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An April Fool’s Prank Gone Horribly, Horribly Wrong
A/N – prepare for some drama! And perhaps some tragedy? 



“He’s clearly in love with you!” 

I awake with a start. This is the fourth night in a row I’ve had the same dream of Dom uttering those words. Although it was over two weeks ago, I can’t get them out of my head. I mean, what if there was a bit of truth in them? Is Scorpius Malfoy really in love with me? It’s all so confusing. I’ve been trying so hard to look for signs that he could have more than friendly feelings towards me, but so far he’s shown nothing. Well, unless you count the other day when we were hanging out in the common room and he let me have the last Jaffa Cake. I’m not sure that counts, considering he’d eaten around six of them before that. And sometimes he catches me looking at him, searching for hints, and he looks really freaked out and leaves the room. 

As if to add insult to injury, the situation with my parents has reached crisis point. On Saturday there was a trip to Hogsmeade, so Mum wanted to meet with me for tea and whatever else normal mothers and daughters do. I can tell you what normal mothers don’t do is meet up with their daughters to ask their opinion about who she should bring to a wedding – as a date. I’m serious, my once sensible mother has lost her mind. 

“You’re bringing a date?” I cried in the middle of Patil Pasties, accidentally spilling my boiling hot tea all over my knees – thus adding more injury to insult and injury. 

“I can’t go alone,” she shrugged, sipping her own tea, “It’s a wedding.” 

“I’m going alone!” I argued, “And anyway, you won’t be alone! Dad’s going to be there!”

Mum rolled her eyes. “I can guarantee you your father is going to bring his own date just to annoy me,” said Mum darkly, “I’m not going to be sitting on my own like a loner. So I was thinking I’d bring Cormac.” 

“McLaggen?” I asked, disgusted, “Mum he’s married!” 

“Divorced,” Mum corrected me. 

“And you hate him!” 

She didn’t argue that one. 

“You’re just bringing him to piss Dad off,” I said angrily. 

“Language, Rosie,” she warned. 

“Don’t ‘language, Rosie’ me!” I was now sort of shouting, “This is just like Aunt Ginny told me! You did this in your sixth year!” 

“He did it first!” she claimed childishly, “And anyway, I’m not just doing this to annoy your father! I need company too you know!” 

“Well as you pointed out,” I muttered through gritted teeth, “It’s a wedding. You’re not going be the only person there!” 

I know she didn’t listen to me. She just changed the subject back to my pregnancy by asking when my next ultrasound will be. 

“I had one last week,” I told her bitterly, “Thanks for taking an interest in my life.” 

“I am interested!” she protested, and I knew I was being a bit unreasonable saying she wasn’t. She comes up to the school practically every day and I get mail from her and Dad all the time asking how I’m doing. It’s completely my fault that I didn’t tell her about the ultrasound. I didn’t tell anyone. Everything’s fine, I don’t see the point in exciting people over some picture that you can’t even see. I told Scorpius afterwards, and he seemed a bit annoyed that I hadn’t brought him along. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to let him come to St Mungo’s while the gynaecologist looks up my you-know-what. 

Oh yeah, Madam Pomfrey recommended I go to St Mungo’s for checkups rather than to the hospital wing because the healers are more experienced with that kind of thing than she is. It’s no big deal, I suppose. 

“I’m keeping it,” I told Mum, “The baby, I mean.” 

She looked surprised, but in a good or bad way I wasn’t sure. She, like everyone, had adjusted to the idea that I was going to put the child up for adoption. We’d even started contacting adoption agencies and looking through official documents. 

“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” Mum asked, furrowing her eyebrows. 

“No,” I replied, “But I’m going to give it a try. And Scorpius has a job, so we’ll have some money coming in –” 

“Rosie, your dad and I have money,” Mum cut in, “And Draco Malfoy has been boasting since he was eleven that he has money, so you and Scorpius shouldn’t have to worry about the financial end of things.” 

“Scorpius hasn’t spoken to his dad since January,” I said, “I think Draco has disowned him.” 

Mum looked even more surprised at this. “That doesn’t sound like the Draco Malfoy I once knew and hated,” said Mum, “Family was always something very important to him.” 

“Pureblood family,” I corrected her, “This baby isn’t pureblood, so maybe he just doesn’t consider it family.” 

