!  I HATE ALL OF YOU!”  Edana threw the club at their feet and stalked off.

“Well then,” said Nila, “who’s next?”


Tempest was eating while reading trying to learn more about the elements and their powers.  She yawned and didn’t even bother to look up when Louis was behind her.

“Go away Louis.”

“Come now Zephyr, lets be nice to each other just this moment.”

“Must we?”

“I heard your sister slapped you yesterday.”


“Astrea’s poisoning her.”

“No duh.”

“I mean literally.  You know I thought you were smart.”

“Go away.”

“Do you even believe me?”

“Yes, amazingly enough.  Why are you telling me thought, that I don’t get.’

“Because Astrea’s a bitch, a hot one, but one nonetheless.  You, you’re hot but not such a bitch.”

“Thank you, I guess, now please, go away I’m trying to eat here.”

“All right.”  He gave her a hug and kissed her on the cheek and for once Tempest was completely disgusted and allowed the smile to come on her face.  Nila soon came and sat next to her.

“I’m not even going to ask. Now I’m making Edana beater.  She’s a little brat but girls god a bloody good arm.  Now, what was that about with Morte?”

“I thought you weren’t going to ask?”

“I lied.”  She smiled and took a bite out of a peach.

“Astrea is poisoning my sister.”  She looked at Nila.  Her snake was curled around her arm and shoulders. “Hey what do you know about poisons?”

“Well she’s obviously using one that is poisoning her mind.  Take that into account look at her actions, she using one that makes her jealous and angry and most likely feeding it to her through sweets.  Now all we need to do is tell Master Vlad so that se can get a massive amount of detention.”  She smiled and bit into her peach again.

“Nila, you amaze me sometimes.”


“Edana broke up with me,” said a sudden voice.  Tempest and Nila turned around and looked at Void.  Foe someone who was just dumped, he looked surprisingly relaxed.

“Really,” said Nila.

“Yeah, whatever though, I don’t care.  We talked and she said . . . she said that we would be better friends.”  He smiled and sat down next to Nila, took her peach and took a bite out of it.  “So . . . what did I miss?”


“You’re saying that Astrea is poisoning Edana,” said Void.

“Apparently so.”

“And you’re trusting Louis on this?”

“Scary I know.”

“She seemed like her old self when she broke up with me.  I think the poison wore off by then.”

“Who knows,” said Nila.  “Hey I have an idea.  We let this whole thing play out for a little longer.  Then we catch Astrea in the act.  Come on, how ‘bout it?”  She smiled mischievously and laid back down on the sofa.  She folded up her knees and her red skirt fell back some to reveal her butt cheeks.  Tempest noticed that void was staring.

“You know that actually sounds fun,” said Tempest as she looked down at her foot in the fire place.  It was basically untouched.

“You know, you really bug me when you do that,” said Void.

“Sorry,” she said sarcastically.  She pulled her foot out anyway and stood barefoot on the carpet.  Void was sitting on a chair backwards.

“Anyway how are we going to get Astrea?”

Before Tempest could answer Edana stormed in and stared at them.  Tempest smiled sweetly and Nila sat up and leaned over the sofa.  Void just stared at her.

“Hi Vayne!” yipped Nila.

“Hello whore.  Hello slut.  Hello ass.”  They all looked at each other and smiled.  Suddenly a blast hit Tempest and she fell to the ground all around her, her hair.


“Its already growing back don’t worry.”

“Damn, what a pity.”

“Stupefy!” yelled Void.  Edana flew to the wall.  “Petrificus Totalus.”  She stiffened.

Tempest touched her head.  Her hair was back to its original length minus the purple that she so desperately needed.

“So this is what you look like with just black hair,” commented Nila.

“Yeah.  Crap, I need purple hair dye now.”  She got up and looked at her sister.  “You used magic on my sister?”

“She was starting to piss me off.  Go write to someone who will send yo some dye.  Go on.”

She smiled.  “Yeah, yeah I’m going.”

Tempest went to her bed ad lied down for a moment closing her eyes.  When she opened them again she held her breath.

“Hello Young Tempest.”

“Get the bloody hell away from me!” she hissed.

“Like the new body?  The old one was dying away.”  He smiled his new face at her.  Tempest thought that it weren’t for the fact the he was Merwick and she knew it was, she would have thought he was hot.  Instead she was repulsed.

“I hate you.”

“I heard you’re having a little sibling rivalry with your little sister.  Did you know, I’m actually thinking of making her my next victim.”

That was enough for Tempest.  She slapped him and rolled over him pinning him down.  He simply smiled.

“I hate you.

“Oh I know, but you see, Merlin made me kill all so many people on the name of a false good.  I want my revenge.”

“Well who told you to go intake a part of him in the first place.  Besides, he did that to punish you.  Wasn’t he brilliant?”  She smiled back at him.

“Zephyr!” she heard Nila cry.  Tempest looked up and before she knew it, Merwick was pushing her off the bed and with a single spell he was gone.

“Who the hell was that,” asked Void.


“Ew Merwick!  Gross!”  Nila shuddered and walked over to Tempest and helped her up.

“Anyway, we should probably bring Edana to Master Vlad and Mistress Starlet.   I’ll go get Master Vlad and I want you two to go get Mistress Starlet.”

“All right,” they said.

Tempest dragged her stiff sister down to  Master Vlad’s office and walked in.

“Miss Nyx, what happened to your sister and your hair?”

“Vayne cast a spell on me shaving me bald but it grew back instantly and Void knocked her against the wall and cast Petrificus Totalus on her.  Also Astrea is poisoning her mind making her very, very jealous of Nila and I.”  She smiled sweetly.

Really?  That’s grounds for a years worth of detention.”

“Wicked.”  She gave him a genuine smiled and jumped on a desk. “So I need to have a little talk with my sister.  Could you please and whip up an anti-potion?”

“It would be my pleasure.  It’ll be just a second.”  She nodded and sure enough he came back with a vial.

“I already have a several made just in case.  Teachers are always prepared.”  He took out his wand and waved it at Edana.  She shook herself and glared at Tempest like Selene used to.

“Edana, drink this,” ordered Vlad.  Tempest smiled and Edana obeyed her head of house.  Tempest smiled as she drank the vial.  Edana dropped the vial and shook her head, she looked at her sister.

“Hi sister dearest, how do you feel?”

“What the hell?”

“Astrea was poisoning you against me.  Please, don’t take anymore sweet little treats from that witch anymore.”  She smiled and pinched her little sisters cheek.

“Okay just let go my cheek already.”

“Already done.”  In stormed Mistress Starlet at that moment followed by Nila, Void, Louis and Astrea.

“These two tell me that Astrea poisoned her.  Louis confirmed it.  Now . . . what time of punishment do you propose?”

“Detention . . . three months worth.”  Master Vlad smiled and Tempest knelt before Edana.

“Vayne, jump on.”


Tempest walked by Astrea smiling triumphantly.  Astrea just glared at her, her nostrils flaring.

Once outside th office, Edana spoke.

“Hey Nila?”


“I’m sorry about being such a bitch.”

“No problem.  Hey just so you know, you made the team.”

“Brilliant.”  Tempest smiled.  Yeah this was her little sister she always loved, she thought happily.

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