“Oh all of that pureblood rubbish doesn’t matter to anybody anymore, not even Malfoy!” said Mum impatiently, “I’m sure he’ll see sense sooner or later. And even if he doesn’t, we’ll be here for you. The Weasleys never leave a member in the lurch.” 

Maybe sometimes it isn’t the curse of Merlin to be a Weasley. We might have flaming red hair, freckles and a certain love of Muggles, but there’s no breaking us up. Well, unless it’s Mum and Dad of course. 

“Rose, have you seen this?” Dom throws down a large book on front of me and she looks extremely annoyed. I pull the book towards me and realise that it is in fact a very thick magazine called ‘Witch Weddings’. There are about fifty post-it notes sticking from it, some of them green and some pink. 

“You’re getting married?” I ask in confusion. Quite frankly I think it’s a bit soon for her and Mark to be thinking of this, but if they’re happy – 

“Victoire sent it,” says Dom darkly, “They’re bridesmaid’s dresses.” My stomach plummets to the ground. I’d almost forgotten about the looming Lupin/Weasley wedding, which is now less than a month away. Well I hadn’t forgotten that there was going to be a family wedding after the conversation with Mum, but I sort of forgot that it’s Teddy, my Teddy, getting married and I’m going to be a bloody bloated bridesmaid! 

“The green ones are the ones she sort of likes,” says Dom, opening up the magazine at the first green post-it, “And the pink ones are the ones she really likes.” 

“What are the blue ones then?” I ask, noticing the odd blue one speckled between a mass of pink and green. 

“They’re ones that she likes, but they may not suit our colouring,” says Dom, rolling her eyes, “She’s turned into a complete Bridezilla, Rose. The Incredible Hulk doesn’t hold a friggin’ candle to her.” 

“That one’s nice,” I point to a knee-length olive green dress. 

“It’s not marked,” says Dom, “Let’s not tick her off, eh? Because you won’t like her when she’s angry…” 

“Yes, and perhaps green is a bit too Hulk-ish.” 

We spend about an hour looking through Witch Weddings and finally agree on a baby blue dress that’ll probably not even come up past my knee caps considering how fat I am. Dom scribbled a letter to Victoire, indicating which dress we liked and then tied the letter and the heavy magazine to a poor, unsuspecting school owl. 

March slips away quickly and soon April is upon us before we can say “piss off James and Fred – aren’t you a bit old for April Fools?” But apparently they aren’t too old at all, because on the morning of April first, every single Slytherin’s hair turns a luminous pink colour as soon as they drink their Pumpkin Juice. I can’t help but snort at the look on Scorpius’ face when he realises his hair is pink. Al doesn’t actually notice until he checks his reflection in his spoon – and by the looks of things, the Scamander twins don’t notice any difference whatsoever. I’m serious, they don’t come weirder than Lorcan and Lysander. Fred and James aren’t doing great jobs of looking innocent.

“No offence boys,” I say, “But that was a pretty pathetic prank. I mean, this is your last year. I’m a bit disappointed in you.” 

Their faces drop at the realisation that this is indeed their last year to play a prank on the entire student population. 

“Freddie, methinks we need to skive off Charms to plan,” says James looking genuinely concerned. Fred nods in agreement. 

“No,” I say, “You’re seventh years, you have the NEWTs in a few months! You’re not skipping charms!” 

“Relax Hermione,” says James rolling his eyes, “It’s not like we’ll miss anything important by bunking off one class.” 

“Oh, so this is the first time you’ve skived off charms?” I ask, resentful that he’s just compared me to my mother. James and Fred ignore me and go back to eating their breakfast. It seems that Scorpius, Al and about five others have realised that it was just a simple colour switching spell used on the pumpkin juice and have changed their hair back to the original colour. The rest of the Slytherins are still panicking. I see Scorpius and Al looking at Fred and James with very wily expressions – they’re plotting revenge. And I for one am not getting involved – those Slytherins are cunning folk. 

The petty pranks continue for the rest of the day. Some younger Slytherins can still be seen roaming the corridors with shocking pink hair, having not mastered colour-switching spells yet, and apparently having not befriended anyone who has. 

As the day progresses, I find it increasingly harder not to become involved in the Battle of the April Fools Pranks. Everywhere I look, someone is plotting. In Charms, Al and Scorpius are sitting in the corner with a large sheet of parchment on front of them with lots of very complicated diagrams drawn. Professor McFaceLikeTheBackOfaHippogriff doesn’t notice of course, as he’s generally oblivious to anything that doesn’t involve him looking into a mirror. By lunchtime James and Fred have gotten Mark and Seán Finnegan on board for their war against the Slytherins. Lily is doing her nut because she’s forever trying to promote Slytherin-Gryffindor unity. The girl is too ambitious. 

But eventually I get sucked in. I just can’t resist a prank. I join James in the common room after dinner to help him plot. So far his ideas, to put it mildly, are not worth a fiddler’s fart. 

1. Start a rumour that Albus S. Potter is the Heir of Slytherin 

“James, that’s the lamest, stupidest idea I’ve ever heard,” I say bluntly. 

“No it’s not,” James argues, “Those Slytherin idiots will believe anything!” 

“But anyone with half a brain, or an IQ of over five points knows that Voldemort was the last Heir of Salazar Slytherin,” I say, “Now I know that an IQ of five points is high to the likes of you Jay, but –” 

“Just keep reading!” he snaps. 

2. Cast anti-flight charms on all of the Slytherin’s broomsticks 

“Firstly,” I say, “They don’t have practice today, so they wouldn’t notice until Saturday, in which case it won’t be a proper April Fool’s joke. And secondly, that’s just plain vandalism.” 

“You’re a pain in my arse, Weasley,” James mumbled. 

3. Smear glue on all of the toilet seats in the Slytherin dungeon 

“That’s the first relatively good idea you’ve had,” I say, “But it’s still dumb and childish.”

4. Peg water-balloons at them 

“How dignified,” I roll my eyes, “Seriously, this is all you have? Al and Scorpius have diagrams.” 

“Fred!” James yells, and Fred comes stumbling down the stairs from the dormitories, “How is it that you have the Prank Mastermind for a father and you’re still crap at this?” 

“I don’t know,” Fred shrugs, “I’m too lazy to be a Mastermind.” 

“James,” I say logically, “You were named after the two best pranksters this school has ever seen. Surely you can come up with something better than gluing the Slytherins to their toilets and pegging water balloons at them.” 

“Well what bright ideas do you have then, Red?” says James indignantly. 

“I don’t have any,” I shrug, “I was named after a dentist.” 

“I’ve got it!” James exclaims, “I’ve got the perfect prank! Red, can you get Jenny in on this?” 

Oh dear, this can’t be good. 

“Why do you need Jenny?” I ask fearfully. 

“We’re going to make Al think she’s cheating on him!” says James excitedly, and Fred high-fives him for thinking of such a ‘good’ plan. I’ve never heard anything more ridiculous. "With me!"

“No way,” I say, “Absolutely no way! You can’t just mess with someone’s emotions like that, even you two wouldn’t sink that low!” 

“Wouldn’t we?” Fred grins. 

“And anyway, Jenny will never go along with it,” I continue, “She’s not going to help you hurt her boyfriend!” 

“Wouldn’t she?” Fred grins again. 

“Shut up!” I exclaim, “I’m not helping you do this!” 

“Fine,” says Fred. 

“We don’t need her help or your help anyway,” James agrees, and the two saunter out the portrait hole. What a pair of idiots. 

Wanting to avoid any April Fools hoaxes, I decide to stay in my dormitory reading Chas’s copy of Witch Weekly. Every now and again, my eyes tear away from the article ‘Charm Your Way To Bigger Boobs’ (not that I want to, it’s just interesting to know these things) to Laura’s bed. She’s got make-up and face creams of all sorts on her bedside locker, and I’ve noticed over the last few weeks that her Mum sends her new stuff nearly every day. I’d call her spoiled if I didn’t know what a bitch of a mother she has. I’ve tried being nicer to Laura, I really have, but she doesn’t seem to want to know. I’m still the cousin of the bastard who broke her heart in front of the whole school after all. 

At six-thirty, I leave the Gryffindor Tower and head downstairs to dinner. I don’t know what I’m expecting to find. Perhaps the decapitated body of a Gryffindor thrown across the Slytherin table. Or maybe a naked Slytherin held hostage in a cage over the Gryffindor table. When I reach the Great Hall, I find a very different scenario. 

Al and James are standing in the middle of the hall, their wands drawn and both sporting injuries. Al’s lip is bleeding and his glasses are broken, while James has a large gash down the side of his face. Both are absolutely fuming. 

“You’re a bastard!” Al shouts, “A worthless piece of shit on the bottom of my shoe! LEVICORPUS!” 

As James is hung in mid-air by his ankles, teachers run from the top table down to investigate the scene. I notice now that Jenny is sitting at the Gryffindor table with her head in her hands, crying. 

“What the hell is going on here?” I scream, but nobody seems to notice with all the commotion. Mark runs at Al, his wand drawn, but Scorpius steps in front of him and shoots him back fiercely with a stunning spell. Now it’s Dom’s turn to get involved. 

“Oi! Leave him alone!” she roars at Scorpius, drawing her wand, “Talk about a bad loser!” 

“Loser?” Scorpius shouts furiously, “I’m not the loser here, darling!” 

“You’re a cheating bastard!” Al is now shouting at his still air-suspended brother, “I HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL!” 

“Let him down!” I scream, on the brink of tears. James’s face is now turning purple. Thankfully, Al lets him down and James falls with a crash onto the floor. James picks up his wand, points it at Al and shouts ‘Expelliarmus!’ Al’s wand flies out of his hand into James’s. 

“What are you going to do now, little brother?” James grins maliciously, but still looks very disgruntled from being hung upside down. 

“KILL YOU WITH MY BARE HANDS!” Al lunges at James, pushing him to the floor and clutching at his neck. The teachers can’t seem to get through the large crowd of students surrounding the scene. James unintentionally drops the wands as Al continues to choke him. 

“Scorpius!” I scream and he stops pointing his wand at Mark and turns to me, “DO SOMETHING!” 

Scorpius looks around frantically for a moment, then sends up red sparks with his wand. At first this seems like a stupid, pointless exercise, but it seems to have gotten everyone’s attentions, including Al’s. Seán and Fred pull Al back off James, who is coughing frantically. 

“Everybody just calm the fuck down!” Scorpius yells, and the hall falls silent. 

The teachers push their way through the crowd of students. 


I’ve never seen Flitwick look so angry. His face is gone blue with anger. 

He’s like a little Smurf. 

“My office, NOW! Rose, Dominique and Matthews, you too!” Flitwick yells at us, “And you Malfoy!” 

We all follow Flitwick up to his office in silence. James and Al are both badly beaten, but are still trying to get at each other. Scorpius is holding Al back, while Mark is doing his best to keep James under control. James keeps muttering something like ‘can’t take a joke’. Flitwick slams the door of his office behind him. 

“What has gotten into you two?” Flitwick yells. I’ve never been more afraid of the man in my whole life, “Such reckless and careless behaviour! Fighting like a pair of animals! You two are brothers!” 

“He’s no brother of mine,” Al fumes, “He’s nothing but a f–” 

“Enough!” Flitwick stops him, “I’m afraid I’ve had to call your parents in.” 

Oh fuck. This really isn’t good. James and Al look equally horrified, and even Dom looks slightly frightened. It’s never good to get on the wrong side of Ginny Potter. In fact, life isn’t worth living if you’re on the wrong side of Ginny Potter. And as if they knew their names have been mentioned, we hear voices outside the door of Flitwick’s office and a short knock. 

“Ginny calm down –” 

“DO NOT TELL ME TO CALM DOWN, HARRY POTTER!” Oh dear, she's using full names.

“Come in,” Flitwick calls. 

The office door bursts open, and Aunt Ginny is the first in. Her face is almost as red as her hair. Harry follows her, looking more disappointed than anything. 

“Where are they?” Ginny growls, then makes a beeline for James, who is closest to her, “JAMES SIRIUS POTTER! This is the last straw! You’ve really crossed the line this time – FIGHTING WITH YOUR BROTHER?!” 

“HE STARTED IT!” James shouts back. James and Ginny were always pretty similar when it came to tempers, so an argument between the two is never pretty. 

“Okay, let’s all just calm down,” Harry starts, but Ginny blatantly ignores him. 

“SIT DOWN!” Ginny screams and then turns to Al, “BOTH OF YOU!” 

Dom, Mark, Scorpius and I watch on as Ginny sits her two sons down on the chairs on front of Flitwick’s desk. It’s like a government interrogation – except about a million times worse. Ginny takes a few deep breaths to calm herself down. 

“Why,” she starts through gritted teeth, “Were you two fighting like a pair of Muggles? What on earth possessed you?” 

“He started it,” James mumbles again. 

“He cheated with Jenny!” Al shouts. Harry frowns at James in disappointment. 

“James, is that true?” he asks. Wow, it’s so much worse when it’s Harry. 

“No it’s not true!” James spits, “He’s the backstabbing Slytherin of the family, not me!” 

“Stop that NOW,” Ginny snaps. 

“Why the fuck did you say that she was cheating then?” Al hisses. 

“Language!” Ginny cries, but Al ignores her. 

“It was an April Fool’s joke, you prat,” James shot back, “Like I’d go near her.” 

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Al roars, jumping up from his seat and pointing his wand at James’s head. 

“Al!” Ginny cries, now looking more frightened than anything else. 

"It means that she's a fucking troll in a dress!" James roared back. 

Harry lunges forward to separate the two boys, but he’s not quick enough. 

Avada Kedavra!” Al shouts, and with a flash of green light, James’ body falls to the floor, still and lifeless, like a piece of wood. 

A high-pitched scream escapes my mouth, as Ginny and Harry rush to James’s side and Scorpius lets out a very undignified exclamation of ‘fucking hell!’ 

“Al what the hell have you done?!” Dom cries, shaking wildly. All colour has been drained from Harry’s face. He’s unable to move, as am I. Dom breaks down in tears on Mark, who’s expression is so shocked, he looks like he’s about to keel over. 

“Al…you – you killed him,” Scorpius whispers with so much disgust in his tone that his voice is barely recognisable. Al has dropped his wand and looks equally shocked as the rest of us. I feel like I’m having an outer body experience. There’s just no way…James can’t be…he just can’t… 

“James?” Ginny whispers to her lifeless son, feeling for a pulse, “James darling, wake up.” 

Nothing. He’s completely stiff. And just as I feel like I’m about to break down, Scorpius hugs me. This can’t be true. Al wouldn’t kill James. Not for Jenny. Not for anyone. 

“I’ll murder you, Potter!” Mark shouts, running at Al, “I’ll wring your little –” 

“Let’s not have two murders here today, folks,” James grins, opening his eyes. Al grins down at him, and offers him a hand to help him up. 

“Are you telling me…” I start. 

“No way,” Dom half-laughs, but she’s still crying at the same time. 

“You have to admit, we had you going,” James smirks, “Nice work, little brother.” 

“You too, Slightly Older brother,” Al grins back, “No one pulls a prank like the Potter boys.” 

Harry looks like he’s trying to smile, but anger seems to have taken over that urge. But hell hath no fury like a Ginny Potter scorned. She picks up a copy of the Daily Prophet from Flitwick’s desk and starts beating her two sons around the head with it. 


It goes on like this for a while, but Al and James are still laughing. Scorpius seems to find this hilarious too, and even I have to admit it – 

Nobody pulls a prank like the Potter boys. 

The best April Fools prank to ever hit Hogwarts had serious consequences for both James and Al. Firstly, they got detention – from their mother. She threatened Flitwick into putting them into detention until the end of the year, so now every Sunday they have to help the House Elves to clean the entire school. Secondly, I nearly killed the pair of them, as did everyone else who actually thought that James had been murdered. Scorpius and Dom are on very bad terms now over the ‘fight’ that happened in the Great Hall, because although the fight was fake, they both said things they really meant. 

James has become something of a legend, although Fred and Mark were sort of pissed off that he hadn’t let them in on the joke. It seemed that James and Al had been planning their prank for the last few months. 

“See, the spell Al cast was Avada Kedav-er-a,” James explained when I asked how he survived Al’s killing curse, “The killing curse is Avada Kedavra. Avada Kedav-er-a only knocks a person out for a few seconds, giving them a few symptoms of death, but not actually killing them. Pretty clever eh?” 

I have to admit that it was pretty clever, even if Aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry didn’t think so. However, Al doesn’t seem as proud of the prank as James. 

Jenny dumped him. 

I think I was more gutted than him when I found out, although she had every reason to do it. See, Jenny wasn’t in on the prank either and as it was pretty much based around her, it was her feelings that were hurt the most. Al accused her of cheating with James in front of the whole school, and apparently made it seem very believable. Jenny went a bit crazy and said something about him ‘using’ her for his practical jokes. 

“I’m the laughing stock of the school,” she sobbed, as we sat in the library doing homework last night, “Everybody thinks I cheated on him.” 

“No they don’t,” I tried to soothe her, even though I’d heard a few people spreading rumours about Jenny playing the two Potters at the same time, “And anyway, they’ll forget about it soon enough.” 

“I won’t,” she said angrily, “I’ll never forget it.” 

As we sat in silence, and I tried my best to think of something to say to cheer her up (that wasn’t ‘pull my finger’), Scorpius came over to our table and sat across from us. As he was not in on the prank, Jenny didn’t really mind his intrusion, but I could tell she didn’t really want him there, especially considering he’s Al’s best friend. 

“Eh, Jenny?” he started, “Al’s really sorry, you know.” 

I glared at him angrily with my don’t-mention-Al-in-front-of-her-can’t-you-see-how-upset-she-is look, and he just shrugged at me as if to say ‘What am I supposed to say?!’ 

“I don’t give a shit!” she screeched, and the librarian glared at her angrily before pressing her finger very tightly up to her lips. My mouth and Scorpius’ mouth both dropped open in shock – Jenny Winters said a swear word! 

“Look,” Scorpius whispered reasonably, “I know he was a total jackass for what he did, but in fairness, it was probably James’ idea.” 

“That’s true,” I agreed, “James just really wanted a prank that would go down in history!” 

“I don’t care,” said Jenny, grabbing her books and standing up, “I can’t believe you’re taking his side, Rose.” 

“I’m not taking anyone’s side!” I said helplessly, “I’m just trying –” 

“Well don’t!” she yelled and marched out of the library. It was probably a good thing she left, because the librarian had grabbed the sweeping brush and was running very rapidly towards her with it. 

And suddenly, Scorpius and I were left alone. 

He’s clearly in love with you! 

“No!” I whispered to myself to get those stupid thoughts out of my head. 

“No what?” Scorpius asked looking very confused. 


I trailed off, realising that I wasn't making a whole lot of sense, as usual. Scorpius looked kind of scared, again indicating that he is not in love with me and that Dom was wrong.

I sit in Herbology listening to Neville – sorry, Professor Longbottom – drone on about some plant that I really don’t give a toss about. I only start half-listening when he remembers that he hasn’t taken attendance yet and begins calling names. 

“Laura Phelps,” he calls. 

Everyone looks around for Laura, but it suddenly occurs to me that she hasn’t been in class all day. The last time I saw her was this morning when she was doing her usual fifty sit-ups before breakfast. I can barely even stand up, never mind do sit-ups. I start to worry about her, even though I know I shouldn’t considering she’s still technically my arch-nemesis. Neville just shrugs, marks her absent and moves on with the class. 

“Excuse me sir,” I ask, my hand flying into the air, “May I go to the bathroom?” 

He lets me, as all teachers do considering I have a kid pressing on my bladder 24/7 and I rush back from the greenhouses up to the castle. I do go to the bathrooms, the ones on the second floor, because I just can’t hold it any longer. I generally avoid this bathroom for the same reason everyone else has for the last seventy years – Moaning Myrtle. 

After I’ve relieved myself, Myrtle herself appears from a cubicle near the end of the bathroom. She’s looking very pleased with herself, which makes me feel very unnerved. 

“Afternoon, Myrtle,” I say politely while washing my hands at the sink beside the one that leads into the Chamber of Secrets. This bathroom gives me the heebie jeebies. 

“You’ll never guess what!” she screams in delight, “I’m soon going to have a friend to haunt these bathrooms with!” 

“Nearly Headless Nick decided to marry you then, eh?” I joke, but as she cackles even more, I get the feeling that this really can’t be good. 

“Nope!” she cries, floating over the cubicle down the end, “But I think this one,” she points into it, “Is on her way out!” 

I rush down to the cubicle to see what the hell Myrtle is on about – and there she is. Laura is lying face down on the damp floor, with an empty potion bottle in her left hand. 

“Oh shit.”



A/N – Dun dun dun! What will happen next? Well, I know what will happen, but you don’t…sorry bout that! You’ll have to tune in next time!
Sorry about the exponentially long wait (ok, it wasn’t THAT long), but here is the perhaps overly-dramatic chapter 19. Luckily my exams are OVER and I have nothing better to do now than write and write! Yay! So chapter updates should be a little quicker, depending on the queue. Thanks so much for reviewing! I love them! They got me through my exams! And we’re at 50,000 views! Wow! That’s amazing, oui? That’s like really 100,000 because you guys have two eyes…well maybe some of you don’t…anyway, I’m really bad at maths. Man, I go on a bit. I’ll shut up now.  Oh, also, I apologise for any mistakes I might have made...I have a feeling there could be a few in this chapter. Sorry!



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